I have a few questions.

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I have a few questions.

#1 Postby xmode » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:10 pm

Greetings all,
I'm new at gnosticism and I'd like to ask a few questions...

Is it correct that God created 7 heavens and our material world is at the "bottom"?

Is it true that when Jesus is on the cross Christ leaves Him? If yes, are Jesus and Christ 2 different beings?How should I pray to Jesus Christ?

It is said that the OM mantra links you to God? But does it link you to God or the creator of this world (demiurge)?

Can you suggest me good sources for reading about Gnostic philosophy and cosmology?

Can you give me information about gnostic mantras for protection and healing?


Thank you!
Know Thyself.

Elder Gideon
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Heavens and Earth

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:42 am

Shabbat Shalom and welcome!

Thank you for your many questions! We have an online opportunity to chat with our community every Tuesday night. It's a great place to further engage our teachings in real-time. Consider registering at this link and see how it feels: http://www.sophian.org/chat_skype.html

Each of your questions are a conversation to themselves! I'll respond to a couple of them. If you will reply and engage, we can continue the conversation here towards your other points. Feel free to use your real name.

"Heavens and earth" in Kabbalah and Gnosticism co-arise as Creation. Heavens represent astral and spiritual existence inseparable with earth and material existence. Earth is not at all the bottom, rather the most condensed. Think of these planes as the H2O molecule and all of the states it can take. Earth is to ice what outer (astral) and upper (spiritual) heavens are to water and gaseous states respectively. Heaven and earth are a unified field of consciousness.

Messiah never left Jesus on the Cross. The Second Treatise of Seth is a false teaching we do not hold. Rather, the excruciating experience of the pain in Yeshua's body causes him to cry out, "Father, why have you forsaken me." It's a human moment that in no way contradicts the Divine indwelling him. The Divine indwelling him never left. This is why we call him Adonai Yeshua. Lord Yeshua.

Praying to Yeshua is always good, but what is the Messiah? In our lineage, Messiah is a Presence of Awareness. Hear this. Awareness is a presence. We follow this, contemplate this, meditate and pray through this same Presence of Awareness made flesh in Yeshua. He came to embody this awareness in a completely unique way, which is why we honor him as our Elder Brother. He was the first to breakthrough into fully embodying this Presence of Awareness. With him, we too are destined to be and become the same Presence of Awareness--the Messiah--not vicariously or after death, but directly while in life. This kind of knowledge is enlightenment, what apostles taught as gnosis. Gnosis is enlightenment.

Are we praying to Yeshua separate from and beyond us or are we communing with Messiah as our future self present here and now already in the very stirring to pray? This is everything. In twoness and separation or oneness and communion? Religion is the former. Gnosis is the later.

I pray that this is clear and sparks your imagination.

I'll look forward to seeing your reply and where the Holy One leads us!

Elder Gideon

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Re: I have a few questions.

#3 Postby xmode » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:39 am

Thank you Elder,

Sometimes when I pray , I realise that I am praying to my idea of God...An image I have.The desired effect of the prayer might fulfil, but it is derived from my expectations and subconscious mind.

I need to have a clear vision of God. Where He resides. I am kind of lost at the moment. I am having tough time finding Him inside me.How can I light up that devine spark within, the spark that gnostics talk about...

I would like to know more about the holy Sophia. Is she related to the creation? Can I pray to Her? I have read that she tried to get to know God and she "fell" out of sin... Source unknown.

I will take my time to think and read about the "presense". Is it about Christ consciousness?

Know Thyself.

Tau Malachi
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Re: I have a few questions.

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:30 am

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

The light and life that flows through all things, and that manifests as all things, this is the Divine Presence of the Messiah and Holy One, and so the life and light that flows through you, and manifests as you, is this Divine Presence. It’s our very existence, regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. Through prayer and meditation we may become aware of this truth. At the outset we have faith, an intuition of an experience we have not yet had, and in faith we take up the spiritual life and practice, but through prayer and meditation we may have direct spiritual and mystical experience of this truth of the Divine Presence within and all around us, and our innate oneness with the Messiah in the Holy One. Thus our faith may generate knowledge, gnosis or da’at.

God is within all things, and surrounds all things, and yet God is ever beyond all things; hence, the Infinite and Eternal One, or the Great and Invisible Spirit. God as God is in Godself, who can conceive of this, what image can in any way represent the Infinite One, the Great Spirit? Understanding this, in the Holy Kabbalah the Infinite and Eternal - the One God, is called Ain, ‘No-thingness,’ not something, not nothing, not this, not that; but in that all that arises and appears emanates from Ain, this ‘no-thingness’ is ‘every-thingness,’ this ‘emptiness’ is ‘fullness.’ The truth is that there is no image that can depict the Infinite and Eternal One, though indeed various images have arisen during the visionary experiences of prophets and apostles, symbolic mental interpretations of profound spiritual and supernal experiences. In certain spiritual practices these may be used as an internal object of focus, or mental concentration and vital cleaving, but we need to understand that the Holy One of Being is beyond all images and concepts - the Holy One is truly the Great Mystery.

