For My Clothing They Cast Lots

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For My Clothing They Cast Lots

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:43 am


When the soldiers had crucified Jesus, they took his clothes and divided them into four parts, one for each soldier. They also took his tunic; now the tunic was seamless, woven in one piece from the top. So they said to one another, ‘Let us not tear it, but cast lots for it to see who will get it.’ This was to fulfill what the scripture says,

‘They divided my clothes among themselves,
and for my clothing they cast lots.’
And that is what the soldiers did
(St. John 19:23-25).

As is often the case in Gospels, equipped with our Messianic Kabbalah, a passing moment such as this, becomes a sublime teaching. The synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) all mention the soldiers' casting lots for Yeshua's garment, but say nothing of a fraction of the clothing nor the fine tunic, seamless, woven in one piece from the top.

My imagination runs many directions simultaneously. Throughout canonical and gnostic gospels, "tunic", "robe," and "garment" all figure for layers of the subtle body and corresponding parts of soul. While the Master had been stripped naked by the soldiers, something more is present in our contemplation of his self-offering of every layer of his body and being.

The soldiers are servants of Rome, Edom, a dreadful enemy of Jews and Messiah to this day. What they want of his clothing is his energy. Being stripped naked, consumed, by a wicked power is an ancient image in many myth cycles and which recurs in Jewish, Christian, and Gnostic stories as well. What carnivorous, adversarial energies hunt is the subtle body of beings, such as these Roman soldiers casting lots for Yeshua's garments.

Where St. John's narrative advances this principle more than any other canonical gospel is with regard to the portioning of Yeshua's garments. Four denotes directions of a sacred circle, where Yeshua's self-offering is figuratively being scattered. I'm reminded of the four principal qlippot of Yesod, the four Crowned Princes of Hell, as well as the vices of each element in consciousness. St. John's Gospel uniquely goes on to describe the fine tunic too valuable to divide, seamless as the fifth element which Kabbalah attributes to Tzaddik: Purified spirit-space woven in one piece from the top.

There's much to draw out of this moment as we approach the Feast of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Perfect Master.

May all be blessed and gathered in by what He offered freely, even to demons.

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Re: For My Clothing They Cast Lots

#2 Postby Martina » Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:03 am

Shabbat Shalom, Dear Elder Gideon!

What an intriguing contemplation! Thanks be to Our Mother for setting it into motion.

It seems this is a great mystery. According to our Christian Kabbalah there are three bodies a holy tzaddik can appear in: the body of truth, the body of glory and the body of emanation.

The body of emanation is the physical appearance of the tzaddik that can be seen by all and it is taken up by him in love and compassion to reach out to many. The body of glory is the appearance of the tzaddik in the inner dimensions and it can be seen in dream and vision by those whose inner senses are opened. This body is also assumed by the tzaddik in compassion for others. The truth body is synonymous with supernal or Christ consciousness and can only be seen by the ones who attain Messianic consciousness.

I always assumed without questioning it that only the emanation body is offered up on the cross. Can the seamless garment that is spoken of in John be equated with the glory body that appears in the inner dimensions?

In gratitude,

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#3 Postby Elder Gideon » Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:42 am

Shalom Martina!

Your insight into the seamless garment as the Threefold Body is very perceptive. There is no dividing these dimensions in my experience: They are a non-hierarchical spectrum, a seamless continuum, of Being. To honor and revere this mystery as Tzaddik in one who is consciously Tzaddik in Emanation, Glory, and Truth, is to equally recognize something of the same mirroring in and as oneself.

There are very relevant expansions of your question when we consider three primary developments of Partzuf meditations. The first concludes with Partzuf dissolving and pouring into us: This parallels the mystery of the Body of Emanation. The second development with Partzuf concludes with ourselves dissolving into Partzuf: This is parallel with mysteries of the Body of Glory. The third development recognizing and realizing Partzuf concludes with consciously dissolving with Partzuf "as a rainbow in the sky": This parallels the mystery of the Body of Truth.

I'm in awe of the Threefold Body actually being articulated in the Acts of John between chapters 97-102, where the Body of Glory of Messiah finds St. John in a cave fleeing from the Cross, that You must know me, then, as the torment of the logos, the piercing of the logos, the blood of the logos, the wounding of the logos, the fastening of the logos, the death of the logos. And so I speak, discarding the manhood. The first then that you must know is the logos, then you shall know the Lord; and thirdly the man, and what he has suffered.

