'Twelve Saviors,' 'Twelve Tribes,' & Light Transmission

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'Twelve Saviors,' 'Twelve Tribes,' & Light Transmission

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Twelve Saviors, Twelve Tribes & Light Transmission

In answer to a question:

When we speak of the ‘twelve saviors,’ or ‘twelve tribes,’ and ‘twelves currents of light transmission, often we are speaking of an array of currents, lineages of ‘gnostic apostolic succession’ within the Christian faith. These, of course, correspond with the twelve zodiacal signs which represent the full spectrum of humanity, and that symbolize supernal prototypes, as it were - the non-manifest potential of twelve aspects of the Human One, each embodying the same Light-presence (Christ) and Light-power (Holy Spirit), but each bearing a special, unique manifestation of that presence and power, or the knowledge and power of the Human One of Light (Christ). Joined with this, of course, is the special, unique, manifestation of the Christ-Spirit, Christ-Self, within each individual, which is a unique and individual manifestation of the corresponding ‘aspect’ or ‘type’ - ‘savior’ or ‘tribe.’

Thus, within the Christian stream of light transmission there are these various currents, lineages, and as souls become realized and are able to serve as conscious agents, vehicles, of the anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit, these various lineages appear in this world.

There is, however, a more esoteric meaning and teaching associated with the ‘twelve saviors,’ or ‘twelve tribes, and the generation of the ‘spiritual community of Israel’ from all nations, all people in the world. In the Gnostic Path, of course, there is awareness, knowledge, of the primordial and cosmic Christ, and a primordial and universal Enlightenment Tradition - this, according to our gospel, is within and behind all authentic wisdom traditions, all true mystical and gnostic manifestations of the various faiths in the world. Thus, when we speak of ‘anointed tzaddikim,’ ‘anointed community,’ the ‘spiritual community of Israel,’ and so on, we are not just speaking of Judeo-Christian lineages and communities, but rather any lineage and community in which there is the embodiment of the Light-presence and Light-power we call ‘Christ’ or ‘Messiah’ and there is the corresponding play of light transmission - ‘anointing,’ initiation or empowerment.

During various adventures in my youth I encountered realized individuals, spiritual masters, in several different faiths and wisdom traditions that were able to engage this light transmission at various gradations with those who had faith and who drew near to them; likewise in the Continuum, in the Holy One, I see, hear and feel the presence of these light-bears in numerous spaces, some doing so openly, others doing so in secret, concealed - so revealed and hidden ‘tzaddikim.’

In our view, wherever there is an actual play of light transmission - an actual communication of this Living Presence and on going revelation of Divine or Enlightened Being, that spiritual movement is real, is true, and is ‘from the One God’ - the ‘True Light, ‘Great Spirit.’

Our mystical and symbolic language, though, and way of communicating, is Judeo-Christian, but what we are speaking about goes beyond the name ‘Christian’ and can and does occur in other forms.

Shalom Aleichem!
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