The Multidimensional Earth

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The Multidimensional Earth

#1 Postby Daryl » Thu Jun 12, 2014 10:05 am

Greetings all,

Near the conclusion of this past Tuesday night's chat, we discussed the current ecological crisis facing the planet and how it ties into the Sophian idea of the Great Ascension. Elder Sarah and Sister Sheryl suggested that the way we choose to "see" the crisis could be what determines its outcome; whether we see it as an "all is lost" moment or an opportunity for great healing and transformation.

Later on, I found myself contemplating the idea of multidimesionality" particularly the idea that the earth, like human beings, has a multidimensional nature, and that it "exists" in realms other than the three-dimensional universe that we inhabit.

Often I've heard of spirits who are earth-bound, unable to move on to the next world, because they are unaware that they're "dead" or they have great attachment to this world, or for some other reason.

If there was indeed some sort of catastrophic event that ended all physical life on Earth, could/would life persist in the other dimensions that Earth inhabits? In theory, could a "dead planet" still be a home for souls and spirits?

IS there life on Mars? :wink:

Elder Sarah
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Re: The Multidimensional Earth

#2 Postby Elder Sarah » Sat Jun 14, 2014 8:12 am

Shalom Daryl!

It is a good question to ask if, just because we cannot perceive physical life on Mars, does that mean there is no life at all? The teachings appear to point to another truth, that, there really is life existing in countless worlds, and perhaps in many of them, life is not as it appears here in this physical dimension. See, here in the physical we tend to perceive from a rather limited view. We can tend to shut out our perceptions that extend out through dimensionality. We can see examples of this in dream, how in dream time can we often perceive of a different world, with different laws, where even your physical body can do things it cannot in this world? Therefore, we have to conclude life exist far beyond what we ordinarily perceive.

In chat this week we were getting at the teaching of how, in this time, in this Kali Olam, where we see so much devastation to the earth, how may we act to make choices that can contribute to a shift? In other words, how may we use this time in a wise way. We were getting at this choice both spiritually and physically. If in a time where we can witness the people so distracted, so chasing after consumerism and so not pursuing a relationship with God, we can conclude, as spiritual people we must do the opposite if we are going to contribute to a shift. The change happens through individuals making change in their own lives. I can't help but notice the parallel of witnessing a spiritually bankrupt culture and the disconnection and therefore devastation of the earth. These two go hand in hand.

If we look into the mentality of the perception that life only exist as we can perceive it, it appears, this is the exact mentality that leads to the disconnect. This is something that always amazes me being involved in a Light Transmission Tradition, a Living Tradition, the teaching that we and the world we live in are sooooo much more vast than we can often perceive. If God is infinite, then, Gods creation is infinite. This becomes a great meditation, practicing the awareness of the infinite sea of life we exist in! and the infinite that we are! This produces Holy awe and wonder, and it feels as though, it is through this that the passion to pursue, to swim upstream, is birthed.

May we rise up an turn toward you, Holy One of Being!

Elder Sarah

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Re: The Multidimensional Earth

#3 Postby Daryl » Sat Jun 14, 2014 12:26 pm

If we look into the mentality of the perception that life only exist as we can perceive it, it appears, this is the exact mentality that leads to the disconnect.

This statement of yours in particular leapt out at me, Elder Sarah. I could not agree more.

In truth, it reminds me of how the temple elders and the Romans viewed Yeshua. They did not perceive him as he truly was; they could not see his true essence, or the truth contained in his teachings. They could only see him as a threat to the religious and political establishment. And so they had him killed.

In the same way, I can't help but feel that so many of us are unable (or unwilling) to perceive the spiritual nature of our planet. We're only able to see it as a resource to be offered up on the altar of consumerism. It reminds me of what Matthew Fox says in The Coming of The Cosmic Christ - that the earth is being crucified in the same manner that Yeshua was.

However, contemplating the link between what happened to Yeshua and what is happening to our planet is giving me pause, for this reason:

From that time on, Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go to Jerusalem and undergo great suffering at the hands of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and on the third day be raised. And Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him, saying, ‘God forbid it, Lord! This must never happen to you.’ But he turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling-block to me; for you are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.’ Matthew 16:21-23 (NRSV)

As a child and as a young adult, I never really had much interest in nature. But over the past few years, that has changed dramatically. I'm finding that I'm growing closer to nature, falling in love with it, feeling that I'm part of it, that I need it in order to feel and be whole. I really don't want to see the earth destroyed. Many of us don't want to see that. And I suppose I need to pay special attention to this "desire to preserve the earth", to see if there is any attachment or aversion there.

I'm sure Peter felt the same way about Yeshua. Here he was, in the presence of this great Teacher, this enlightened being, who had made such a profound impact on Peter's life that Peter walked away from his home and livelihood in order to follow him. Perhaps Peter saw in Yeshua the end of Roman occupation, the restoration of the Davidic line of kings, and the rebirth of the kingdom of Israel. Talk about high hopes! The idea of Yeshua dying...well, Peter goes so far as to invoke the power of God to prevent that from happening:"God forbid it, Lord. This must never happen to you."