Hear then the same mystery of the Threefold Body: Truth the Logos, Glory the Lord, Emanation the man. Amen!

What the Perfect Master is revealing from the Cross necessitates the transmutation of all barriers to this recognition and realization in his friends then and now. In one sense, the four-fold division of his clothes and the casting of lots for this fine tunic sends me to contemplations of the purification of the foundations, yesodot, of consciousness as presented by Tau Malachi in a post called Love of Tzaddik:

The first element is earth, and corresponds with the mineral realm, and its klippah is depression, lethargy, apathy, inertia, and all that might be associated; when a person is dominated by this klippot they are never satisfied with their lot in life, and are always bound up in feeling of lack and not being good enough.

The second element is water, and corresponds with the vegetable realm, and its klippah is unbridled passions, the desire, craving, for all manner of pleasures and lusts, and it leads to envy and jealousy, as well as to dishonesty and outright theft.

The third element is air, and corresponds with the animal realm, and its klippah is unrighteous speech, or evil speech, idle chatter, vain conversation, gossip, slander, falsehood, mockery and hate-speech, all harsh speech, as well as bravado or boasting; by nature this klippah leads to divisiveness, and the inciting or generation of great negativity.

The fourth element is fire, and corresponds with the human realm, and its klippah is pride and arrogance, haughtiness, as well as anger and hatred, and it leads to great violence and murder.

The fifth element is space, as has been said, and corresponds with the spiritual or divine realm, and its klippah is ignorance, the illusion of separation, the delusion of lack, which arises as fundamental self-grasping and self-will; it is the foundation of all of the other klippot of the yesodot, the root of sitra ahara, the evil inclination – the desire to receive for self alone.

We have then a magnificent way of contemplating what the talismanic division of Messiah's clothes becomes for ourselves in our time as we approach the mystery of the Cross and Resurrection.

May we learn to give and receive with these who know not what they do as within ourselves.

Elder Gideon

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Re: For My Clothing They Cast Lots

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:08 am

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

There is an oral tradition concerning this tale in the Gospel of St. John.

First, allow me to share an intriguing interpretation of the body, robes and tunic of the Master. The physical body corresponds with the emanation body, the robe torn into five pieces corresponds with the glory body and the seamless tunic corresponds with the truth body. Thus, the outermost is the inmost so that the inmost is understood to contain all. This goes hand-in-hand with the tunic representing the fifth element, space, and the four pieces of the robe representing the four elements of consciousness, for the truth body corresponds with the pure spirit-space element, or the Clear Light Nature, and the body of glory corresponds with the arising of the primordial elemental of consciousness in their innate purity within realms and worlds of the inner dimensions, or the heavens. Then, of course, there is the manifestation of those elements in the material dimension as the emanation body, which while the light is materialized corresponds with the tzaddik descending from his or her own proper grade, entering into a klippah but not being overcome by it. Instead the holy tzaddik transforms or shatters the klippah, uplifting and reintegrating the sparks, delivering souls that might be bound up in it.

The soldiers of Rome (Edom) are, indeed, angels of the demiurge and archons, the demiurge represented by the emperor and the archon of the realm represented by the governor. They act to take the life of the light-bearer and messenger, removing him from the earth, and then they seek to devour his light power and remove him from the seven heavens. Then there is a glimmering of the truth (Amet) that was in him, the force of enlightenment, the True Light, or Clear Light, but this they could not just take of their own choosing, but rather they cast lots for it, for to even glimpse and recognize the True Light, let alone realize and embody it, it can only happen when ordained by the Most High and with the help of the Most High; hence, it can only transpire through Divine Grace or when destined.

Remember, when the newly ordained apostles took up a continuum in the Book of Acts to choose a disciple to replace Judas as the twelfth, they prayed and they cast lots, and it was in this way that they discerned the Ratzon Elyon, the will of the Most High. According to St. John this very same action is taken up by the soldiers, the angels of the archons, to determine which one would get the seamless tunic, the recognition, and perhaps realization, of the Clear Light Nature – bornless being (‘seamless being’).

This might sound odd to some, that one of the soldiers, or angels of the archons, could acquire the body of truth, or the realization of Christ Consciousness, but remember that we are taught in Gnostic gospels that Christ appeared in heavenly realms and archonic realms, as well as upon the earth, preaching the Gospel of Truth and imparting the Light Transmission. Ironically, I believe in the 50’s, there was a movie was made about the Roman soldier who won the tunic experiencing the touch of the Holy Ghost and becoming a passionate Christian. This seems like an intuition of a deeper mystery of Christ appearing for the sake of all on earth, and in the heavens, hells and realms in between, and of the forgiveness and unconditional love that is in Christ.

