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Gnosis, Tradition & Sophia

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Mar 03, 2006 3:21 pm

Gnosis, Tradition & Sophia

In patriarchal culture and religion the word “tradition” has come to mean a dogmatic creed and doctrine passed down from one generation to another, something oriented almost exclusively to the past, rather than to the present and the future. In essence it is something imposed from the outside, rather than something drawn from within – something to be believed, rather than something to be experienced. It lends itself to an exclusive view of the truth, rather than an inclusive view, asserting itself as the sole authority or truth, denying all other views. This seems part and parcel with the denial of the Divine and Sacred Feminine, for the feminine is the creative and life giving principle, bringing forth new life and light from within herself, and is more immediate and experiential, oriented not only to the past, but to the present and future, and is by nature inclusive – all the qualities that, generally speaking, are missing from tradition as conceived by patriarchal culture and religion.

It is not surprising that “orthodox” Christianity and Gnostic Christianity came to be at odds, for inclusive of the Divine and Sacred Feminine, the view of “tradition” among Gnostics assumes a very different meaning. While gathering knowledge, understanding and wisdom from the past, it is oriented to the present and future. Instead of dogmatic creed and doctrine imposed from the outside, it encourages direct spiritual and mystical experience, and the bringing forth of the truth and light from within the individual. Thus, it tends to be inclusive and creative, and open to change and growth – it is vibrant and alive. In essence, with every generation of initiates the tradition is reborn based upon their experience of Divine Gnosis, which placed into the context of the Gnostic experience of previous generations forms the “tradition.” The tradition is a spiritual current and theme shared among its initiates, and it is a body of spiritual teachings and practices that continuously develops and evolves – it is akin to a living entity that reincarnates in each generation: hence, a Continuum of Gnostic and Light Transmission, or what has been called “Living Gnosis.”

When one looks into a living tradition of Gnosticism one is reminded of a mother who is deeply connected to her mother – the grandmother, but who becomes the mother in giving birth to her daughter. Gnostics are like mothers giving birth, or more truly they are like midwives in the process of the Mother Spirit giving birth – such is the view of living tradition among Sophian Gnostics.

Tradition in this sense is rather like a strand of spiritual DNA passed on from one generation to another, and with new influxes of Divine Gnosis – new experiences of the Christos, the spiritual DNA naturally changes, as does the spiritual life arising from it. This is well reflected in our Sophian Gnostic lineage, for in the past few generations with the influx of Supernal Gnosis we have witness radical evolutionary leaps in the teachings and practices of the lineage, as it integrates the experience of Supernal or Supramental Consciousness and orients itself to the Supramental development, assuming the form of a vehicle of Supernal Light Transmission. In essence it is as though we have observed the emergence of a new species when one looks at the old lineage in contrast to the modern Gnostic lineage arising from it.

In generations prior to the advent of the Supernal Consciousness the Supernal development was hinted at, and prophecies of the advent of the Supernal existed in the oral tradition of the lineage, for teachings on the Second Coming as the “Reception of the Holy Bride” and the “Aeon of Michael” (or Age of the Mother Spirit) included intuitions and visions of the influx of Supernal Light. Many of these inspirations arose from an esoteric understanding of the Book of Revelation in the Christian Kabbalah of the lineage, while others arose from glimpses of the Supernal Light that occurred in the experience of elders and tau of the tradition. Thus, a radical change in consciousness, and therefore the lineage, was anticipated. By virtue of the Gnostic view of an ongoing Christ revelation, rather than a fixed or static view of the Christ revelation as a phenomenon isolate to the past, change and growth has always been common to the Sophian lineage. Thus there was little, if any, resistance to the more radical change that the advent of the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness brought – indeed, it has been received as the revelation of the Holy Bride among us, the Supernal Shekinah of the Messiah.

The first to experience the breakthrough to the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness was Tau Miriam in England, during the 1880’s, and through her the teachings and practices of the lineage began to be shaped into vehicles of the Supramental development. Tau Elijah, one of her successors in the Sophian lineage, later also experienced the breakthrough to the Supernal Consciousness and continued her spiritual labor – both embodying something of this New Consciousness. Of course, the advent of the Supernal was not isolate to them or to Sophian initiates, but many messengers of the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness came into being during the same period as this new dimension of Messianic or Christ Consciousness began to unfold in the human experience.

While we may say that various changes in the Western culture and society contributed to the progressive shift of the Sophian lineage from its previous way as a small secret society to its more open and public form today, in truth it is the advent of this New Consciousness that is behind the changes we have seen in the collective consciousness and that has called for this shift in the Sophian lineage. Innate to this advent of the Supernal is the resurgence of the Divine and Sacred Feminine in Western spirituality, for the Supernal Light is the Mother’s Force (Mother Sophia) and its manifestation is the Holy Bride, the Divine Power of the Magdalene. Indeed, we may say that the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness is the Gnosis of Christ the Sophia, which will ultimately bring the Christ revelation to fruition in humanity on earth.