But it seems that Peter was unable to perceive and understand (or perhaps unwilling to perceive or understand) the entirety of Yeshua's mission. Without the crucifixion, there would have been no Sanctuary of Grace. I've heard it mentioned here on the forum (where I'm not sure) that the shattering of Yeshua's physical body allowed the Light within him to pour out of him and spread across the earth. I am reminded of the scene from the original Star Wars movie, when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader are battling, and Kenobi says to Vader, "If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

I think this theme of evolution-via-physical destruction lies at the heart of my question. I recognize that the change must first begin within ourselves, and then we must let that change affect the greater world, but often I leap to specific actions that need to happen in the material world, like putting an end to fracking, stopping the destruction of our forests and the pollution of our rivers and oceans. These things, among many others, really do need to happen, if the goal is maintain life on earth.

But if the desired goal is not simply the preservation of the planet, but its ascension , I am not so sure about anything anymore, mostly because I have no idea what an "ascended earth" would even look like. It makes me uncomfortable even putting this out there, but I start to wonder if the earth and everyone and everything on it needs to be crucified in order for it to "ascend" - whatever that even means.

It's easy to judge Peter as "unenlightened" or "unknowing" because he wanted Yeshua to be spared. We have the benefit of 2000 years of hindsight. But as I groan over the fate of our world and as I pray for its preservation, I wonder if I am simply echoing Peter's cry of "God forbid it, Lord. This must never happen to you!"

Shalom in the Messiah. May the earth be redeemed and restored in a manner that is in accordance with the will of our Heavenly Father and our Earthly Mother.


Tau Malachi
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Re: The Multidimensional Earth

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Jun 14, 2014 1:12 pm

Grace and peace to you from Yeshua Messiah!

There are seven earths, corresponding with the material world and six manifestations of the earth in the astral dimension, the astral planes, the inmost or highest earth being Tibel-Vilon, corresponding with the paradisiacal earth, which is the first of the seven heavens. Every celestial sphere, all of the planets, moons and stars, have a similar array of realities or environments in the astral and spiritual dimensions, and quite literally there are countless world-systems and all of them are meta-dimensional.

As we know, all of the celestial spheres do not generate life in the material dimension; here and there are those that do, but most do not, and yet, given that there are infinite celestial spheres composing countless galaxies, there are countless world-systems in which material life evolves.

In the discussion of the Works of Creation the Zohar speaks of spirits created at the very end of the last day of creation that were left incomplete, because although created, they could not fully come into being because they did not have bodies, and therefore could not become actualized and realized. Thus, the Zohar teaches that they are incomplete above and below, for never incarnating in the material dimension or world their supernal essence is not realized – in effect they have no supernal reality or existence, and therefore are destined to destruction. On one level this teaching applies to celestial spheres in which material life does not appear and evolve, though there is astral and spiritual life, and corresponding entities, they are incomplete above and below, their supernal essence never being realized, and therefore they have no reality or existence in the supernal universe, Atzilut.

There is something more involved in the completion and perfection of a world-system, however, for unless “human beings” appear in a world, or self-aware and intelligent life, and the Messiah appears in the human life-wave, and enlightenment or conscious unification with the Infinite (Ain Sof) is realized and embodied, a world-system remains incomplete above and below. In this, perhaps, we may glean insight into the necessity of the Divine Incarnation, the Savior of the world, for unless human beings appear and the Messiah, Divine or Enlightened Being, is realized and embodied, the world remains incomplete, unrealized, destined to pass into destruction in the End-Of-Days, for it has no reality in the supernal universe, or in the Infinite and Eternal – it is, in effect, unreal.

According to canonical gospels Adonai Yeshua teaches that the heavens and earth will pass away, but his word will abide eternal, likewise, according to Revelation this world, this earth, passes into destruction in the End-Of-Days, and new heavens and a new earth come into being – New Jerusalem. This corresponds with the realization of the supernal essence of spirits and souls, life and this world, so that all that becomes actualized and realized through incarnation in the material or physical dimension of this world has a reality or existence in the supernal universe and world – eternal life. When the End-Of-Days comes to a world, and eventually to a universe, this is what is real, and what remains, as it were, having a reality or existence in the “eighth heaven,” the supernal universe; everything else is unreal, and as such ceases to exist, passing into the great destruction and the “second death.”

In this, perhaps, you may understand the deeper meaning of the Great Resurrection and Ascension, for all that has a reality or existence, and is realized in the Supernal Abode is, in affect uplifted in the resurrection and ascension, but all that is not realized, enlightened and liberated, is not; hence, the truth of the Great Judgment in the End-Of-Days.

As perhaps you might imagine, the longer material life and the human life-wave continues in a world-system in which the Messiah appears, the more living spirits and souls are realized, and the greater the number of living spirits and souls that are uplifted in the Great Resurrection and Ascension, having a reality or existence in the supernal universe, or the Infinite and Eternal. Thus, human beings, if they are wise and not foolish, have every good reason to extend life, preserve the environment of life on earth, and labor for their salvation – enlightenment and liberation, for it is through physical, material life, that spirits and souls realize their supernal essence, and therefore have a supernal reality or existence – eternal life.

