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Opening the Way for the Revelation of God (Exodus 19:25)

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:42 am
by Tau Malachi
Opening the Way for the Revelation of God

“So Moses went down to the people and spoke to them. Then God [Elohim] spoke all these words” (Exodus 19:25, 20:1).

As these verses appear in the Torah, first Moses speaks with the people, and then God speaks with the people, Moses opening the way for the revelation of God, preparing the people to receive the word of God. According to the sages in the Zohar (Yitro 2:84b) although Moses prepared the people, nevertheless they were overwhelmed when God spoke to them and “the souls of Israel flew away, ascending to his Throne of Glory, to cling there.” In this is a teaching concerning the divine action of Tzaddikim engaging Light Transmission, imparting their da’at and ruach, opening the way for revelations of God, for indeed, they must “go down to the people,” descending from their own grade to the grade of those with whom they are speaking, and then as they speak, imparting teachings and revelations, and blessings and empowerments (initiation), the Spirit of God takes up their thoughts, speech and action, and it is God (El, Elohim) that speaks. Thus, truly, within and behind there words there is something of the power of the Almighty (Shaddai), and there is a transmission of the Holy Light and Spirit with, in and through them. In this those who are able to look and see, and listen and hear, and receive the Living Word, their souls are uplifted to a higher grade, and potentially they may be uplifted to the Throne of Glory, or beyond, all as God wills, all as the Most High ordains.

Now, as is known, living tzaddikim abide in Mochin Gadlut (Big Mind, enlightenment) and are able to transmit something of the spiritual power of their realization, their da’at and ruach, more or less; with most people they encounter, though, they cannot impart the fullness of their da’at and ruach, but rather there must be a restriction (tzimtzum) of their presence, and their knowledge and power, so that they may impart measured portions, various grades of Light Transmission that the people they engage are able to receive and integrate. Thus, they “go down to the people,” and “speak to them,” communicating something of their da’at and ruach as each and every one is able to receive. In this divine action, though, the Holy Shekinah is with them, and the Holy Spirit moves with, in and through them, and the Holy Spirit takes up this divine action, uplifting souls to higher grades so that they may receive greater blessings and empowerments, greater teachings and revelations, inner grades of Light Transmission, and so draw nearer to the Holy One, and per chance, even to taste of unification with the Holy One, even if but for an instant.

This also indicates the play of mystical ascents of the soul (aliyat neshamah) with living tzaddikim, and how they acquire wisdom, understanding and knowledge of heaven and God, for they do not just receive visitations of the spirits of great tzaddikim of the past and angels, but they are able to ascend into the heavens, and even the palace of the Messiah in the Supernal Abode, communing with great tzaddikim, or supernal elders, and angels in the celestial and heavenly realms and worlds. Taking up this play of mystical ascents, ascending they descend, and truly they “come down” bearing influxes of the Holy Sefirot and The Name, and new teachings and revelations, sharing them with the assembly, the spiritual Community of Israel. In the midst of this play of ascending and descending, running and returning, and imparting new teachings and revelations they “move and not-move,” which is to say while descending, “going down to the people,” as they share inwardly they remain in the direct experience of mysteries of teachings and revelations spoken, and remain in unification with the interior Shekinah, and the spirits of tzaddikim and angels in heaven, the good company of the Shekinah. Thus, speaking, the Holy Spirit speaks, God speaks, and it is through the Spirit that mysteries are communicated and understood, the energetic transmission being received.

When living Tzaddikim engage this divine action in the Spirit, it may be that those who are able to listen and hear are also uplifted in a mystical ascent through the Spirit; hence, their soul “taking flight,” cleaving to a place above. This may be conscious or unconsciousness, it might be for a significant duration or just a brief moment, but this often happens when Tzaddikim share new teachings and revelations with those who listen and hear in faith and love, and who cleave to the Messiah and Holy Tzaddik.

This divine action of tzaddikim “going down to the people” is a movement in Anointed Community - the spiritual Community of Israel, for it was to the people of Israel that Moses went down to speak. As is known, Tzaddik corresponds with Yesod-Foundation and Community corresponds with Malkut-Kingdom, and as such Tzaddik “going down to the people” is the unification of Yesod and Malkut, or Groom and Bride; when Yesod and Malkut are joined through the tzaddik “going down to the people and speaking to them,” then there is an influx of the spiritual power of Tiferet, “God spoke to them,” and depending upon the state of the community, and the grade to which those gathered are able to reach, there may be an influxes of the spiritual power of the Supernals, direct Supernal Mercy, Supernal Grace.