From a Sophian perspective, the necessity for the inclusion of the Divine and Sacred Feminine goes beyond the issue of social justice and the rights of women – that is certainly important. However, coupled with such human interests is the Divine Plan of the Christ revelation unfolding in human consciousness, for spirituality including the Divine and Sacred Feminine is integral to the continued evolution towards a Supernal or Supramental Humanity. The Divine Mother, the Holy Bride and womanhood are in the forefront of this development; the dynamic and harmonious union of the feminine and masculine representing the ultimate fruition of the Christ revelation, as the Divine and Sacred Feminine assumes its rightful place in human consciousness and life.
Thus, from a Sophian perspective, the message of a spirituality honoring the Divine and Sacred Feminine and the message of the advent of the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness are inseparable from one another and, in fact, are one and the same divine message – the Pleroma of the Christos (Sophia-Logos).

This gives some insight into the nature of a Gnostic tradition or lineage, at least as understood among Sophians, for one is not entering into a “religion” as typically defined, but rather one is entering into a spiritual movement founded upon an experience of Divine Illumination, and each initiate becomes an agent of that movement, a vehicle of that Divine Illumination. Likewise, in the context of Sophian Gnosticism, this gives some insight into the emphasis place upon the Divine and Sacred Feminine, and spiritual significance of the Magdalene in our lineage, for the Divine Mother and Holy Bride are integral to our spiritual movement – representing the nature of the Divine Gnosis upon which our spiritual movement of founded.

Though ours is an older Gnostic lineage it is interesting that we are often called “New Age” by individuals unfamiliar with our lineage, and unfamiliar with Gnosticism – experiencing a New Consciousness, I suppose we are “New Age,” but then that could be said of Gnostics in any age it would seem, for Gnosticism is, by nature, a creative and visionary form of spirituality, and is likely to be on the cutting edge of spiritual thought and revelation in its time. Indeed, Gnostics, as all mystics, are “psychonauts” in an adventure of consciousness – explorers of the metaphysical dimensions, the inner dimensions of the soul, creation and the Divine.

May we be blessed to live in the Spirit of Truth; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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a little bit goes a long way

#2 Postby Marion » Sat Mar 04, 2006 3:10 am

Greetings Malachi,

It facinates me how a relatively small lineage like ours can have such a large effect of humanity. Like how you were describing Tau Miriam being the first in the lineage to experience the breakthrough into supernal consciousness, it strikes me that this was around the time that it is said that the Aeon of St. Michael dawned fully. This seems good to remember, because often I think that I forget how powerful it is for a small group of people to commune together and celebrate Shabbat every Sunday, or people tending a daily continuum of prayer and meditation. I remember it being said once that if only ten Tzaddikim were in the world, that would be enough to sustain it, And also that one Tzaddik can balance out ten evildoers with their energy.

Blessings and Shalom!

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The Advent

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Mar 04, 2006 1:39 pm

Salutations Marion!

Yes, indeed, Tau Miriam (or Mother Miriam) was among those who were first taken up by the Supernal Light-presence at the outset, the “Aeon of St. Michael” being one of the symbolic terms for the advent of the Supramental – something earlier Sophians saw represented in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation, when interpreted according to the Christian Kabbalah. There, in the image of the Woman of Light, we see the Divine and Sacred Feminine placed central to the advent of Supernal Grace and we see a tale of the arising of the Great Shadow that must be integrated in the acceleration of consciousness initiated by the influx of the Supernal. The dragon may be understood as the klippot forces of the patriarchal culture and religion, and the fundamentalism and atheism it engenders: hence, the powerful backward and downward pull of the bestial past, the dominion of the male demiurge, and the dark and hostile forces that come into play within it.

Of the Woman of Light it is said that she is given the wings of the eagle to fly to a place in the wilderness prepared for her, escaping the flood with which the Red Dragon attempts to destroy her. The wings of the eagle are said to signify the Supernal Shekinah and the advent of a Higher Consciousness – a new dimension of Messianic or Christ Consciousness, and the wilderness alludes to small groups of people who labor to maintain the Continuum of Supernal Light Transmission until that time when it can occur in the larger collective of humanity.

While individuals may experience the influx of Supernal or Supramental Consciousness and be taken up by the Supernal Shekinah of Messiah, the collective shifts very slowly, for Nature slowly savors her evolution; but as the collective is composed of individuals it is through individuals that a change is brought about in the consciousness of the collective. It is through individuals and small groups of individuals laboring for the Supramental development that the greater advent of the Supernal will take place; hence what is called the “Great Resurrection and Ascension,” or the “Great Transformation.” If the Supramental takes root in the world and comes to fruition, in essence it would represent a literal dawn of a new species of humanity from within the present humanity. However, if humanity does not endure is present evolutionary crisis, then Mother Earth will have served to birth those individuals into the Pleroma of Light – the fullness of Messianic or Christ Consciousness, who receive the influx of the Supernal Force are taken up by it. In any case, each individual who consciously labors for the Supernal or Supramental development is essential to the evolutionary process, for it is a process brought about by a Conscious Evolution – a choice to be a conscious agent of the Pleroma of Light on earth.

The more the Supernal Light is brought “down” and is embodied, and the more it is brought forth from within us, the greater the Light-presence and Light-power is made manifest in the world – the greater the influence and extension of the Light. If we wish to look and see the real power of small groups co-laboring with the Mother Spirit we need only look to the Sacred Circle of Lord Yeshua and Lady Miriam, for a very small circle cast and enormous wave of spiritual influence from the First Advent of Messianic or Christ Consciousness.