There is also the truth of the movement and conflict of spiritual forces within and behind what appears and transpires in this world, and the truth of human beings acting as channels or vehicles of spiritual forces, divine, archonic and demonic, whether consciously or unconsciously in this passage.

The archonic forces do, indeed, seek to take the light power or life power of souls to use for their own selfish interests, and the demonic forces seek to torment and destroy souls to satisfy their own perverse desires. These spiritual forces are very real in their dimensions and realms, and we can watch how these beings-forces enter into this dimension and world, and acquire influence and dominion through people, individual and collective.

Of course, divine forces also enter and have power in the world through people, so truly there is a swirl of spiritual forces moving and interacting with one another within and behind what appears and transpires.

According to the oral tradition the unnamed soldier who won the tunic experienced an awakening and became a disciple of the Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathea, and he followed them on their apostolic mission to distant lands, serving as a guardian of Our Lady in her journeys.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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Re: For My Clothing They Cast Lots

#5 Postby Mark Daniel » Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:44 am

Praise God, and bless the Name of God, for this continual revelation and sharing of Wisdom.

With the Feast of Crucifixion and Resurrection coming soon this teaching has been very much on my mind, and I am hoping more might be shared.

This teaching on the dividing of the masters body, clothes and tunic as the separation and consumption of the various outer and inner aspects of the Master is a powerful image. I am reminded of a previous teaching (in the post "Special Blessings in the Transition of Tzaddikim: Living Beyond Death) where Tau Malachi shared various mysteries about the dispersion and sharing of Light when a holy Tzaddik passes from this world. This teaching seems to be something of an extension of that mystery, in that we see that the passing of a Holy Tzaddik may also nourish and uplift the forces of entropy and disorder. Is there perhaps something more here also about Man being made in the image of Elohim, and Elohim as we have recently learned being the power that nourishes all aspects of realty - God continually self-offering for the sake of the whole?

I am also deeply moved by the teaching that the casting of lots means that the division and consumption is ordained, that it is in alignment with the will of God. This must also mean that it is the will of the Son that these aspects be taken and consumed. This image of the interior Light body of our Adonai being offered to the anarchic and demonic forces freely is a powerful image.

But I am unsure about how to hear this teaching.

Is it that what is being offered is the last bits of illusion (klippot of the yesodot) back to their sources in Ignorance? It has been taught that what is taken from the archons and demons must be paid back to them, and that this is the ransom ('pay to Caesar what is Caesar's'). In that case this could be seen as the last subtle self-offering needed for complete liberation.

Or, is this scene more akin to a Wedding Feast, in which the body of Light and Fire is divided up and given as an empowerment - a seed of Light that enlightens and uplifts those who take it in? In that case the demons hungry to destroy the remaining light inadvertently are uplifted and made servants. Hallelujah.

I pray that in this swirl of ideas something good and true may come through and provoke deeper reflections and revelations of this mystery. And as always I am deeply grateful for any any all corrections and re-alignments!

Mark Daniel-

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Re: For My Clothing They Cast Lots

#6 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:09 pm

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen and Ascended Messiah!

The divine action of the crucifixion is called the “rite of ransom” in esoteric gospels - Gnostic gospels, and as the term implies a ransom is given for the release of hostages. Along with ransom the esoteric gospels also speak of those who are purchased, and this term implies buying the freedom of those who are enslaved - liberating slaves. According to the Gospel of St. Philip the Messiah takes to himself those who are his own - souls of spiritual humanity, and there are those he ransoms - souls of faithful humankind bound up in klippot, taken hostage, in a manner of speaking, by archons or demons, and there are those he purchases - souls of bestial, material humankind that are owned and are in effect slaves, in a manner of speaking, to the dominion of the Other Side.

Joined with this, and in a similar way, there are angels of creation and the heavens that receive the Messiah, the revelation of the Pleroma of Light through the emanation of the Human One of Light, and the Anointing - Light Transmission, and so also there are archonic beings and demonic beings, and various spirits that receive the Messiah and are redeemed, and so taking to himself his own, giving a ransom and purchasing also applies to the preaching of the Gospel - liberation through hearing, among spiritual beings-forces, divine, archonic and demonic.