You are correct. When Elder Gideon says that the Messiah is the “presence of awareness” he is pointing to something more than these words might appear to mean at the outset. While the ‘presence of awareness’ is an essential quality of Christ or Messiah, Christ or Messiah indicates the embodiment of divine or enlightened being, an actual spiritual and supernal realization; hence, the experience of Christ consciousness, or God consciousness. From a Gnostic perspective, the divinity or enlightenment embodied in Yeshua, “Jesus,” we are also meant to realize and embody; while we may understand Yeshua Messiah as the ‘Savior,’ more than this we understand him as the ‘Gnostic Revealer’ - the teacher of a path to enlightenment or conscious union with the Divine. This to us is true ‘salvation’ - knowledge of God through the experience of oneness with God, and in this our teachings of the Gospel resemble something more like those of wisdom traditions of the East than those of mainstream Christianity, for to us the Gospel teaches a path of actual spiritual realization or enlightenment.

The Gnostic experience, or enlightenment experience, of which we speak is threefold: 1) It is the experience of higher, more expanded states of consciousness, along with the corresponding intelligence, awareness, the peak of which is the experience of grades of cosmic and supernal consciousness; 2) It is the opening of consciousness to new dimensions, inner metaphysical dimensions, and the realms and worlds within them - the ‘heavens’; 3) It is the experience of direct spiritual and mystical experience of Christ and God, the peak of which is conscious union with Christ in God, or the experience of Christ or God Consciousness.

We wish to engage in study and contemplation, and acquire a spiritual education, and in the Gnostic Path and Kabbalah there is a play of initiation, ‘light transmission,’ imparted by lineage-holders; most essential though is daily prayer and meditation, and the cultivation of our interior life.

There really are no images of the Eternal One (Yahweh), but in a manner of speaking the Eternal One is something like the “Force” in the “Star Wars” movies, though indeed something more than what’s depicted in those fictional tales. There are, however, images we use in mystical prayer and meditation called partzufim - ‘personifications of the Divine,’ they are images of holy and enlightened ones who have embodied the fullness of the Divine Presence, images of holy and enlightened ones in bodies of light or glory that we envision, such as Yeshua Messiah, various forms of the Holy Mother and Holy Bride, John the Baptists, St Lazarus, and so on. If you wish to pray and meditate using an image, look in the section of our website that teaches some of our basic practices, and consider the spiritual practices of ‘union with partzuf.’ Perhaps try working with the practice of ‘union with the Risen Messiah.’ That’s a good beginning practice. Taking up that practice remember what Adonai Yeshua said to his disciples in the Gospel of St. John, “You who have seen me have seen the Father.”

Along with this in the same section of our webpage you will find teachings on ‘primordial meditation’ and ‘giving and receiving.’ These are also good practices for new aspirants. These three methods of meditation are taught to all of our initiates, along with many different variations of them.

There is a book I wrote some years ago called “Living Gnosis: A practical Guide To Gnostic Christianity.” This might be of help to you. It addresses Gnosticism in general, but specifically outlines basic teachings of our lineage and tradition. It is currently out of print, but you can likely find a used copy on Amazon because it was in print for many years so there are lots of copies out there.

Here and there we speak of Sophia in our teachings, but more often our term for the Divine and Sacred Feminine, or the Divine Presence, is Shekinah because our tradition of Gnosticism teaches a Christian Kabbalah with strong roots in Judaic Kabbalah. In speaking of the Holy Mother and Holy Bride, though, these are aspects of Sophia-Shekinah, and as I’ve shared we do have numerous union with partzuf practices, many with the Mother and Bride.

Concerning the fall and redemption of Sophia you can find the story in a Gnostic Gospel entitled “Pistis Sophia” (Faith Wisdom). There is an adequate translation of it by G. R. S. Mead you can acquire.

As questions arise rather than many in a single post, perhaps focus on one question at a time so that we might be able to address your questions in greater detail, that or so we may provide some link to where it may already have been addressed.

You are in my heart and prayers, and welcome to our online community.

Shalom Aleichem - peace be upon you!
Tau Malachi
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Re: I have a few questions.

#5 Postby xmode » Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:27 pm

Thank you, very useful.
Know Thyself.

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