The full advent of the Supernal has not taken place as yet, but rather the advent is in its early outset, the way being opened for a greater advent – it is as though messengers or prophets are being sent out, and the consciousness of humanity is being prepared for the Reception of the Holy Bride, the Shekinah of Messiah. After all, the First Coming transpired in the midst of powerful Messianic expectations, and so shall the Second Coming occur in due season when the necessary conditions are present. Essentially, the larger collective consciousness of humanity must be prepared to receive Christ the Sophia incarnate in holy women, and be willing to the paradigms of a new spirituality and willing to a New Consciousness – a new Divine Vision of the Human One.

We need the resurgence of spirituality that truly and fully honors the Divine and Sacred Feminine, and that places emphasis upon the Divine and Sacred Feminine to shift towards a dynamic and harmonious balance of the Feminine and Masculine in our spirituality and in our lives. In this process we need women coming into their material, psychic and spiritual power, with spiritual men laboring along side them; especially women and men in the labor of the Supernal development. Drawing upon wisdom traditions of the past, we must orient to the present and look to the future, enacting an active and dynamic surrender to the Mother Spirit, cocreating with her the vehicles of the Supernal Light Transmission. It is not enough to study old scriptures and preserve old traditions, but our wisdom traditions must change and grow, shape-shifting to take up the ongoing divine revelation.

We must take a lesson from Lot’s wife, letting go of the past and be present in what’s happening – we must seeking to move forward in our spirituality. The Christ revelation in the First Coming, some two thousand years ago, is meant to facilitate and give way to the Christ revelation in the Second Coming; hence the Christ revelation in the present and in the future. If we stay bound to the past, in a manner of speaking, we reject the truth of the Christos and crucify the Christ-bearer; for it is a present truth and we are meant to be Christ-bearers or Light-bearers in the present.

In our spirituality we need the “I-consciousness” and “We-consciousness” joined, so that as much as a spiritual life and practice of individuals, we enact the spiritual life and practice in groups – the individual and the group having equal value, just as women and men must be coequals in the Great Work.

As I’ve shared previously, “We are the world and the world is us; if we want to bring about a change in the world we must being about that change in ourselves.”

It is very important that we do not give in to a “doom and gloom” attitude, as that is among the shadows rising against the influx of Divine Light – rather, we must take the perspective of the Divine Mother who holds a vision of hope for all her children, and who actively labors for the greater good of her children. Faith in Yeshua Messiah and Kallah Messiah means faith in the Light-presence and Light-power in us, and it means that as are aware that the choices we make can and do make a difference.

In terms of the Gnostic revival it seems important that we remember the view of “Living Tradition” or “Living Gnosis” among Gnostics, and also that Gnosticism is based upon the experience of Gnosis, the experience of Divine Illumination. We need modern schools of Gnosticism founded upon the advent of New Consciousness in our times – schools of Gnosticism with a vision of the “New Aeon” or “New Age,” though free from the klippot (husks of darkness) that are often associated with these terms.

The advent of the Supernal goes well beyond the Sophian movement, as we see various movements reflecting the Supernal development, such as the Theosophical movement, the Anthroposophical movement, the Integral Yoga movement, to only name a few that are larger and well known. What we are talking about transcends “Christian” or “Gnostic,” though our vocabulary is Christian Gnostic, and specifically Sophian Gnostic.

May the Holy Bride be received in full among us; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Time Frame

#4 Postby Doug M » Mon Mar 06, 2006 3:52 am

Thank you for this recent historical perspective, Tau Malachi. I find it intriguing that the time frame mentioned for the advent of the Supernal Dawn roughly coincides with the birth and life of Sri Aurobindo, the developer of Integral Yoga. However, perhaps Aurobindo's companion, Mother (Mirra Richards) was off by a few decades in her 1970s declaration that the threshold had just been crossed!

In any event, it raises a question - is it only by leaving a written (or oral) record that individuals can pass on "news" of their spiritual discoveries to humanity? Or are there markers in the various planes of existence by which one may know whether the Land of the Spirit had ever seen a prior human flag of colonization? :) Aside from the living embodiment in scattered individuals here and there, is there some larger knowledge of connection and a collective and conscious gathering of gnosis, on whatever level, that partakes in a conscious union with other members of humanity who may inhabit the same regions of spirit?

Grace and peace,

Tau Malachi
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Supramental Development

#5 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Mar 06, 2006 2:17 pm

Greetings Doug!

It seems that the Fiery Intelligence of the Supernal seeks to enter wherever self-aware and intelligent life emerges in the universe – it is the Divine Presence and Power (Holy Shekinah) within and behind the development of all life, all consciousness. We may speak of the Supernal or Supramental as “new” in this sense of a development and evolution in the collective human consciousness that allows us to receive the influx of Supernal Grace directly; yet the Supernal Light has been within and behind the Spiritual Transmission occurring in the world all along and Light-bearers embodying the Supernal Consciousness have been coming among us since the dawn of human history. Every significant development in the advance of human consciousness and human life has been motivated by the Supernal Shekinah – as a “pull” from beyond and as an “impulse” from within. It is the inspiration within and behind all the world wisdom traditions – it is that to which the Divine revelation labors, and it is the Force within the Divine revelation. In truth, the Gnostic and Light Transmission has not changed, but rather we have change – our consciousness has developed and evolved through the vital and mental towards the Supramental.

