About the spirituality of the Tzaddik

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About the spirituality of the Tzaddik

#1 Postby Nemiel » Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:10 pm

Greetings to all of you,

My name is Daniel and I live in a small cottage in Hungary (Europe) with my Beloved Partner, with our dog and two chinchillas. I am a spiritual seeker, voyaging in an individual, nameless path. I am studying kabbalah, magic, sufism and mysticism, but I do not have a particular path.

I would like to ask you about becoming a tzaddik and embody this extremely high level of Light Presence in our life. Can this level be achieved by average human beings, like my self, or it is only a dream for the distant future? Can it be an ideal and goal of life, or it is so distant, that it can not be achieved?

Please forgive me because of the low level of my english language skills and my grammar mistakes. I hope that you will understand me and I can hear from you soon.

With many blessings:


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Re: About the spirituality of the Tzaddik

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:25 pm

Greetings Daniel, and blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

A holy tzaddik, or anointed tzaddik, as we use the term in our teachings, indicates a realized individual, one who bears a special anointing as a prophet or apostle, or who is recognized as a spiritual adept or master; generally speaking, they are spiritual teachers and guides in community, and have corresponding gifts of the Holy Spirit, the knowledge and power given by God to teach and initiate others, and guide them in the Way. Among these tzaddikim there are many different grades or levels, ‘perfect tzaddikim,’ ‘greater tzaddikim,’ and ‘lesser tzaddikim,’ and while there are those who reveal themselves, having a call to generate a gathering around them, a spiritual community, or having a message or mission that requires they reveal themselves, there are also those who conceal themselves and take up their spiritual works in secret; hence, ‘secret tzaddikim’ along with those who are called ‘lamed-vau tzaddikim.’

There are incarnate tzaddikim and there are disincarnate tzaddikim, and so we speak of ‘root tzaddik,’ an incarnate spiritual adept or master of the present who serves as a guide to us, and ‘heart tzaddik,’ a disincarnate spiritual adept or master of the past who may serve as a guide to us; so there are ‘root tzaddikim’ and there are ‘heart tzaddikim.’

Tzaddikim do, indeed, embody higher grades of soul, or higher stations and states, whether of a spiritual or supernal realization, and so embody a distinct Divine Presence with corresponding knowledge and power, all through the grace and mercy of God, the anointing they have received. Thus, there is profound interweaving of divinity and humanity, or something like angelic being and human being from our perspective; and yet they are a human being just like us, and they are messengers of God to us who stir us and call us to awaken and remember who and what we are in God - tzaddik, ‘righteous one,’

Here we may ponder the appearance of the Messiah in the world, and the appearance of prophets and apostles, and the various tzaddikim. Is Christ, Messiah, and the realization of the Holy Tzaddik, far removed from us, is it a remote and distant possibility of the future, or is the Messiah and realization of the Holy Tzaddik a present reality, possible for any of us here and now, in this life, through the grace and mercy of God? Why was the Messiah sent, why are tzaddikim sent in every generation, if not to remind us of who and what we are in God, and to reveal what is possible for us in the Messiah and Holy One? They are like mirrors reflecting our true self, true being to us.

Understand, the ‘outer tzaddik’ - one who appears to us, and teaches and initiates us, holds the intention of the revelation of the ‘inner tzaddik’ - our inner being, inner self, as we are in God, the True Light. You see, tzaddik, righteous one, is the truth and reality of our inner being, the inner aspects of our soul. Encountering an individual who embodies this self-realization is a great affirmation of this possibility and an empowerment for us to do the same as God wills it and with God’s help. With the Messiah and Holy One, anything is possible for us - a sudden thunderbolt enlightenment is possible; so this realization of tzaddikim is our noble ideal, our aim in the Gnostic Path, and we seek to take up the spiritual work of tzaddikim and live as tzaddikim in the Messiah - the Anointing.

Understand, in your inmost being you have an innate union with God, whether unconscious or conscious, and in the Messiah - receiving the Holy Light and Spirit from above, there is an awakening and remembering of this innate union, first in faith and then in knowledge. Because this is innate, our very nature, it is not something we attain, but is a given, and is something, in effect, we remember, and we recognize and realized, laboring with God’s help for a full conscious union with Messiah in God Most High.

God is closer to you than you are to yourself my brother, so this realization is not far removed from anyone; awakening to this truth, this reality, of the Oneness of God, we co-labor with the Messiah and Holy Spirit to realize and embody it. The teachings we share on the Gnostic Path, the Straight Path, reveal how this oneness with God may be realized, and if fully taken up in one’s spiritual life and practice one may find that through the grace and mercy of God that one is drawn into higher grades of soul, or higher stations and states very swiftly, if indeed, one will go within and live within, open to the Holy Light and Spirit from above.

This does, of course, assume that an aspirant has faith and love, and a zeal, a passion, for the Life Divine, and so is willing to cultivate a deep and strong interior life.

In the “Gnostic Path” forum you will find a thread called “Middle Pillar: Straight Path.” You might enjoy studying it and might find it beneficial.

Now, having shared all of this, do understand that from one to another, we will have different spiritual gifts, different abilities given to us in the Holy Spirit, and different calls and works given to us. Though the realization of the tzaddikim is accessible and possible for all of us in the Sanctuary of Grace, not all of us will be called to apostleship, or to serve in community as a teacher and guide. The anointing we receive from one to another will be different. In this regard what St. Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians chapters twelve and thirteen can be an excellent contemplation, very good instruction for the sojourner in the Way.

These are some initial thoughts I can share.

I wish you well in your journey, and I pray you might abide in the good company of the Shekinah of Messiah - the Divine Presence of the Anointed of God! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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