Now there is this play of the holy tzaddik “going down to the people,” teaching and initiating in anointed community, engaging in Light Transmission, the revelation of the Messiah and the Holy One - the True Light; but in this divine action of descent where they go is elevated, beyond the mixed multitude, so that truly only those anointed with the Spirit of God can listen and hear them, and receive the Light Transmission they impart - those gathered in anointed community. In turn initiates in anointed community - companions of the tzaddik, also engage in this divine action, “going down to the people to speak to them,” bearing light, and blessings, and healing, and peace to the people, the mixed multitude, being the “light of the world” as Yeshua Messiah has taught. Thus, as tzaddikim engage in this divine action, “going down to the people,” so also the members of anointed community - Body of the Messiah, take up this divine action, laboring with the tzaddikim in the harvest of souls, laboring to uplift living spirits and souls in return to God, the True Light, certainly so!

Understand, receiving true initiation, receiving our anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit of God, being received in anointed community, we are all ordained in sacred priesthood, and we are all chosen and empowered as light-bears, healers and peacemakers, bearing all manner of blessings in the Spirit of God that we are to impart, and therefore in spiritual self-worth, joined with spiritual humility, we are to “go down to the people and speak with them,” and we are to go out among the people as light-bearers blessing all who are able and willing to receive blessings, bring peace among the people. In this divine action, this service of the kingdom of heaven, the Spirit of God will take up the action, and will take up our mind and heart, our thoughts and speech, and it may come to pass that God (El, Elohim) speaks with, in and through us, just as with anointed tzaddikim. Truly, being received in anointed community we are ordained in a royal priesthood - the Order of Melchizedek, and it is given to us to take up the spiritual work and mission of our tzaddik and to live as tzaddikim - righteous ones of God.

In closing let us remember the teaching of St. Peter:

“You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people, in order that you may proclaim the mighty acts of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy” (1 Peter 2:9-10).

May we remember the anointing we have received, the mercy we have received, and enact our ordination, and move with the Shekinah of the Messiah and Holy Spirit, co-laboring in the work of salvation, the harvest of souls! Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!

Re: Opening the Way for the Revelation of God (Exodus 19:25)

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 4:10 am
by staroath
Shalom Tau Malachi!

Thank you for sharing this beautiful explanation about the work of Tzaddik ascending and descending to proper grades to uplift spirits and souls in the Great Work.

My question regards where you have written " although Moses prepared the people, nevertheless they were overwhelmed when God spoke to them and the souls of Israel flew away, ascending to his Throne of Glory, to cling there.”

I find this imagery extremely profound, perhaps more could be shared about this clinging especially because the Zohar states this is initiated from a sense of overwhelm. Sometimes in our teachings "overwhelm" can have a perhaps a connotation of falling into a state of unconsciousness, whereby progression can be inhibited. Clearly something else seems to be implied here as souls cling to the very Throne of Glory!

Perhaps more can be spoken of these sacred and touching images?

Great respect,

Re: Opening the Way for the Revelation of God (Exodus 19:25)

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:57 pm
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

As I shared, the play of aliyat neshamah in the presence of Tzaddikim during the sharing of new teachings or revelations can be conscious or unconscious, and it can last for a time or can be very brief, all depending upon the state of the soul of the one receiving and the movement of the Spirit of God. The Jewish Midrashim actually state that the souls of the children of Israel “flew out of their bodies and that they fainted,” and this implies something unconscious, truly being overwhelmed by the word of the Lord, the revelation of the Holy Shekinah. Understand, though, then even if an aspirant is overwhelmed and falls unconscious, still there is an ascent of the soul and a great blessing, and it is as though the implanting of a light seed, which will bear fruit in the future, or come to fruition in the future. The truth is, initiation and spiritual empowerments are often like this, the implanting of a seed of light that will bear good fruits later, and as we know, in initial experiences of Light Transmission it’s not uncommon for aspirants to fall unconscious, or even faint, or in some way to turn away; and yet, nevertheless, something is received, there is a blessing or empowerment, and in most cases it will take root, germinate, grow and bear fruit. Of course at times, in some cases, that might not be in this present incarnation, but in a future life; regardless, a light seed has been implanted.

There at Sinai, no doubt, were those that were conscious in ascent, but most fell unconscious; so it is with greater revelations that transpire in this world, a few receive them in full, conscious, and most in part, unconscious, but receiving in part, eventually there will be full reception of the Light Transmission, the eventual enlightenment and liberation of the soul.

