Liberation from Klippot: Luke 11:24-26

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Liberation from Klippot: Luke 11:24-26

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:45 am

There is a curious verse in the Gospel of St. Luke, which reads:

“When the unclean spirit has gone out of a person, it wanders through waterless regions looking for a resting place, but not finding any, it says, ‘I will return to my house from which I came.’ When it comes it finds it swept and put into order. Then it goes and brings seven other spirits more evil than itself, and they enter and live there; and the last state of that person is worse than the first” (11:24-26).

There are many layers of meaning and mysteries in these two versus. On the most practical level, in terms of seeking to break out of a bad habit, or a strong pattern of negativity, not only must we cease from the bad habit or negative pattern, but it must be replaced by something else, something good, positive – the space it occupied must be filled with something else, in a manner of speaking, otherwise we are likely to return to the same old pattern of behavior, and perhaps even more strongly than before.

This also points to the spiritual and metaphysical reality within and behind negative patterns of thought, speech and action – that negativity forms links with negative spiritual forces, archonic and demonic, and that as much as a change in behavior a deeper spiritual purification and healing is needed on an energetic level, a soul level, so that negative spiritual forces no longer have such strong influence or power over us. In much the same way as when we seek to shed a negative pattern in thought, speech or action we actively replace it with something positive, the same is true when we seek to purify ourselves of spiritual forces within and behind the negativity – in place of the klippotic forces we will invoke divine powers and cleave to Christ and God, the True Light.

Such a change, however, cannot come by way of anything imposed upon us from the outside, but rather the desire for a change and will to bring about the change must come from within us – only then can there be true and lasting change, success. Likewise, while indeed we must be willing to exert the full force of our will and our energy to bring about the change, ultimately to succeed we will need help and support, and more so we will need to rely upon a “Higher Power,” God, the True Light – only with God’s help is true and lasting change or transformation brought about.

The truth is, if we are not ready for a change, do not desire a change, are not willing to a change, it is often better to leave be and not seek to bring about a change until we desire and will to do so from within, for attempting significant changes, but not succeeding, can serve to strengthen the negativity and weaken the force of our will. Granted, this could become nothing more than an excuse not to make a change when we know that there is a need for a change, but then this becomes the knowledge and understanding that when we desire a change and are willing to change, then we will bring the change about – hence, this is something of an empowerment, the awareness that any time we are ready and willing a change can happen through God’s power.

Essentially, for a powerful change to occur we must desire and will it with the full force of our being, invoking the Holy One of Being to help us carry out that change.

The mention of “seven spirits” that are “more evil” directly speaks to a purification and healing on multiple levels – hence the seven interior stars, which represent seven levels of our being-consciousness-force from the spiritual to the material, all aspects of our consciousness. This speaks to the full spectrum of our energy dedicated and focused upon bring about a change, and the awareness that in any matter of tikkune, correction or healing, the root goes all the way to our connection or relationship with God, that in some way that connection or relationship has become impaired and is in need of restoration.

Now, this is also a teaching to the healer and exorcists, or to those who feel a call to help others heal and be delivered from negative influences – before offering direct spiritual assistance and engaging a healing or exorcism with a person it is important that the person truly desires it and wills it, that they are completely willing to labor for it with you, and likewise, we must look to see if the Spirit is willing, if it is God’s will and we have divine permission, divine authority, to act with full force. If a person is not willing, or if it is not God’s will, if we engage direct spiritual assistance prematurely, while seeking to help, we may do more harm than good.

This is a teaching regarding the danger of “good intentions” that do not take into account the desire and will of others, nor the will of God, but act from self-will, or some other motive that does not accord with the Light Continuum, Yahweh.

It is also a teaching that, at times, a person may be having exactly the experience that is needed, and until complete there is nothing to be done, save to pray and hope for their salvation, their eventual healing and deliverance.

The truth is, God works in strange and mysterious ways, and even klippotic forces are a secret operation of the Holy Spirit laboring for the fulfillment of God’s will; likewise, here in this world, things are not always as they appear to be – in any situation, ultimately speaking, who knows the intention of the Most High?

There is, of course, another teaching underlying all of this – a healing may happen, an exorcism might occur, but following it there is continued spiritual work to be done by the person healed or delivered; akin to an initiation or spiritual empowerment the movement and energy must be integrated, lest it is not, in fact, received. This speaks to why a person needs to be truly willing, for they must co-labor for their healing or deliverance – at best we are simply midwives laboring with the Mother Spirit and the person, helping to facilitate the healing or deliverance. It is not we who heal or deliver, but rather it is God’s power that heals and delivers – we are merely conscious agents, vehicles of God’s power.

Along with these teachings there are certainly deep esoteric and metaphysical teachings in these two versus, but no doubt what has been shared is enough for the moment.

May the healing and liberating power of God be with us. Amen.

Peace be with you!
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#2 Postby Phillip » Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:27 am


All of this seems to be true, and I would add that in addition to this, in order to fully address many of our deeply rooted challenges in life, we must pursue the antidote that addresses the poison. It is not enough sometimes to address an issue by replacing it with any other different thing. The antidote oftentimes must be made from the substance of the poison, and in replacing negativity, some bad habits are a simple matter of replacing any one thing for another, but for other, very challenging difficulties, the antidote must very specifically fit the poison and specifically address the challenges inherent in it. God is certainly the ultimate antidote, but, in God’s wisdom, he has manifested infinite diversity and for each ailment a diversity of antidotes, all an expression of his Holy Name.

The expression of the divine names, the various practices, the various traditions around the world, and even in a more worldly sense, the various medical sciences around the world seem to be an expression of this. Why not just manifest as Buddha or Christ and save everyone? God manifests in diverse forms and expressions in order to reach out to the human being. If this were not necessary, I don’t imagine God would bother. Just as God manifested individuality, and if we are to believe there is a Divine purpose within and behind this, then there manifests as a result of this a diversity of obstacles to God’s grace and glory, and so there must be a diversity of means to overcome these obstacles. Praise God that He reaches out with many hands from many directions to guide us in our way!

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#3 Postby Marion » Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:35 pm

I was contemplating the meaning of “waterless regions” through which the unclean spirit wanders. My first thought is, this is a place without Mercy-Hesed. Hesed being associated with water. A place with no water cannot support life, just on a material level. The unclean spirit it seems is looking for life, in other words a host Is this symbolized here by the house? It is swept and put into order, i.e the person has banished the spirit but has not followed through. It seems they have readied the house for the unclean spirit to enter again, inviting it in. This makes me contemplate times where part of us wants tikkune-healing but another part is still clinging on to our old habits not wanting the change. In order to not invite things back in, we have to want the change. Thereby allowing the holy Shekinah to enter in. The difference is, are we surrendered to Gods will or our own?

Another thing that comes to mind is the dangers that good intentions can sometimes bring. Sometimes we can want healing for a person etc... but what if they don’t want it? or what if the Holy Spirit has other intentions? are not we then trying to impose our will? and if our will opposes Gods will then who is it serving? Also what comes to mind is healing beyond the body. Say a person is plagued by unclean spirits in this life, but somehow this is serving something in a person. Is it then Gods will that the person have their experience in this life and then perhaps be willing to healing in some furture life? It has been said that in the moment of repentance, everything that was done in the past means nothing. Because essentially, in the moment of repentance a person is born anew, hence born under different stars. Just like Abraham and Sarah, when they received their new names and were in effect born again under different stars.

May we pray for the healing of the people and the land whether in the body or out of the body Amen!

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