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Good News

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue May 31, 2005 12:14 pm

When we read the story of creation in Genesis we are told God speaks creation, and the word gospel may be read “God Spell,” which implies creation as the Living Word of God. Indeed, at the outset of the Gospel of St. John it is written, “In the beginning was the Word…” and we are taught that the Word is “the light of all peoples,” which is to say the light of all creation. According to the masters of the Tradition, creation is an ongoing event, as is the redemption, the awakening, which we call the Gospel – each day God creates the world anew, and the Living Word is spoken that awakens the soul to the presence and power of God.

In the story of creation at the fruition of each day of creation, with the exception of the second day, God says, “It is good.” Addressing the absence of the blessing of the second day God speaks the blessing of goodness twice on the third day, so that all creation should be blessed. This “good” is the Light of the Messiah, the redemption or awakening, and creating the world anew each day God blesses each day with this Good, which is the Messiah. What is the nature of this Good? It is the Presence of Awareness through which we might look and see, and listen and hear, God’s Shekinah in creation, and thus commune in the Divine Presence and Power, and, perchance, realize our innate unity with God and Godhead. Indeed, it is the Presence of Awareness through which Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom are acquired, and through which we receive our Holy Crown – True Being.

The nature of the sin of Adam is a fall into space-time and materiality, and the grasping at name and form, and at the personal history, which gives rise to the appearance of sin and the sinner. In essence, eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Adam departed the moment in which God is, and instead he grasped at the dream-like past and fantasies of the future. In so doing he departed the Supernal Abode of Pure Emanation and entered into the Great Matrix of Creation, Formation and Making, and the play of space-time-consciousness, in which the illusion of separation comes into effect.

In essence, Adam departed from the Real to cleave to the unreal, and thus he became bound up in the unreal – the Dominion of the Demiurge or Klippot; hence the Ignorance, Falsehood and Darkness that gives rise to the appearance of materiality divided from spirituality. Of course, this Adam (the Human One) who sins (misses the mark) represents all sentient beings – all unenlightened souls, which are caught up in the appearance of space-time, and grasp at the past and the future, and at the appearance of the self within space-time, unable or unwilling to be in the moment where God is, where the Real is. Thus souls live in the unreal, in sin and death, unaware of the Infinite and Eternal – the Source of their True Being.

This points to a great mystery, for we are told the Messiah is without sin, and in the Resurrection we see the Messiah is without death; this is the truth of the Messiah and it is the truth of the Soul of Light in us, the inmost part of which is a Holy Spark of the Messiah. Though the Messiah appears within space-time, yet the Messiah is beyond space-time; likewise, so also is the Soul of Light in us – it is within the Entirety, yet ever beyond the Entirety. In this very moment, in this very instant, here is our Soul of Light, which is within and beyond space-time, and here and now is the Risen Messiah – the Light of the Infinite and Eternal. If you enter into the moment to be present here and now, you bring forth the Light of your soul and the Light of the Messiah, and you are free from sin and death – you are among the living ones, established in the Resurrection!

Here and now is our Enlightenment and Liberation – we need only be present in the moment, be present in the here and now.

This mystery is depicted by Da’at-Knowledge on the Tree of Life, for according to the Sefer Yetzirah, Hokmah-Wisdom is the Depth of Beginning (the past) and Binah-Understanding is the Depth of End (the future), thus Da’at is the “Depth of Now” (the present). This Depth of Now is the outpouring of the Depth of Good, Keter-Crown, which is Pure Being, and Tiferet-Beauty, Yesod-Foundation and Malkut-Kingdom emanate from it. Thus, the Messiah, the Entirety and the Light Kingdom are in the moment, and therein we are anointed with the Spiritual and Supernal Light of God (Pure Being).

Foxes have their holes, and birds of the air have their nests, but the Son of the Human One has nowhere to lay down his head,” which is to say the Anointed lives in the moment, where God is, where the Real is – the Being of the Becoming. This, in essence, is the Resurrection, the Gate of the Ascension, Unification and Enthronement.

What is the mystery of the Crucifixion? It is the repose of the mind, heart and life in the moment, letting go of the dream-like past and fantasies of the future to be present here and now in the Real, in God.

This is reflected in the Threefold Rite of Christian Initiation – baptism, chrism and wedding feast. Going down into the water, letting go of the past and future (cause and effect), I enter into the moment and I am anointed with the Spiritual Light and Supernal Light of God – the Spirit of the Messiah; and anointed, I abide in Holy Communion with God’s presence and power in all creation, above and below, and I am united with the Messiah in El Elyon (God Most High).

In this, though you are in the world, you are not of the world – you are a daughter or son of Light, and you abide in the Light Kingdom!

Now all of this may sound very lofty, and it is very lofty – yet it is also very simple, and very easy. Just be present in the moment, here and now, right where you are and where God is – and abide in Holy Communion!

I will not say “it is simply, but it is not easy,” for I have come to realize that these words are procrastination, and they are the deceiver poisoning good teachings – rather, I will say “it is simple and it is easy,” for at any time I remember and I enter into the moment – I am in the Light and I am the Light, and I commune in God’s Holy Shekinah within all creation!

Consider this: Every day God renews creation, and every day when you awake from your sleep God restores your soul to you – God creates the world anew and God awakens your soul, each and every day! It is a new creation and a new you today!

Awaken to the new day and be the new you – praise the LORD and give thanks to God for the Light and Life of this day, and invite the Anointed and Mother Spirit into yourself and your life; then go forth, and be present in what’s happening, looking and seeing, listening and hearing, the Divine Presence and Power – the Light Kingdom, within and all around you. Just be in the moment, abiding in this Holy Remembrance – the Holy Communion. This is the way of the spiritual life and practice – and we may say this is the Way. It is very simple, and it is very easy; even a little child can do it!

In this there is no sin and there is no death – there is only the Pure Radiant Awareness, which is the Light of God, the Spirit of the Messiah.

This is what it means to “cleave to the Risen Savior,” and this is the Good News!

It is simply, and it is easy!

In closing we may remember the basic meaning of the name Yeshua: “Yahweh delivers,” or in other words – “Knowledge of the Truth will set you Free!”

May the Mother Spirit lead us in the Way, amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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#2 Postby lleyr » Wed Jun 01, 2005 9:20 am

Greetings Malachi!

This reminds me of a book I read a few months ago called simply CONSCIOUSNESS. It was not meant as an esoteric book, but instead as a science text book for the college level.

What the scientists proved is that our physical consciousness is not a continual stream like the world tells us it is. Instead our physical consciousness is actually a series of flashes that are actually disconnected.

The author ends up finding much truth in Budhism (and I believe she would find the same in Gnosticism) about living in the now.

I certainly do not need science to back up the truth of spirituality, but it is certainly interesting when it does.

Blessings, Mark

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