The same is true of the revelation of Christ and the Gospel, few in any generation since have received the Anointing in full, though many have received the Anointing in part, but receiving in part, those receiving are destined to salvation, eventual enlightenment and liberation, certainly so! For such is the grace of God in Christ, our Lord and Savior! Praise the Lord, praise God!

So there is this play of the Spirit in the presence of Anointed Tzaddikim, and it can be that even when a person encounters a Tzaddik, but is unable to recognize the Tzaddik as Tzaddik, and it seems as though nothing happened in the meeting, nevertheless something happened, there was a concealed exchange of soul sparks and the implanting of a seed of light, and although unknown to the person, they were blessed and they will be gathered in when it is time, in due season, all as is ordained in the Most High, all as God wills. However, that may very well be in a future life, and in some cases a distant future. Understand, with the Messiah and Holy One, and therefore with Anointed Tzaddikim, there is unfailing success, perfect success, and all that is sown will bear fruit, and there will be a time of harvest; such is the intention of the Most High in creation, the will of God - a universal salvation! Praise God!

We may also say this, even if conscious, if through the grace of God a soul is carried in ascent there is an "overwhelming," for through mercy, grace, klippot, barriers, were overcome, overwhelmed, that a soul might be uplifted in ascent, joined to a space, or place, that is above; so, indeed, the Shekinah of Messiah with Anointed Tzaddikim is overwhelming, and it is good, for the victory, dominion, of the Messiah is delivering souls from bondage, leading souls in the Great Exodus, the Great Ascension! Praise the Lord!

Perhaps this addresses your question sister; I pray that it does. Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!

Flying Heart

Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:15 pm
by Elder Gideon
Shabbat Shalom!

We may also say this, even if conscious, if through the grace of God a soul is carried in ascent there is an overwhelming, for through mercy, grace, klippot, barriers, were overcome, overwhelmed, that a soul might be uplifted in ascent, joined to a space, or place, that is above; so, indeed, the Shekinah of Messiah with Anointed Tzaddikim is overwhelming, and it is good, for the victory, dominion, of the Messiah is delivering souls from bondage, leading souls in the Great Exodus, the Great Ascension! Praise the Lord!

I'm very fascinated by this experience of what is naturally overwhelming, not only for fear, but more particularly for joy. The rabbis describe the lack of comprehension of unbearable joy or sorrow as a state in which "one's heart momentarily flies away. But once [one] comprehends it, one endures steadfastly and can bear it. All the more so here, for look Moses told them everything that would happen afterward, fortifying their hearts with words—and yet they could not endure. All the more so, if he had not told them anything! Therefore, he said to them (Exodus 19:25), at first, strengthening their hearts, and afterward: God spoke (Zohar 2:84b).

There's a dynamic here between Tzaddik and the Holy One that I didn't appreciate before. If I'm hearing this correctly, it's as if an agent must first descend among the people, entering their qlippot, if anything of God can speak, let alone be heard. I've had a much more flattened sense of this until now, believing that God just spoke directly to the people, never imagining that there first had to be an anointed individual able to consciously descend to a lower space for people to grasp what God might be saying.

In a word, I'm hearing a relay between God, Tzaddik, and the people. The verbs are different between what Moses said (amar אָמַר) and what God spoke (dabar דָּבַר). My understanding of the difference needs much more education, but the sense I'm gathering is that dabar is general, absolute, without a 'what,' while amar is more specific, most often followed by a quotation of 'what' was said. We see something of this in our own ceremonial continuum, where the celebrant opens, speaking something of the intention into which the Spirit can say more specifically through every individuals' experience. I certainly welcome corrections if this distracts or misleads.

What more may be said of this dynamism between the prophet and the Living God in regard to hearing and and receiving at their proper grade? Is it even possible to hear God speaking in a qlippotic space apart from tzaddikim who've descended, saying?


Elder Gideon

Re: Opening the Way for the Revelation of God (Exodus 19:25)

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:52 am
by Tau Malachi
Blessings to you in the Messiah, the Anointed of God!