The Bible itself reflects something of this continuum of development and evolution, for the Divine revelation of the Old Testament and the New Testament are clearly two different gradations of the Light Transmission. Of course, the Divine did not change, nor are there two gods speaking, but rather it is one and the same Divine Being; it is only some among humankind were able to receive a more refined level of the Divine revelation. The Christ revelation expressed in the New Testament reflects the development and evolution of consciousness in humanity – a maturation of souls able to receive a greater influx of the Divine Light. The same is true now, in our own times; for we have grown and evolved in consciousness, though indeed, in the temporal dimension, that growth and evolution may seem very slow at the level of the collective of humanity. Thus, potentially, we are able to receive a higher grade of the Divine Light, though we continue in the labor to fully integrate and embody the Supernal Consciousness in this human life-wave on earth.

On the point of our having “crossed the threshold” I would have to disagree with the Mother, as did most of her spiritual friends who were around her during the end of her life. It seems to me that she confused her soul’s own ascent in consciousness as she approached her transition beyond the body with a greater advent in the collective. As you well note, the actual Supernal breakthrough remains present only with scatter individuals here and there as yet; thus it is impossible to speak of the greater advent as having transpired in the collective. There is much that remains to be worked out in this present humanity, as anyone can clearly see in the midst of the events transpiring in our world. If, however, by “established” we mean that there are individuals who are experiencing the breakthrough to the Supernal or Supramental, or that there is a continuum of individuals experiencing the Supernal Consciousness so that it now remains among us – then, indeed, it is established among us, for more and more individuals are experiencing something of the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness. However, still there remain keys unknown to the full integration and embodiment of the Supernal or Supramental – specifically, the Supernal transformation of matter and the physical in such a way that Supramentlized bodies are manifest to function fully in the material dimension, assuming that such a development is “where” the Supernal or Supramental will carry us. In the Divine Vision of the Supernal, the Pleroma of Light, it is very easy to confuse the timing of things in the temporal dimension, as well as to confuse the nature of the development and evolution intended in the physical or material dimension. After all, experiencing Divine Vision in the Supernal Abode, we then must communicate what we have “seen” (known) in the Supernal at the level of our mental and vital consciousness; as yet we are prone to partial expressions of the Truth-Consciousness, and therefore liable to error.

In this regard we might point to Yeshua Messiah, this Perfect Master, who clearly embodied the Supernal Light to a radical degree – perhaps well beyond anyone today. From his experience of the Divine Vision in the Supernal Abode he clearly seems to have felt that the greater advent of the Supernal Consciousness (or Second Coming) was close at hand, as though it was going to take hold fully almost immediately after his life, within the generation of that time. To some extent it did take hold, but certainly not in full – so, in fact, it did not occur to the extent that he thought or as swiftly as he envisioned it. After all, here we are, some two thousand years later!

This points to a difficulty in how enlightenment has been presented to us in the “religious consciousness,” whether in the East or the West; in the experience of Divine Illumination or Enlightenment, in the present human condition, one remains a human being liable to error, regardless of however lofty, subtle or sublime the Higher Consciousness is that one might attain. Indeed, various gradations of the enlightenment experience or Higher Consciousness may be nearer to us than we have been led to think – more accessible and immediate in our present experience. In a manner of speaking, the Gnostic experience might be more natural ordinary than we think, and therefore we do not recognize it when it is transpiring. After all, if we do not believe in the possibility of Divine Illumination in this lifetime it is unlikely we will experience it.

In seeking to cater to our doubts and convince us of their experience of Divine Illumination, perhaps many “gurus” put on something of an act of inhuman “perfection” and “infallibility” for us so that we might believe and listen to them – but really, that appearance has little to do with the actual enlightenment experience, rather the put on this appearance because if they are too much like us we won’t believe them and listen to them. Some ancient Gnostic teachers were attempting to crash right through these stereotypes when they were teachings that “sin” did not matter to the “Perfect Ones” or Gnostics; even Master Yeshua seems to have attempted to break “religious” stereotypes in his ministry – stereotypes that represent the ignorance that binds us.

Yes, indeed, there are Divine Powers in the inner or metaphysical dimensions that labor with us for the Supernal or Supramental development, and, as much as in humanity, the Supernal development transpires with all sentient beings, including what we may call divine beings. This enlightenment is transpiring in all realms, worlds and universes of sentient existence, among all sentient beings, for all beings are completely interconnected and interdependent. Among cosmic and spiritual beings-forces we find those that labor to facilitate this Divine Intention, others that are focused on their own self-interests, which may or may not act in accord with the Divine Intention, as well as those that are opposed to the Divine Intention, which actually seek to hinder and obstruct the evolution of consciousness; hence what are called, divine, admixed or titanic, and dark and hostile forces. In the Great Matrix we exist in a play of cosmic and spiritual forces – but there is divine assistance in the Great Work and we are not alone in our labor for the harvest of souls.

