Astrological Signs of the Zodiac - Taurus

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Astrological Signs of the Zodiac - Taurus

#1 Postby Cathy_Z » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:28 pm

Shalom Everyone!
I wanted to add Taurus to the contemplation on the signs of the Zodiac. I hope this can draw out more insights into our connection with the Zodiac.


Fixed - stabilizing
Earth - grounding
Venus ( DALET) - ruling planet
Moon - exalted
The Bull
Rules the Neck

"I Have" is the statement of Taurus

Grounded, security through the tangible, material, sensual, earthy, practical, substantial, manifesting, resourceful

The symbol of Venus as ruler.... The circle of Spirit above the cross of matter.

Moving out of Aries into Taurus, a stability is desired. All of that out-rushing fiery energy needs to be grounded into the material, into manifestation in this physical world. There is a need for security in what is seen, felt, and tangible in the material world. A need to slow down, to savor life in all its beauty and glory. There is a heightened sensuality, taking in and enjoying the fullness of life. (Good food, tactile enjoyment (softness), to gaze upon beauty, to hear beautiful music)
Taurus rules the neck. The voice and speech is dominant in Taurus. Hearing is the sense that rules Taurus. Music, poetry and the ability to sing is a wonderful expression for Taurus, especially with Venus as the ruler, the planet of creative expression.
Being fixed earth, it is the most stable sign of the zodiac. Perseverance is a great quality of Taurus, an ability to accomplish in the face of adversity where others would give up; a Taurus can be trusted to follow through to completion. On the other hand, there can be a tendency to be stubborn and willful, once their course is set.
Taurus needs financial security and material possessions; fine jewelry and other things of beauty are very important in their life. Because there is a drive for material security, there can be an over-focusing on the surface, on materialism and a losing of oneself in the consciousness of the world. A balance can be found in the qualities of Scorpio, the sign of opposite polarity to Taurus. Scorpio desires to get to the root of the cause, the source, in order to come to a deeper understanding. Scorpio is passionate, willing to go places that can be challenging to the ego, that reach into the depths of one's heart and soul in order to find truth. The study of Metaphysics can be deeply satisfying to the spirit of Taurus.
Nature, Mother Earth, is truly healing for a Taurus. Because of their connection to the earth, the simplicity of gardening and caring for pets are an example of what bring them in touch with the deeper aspects of themselves, when they find themselves stuck in surface material consciousness. Being in nature, a Taurus feels a deep connection to the sacredness of Life, to the interconnectedness of all Life; to the source of their being.

VAU is the Holy Letter associated with Taurus

"Enduring Consciousness. It is called this because it is the Delight (Eden) of the Glory. As it is there is no Glory lower than it. It is called the Garden of Eden, which is prepared for (the reward of) the Saints." ( Sefer Yetzirah)
The Nail, a symbol of joining, Union
In the Great Name, VAU Joins the interior Shekinah (the first He, Binah) with the exterior Shekinah (final He, Malkut)
Six is the number associated with VAU

The pathway between Hokmah and Hesed
This seems to say to me :
Hesed is attributed to the settled consciousness and the "speaking silence"
Hearing is attributed to Taurus.
"Be still and know that I am God," through this stillness, beyond thinking, with open heart, in the quiet, open expectancy of longing for ever more intimacy with the Beloved. In the spacious silence, the speaking silence can be heard, the stillness of the voice of God.


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