One God & Holy Partzufim

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One God & Holy Partzufim

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Sep 04, 2018 11:59 am

One God & Holy Partzufim: Personifications of the Divine

There is something very important for newcomers to our teachings of the Gnostic Path and Christian Kabbalah to understand as they study and contemplate our teachings. Always we are speaking of One God and the One Faith within and behind the three revealed religions. Thus, if and when we speak of ‘Father,’ ‘Mother,’ ‘Son,’ ‘Daughter,’ or any other personification of the Divine (Holy Partzuf), these are understood as aspects of the One God, the Infinite and Eternal, and they imply no division in God and Godhead, none whatsoever, nor any multiplicity of divinities, as such, but rather they are among the Names of God and indicate various Attributes and Actions of God, or various revelations and manifestations of the One Divine Presence.

As an example, ‘Father-Abba’ is a Name indicating the transcendence of God, and the concealed, hidden, aspects of God, and indicates secret mysteries of Hokmah-Wisdom on the Tree of Life while ‘Mother-Imma’ is a Name indicating the immanence of God, and the revealed, known, aspects of God, and indicates secret mysteries of Binah-Understanding on the Tree of Life. ‘Son’ and ‘Daughter’ are Names indicating the active manifestation and realization of ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ in creation, as well as secret mysteries of the Six Sefirot and Malkut on the Tree of Life below the Supernals, and also the truth of the sacred masculine and sacred feminine, or the perfect man and perfect woman as the direct manifestation of the Divine Presence - hence, the realized human being as the image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim, the Eternal God, or the embodiment of the Living Presence of God.

In this regard, our honoring of Yeshua and Mirya as the Messiah, ‘Groom’ and ‘Bride,’ indicates them as examples, revelations, of the perfect human being, perfect man, perfect woman; this ‘perfection’ corresponding with the realization of the Absolute Oneness of God Most High, or conscious union with the Eternal One.

In our lineage and tradition the aim of the Gnostic Path is knowledge of God through direct experience, ‘witnessing’ - through experiences of nearness and oneness with God; hence, our focus is an actual Self-realization, or realization of Christ or God Consciousness. At the heart of our faith and knowledge (gnosis) of God is this: There is no divinity but the One God (Yahweh).

This truth is always assumed in our teachings and practices, and needs to be kept in mind as you study and contemplate our teachings to understand them in their true context and meaning.

May the Spirit of the Holy One lead you in the Way! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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