According to the teachings of Gnosticism the Christ revelation must occur within the metaphysical dimensions, among cosmic and spiritual powers, before it transpires in the material dimension; and, likewise, until it transpires in the material dimension the Christ revelation is incomplete in the inner dimensions – for all of these dimensions, like all sentient beings, are interdependent and interconnected. After all, the realms, worlds and universes of sentient existence are the radiant display of the consciousness of sentient beings dwelling in them – whatever may appear as the “reality” of our experience, our mind, consciousness or soul is inseparable from it. This is reflected in the Gnostic teaching that says if we “see” something, we have become it, for we must become something in order to look and see it, or know it.

All the while I’d have to say that Supernal or Supramental Consciousness has been the inspiration of Gnostics, as well as the adepts and masters of various wisdom traditions; what is new, perhaps, is our ability to transmit or communicate the Supramental or Supernal Consciousness, for radical changes have occurred in human consciousness and life over the past few hundred years allowing a different embodiment and different communication of the Light Transmission. The change has occurred in the relative sphere, but in the absolute sphere nothing has changed – the Divine Light is, in fact, the same, as is the actual Light Transmission, but the vehicles of the Light Transmission have developed and evolved, the vessels receiving have changed.

The Supernal or Supramental development is an evolution of consciousness beyond the body, which at one and the same time is experienced as an infusion of Higher Consciousness into the body; likewise, with it there is the generation of a continuity of self-awareness throughout all states of consciousness, whether waking consciousness, sleep and dream, or death and the afterlife. In the experience, whether remaining in the material dimension or departing from the material dimension, it is, in essence, the same – there is this Supernal Light-presence and Light-power, “above” and “below,” within and without.

Truly, aside from wishful thinking, or a confusion of the various dimensions of our experience, it is perfectly clear that the greater advent of the Supernal Consciousness has yet to transpire in the world – we need only look at the present ignorance that dominates humankind and the world to see this. At present this development remains among what may be called the spiritual elect, and to some extent among the faithful or psychic humanity; but generally speaking, the larger collective has not been taken up into the Supernal or Supramental Movement. However, we may say this: Anyone who opens to the Supernal Consciousness, and who takes up the spiritual life and practice with the conscious intention of the Supernal, can experience something of the influx of the Supernal Light. In the case of soul’s of a higher grade, even apart from the conscious intention, the influx of the Supernal Light may occur, for it is a movement of Divine Grace, the Mother’s Force, and whenever and wherever the necessary conditions are present, Divine Grace moves to the fullest extent possible.

The extent to which any one of us may embody the Supernal Consciousness as individuals is not as important as the spiritual labor for the Supernal development in general, for merely opening to the Supernal Light and being willing to the divine labor with the Mother Spirit, the Supernal Light enters and the Divine Light extended into the world. Our own “personal enlightenment” is not the issue, but rather that enlightenment transpires is the issue – hence, that all sentient beings are enlightened and liberated, transformed. It is a spiritual labor not for our own “personal salvation,” but for the deliverance of all living spirits and souls: the Great Work. The idea of personal salvation is a shadow of the egoistic self projected onto the Path of Self-realization; a form of self-grasping that prevents the dawn of the enlightenment experience.

If individuals and small groups are willing to this spiritual service, as midwives in the labor of the Divine Mother giving birth to Messianic or Christ Consciousness among us, then great wonders will transpire, for Divine Grace will enter in, to move with, in and through us to accomplish the Great Work, and she may even come to manifest as us. Ultimately, we must rely upon Divine Grace and, in truth, our entire effort is an active and dynamic surrender to Divine Grace, seeking to allow the Light-presence and Light-power to take up our personality and life-display for the sake of the Great Work.

We may say: The “Yoga of Christ” is a “Yoga of Grace,” though not necessarily of the mindless or dogmatic form advocated by some religious institutions. Rather, it is a Mindful or Conscious Evolution under the guidance of the Mother Spirit.

May we be blessed to live in the Divine Light and to be taken up by the Divine Rapture in the body and beyond the body; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Supramental Development

#6 Postby + Mark Aelred » Fri Mar 10, 2006 3:21 pm

Dear Brothers +Malachi and Doug,

You have a very full exchange going on, and I only had time to skim through it.

Regarding the threshold having been crossed. I does seem that Jesus and the earliest Christians expected to cross a threshold -- enter a new age in their physical lifetimes. ("Behold I make all things new.") It seems the "kingdom" is both always-already-present and always-yet-to-come. "Maranatha!"

The great Hindu avatar, Ramakrishna, also walked the earth during the second half of the 19th century. And he was also devotee of the Divine Feminine, the Mother, particularly in her tantric wrathful form of Kali. Apparantly he would sometimes dress up like Kali -- sort of like a divine transvestite. Regarding the role of Grace, Ramakrishna said something to this effect: "The wind of God is alway blowing, but to catch the wind you have to put up your sail." I think this applies to "The Yoga of the Christos" (also the name for out liturgy in New York) -- in which we "practice" the self-giving (and Self-giving) of the Eucharist, for example, in order to "catch the wind".

