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Advanced Practices

Transference of Consciousness

At the heart of spiritual practice in the Sophian Tradition is the aim of the generation of the Body of Light or development of Consciousness Beyond the Body - hence the Solar Body or Body of the Resurrection. Transference of Consciousness Practices are key to this process, and there are many forms of the Transference of Consciousness. Essentially, by Transference of Consciousness is meant a shift of one's center of consciousness into a Subtle Body of Light, akin to ideas of astral projection or out of body experience. The first stage of such practice is called Union with the Divine, and is basically a Meditation on a Radiant Divine Image that at the conclusion of the meditation dissolves into fluid light and pours back into oneself. In the second stage of such practice, at the climax of the meditation this process is reversed so that one imagines oneself dissolving into fluid light and pouring into the Divine Image. Skill must be acquired in the first stage before the second stage becomes possible. Here is the Essential Practice of both stages.

Essential Method for Transference of Consciousness: Sit in a comfortable position, in a place you will not be disturbed. Relax, yet remain alert, and settle in. Let your body breathe naturally, and follow your breath for a while, letting go of all negativity, tension and stress, dreams of the past and fantasies of the future - be present in the moment, right where you are. Once you have settled in, envision the Spiritual Sun within and behind your Heart, and gather yourself into it. Then envision a ray of light shooting forth from the Spiritual Sun and magically appearing as a Radiant Divine Image in the space before you. Seek to envision this Image as clearly as you can, formed of translucent light like a rainbow. Hold this Image in your mind's eye and envision the Image of the Divine smiling upon you and blessing you. Envision blessings flowing out of the Image as streams of light pouring over you and pervading your body-mind. (At this point you may wish to pray or converse with the Divine Presence, or perhaps chant the name or sound of the Presence, or it may be that you wish to remain in silent company - all as you wish.) When you feel the meditation becoming complete, envision the Image dissolving into fluid light and pouring back into the Spiritual Sun in your Heart. Let yourself merge completely with the Divine Presence and Power - your mind becoming the Divine Mind, your heart the Divine Heart and your body the Divine Body. Abide in this Mystical Union as long as you can. When you go out into the world, everything you see, know as the Realm of the Divine Presence, let every sound be the Name and Word of the Divine Presence, and every thought and emotion arising in the mind recognize as the Wisdom of the Divine Presence. This is the Mystical Union Practice of the first stage of Transference of Consciousness. Any Divine Image you feel a connection with can be used: the Holy Mother, Yeshua (Jesus), St. Mary Magdalene, John the Baptist, another one of the Prophets, or an Archangel, for example. Or one could simply use the human form of a Light-Presence. The actual practice of the Transference of Consciousness progresses along the same lines. However, at the climax of the meditation one dissolves oneself into fluid light shooting into the Body of the Divine Image. Assuming an actual shift of the Center of Consciousness occurs and one experiences being in the Body of the Divine Image, when one wishes to return to the physical body one simply envisions the Light-Presence pouring back into it, like water into a cup. This is the second stage of the Transference of Consciousness Practice called the Shift of the Center. This practice is the key to many other more advanced practices in the Sophian Tradition. It is considered a method for conscious living and conscious dying; hence Initiates perform this practice at the time of death. It is also key to what is called inner plane working and theurgical operations on the astral planes. According to the masters of the Tradition this practice holds the secrets to the Resurrection and Great Ascension. Basically, this practice opens many divine possibilities. Here it must be said that other practices, like Primordial Meditation and the Middle Pillar, might be necessary to development and fruition of this practice. Also, consistent daily practice is a must for the development of the second stage, as it requires a certain amount of Concentration and Energy that can only be generated over time through daily practice. With such practices it is important not to fall into self-deception and make claims of premature attainment. If you meet someone who can actually do this Transference, his or her energy and guidance will be helpful to you; there are whole Initiations associated with this practice in the Tradition. Consistent labor with this practice can be a form of Self-Initiation if one goes at it with a good heart.