Now look and see! There is a great matrix of spiritual forces within and behind world-systems, divine, archonic and demonic, and while the divine forces labor to uplift spirits and souls in return to God, or in the Great Resurrection and Ascension, archonic forces seek to distract and prevent spirits and souls from returning to God, holding them in bondage, and demonic forces seek to devour and destroy spirits and souls; hence, the great conflict of spiritual forces in the world or creation, the Realm of Perud (Separation).

As we know, the human life-wave is the principle focus of the conflict of spiritual forces, and human beings are the primary channels or vehicles of spiritual forces, and divine, archonic and demonic forces enter, gain influence and power in the various dimensions of the world through human beings, through their thoughts, speech and actions in the world, and through their dreams and visions in the inner dimensions. This determines the fate and fortune of the world, and what transpires in it, and how long life continues and endures in the world, and the quality of that life. As you might image, in the ignorance, in the unenlightened condition, generally speaking, much of humankind becomes channels or vehicles of archonic and demonic forces; hence, the great darkness that rules this world and human societies in it.

In this we may understand the necessity of the Divine Incarnation, the Savior and Gnostic Revealer – the Messiah, and the many messengers of God that are sent, along with the angels, for is there were not divine intervention and divine assistance, life and the world would not endure, and spirits and souls would not be able to overcome the ignorance and the spiritual forces of the ignorance, the archonic and demonic forces.

Quite literally, the Messiah, or the Buddha, or by whatever name the embodiment of Divine or Enlightened Being is revealed and known, is the Savior of the world – the Savior of world-systems, healing and illuminating spirits and souls, uplifting them into conscious unification with God or Enlightenment – eternal life. Receiving the Spirit of the Messiah we also are anointed and called to the spiritual labor of a co-savior or co-redeemer, the labor of the harvest of souls, or “Great Work”; hence, to be a channel, vehicle, of the Spirit of God and the angels – Divine Powers (Shaddai).

Thus, we study and contemplate, pray and meditate, and we worship God in spirit and truth, engaging inner works and good works, seeking to embody the Spirit of God in full, just as our Elder Brother, Messiah Yeshua, embodied the Great Spirit in full. In so doing we invoke, and bring into the world divine spiritual forces, balancing the matrix of spiritual forces, extending life and light, and uplifting spirits and souls in the Great Ascension.

If we understand that, in fact, there is a Day of Judgment and souls are in great danger, then we have every good reason to be zealous for Yahweh, Yeshua, and zealous in this spiritual labor of the harvest of souls, for we understand the plight of souls in bondage to the ignorance, and in love and compassion there is the natural desire for the salvation of all, the realization of all in the Infinite One.

As we speak of the Great Judgment (Din Gadol) – the great destruction of worlds, universes, and the second death, it might seem a contradiction to teachings of universal salvation in the Messiah, but in truth there is no contradiction. Understand, when the End-Of-Days comes for a world, and it passes into the great destruction, many spirits and souls unable to ascend will go to other world-systems to continue their spiritual evolution, or process of spiritual realization. Those unwilling, or unable, to escape the physic gravity of this event, or those unwilling or unable to pass into another world-system, fall to the second death – the soul passing into an unconscious cessation and oblivion, no longer existing or arising in this great cosmic cycle. There are, however, countless great cosmic cycles, and souls that fall to the second death will eventually arise in another great cosmic cycle or universe; though, in a manner of speaking, the “forms,” existences, of souls may be destroyed, their energy and essence cannot be destroyed, but continues, and eventually the supernal essence will be realized in one great cosmic cycle or another. There is great zeal among the holy and enlightened ones for the salvation of souls, though, because it is known and understood that this play of the gilgulim corresponds with the experience of immeasurable sorrow and suffering, and that the bondage of souls can potentially go on for what is relatively “forever,” and therefore, the swifter realization or enlightenment of a spirit or soul is mercy and compassion, the love of the Messiah and El Elyon, the Supreme.

In closing I can share that the awareness and understanding of the Great Judgment is, in fact, very important. In these times, if you look into much of modern spirituality, many people are unwilling to believe there is a Day of Judgment, and do not understand the very real need for salvation. As a consequence, there is a lackluster sort of spirituality, and a great lukewarmness in many spiritual aspirants, and the spiritual life and practice is a priority for very few, and very few have full zeal for an actual self-realization or enlightenment in this life – rather than the purpose and orientation of life, spirituality is more like a hobby to many. If we are aware and understand the Great Judgment, and the plight of souls in bondage, however, there will be knowledge of the need for salvation, great zeal or passion for salvation, or enlightenment and liberation.

May many spirits and souls be anointed this day, and so be set upon the Path of the Great Ascension! Amen.

Shaddai Shalom!
Tau Malachi
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