I am grateful for the history of the Sophian lineage, as so far revealed in your discussion, and would be happy to read more of this history.

In the Spirit of Gratitude,

+ Mark Aelred
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A Glimpse into History

#7 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Mar 10, 2006 6:40 pm

Greetings +Brother Mark!

It’s a pleasure to have you join us as an affiliate of Ecclesia Pistis Sophia in New York, my friend.

Indeed, something more can be shared of the history of the Sophian lineage. As I mentioned previously, the orientation of the lineage to the integral Self-realization of the Supernal or Supramental took place through Tau Miriam (or Mother Miriam) in England in the 1880’s. I believe that she was in her mid to late thirties at the time and that she was on spiritual retreat in France when she experienced the Supernal breakthrough. Her teacher was a Frenchman, whose name was Tau Raphael, and after about ten years of study and initiation she received the blessing of succession from him. Apparently this fellow was something of a rascal, quite the trickster-prankster-fool in his style, and was noted for his capacity in divine theurgy, tending to a more radical wonderworking display around his spiritual companions than any other lineage-holder. He received the Sophian lineage from a German gentleman who was called Tau Daniel, but who also apparently had more traditional apostolic ordination, along with the Gnostic Sophian/Magdalene line. Tau Raphael is also said to have received some Sophian teachings and initiation from a Spanish man whose spiritual name was not passed down to us. Tau Daniel is said to have sharply contrasted Tau Raphael, focusing more on the mystical side of the lineage than the theurgical side, though he taught Tau Raphael much of the divine theurgy of the Sophian tradition. He was more conservative and secretive in his way and never spoke of his teacher or teachers in the lineage – thus the lineage emerges from the shadows of time into some “historical thread” with Tau Daniel.

Perhaps Tau Daniel conceived the modern Sophian lineage, or perhaps he received it from a Sophian Tau before him, we really have no way to know; but then Sophians are not focused very much on the historical side of things, but rather are more focused on the spiritual transmission and the Self-realization process. In the legends of the oral tradition, of course, the lineage is traced back to St. Miriam of Magdalene and the old Order of St. Michael.

Essentially, “the Order” (or Sophian lineage) functioned as a relatively small secret society oriented to a form of Gnostic Christianity that focused on Sophia and that honored the Magdalene as coequal with Master Yeshua; also, it carried on teachings of a Grail and Templar tradition. The lineage evolved a distinct Christian Kabbalah strongly rooted in the Jewish Kabbalah, along with a Rosicrucian and Hermetic influence. Of course, over the past several generations it is said to have influenced various Western esoteric orders, as well as having drawn upon and integrated various influences of both Western and Eastern spirituality – like the ancient Gnostic schools it has always assimilated anything it contacts that reflects the Divine Gnosis experienced by its initiates. Thus, it continues to grow and to change, all as reflects the Gnostic experience of each generation of lineage-holders and initiates.

Tau Elijah, who was my beloved Tzaddik, also experienced the Supernal breakthrough and continued the work of Tau Miriam, weaving the Sophian lineage as a vehicle of the Supernal or Supramental Light Transmission; he and Mother Sarah taught and initiated me when I was a boy, and he was a noted master of the tradition.

In the present generation our lineage is changing again – we are recording much of the oral tradition in writing, and making many of the Sophian teachings and practices more accessible; likewise, we have joined our esoteric Gnostic Apostolic lineage with eighteen more “traditional” exoteric lines of Apostolic Succession and are generating a new branch of the Sophian Tradition in the form of a Gnostic Church (Ecclesia Pistis Sophia – “Church of Faith Wisdom”). Along with this we are generating an even stronger womanist cosmology, theology and theosophy, coupled with corresponding rites, rituals and liturgies, focusing on the ascent of the Divine and Sacred Feminine, which goes hand-in-hand with the advent of the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness.

Because the Sophian lineage was exclusively an oral tradition with previous generations, there are very likely branches of the lineage that bear the same Gnostic and Light Transmission, but that have little or no resemblance outwardly to our branch of the lineage, for our lineage-holders have acted autonomously and independently once receiving full initiation and empowerment, and recognition as elder and tau. The whole thrust of the lineage has been the Gnostic and Light Transmission, something experiential; more than any fixed creed or doctrine, the “lineage” or “tradition” is a vehicle of Light Transmission (an is the Light Transmission). Along with the essential focus of the spiritual transmission, because the Order operated under a strict code of secrecy also contributes to the minimal historical elements that have been passed down. Essentially, a lineage-holder has only known the person who taught and initiated them, and the spiritual companions of the Sophian circle in which they participated – it is only in this present generation of initiates that this is changing. In a close and thorough study of the Sophian teachings it becomes perfectly clear that the lineage has developed evolved through several generations of lineage-holders, as it represent a vast and integral body of teachings, far beyond the scope of what a single individual could compose on their own. The breadth and depth of the teachings and practices has never ceased to amaze me – it’squite a wisdom treasury.

Perhaps this will provide a bit richer picture of the Sophian lineage to the extent that some of its historical elements have been shared with us.