Holy Seal Meditation

This is a practice of entering the Light-Continuum by way of the Great Name of Ha Shem, which is known to many adepts of the Tradition. To practice it the initiate must be able to enter and abide in the Great Void in Primordial Meditation and to dissolve her or himself into the Ain Nature with relative ease. In this state the initiate is able to receive the Empowerment for the practice from a Tzaddik of the Tradition who knows the Way and it is from this state that the practice itself arises. The Meditation of the Holy Seal is based upon the Sefer Yetzirah 1:13, and uses the Gra version. In the intonements Yod = I, He = A and Vau = O.

The Practice: Sit facing the Rising Sun – East. Abide in Primordial Meditation, dissolving everything into the Ain Nature. Arise in the Clear Light Body from within the Body of Truth, and hold your consciousness in this Essential Zelem. Intone Sheen in the traditional high pitch and envision a vortex of Fire Consuming Fire magically appearing within the Clear Light Body, devouring all impurities. Intone Ma in the traditional low pitch and envision Living Water pouring down from the top of your head, filling your Clear Light Body and quenching the Fire. Intone Ah fully and envision the Spiritual Sun magically appearing in the center of the Clear Light Body and the Radiant Holy Breath filling the Divine Body and endless space in all directions. Intone Sheen Ah Ma and envision the Rainbow Body appearing from the White Brilliance, and endless space becoming as the predawn sky. Seal Above with IAO, and envision the Holy Letters as Images of Fire filling the space above. Seal Below with AIO, and envision the Holy Letters as Images of Fire filling the space below. Seal East with OIA, and envision the Holy Letters as Images of Fire filling the space east. Seal West with OAI, and envision the Holy Letters as Images of Fire filling the space west. Seal the South with IOA, and envision the Holy Letters as Images of Fire filling the space south. Seal North with AOI, and envision the Holy Letters as Images of Fire filling the space north. Taking the Spiritual Sun as the Point of Union and envisioning streams of Light from the directions meeting in the Spiritual Sun: Join above and below with IAO-AIO Join East and West with OIA-OAI Join South and North with IOA-AOI Now intone IAOA and envision yourself as the Body of Light transformed into the Image of the Great Name, as though you become the Holy Letters of the Name. It is written, “He and His Name are One.” Abide in this Holy Unification. When the mind and heart move, envision the Image of the Name within the Image of yourself as the Body of Light, and merge yourself with the Light-Presence as you intone the Name of Names, Yeheshuah. In the silence that comes be at-one with the Light-Presence. Walk with the Divine Presence and Power of the Holy One in the world and be a blessing upon all with whom you come in contact, whether by sight, sound, smell, taste or touch. It is All-Good and it is enough. Amen. The masters of the Tradition say that the whole world is greatly blessed when this practice is done and that the Age of the Holy Ghost is very near. Let those blessed to perform it honor the Name of the LORD and give glory to Our Heavenly Father. This practice corresponds to the saying, “Invoke often and enflame yourself with prayer.”

Grail & Dove Meditation

According to the Pistis Sophia the Savior is the Father in the form of a Dove, and in the tradition we know that the Holy Bride is the Holy Grail into which the Savior poured himself out, so that she also became anointed with the Supernal Light of God. Receiving the anointing of the Supernal Light, the Gift of the Fiery Intelligence, we also have become Christian, that is to say we have become Christ-like, and we labor for the Pleroma of Christhood. At the outset of our entrance into the Way we consciously invite the Anointed and Holy Spirit into our lives, and we offer ourselves to the Lord – to the service of the Divine Will and Divine Kingdom on earth. Indeed, each and every day when we arise, before we go out into the world, we invite the Anointed and Holy Spirit into our lives, and we offer up that day unto the Lord if we are wise. Thus, like Enoch, we walk with the LORD, and our Lord and Savior walks with us, and it is good, for in so doing we will also be taken up in divine rapture. To the degree we purify ourselves and consecrate our lives to the Lord, and seek to live according to the Truth and Light revealed in our experience, the Anointed and Holy Spirit indwells us, that is to say the Father in the form of the Dove indwells us. When we open ourselves and make ourselves sensitive to the Holy Spirit, we receive her as Light from above and she works with, in and through us to accomplish everything good and true. Indeed! As the Fiery Light of Supernal Grace she descends upon us and enters into us each and every day, progressively transforming us into the image and likeness of Christ, the Perfect Human Being. With a heartfelt prayer and conscious intention we invite the Anointed and Holy Spirit into our lives, yet it is through contemplation and meditation that we make the Anointed and Holy Spirit welcome, and let the Light fully enter into us and penetrate and pervade the whole of our mind, heart and body. Thus, along with our prayers a conscious intention, contemplation and meditation are also necessary in the Divine Life. The Meditation of the Grail and Dove is one of the ways the masters of the tradition have generated to help us experience the Divine presence and power in full and to let it pervade our who mind, heart and body. It is a practice of self-purification and of self-consecration, and many wonders have transpired for those who have practiced it. Thus, here we record it for our companions and for future generations of aspirants in the Christian mysteries.