In the Messiah there is boundless compassion, unconditional love - the desire for the happiness and fulfillment of all, the salvation, the enlightenment and liberation of all, and in skillful means the Messiah gives to each spirit or soul what is good to give and what is desired, all with the intention of opening the way before them to return to God, the True Light, all for the sake of leading them in the Way - the Path of Return the Great Ascension. What the Messiah offers is himself - Godself, which is Light and Fire, Light and Life; but all in a great and supreme mystery, as is expressed in the practice of the Holy Feast of Perfect Delight, the light and life he offers assumes the form of what’s desired, what will satisfy and fulfill, or what will release from suffering.

We see something of this with Anointed Tzaddikim who impart teachings and empowerments, and various grades of Light Transmission, giving to each soul what they desire to receive, giving what is good to give to each, and sometimes in the way of crazy wisdom engaging in energetic transmissions in the most unorthodox ways, willing to do whatever it takes for the healing and redemption of spirits and souls.

As is known, per the wisdom of the Holy Cross, in the midst of this there is a taking on of the sin, karma, of spirits and souls, all in the Wisdom of Ain, no-thingness, emptiness, freeing spirits and souls from their burdens and bondage if they are willing to go forth in their freedom to seek God and return to God.

Now concerning ransom, or a purchase, understand that archons and demons, and various spiritual forces, seek to steal and feed off the light-power and life-power of souls to sustain themselves and their dominions, and when souls become entangled with them, energetic karmic connections, or “cords” if you will, are formed between souls and spiritual forces souls draw upon, and in return for the fulfillment of impure worldly desires and such, souls end up in “debt” and in “bondage” to those spiritual forces. As we know this also happens between souls that will not forgive one another, the generation of negative karmic connections, and “karmic debt,” and so truly, souls become bound to spiritual forces of the Other Side - archonic and demonic, and they become bound, “indebted,” to one another. All in a great and supreme mystery, with his own body and blood - the substance of his being, the Messiah satisfies all such “debts” and severs all such connections or “cords” for those who have faith, and who cleave, and who receive the Messiah - the Anointing. Understand, abiding in unification with the Infinite and Eternal One, the “substance” of the Messiah - Light and Fire, Light and Life, is exhaustless, endless, and therefore can satisfy and fulfill all, or heal and redeem all. Praise the Lord!

Once upon a time a continual offering of the blood of animals appeased archons and angels, but through this there was no true freedom, no true salvation, for it did not bring sin and death into cessation; through the self-offering of the Messiah, the Lamb of God (Elohim), there is a holy sacrifice once and for all time, and through this sacrifice sin and death were overcome and brought into cessation, the body and blood of the Lamb satisfying and fulfilling all, and there is true salvation, enlightenment and liberation - the Great Ascension. Praise God!

Among Gnostics, though, this rite of ransom, this salvation, is not a vicarious affair, but rather the Gnostic, the spiritual Christian, is to be an active participant in the rite of ransom, sacrifice, self-offering, laboring for the salvation of all - the harvest of souls; and therefore we engage energetic practices such as Giving and Receiving, taking upon ourselves, our soul, the sin, the negative energy, karma, of others and their suffering, and in place of it giving our light and life, our good and our joy, or such as the Holy Feast of Perfect Delight, merging with the Messiah on the Holy Cross, and enacting a complete self-offering to all spiritual forces, divine, archonic and demonic, that all might be satisfied, and spirits and souls be released, delivered, from bondage, from suffering. The Messiah is in us, the Holy Spirit is in us, and so this power of Mercy and Judgment, and Compassion, this power of deliverance.

Understand, in the Holy Cross, in the Risen and Ascended Messiah, there is power to overcome all klippot, all archonic and demonic forces, and to bring sin and death into cessation; it may be that a great archon or demon could destroy our flesh, our body, but not our soul, not the light and life that is in us; and though, indeed, one day we shall shed this mortal coil, in the Messiah our victory is established if we abide in faith and love, for nothing whatsoever can bind our soul, or prevent the ascension of our soul through the heavens into the Supernal Abode, the Pleroma of Light; as it is, already, the Pleroma of Light, Shekinah of Messiah, is within and all around us as we abide in faith and love, cleaving to the Messiah - the Anointing.

As for the power of “garments,” no doubt there is more that can be said, but for this day on which we are celebrating the Holy Feast of Crucifixion and Resurrection, this is enough, as God wills it.

On this Holy Day may many captives be set free! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!
Tau Malachi

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