The True Gospel

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The True Gospel

#1 Postby SophiasNemo » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:13 pm

I’ve been contemplating the concept of the “gospel” of Yeshua and how often by and large it may be misunderstood by mainstream Christianity. What was the true message, the true mystical teachings , the true gospel of Yeshua that he wanted spread to humans across the world?
I feel that it may have been more in alignment with his teachings to love our neighbor as ourselves, teachings on the Holyfield spirit and Son of The Human One etc etc instead of what some mainstream Christian outlets push on the public. I was wondering if you could give some clarification as to what it was supposed to be, as to what it truly is.

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Re: The True Gospel

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Apr 25, 2018 10:52 am

Blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Sun of God, the Messiah!

The mystery of the Messiah runs very deep, and as with all great spiritual mysteries it is God, the Most High (El Elyon) that reveals the secrets of it to us, to each according to their capacity to receive and understand the revelation of Divine Truth. There are many teachings here in the forums and in our books delving into this question of the Messiah and True Gospel, and they certainly do not exhaust this subject. Needless to say in this discussion what might be shared may only begin to hint at the True Gnosis of the Gospel; but this is a good question, and it is a question aspirants and initiates pursue through study and contemplation, prayer and meditation, throughout their sojourn in the Gnostic Path, always seeking a greater revelation, and so greater wisdom, understanding and knowledge of the Messiah and God, or the Gospel.

When we contemplate Jesus, Yeshua, in our view we see a human being like us, though indeed a soul of a very lofty grade, a very exceptional human being. Just as any human being who embarks on the spiritual quest seeking enlightenment or God he had spiritual teachers and guides, the most important of them being John the Baptist, Yohanan. As Yeshua’s spiritual realization unfolded he came into being as a prophet and knower of God, and in the fruition of his Self-realization, during his baptism in the Sacred Jordan with Yohanan, he received the full anointing of the Perfect Light and Holy Spirit, such as had never happened before in this world, and so he became the Christ, the Messiah - the ‘Anointed One.’ In this he experienced conscious union with the universe and God, the True Light - oneness with God, and so he embodied the state of Christ Consciousness or God Consciousness (Supernal Consciousness); hence, complete enlightenment, or full Self-realization. In this he was a perfect human being, the Perfect Tzaddik, the Perfect Master - the True Guide in the Way for all humanity, all who seek to return to God, the True Light.

This noble ideal of the perfect man, perfect woman, perfect human being, is what is meant by the term ‘Son of Adam’ - Son of the Human One; the human being who is fashioned in the image and likeness, or ‘form’ of God, the True Light. Here, perhaps, we may recall a teaching of the Master, “Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” In this we may understand that Adonai Yeshua did not intend to set himself apart from us, nor to claim anything exclusive for himself, but rather his intention was that we also might strive for this perfection, this Self-realization, demonstrating and teaching the Way this is accomplished - teaching the ‘Straight Path,’ a spirituality of direct experience of God, or nearness to God and oneness with God.

We may also recall that he said to us “You are the salt of the earth,” and “You are the light of the world,” and likewise, “You will do greater things than you have seen me do,” and “Do you not know that you are all sons and daughters of God.” In this we may understand that he intended us to embody the fullness of the Divine Presence, the Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, as he did, and that the Messiah, the anointing with Supernal Light and the Holy Spirit was not isolate to him, but through him we also receive this very anointing, this Light Transmission, and we must labor for the full embodiment of the Messiah and Holy Spirit as well, this Light-presence and Light-power of the ‘Sun of God.’

Yeshua is our Elder Brother, the first born of a new humanity, supernal and divine, and in this he is The Messiah; but we are also to come into being as the Anointed of God, the Messiah, and embody the very same Self-realization in God, the True Light.

The many wonders that Adonai Yeshua performed, all of these were the manifestation of the authority and power God Most High bestowed upon him, and it needs to be understood that, Jesus, Yeshua, did not raise himself from the dead, but God Most High raised him from the dead and exalted him and glorified him - Yeshua does not call us to worship himself, but rather to worship God Most High, and it was for the sake of the revelation of God Most High that Adonai Yeshua was sent and for which he gave his life in submission to the One God.

The True Gospel corresponds with the teachings of the ‘Straight Path,’ the spiritual life and practice through which we may experience the direct revelation of God to us, the progressive unveiling and self-disclosure of God in us and in our lives, and so experience nearness to God and oneness with God - true knowledge of God. It is this that gnostics understand as ‘true salvation,’ the enlightenment and liberation of the soul, full reintegration of the soul with the Light of the Infinite and Eternal One. It is not a vicarious affair of blind, ignorant belief, but rather is a ‘perceiving faith,’ one founded upon direct experience of Christ and God - knowledge of Christ and God. In this regard, with God’s help, each of us must strive to workout our salvation, strive in the Path of Return.

In the teachings of our tradition Yeshua was not the only one to embody the fullness of the Divine Presence, or this Self-realization, but Lady Mirya, the Magdalene, also embodied it, and likewise, following the resurrection and ascension various holy apostles, messengers, embodied it, as did many of their close disciples. To this very day, here and there, are those who embody this spiritual and supernal realization, and something of this Divine Presence, and here and there are faith-communities teaching the way of this Self-realization in Christ and God.

These are a few thoughts I can share with you today. Perhaps it is enough for the moment. In this, perhaps, you can gain some sense of the very different perspective of Christ and the Gospel among gnostics versus mainstream Christianity - for us it is all about a path of Enlightenment or Self-realization. Thus, more than the Savior, we see Yeshua Messiah as the ‘Gnostic Revealer,’ a revealer of the knowledge of God and the path through which it is attained.

May the Holy One bless you this day! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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