The Holy Mediation: Perform the Kabbalistic Cross and then abide in Primordial Meditation. Then, envision your body as made of most subtle light and as though hollow; the surface image alone appearing with empty space within it, as though it is made of crystal that is subtly self-luminous. At your heart center envision the image of the Grail hovering there, formed of translucent golden light. Envision that this image of yourself stands on clouds and that there is a crystal clear blue sky above – let the sublime beauty of this image fill you with holy awe and wonder. Holding this image in your mind let the conscious intention arise in your mind to receive the Holy Spirit, this becoming as an invocation. With the sound Ah, consciously open your mind, heart and life to the Holy Spirit, and yearn for her, focusing up above your head – continue to intone Ah with this holy aspiration. Then envision a Dove of Light magically appearing in the sky above you, shining brighter than the sun – a Dove of White Brilliance, which is a diamond-like light sparkling with rainbow glory. With the sound Ha, consciously let your yearnings deepen and let them consume you utterly, as though the fire of Divine Passion – continue to intone Ha with this holy desire. Envision the Dove becoming a great stream of diamond-like light pouring down upon you, descending through the top of your head and streaming down into the Grail at your heart center – a stream about the thickness of a straw, completely radiant clear light sparkling with rainbow hues. Receiving this Light from above intone Yah, and as you continue to intone Yah see this light fill the Grail and the Grail overflow, and see the light pour down to your feet and rise up as though your body is being completely filled with this fluid of diamond-like light, just as the Grail is filled and overflowing with it. Envision the Grail magically transforming into the image of the Spiritual Sun and your whole body filled with this “White Brilliance” which is diamond-like light, and see rainbows rays streaming from your body. As you envision this Body of Glory intone Ah-Ha-Yah (Eheieh: I am), merging yourself completely with the sound-vibration, as with this Light-presence of the Father in the form of a Dove (the Anointed and Holy Spirit). Let yourself feel the subtle and sublime joy filling you and the profound peace of the Lord pervading you – when you fall into silence abide at-one with the Anointed and Holy Spirit. Now envision the Good Earth below, and countless beings gather upon the earth below, as well as in the sky and above (countless beings in all directions of endless space); all gathered to receive the blessing of the Risen Savior. Intone Yahweh (or alternatively IAO), with the conscious intention that all beings be blessed and envisioning rainbow rays streaming out to them. Then, continuing to envision the streams of blessings flowing out to all beings intone Yeshua (or alternatively Yahweh Elohenu), with the conscious intention for all beings to be liberated from negativity and darkness, and healed of all illness and dis-ease. Then, intone El Shaddai, envisioning all beings radiant with Light and Glory as you are radiant with Light and Glory as the Risen Savior, holding the conscious intention of the Divine Illumination of all living spirits and souls. Then, envision all beings joining with you as you intone Adonai, and worshipping God in Spirit and Truth with you. As they intone with you, see them dissolve into fluid flowing light and pouring into your Body of Glory, until all is gathered into you, as into the only begotten Sun of God. Once all is gathered in, envision the Father in the form of the Dove, and as you intone Eheieh (standard intonement) envision yourself dissolving into fluid flowing light and shooting upward into the Dove of Light – when you fall silent abide in this Perfect Repose as long as you can. Close with prayer and praise and thanksgiving, and then perform the Kabbalistic Cross. This is the Meditation of the Holy Grail and Dove of Light – also called the Meditation of All-Joy. This is a delightful meditation that can be practiced at any time, whenever an initiate seeks to purify and consecrate her or himself to the Lord, or any time she or he seeks a deeper gnosis and communion with the Risen Savior and Holy Spirit. It is an ideal meditation for initiates preparing to impart the Threefold Rite of Initiation, and may be useful in many other situations as well. In the case of some initiates it has become their Heart-Practice. This is an inner practice generally given to experienced initiates, though under certain circumstances elders and tau may choose to teach it to novice initiates whom they believe might be able to perform it. This practice is deeply connected to the Threefold Feast of Perfect Joy, and some adepts have used it as an extension of that practice – arising in the Jeweled Body they then enact this Holy Mediation, within which is Gnosis of the Mystery of the Resurrection and Ascension. *This practice is a wisdom treasury given to Tau Miriam by the Gnostic of the Holy Grail, as told by Tau Elijah. May their memories be blessed and may all living spirits and souls be blessed by this continuum of practice. In the Name of the Messiah, so may it be – Amen.”