May the Maggidim stand watch and guard the streams of Light Transmission manifest in the world, and may Holy Tzaddikim continue to incarnate among us until the fruition of the Second Coming – the Reception of the Holy Bride, Sophia. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Magdalene, the Spirit of Truth

#8 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:49 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi!

In regards to tradition and its Spirit-filled evolution, this verse from John 16.12-16 merits quotation. It seems that this Spirit of Truth quite concretely for us Sophians is none other than Our Lady in Red, Mary Magdalene:

12"I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. 13But when She, the Spirit of truth, comes, She will guide you into all truth. She will not speak on Her own; She will speak only what She hears, and She will tell you what is yet to come. 14She will bring glory to me by taking from what is mine and making it known to you. 15All that belongs to the Father is mine. That is why I said the Spirit will take from what is mine and make it known to you.

16"In a little while you will see me no more, and then after a little while you will see me."

What role does the Bride play between preserving what is received in tradition and its renovation for the future?



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Greetings Brother Michael!

Indeed, even in the scriptures we read of an ongoing divine revelation and living spiritual transmission – “living tradition.” In fact, we might say that another Testament and a new covenant ought to be expected, new dimensions of the Christ revelation beyond what has previously transpired. Liberated from “orthodoxy” and fundamentalism we discover a Living Spirit and Living God/dess; hence the Supernal Shekinah of our experience.

St. Mary Magdalene embodies the Holy Bride, Christ the Sophia, and as you say is represented in the Trinity view by the Holy Spirit – she who leads into all-truth; hence the experience of Truth-Consciousness, Divine Gnosis. Just as we may say the Christos is embodied in Master Yeshua and yet transcends the person of the Master, the same is true of Lady Mary, for she embodies the divine principle of the Holy Bride, yet the Holy Bride transcends her; Sophia-Logos, the Christos, is also in us.

The Mother’s Force is the Supernal Light, which comes from above, the Logos is the descending force of the Serpent Power and the Holy Bride is the ascending force of the Serpent Power in our experience. The Serpent Power (Consciousness-Force) in us is transformed by the influx of the Supernal Light, thus new dimensions of the Christos are revealed, and with them a new Gospel. It is a Gospel of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Bride, for transformed by the Mother’s Force she becomes the Supernal Consciousness; hence the deeper meaning of the esoteric title “Mother of the Royal Blood,” indicating a new “apostolic succession”.

In essence, the Supernal is the advent of the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth, for in the non-dual realization of the Supernal everything in known inwardly, the separation of subject and object, and the shadow of falsehood, falling way in the experience of Truth-Consciousness, True Gnosis. The experience is one of “knowing as we have been known,” the union of the knower and that which is known; hence “Knowing Being” Gnostic Being. This is the knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bride, Sophia (Divine Wisdom).

By nature, Sophia, the Divine and Sacred Feminine, is inclusive, not exclusive. Reflecting the inclusive nature of Sophia, the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness is an integral Self-realization, taking up the mind, heart and life – the spiritual, mental, vital and physical, and transforming them into the vehicle of Itself; nothing is left out or denied in this Self-realization in Christ, but the whole of life is taken up in the movement of the Supernal, the dance of the Holy Bride. It is a very different spirituality than what has been taught in the outer and unspiritual church, or in patriarchal religion, for it is inclusive and playful, and it is creative and alive in the Divine Mother.

The Supernal Light, this Divine Grace, does not know the boundaries of dogmatic creed and doctrine; the Mother’s Force moves whenever and wherever it wills, to whomever it wills – the Supernal Shekinah will take up anyone in her movement who becomes open and sensitive to her, who invites and welcomes her. She will move with, in and through them, and will come to manifest as them. It is a Union of Pure Grace, no longer bound to the law, or to creeds and doctrines, but is a worship and knowledge of the Divine in Spirit and Truth, as Master Yeshua taught.

In the movement of the Mother Spirit, shall I look only to ancient scriptures, orthodox and gnostic, of thousands of years ago for knowledge, understanding and wisdom, or shall I look into the revelation of the Spirit of Truth in the present, in my own experience? If scriptures and inspirations flow forth from the Holy Spirit, then how can such things every stop flowing forth from our experience of the Divine Spirit? If ever the Holy Spirit ceases to move with, in and through us, then, on that day, with the ignorant “philosopher” we shall have to proclaim, “God is dead!” for truly, apart from the active experience of the Divine Spirit, what is we call “religion” and “God” is dead. The spiritual life is the experience of the Divine Spirit and the ongoing revelation of the Divine that comes through the Spirit.

Here it must be said that there is a need for new and modern scriptures, and the evolution of the myths that form our meta-story to reflect what’s happening in our experience today. The Holy Bride is speaking among us and her voice must be heard; the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness is dawning and the Supernal Light must be allowed to shine. How is it that we should think that the revelations of the Great Spirit thousands of years ago are superior to the revelations of today; or how is it that we should cling to the past, so as not to recognize and realize the Great Spirit speaking in the present, in what’s happening? In what other field of human study and development do we retard ourselves in the way we do with the spiritual and religious, orienting to the past, rather than the present and future? Truly, we must learn to breakout of this tendency, and allow our spirituality to grow and evolve with us, as with all other areas of human study and endeavor.

