Stolen Light Power

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Stolen Light Power

#1 Postby SophiasNemo » Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:40 pm

I was wondering if you could please explain the concept of the Light Power being stolen? I thought the hayyah Light Power and the Yechidah were in the neshamah and not even the angels of the lord could enter it? So how and what is stolen? What do the beings that steal it do with it? How does one get it back? Etc.

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Re: Stolen Light Power

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:10 pm

Grace and peace to you in Messiah Yeshua!

There are five principle aspects of the soul, interior aspects and exterior aspects. When esoteric gospels speak of “light-power stolen,” or “lost,” this is the light and life of the exterior aspects of the soul, ruach and nefesh, our spirit and vital soul. There are two aspects of the lack of light-power. First, in the ignorance, in the illusion of separation, the exterior aspects of the soul become divorced from the interior aspects of the soul, so that, in effect, the greater life and light of the soul does not shine in them. Second, in the ignorance, in the illusion of separation, the desire of souls is turned downward and outward, and many souls become lost in the pursuit of all manner of vain and futile things, wasting away their life and light on worthless material pursuits, often falling into sin, or the generation of negative karma, rather than seeking heaven and God, or enlightenment. This is the cause of the perpetual bondage of souls to the gilgulim, potentially endless rounds of birth, life, aging, illness and death - immeasurable sorrow and suffering, and in this was we may say that the light and life of souls is “stolen” and “eaten up” again and again, “stolen” because in ignorance it is not given away in conscious self-offering, but rather is taken in deception, or a grand illusion.

Look at us! We have come into this world many times, and again and again we forget where we have come from and why we have come, and we become bound up in the ignorance, having little or no desire for heaven and God, or enlightenment and liberation, but instead we become bound up in the pursuit in all manner of idle and vain material things, and a bestial existence we proclaim to be “noble” and “good,” our life and light being eaten up by the world and the pursuit of things of the world.

In effect, instead of God, the True Light, we seek all manner of false glittering and glowing lights, and so we become bound up in klippot, impure emanations, impure husks.

Within and behind the matrix of creation and the world there is a vast array of spiritual forces, and while there are spiritual forces that are angelic, or divine, there are also spiritual forces that are archonic, or admixed, and demonic, or dark and hostile; these spiritual forces acquire influence and power in the world through us, and in effect they draw upon our life and light for their existence, to sustain their dominion. Thus, as well as our own squandering of our life and light, or misdirection of our desire, there are influences of spiritual forces that seek to lead souls astray, or that seek to holds souls bondage.

Now there are times, there are generations, when the influence and dominion of the ignorance, the darkness, becomes even stronger in this world, times, generations, that fall deeply into the spirit of folly, the spirit of the Other Side - klippot, and the time in which we are living, the generation in which we are living, is one of them. Thus we strive against an even greater psychic gravity, or downward and backward pull, and greater distraction, deception, in these times.

There is, however, a Sanctuary of Grace established in Messiah Yeshua and the Magdalene, and there is divine intercession and intervention by holy ones and angels for us if we are willing to seek the Eternal One (Yahweh), or seek enlightenment; but we need to generate zeal for the Messiah and Eternal One, a passionate desire, not for this world, but for the kingdom of heaven, enlightenment and liberation, and having a passionate yearning for the Holy One, or enlightenment, we need to make the spiritual life and practice, the Way the Great Ascension, a priority in our lives, cleaving to the Messiah and the Infinite One in all that we do.

If we seek to bring into our person the greater life and light of the inner aspects of our soul, our inner being, and we seek enlightenment - wisdom, understanding and knowledge (Habad), then we need to learn how to go within and live within, and instead of directing our thought and desire downward and outward, and to things of the world, we need to direct it inward and upward, Godward, and to things of heaven. Adonai Yeshua teaches us that to enter into the kingdom of heaven we need to be born from above, from heaven, born of living water and the Spirit; hence, we need to open to the Holy Light and Spirit from above, and receiving it we need to embody that Holy Light and Spirit. Thus, at the outset, we go within, and we go deeper still, holding the conscious intention, invocation, of the reception of the Holy Light and Spirit from above, the Messiah - the Anointing; and as we receive influxes of the Holy Light and Spirit, spiritual or supernal, we seek to integrate all aspects of our being and consciousness, our person and life, with that Holy Light of the Messiah.

The very natural of the mystical path, or gnostic path, is a spirituality of direct experience, direct communion, and an actual self-realization or enlightenment, and it is by nature a very zealous, passionate faith that leads to an active and dynamic spiritual life and practice; hence, at the very heart of a mystical spirituality is study and contemplation, prayer and meditation, the cultivation of an interior life through which we may communion with the Messiah and Holy One, and heaven and the angels, and experience direct revelation of the Truth and Light.

We need to cultivate a life of prayer and deep meditation, and contemplation of the mysteries of the Word and Wisdom of the Holy One, laboring to draw nearer to the Messiah and Holy One, laboring for conscious union with the Messiah in the Eternal One, or for greater revelation and realization of the Divine; and joined with this we seek to enact good works, active compassion and charity, and we seek to live according to the Truth and Light revealed to us, allowing the Spirit of God to guide us in life.

As zealous as we have been giving our life and light to the world and the pursuit of things of the world, so must we be zealous in the offering of our life and light to the Messiah and Holy One, or to the pursuit of enlightenment and liberation, the “kingdom of heaven.”

There is a need to pray and meditate, and to expand and deepen our prayers and meditations over time. I’ve written about hitbodedut, “secluded prayer,” in the “Gnostic Path” forum, you can find my writings on it there. Join with it, in our lineage primordial meditation, giving and receiving meditation and union with partzuf are spiritual practices that virtually all of our initiates learn and take up. These practices are taught on our main website.

Along with developing a continuum of daily contemplation, prayer and meditation, remembering and keeping the Holy Shabbat, a day for spiritual fellowship, study and contemplation, deeper prayer and meditation, and worship, forms a good foundation.

There is also the practice of the Six Essentials and Three Roots in our tradition.

Six Essentials: 1) Cleaving to the Messiah and Holy One; 2) cleaving to Tzaddik; 3) cleaving to Anointed Community; 4) hitbodedut; 5) gifted worship; 6) good works, or acts of loving-kindness, charity.

Three Roots: 1) Remember that the Holy One is always with you; 2) Set your mind on those things that are above, in the Messiah and Holy One; 3) Remember your transcendence, remember your origin in the eternal realm, the Pleroma of Light.

The Six Essentials and Three Roots form a simple way to swift Thunderbolt Enlightenment. I’ve written in detail about these practices in the “Gnostic Path” forum.

If ever you encounter a living tzaddik there is a capacity of light transmission - energetic transmission, with them that can be very helpful; there is much help we can receive from tzaddikim, as well as maggidim, angels.

These are ways we can generate light-power and no longer feed klippot with our light-power, nor allow spiritual forces of the klippot to “steal” or take it.

It’s all about a zealous, passionate faith, a zealous, passionate spiritual life and practice, not taken on as something imposed from without, as in exoteric religion, but rather as something desired inwardly, from within. If, indeed, we seek actual enlightenment and liberation in this life, or conscious unification with the Messiah in the Eternal One, it shall take the full force of our life, the full force of our will and desire - a full immersion the spiritual life and practice.

As for the various activities of daily living, these we learn how to transform into vehicles of spiritual realization too, uplifting them to the Lord; thus in everything we seek God, we can return to God.

May many be set upon the Path of Return today, and may the Holy Spirit set them on fire in the Way! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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