Palace of Lord Yeshua Meditation

The Partzuf Meditation with the Risen Christ is an essential version of this Palace of Light Meditation with Lord Yeshua, and is a good preliminary practice to this meditation of self-transformation and union. Likewise, on occasions that the full Palace of Light Mediation is not possible, one can use the Partzuf Meditation with the Risen Christ to maintain one’s continuum of practice. (If even that is not possible, the chant of the Blessed Name is enough; or even the thought of the Blessed Name held in the mind, if need be.) The intention of this practice is Union with Yeshua Messiah, and the transformation of Body, Voice and Mind into the radiant wisdom display of the Messiah; hence to walk in beauty and holiness, as the Anointed of God.

The Meditation: Generating the Palace: Begin with Primordial Meditation, following your breath into the Gap, and resting your mind in its intrinsic nature; let the Body of Vision arise from this state of Clarity, like a rainbow in the sky-like nature of the Mind. Envision all-pervasive subtle light, like the light of the predawn sky, and with the thought of the Blessed Name of Yeshua, as though from the sound-vibration of the Blessed Name in the Mind, envision Five Essential Lights magically appearing: a seed of white brilliance in the center, surrounded by a golden, red, blue and green light seed. Then, with the thought of the Divine Name of Adonai, envision the Palace of Light magically appears before you: The Master is seated on a golden and jeweled throne, in the center on a dais of five steps (green, blue, red, golden and white brilliance, from bottom to top). He is seated beneath a canopy, like a starry night sky (Rakiya-Firmament), supported with four great pillars of solar fire. Above the canopy is a Sphere of White Brilliance, shining with rainbow hues in the Great Void of Ain (No-Thingness). The Master is robed with an outer robe of amethyst, and an inner robe of white brilliance, and his body is formed out of what seems like sunlight; around him is a rainbow aura (red band nearest the body, violet band the outermost). The Holy Bride is with him, and the twelve Holy Apostles surround him, the twenty-four Holy Elders are gathered around them, and all manner of Tzaddikim and Maggidim filled the Holy Palace of Light. To the East is the Kerub with four wings, with the Face of the Human One, its body formed of golden light; to the West is the Kerub with four wings, with the Face of an Eagle, its body blue sapphire light; to the South is the Kerub with four wings, with the Face of a Lion, its body ruby red light; to the North is the Kerub with four wings, with the Face of an Ox, its body formed of emerald green light. These stand before Gates of Light of corresponding colors, through which are the Palaces of the Four Archangels of the Sacred Circle: Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel, respectively. The Kerub of the East holds a dagger and book, the Kerub to the West holds a cup and book, the Kerub to the South holds a wand and book, and the Kerub of the North holds a pentacle and book – four Holy Signs and four Holy Gospels, the Word of Yahweh. This is the Palace of Yeshua Messiah. Meditate upon the Shekinah of Messiah, and open your mind and heart to the Light-presence and Light-power of the Master; pray and invoke blessings, and envision streams of light flowing from the Master blessing you, and your own body-mind being transformed into a Body of Light. Then take up the chant: Ah Da Na Ya – Yee Shu Ah. (Adonai Yeshua) Envision the entire Palace dissolving into fluid flowing light and pouring into the Master, and then envision the Master dissolving into fluid flowing light and shooting into your heart just as you conclude the chant. Abide in Union, your mind, the Mind Messiah, your heart, the Sacred Heart of Messiah, your body, the Body of Messiah. This is the first cycle of the Generation of the Palace of Light – the initial phase of the meditation. When this phase is stabilized, the second phase may be added, which is as follows:

The Meditation: Generation of Subtle Body & Fruition Generate the Palace of Light in full, as in the initial phase. Then, envision your body as though formed of clear crystal light, with a clear crystal-like central channel extending from crown to root, with two parallel channels joining the central channel at the crown, heart and root. At the top of the central channel envision a diamond-like brilliant white light seed, and at the base of the central channel a brilliant red light seed; in the Heart Center, envision of great red flaming Shin resting upon disc of moon-like white light, upon which are the four letters of the Tetragrammaton evenly dispersed, also in red like the Shin – the disc is spinning, the holy letters are in motion. As you exhale, with holy intention, draw the light from above down the central channel all the way to the root, envisioning rays of the white light seed shooting down to strike the red light seed; as you inhale, with holy intention, draw the fiery light of the red seed up the central channel all the way to the crown, envisioning the holy fire in ascent into repose at the crown, aware of the Union of the Bridegroom and Bride in your Heart Center – the image there shooting forth brilliant light, the warmth of love and compassion, perfect peace and all-joy! Continue with this Holy Breath until the Light of the Sacred Heart fills your whole Body of Clarity and blazes forth – then, take up the Chant: Ah Da Na Ya – Yee Shu Ah. As you chant, merge your mind with the sound-vibration of the chant, and envision yourself in the Body of Clarity dissolve into fluid flowing light and shoot into the Sacred Heart of the Master – being received in Union with him at the conclusion of the chant. As the Master, chant: Ya Ha Va Ha (Yahweh), and envision the entire Place of Light dissolving into fluid flowing light and pouring into your heart, as the Master. Then chant: Ah (first seed sound of Eheieh), and envision yourself, as the Master, dissolve into fluid flowing light, directing the transference of your consciousness into the Sphere of Infinite White Brilliance in the Great Void of Ain above – as though dissolving into an Infinite Ocean of Light. (Abide in this Perfect Union as long as you can.) This is the second phase in the development of this practice, which brings the practice to its fruition.

The Meditation: The Transformation & Integration (or Holy Seal) When you go out into the world, walk in the world as the Anointed of God: all that appears, the environment, see as the Palace of Light, the Light Kingdom; all sound-vibration hear as the Living Word of the Anointed, or as the Holy Chant; all thoughts and emotions arising in the mind view as the Innate Wisdom display of the Anointed. It is all good, all in the Light! This is the integration of the Palace of Light Meditation into daily living, which is called the Holy Seal of Transformation. Whether one is working with the initial phase or second phase, one practices the Holy Seal – this is true of all Partzuf and Palace of Light Meditations in the Way of Transformation. This completes the Meditation of the Palace of Light of Lord Yeshua. Hallelu Yah! Amen. (There is an oral transmission that may accompany these instructions, likewise there is a corresponding empowerment that may be imparted, but this represents the base of instruction for the practice and is sufficient to begin the practice. If one cannot receive the empowerment from an elder of tau of the lineage, then one can pray for an empowerment of Divine Grace – an empowerment from the Living Yeshua and Mother Spirit.