Quite naturally, with the advent of the Supernal or Supramental we need a womanist (or “feminist”) cosmology, theology and theosophy that includes the Divine and Sacred Feminine, one that accords with our experience of the Supernal and the Divine, as well as our experience of life, in which the Feminine Principle is so central. Today the Divine Mother is speaking and the Holy Bride is speaking, and a New Testament of the Divine and Sacred Feminine is emerging: a Gospel of Sophia, the Wisdom Goddess and Savioress. Such is the very nature of the Supernal or Supramental development, which is the fullness of the Human One of Light (the Enlightened One); male and female joined in one Body of Light, the Risen Christ.

Indeed, this Aeon of St. Michael, which is the Age of the Mother Spirit and Bride, is in its early stages as yet, the advent of the Supernal has only just begun; but all who seek to enter the stream of the Supernal Light Transmission can enter it, and can co-labor for the Reception of the Holy Bride, the fruition of the Second Coming. Christ the Logos is the central agent of the First Coming, but Christ the Sophia is the central agent of the Second Coming, which shall open the way for the full manifestation of Messianic or Christ Consciousness among us.

Of course, in order to give birth to this in humanity and the world we need to take up the divine labor of Conscious Evolution, and we need to be conscious agents of this Divine Intention; we need to cooperate with the Mother Spirit and take up the dance of the Holy Bride – the spiritual life and practice oriented to the Supernal development. One does not wait for the Second Coming or Reception of the Holy Bride, rather one acts in a dynamic surrender to facilitate the Bride’s reception, seeking to serve as a midwife to the Mother Spirit as she gives birth to a New Consciousness in us. Only in this way can the greater advent of the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness transpire among us.

We may ask: What does it mean to be a Holy Apostle of Christ, if not to serve as a midwife to the Mother Spirit, or to experience and embody the New Consciousness that we call “Messiah” or “Christos”? Unless we are ordained and consecrated by Divine Grace, being anointed with the Divine Light and Spirit, then what does any outward rite of chrism mean or what Divine Power does it bear? If not for an actual Self-realization in Christ Consciousness, then what is a Gnostic and Apostolic Succession? If the Holy Spirit is not moving with, in and through us in the present, and the revelation of Divine Being-Consciousness-Force is not ongoing, where is the “Succession” or the “Church,” where is the Living Tradition, the Living Gnosis?

In truth, though we may speak of a Gnostic Church or Gnostic Tradition as a vehicle of Light Transmission, it is something more: it is a Living Body of the Christos (a Body of Light), a Living Presence and Power (Light-presence and Light-power); hence the correspondence of the Holy Bride as the inner dimension of the “Church” in teachings on the Threefold Sanctuary of Melchizedek within the Sophian lineage.

Here it must be said, as said elsewhere, that what we are talking about transcends “Gnostic” and “Christian,” and any mystical and symbolic language we might use to speak of it – what we called the “Gnostic experience” is universal. The Gnostic experience is an experience of higher consciousness, and it is an opening of consciousness to new dimensions – specifically inner or metaphysical dimensions, and it is the experience of conscious unification with the Divine; it is an experience of Divine Illumination or Enlightenment, which is the aim and fruition of all true religion or authentic spirituality. Indeed, it is the aim and fruition of our present transitional state that we call “human,” for we are destine to become more than “human” by our present definition of that word: we are destine to realize Divine Being, Enlightened Being.

It is not in the past that we shall experience the Divine or realize our divinity, but rather it is in the present – the sole purpose of any wisdom tradition is to facilitate this Self-realization in the Divine.

There can certainly be virtue in our hearing about adepts and masters in the past who have experienced Self-realization or Enlightenment, to the extent that it bolsters our faith in the possibility of our own experience of Divine Gnosis and empowers us in the spiritual life and practice; likewise, the use of teachings and methods that have served to facilitate the Gnostic experience for others, and drawing upon the wisdom of those who have sojourned the path before us is, itself, wise. Yet, truly, we must be present in our own experience, centered within, and oriented to the present, not to the past, for here and now is where we shall encounter the Divine, the Spirit of Truth.

What is the real virtue and power of meeting a living adept or master? Isn’t it that we may recognize the possibility of enlightenment and liberation in our own experience, in our present lifetime, and realize that the Gnostic experience transpires in the present? After all, no matter how enlightened or illuminated another person might be, or whatever assistance they might offer us in our process, she or he cannot give us Divine Gnosis; they can only seek to support and encourage us in our process, and share keys through which Divine Gnosis is made manifest, and perhaps help to facilitate our process or experience, akin to a midwife with a mother in her giving birth. Ultimately, however, we must take up the spiritual life and practice, and enter into the Gnostic experience or Enlightenment experience ourselves – we must enact a Conscious Evolution.

This is the great beauty of the Risen Christ and Holy Bride – we can all have direct spiritual and mystical experience of this Light-presence (Anointed) and Light-power (Holy Spirit): the Holy Bride comes to all who desire to receive her, and she anoints them with Divine Light, the Divine Spirit. Praise our Lady of Grace – Hallelu Kallah Messiah!

May the Holy Bride speak among us; may the Mother Spirit move with, in and through us. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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