Amet and Mavet

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Amet and Mavet

#1 Postby sheryl » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:29 am

Shabbat Shalom!

A delightful correspondence has been seen which has allowed for the essentialization of numerous teachings! Praise God!

If I might offer it here.

While contemplating the recent teachings by Tau Malachi, which arose from an experience of Yohanan the Baptist in dreamtime (thread can be found here, a connection was made with the Hebrew words for truth and death.

The Hebrew words for truth and death are amet and mavet, spelled as follows:

Amet: Ain Mem Tau
Mavet: Men Vau Tau

These words being quite similar, truth though being spelled with Ain and death with Vau.

In the thread mentioned above, it was drawn out that gigul, or reincarnation, has the same Hebrew spelling as gagal, the liberating whirlwind, but with an added Vau.

And so we have two sets of words that speak of liberation versus bondage, the latter word in both sets containing Vau. Vau is felt here to be pointing to attachment, or what we join with, or what put our hook into! And so the difference between truth and death, between seeing and being carried away in the whirlwind, by Grace and God's will, or being in bondage to the wheels of gilgulim is this: Are we attached, or do know the Ain nature behind all things?

It is recalled that when drawn, a Vau falls below the line, indicating that it can feed the other side. And an often heard teaching comes to mind, one which says the force that binds is also the force that liberates - serpent power or desire, attachment.

It also comes to mind that this same principle could be behind the power to bind or loosen sin.

I am astonished at how the Hebrew language essentializes many otherwise complex teachings. Thank you for all who have shared!

With gratitude,


Tau Malachi
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Re: Amet and Mavet

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:37 pm

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

Amet is spelled Alef-Mem-Tau, and as well as meaning ‘truth’ it also means ‘stability,’ ‘established,’ ‘trustworthy’ and ‘faithful,’ though in the Holy Kabbalah the most common meaning of Amet in teachings is ‘truth,’ and most often truth is understood as the Holy One, the Infinite and Eternal, for there is nothing real, nothing that has light and life, apart from the Holy One, and in the Holy One all things are as nothing and are nullified.

On account of this Amet is a cognomen of the Supernal Crown (Keter), though at times, in some teachings, it is attributed to Tiferet.

As we know, at times in the play of gematria Alef and Ain may be switched, but standardly Amet is spelt with Aleph, and in teachings of the Holy Kabbalah this is very significant.

As it turns out, Met, Mem-Tau, also means ‘death,’ and as such if Alef is removed from Amet, ‘truth,’ it becomes Met, ‘death.’ Alef corresponds with the Holy Spirit, the Wind of God, Breath of God, that is the life and light of all, and naturally, if this is removed from any creature there is death, the cessation of existence.

Now as has been said, the Holy One of Being is Amet, and likewise the Messiah - the Anointing, and we have life and light through the pursuit of truth, the real, but the pursuit of falsehood, the unreal, is death, for what is false, unreal, has no existence, no root in the Eternal One (Yahweh). As the saying goes, “Knowledge of the truth will set you free,” but in contrast ignorance of the truth perpetuates bondage.

Look and see! The vision in dream you mention, a whirlwind that takes up the prophet in divine rapture, versus a dust-devil the outsider chases, one corresponds with the Wind of God (Alef) and the other corresponds with the wind of the world, the spirit of folly, spirit of the Other Side. If we consider it, Alef denotes one, the awareness of the Sacred Unity within and behind all, and the desire for nearness and union with the Holy One, the absence of Alef connotes dualism, the illusion of separation; here we may say, the truth, Amet, is One, but falsehood is many, and so there is a single, simple light in the World-To-Come, primordial and supernal, but in this world there are many glittering false, impure lights, spiritual, astral and material. There are those who seek the realization of the True Light, the Light of the Infinite One, and they will have life in the World-To-Come, and there are those who chase after all manner of false, impure lights, who will continue in their bondage to death; hence, the play of good and evil, truth and falsehood.

In this regard we may speak of a ‘wind from above,’ and a ‘wind from below,’ one corresponding with Mercy and the other with Judgment, one corresponding with enlightenment and liberation, and the other with ignorance and bondage; hence the ‘south wind’ and ‘north wind’ in that dream. Here perhaps we may recall what is taught in the Tradition, “If you seek wealth, turn to the north (Gevurah); if you seek wisdom, turn to the south (Hesed).”

Of course, as we know there is One Wind, One Breath, One Spirit, but in the illusion of separation, the delusion of lack, there is the appearance of two spirits, and so also the appearance of the True, Pure Light and false, impure lights. If and when there is knowledge of the One Living Spirit, Infinite and Eternal, as with many of the great Tzaddikim, so a person may have wisdom and wealth, and with wisdom and wealth serve Heaven and God - Amet, the truth.

Met means death, as in a singular event, but when Vau is added it connotes potentially endless rounds of birth, life, aging, illness and death - many deaths; hence, indeed, bondage to the gilgulim.

If we ponder a dust-devil and the foolish one chasing it, the flesh, name and form, and personal history, is as a dust-devil, and one who clings to it is like a fool chasing it; this play of self-grasping, desire and fear in ignorance is the cause of the bondage of souls to the gilgulim, the cause of immeasurable sorrow and suffering of death again and again. God have mercy upon us!

May we be blessed to realize and embody the Spirit of Truth (Amet) and so be counted among the living ones, the immortals, in the Pleroma of Light, the Supernal Abode! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!
Tau Malachi
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