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The Peacock Angel

Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2016 2:18 pm
by SophiasNemo

I was exploring the prayer sections of the forum when I came across the Invocation of the Morning Star. In the prayer I saw mention of the Peacock Angel. I was wondering if you could share the Sophian view/understanding of the Peacock Angel and how it relates to the Morning Star?
Thank you!

Re: The Peacock Angel

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:47 am
by Tau Malachi
Blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

As is said in the prayer, the Peacock Angel is from the order of the ofanim (wheels) and has a correspondence with the Continuum of Light Transmission in the tradition, and the Sacred Circle in movements of Light Transmission, but as is known to initiates, the Peacock Angel is among the great guardians of the wrathful palace, holding specific knowledge and power of the palace of judgment (Din), and the name of the angel is communicated to initiates during one of the ceremonies of empowerment for the various practices of the wrathful palace.

This holy angel of the Most High (Elyon) corresponds with the divine wisdom of the Bright Morning Star and with the holiness that is in Klippah Nogah - the “glowing husk,” from which all of the klippot-husks are derived; as such this angel holds knowledge and power to help souls overcome this inmost klippah and to overcome the most subtle and sublime deceptions of the demiurge and the Adversary, the “father-of-lies.” Peacocks are known to eat snakes, and this is an angel that dispels the enchantments of angels of archons and demons that attempt to appear as angels of light, but are not, diminishing their power and vanquishing them through the power of the Lamb, and likewise, diminishing the power of those who call upon such spirits and angels of deception, and who are, themselves, deceivers - sorcerers and false prophets.

Klippah Nogah is a klippah of admixture, corresponding with “false light” or “impure light,” and is the term for the “demiurge” in Judaic and Messianic Kabbalah; it is admixed, good and evil, light and darkness, truth and falsehood, holiness and unholiness, and from it the three other great klippot arise, as indicated in the visions of Elijah and Ezekiel and the klippot, barriers, through which they had to pass to be able to listen and hear the word of the Lord and have true vision, true sight. Having knowledge of the holiness, truth, light, good, in Klippah Nogah, so the Peacock angel has knowledge of how to separate good from evil, light from darkness, truth from falsehood, and to draw out the holiness bound up in Klippah Nogah, as well as other klippot; hence, the power of transmuting, or transforming, evil into good, or special knowledge of the divine action of pacification, enrichment, subjugation and destruction of angels of archons and demons.

In this perhaps you may understand the association of the Peacock Angel with opening the Way of the Great Ascension, or opening the way for Light Transmission.

This is a most beautiful and very enchanting archangel, a wise sage of heaven, but one also accounted as among the warriors of heaven, having a very dreadful wrathful form when taking action against the forces of the klippot, the Other Side.

This angel has a deep connection with Kali Kallah, the “Black Bride,” and is accounted among her angels.

This is what I can share here concerning the Peacock Angel; it is enough. Amen.

Shaddai Shalom!

Re: The Peacock Angel

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:01 pm
by Erich
Shalom ,

Thank you for the good words and blessings ...
I see close connection to Amitabha whose vehicle is the peacock ... in india it is said the peacock acquired his colores after eating poisonous snakes transmuting the poisons into beauty/wisdom . Amitabha is leader of lotus family family from which a few important enlightened ones come , one of these is historical Buddha and white Tara . Another connection would appear as Amitabha ability to turn greed into love ... Love being one of the attributes of Netzach/Nogah .... his consort is Pandaravasini ( She may or may not be related to Avalokitesvara/Kuan Yin )

Perhaps closer to home yet i can not say much , is posable connection with the Yezidi honoring the Peacock King said to be the archangel created by God ( Yhvh Tzavaot is one attributed to Netzach) ... Melek Taus is one name given to this Archangel ...

In the Light of the Holy Mother ,
Erich A. Webb

Re: The Peacock Angel

Posted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 4:51 pm
by Tau Malachi

There are, indeed, associations with peacocks in various wisdom traditions, though what is spoken of in the Messianic Kabbalah, and our lineage and tradition of the Peacock Angel, references a very specific angelic presence encountered in our experience of the continuum of light transmission, and distinctly in the context of the "wrathful palace," or palace of judgment, and as such also relates to certain mystical experiences of the "splendor" of that manifestation of the palace of the Shekinah; hence, there may be some very different connotations in our teachings concerning this angel than those of the spiritual traditions mentioned. As you venture into the Messianic Kabbalah of our lineage it is best to probe such teachings in the context of our tradition, and the mystical and symbolic language used in it, in this way you will find more subtle and sublime layers of meaning within and behind what's spoken or written.