Yes, indeed, in the midst of Light Transmission, or revelations of God, souls can experience being overwhelmed for many different reasons, fear of the experience of the intensity of the Almighty (Shaddai), the immeasurable greatness and glory of God (Elohim), or being overcome by the unspeakable beauty and holiness of the Lord (Yah, Yahweh), or immeasurable bliss or joy, or a swoon of passion and love, and so on. Quite naturally drawing near to the Infinite and Eternal is overwhelming to a finite, mortal being, and necessarily is an experience of self-negation, becoming as nothing before the Supreme (Elyon), which is the truth of all that exists, for nothing exist apart from the Infinite and Eternal One. In the culmination of being overwhelmed, though, if conscious, if there is a maintaining of the presence of awareness, in self-negation there is fulfillment, the realization of the innate unity of the soul with the Holy One, the experience of conscious unification with the Eternal (Yahweh).

Now understand, it is through the Sefirot and Olamot that the Infinite One (Ain Sof) interacts with creatures and creation, in heaven and on earth, and it is through the Sefirot and Olamot that we are able to draw near, and cleave, and unify our soul with the Infinite, or with the Light of the Infinite (Or Ain Sof). As we know, souls are generated from the Sefirot, and likewise the spiritual powers of the Sefirot manifest as archangels and hosts of angels, and therefore very often the Holy One is revealed and becomes manifest in the world, and the word of the Lord is made known, through messengers, souls of a higher grade, realized souls - navim and tzaddikim, and through angels. Coming down, tzaddikim and angels brings teachings and revelations, the word of the Lord, the knowledge of God, and they open the way for our soul’s ascension and uplift us in ascent, drawing us into higher grades of nearness and unification; as souls ascend, then it may come to pass that God may speak directly with them, that the Spirit of God might speak in their heart and mind, just as God speaks with tzaddikim and maggidim, or “saints and angels.”

The souls of tzaddikim and angels are continually ascending and descending, running and returning, between heaven and earth, drawing down influxes, blessings, of the heavens and Sefirot, and uplifting sparks, and souls, towards the heavens and the Throne of Glory. In this regard we may recall Jacob’s vision in dream of a ladder set up between heaven and earth with angels ascending and descending upon it. So also tzaddikim who have the knowledge and power of aliyat neshamah in the Spirit of God, the capacity for transference of consciousness and mystical ascensions of the soul into the heavens and the heaven of heavens, the palace of the Messiah.

Wherever tzaddikim are, angels are, for the Holy Shekinah rests upon them and they abide in the good company of the Shekinah, and as they speak and take action, so the Spirit of God and the angels move with them; “going down” the Spirit and angels go with them, and when they speak it may come to pass that God speaks, the Spirit of God being communicated to those gathered, uplifting them so that they might see, hear and feel in the Spirit, and acquire knowledge of God through direct experience, and with knowledge, acquire spiritual understanding and wisdom, a greater revelation of the Almighty.

Tzaddikim do, indeed, descend into klippot, and even into the deepest hell realms to proclaim the Gospel, the word of the Lord, and deliver spirits and souls, and the Shekinah goes with them, and so also messengers and warriors of heaven; entering into klippot, but not becoming overwhelmed by the klippot, but instead overcoming the klippot, tzaddikim draw out the sparks bound up in the klippot, and as they return, ascend, to their own proper grade and place, so they uplift other souls with them with the help of the Sprit and the angels, the good company of the Shekinah of Messiah. There is a grand play of skillful means with the tzaddikim as they labor to bring us out of limited mentalities and karmic conditioning that binds us and prevents us from direct experience of God and knowledge of God, and with knowledge and power, and the Spirit of the Lord, they speak and take action to help us recognize and overcome klippot, barriers, and they serve to bless and empower us in the work of salvation, and they serve as guides and guardians in the Way, a holy sanctuary of refuge against the forces of the Other Side.

Tzaddikim prepare us for the greater influxes of the Holy Light and Spirit, and they engage in Light Transmission - “speaking,” but receiving Light Transmission then we must engage the work of salvation, and sojourn in the Way, drawing near to the Lord, willing to self-nullification in the presence of the Lord - unification with the Lord. No doubt, at first we will be overwhelmed, and likely tend to fall unconsciousness, but if we are willing to the work of salvation, willing to live according to our faith and knowledge, our soul will be elevated from grade to grade, and at times by great leaps and bounds, and the angels will minister to us and the Spirit will bring this Great Work to fruition in us.

Understand that self-negation in the presence of the Lord is reintegration with the Holy Light and Spirit of the Lord, so that the Spirit of the Lord manifests with, in and through us, and may even manifest as us, and in this we too may come into being as tzaddik - righteous one, and speak the word of the Lord, knowing the Lord.

In closing we can share that the revelation on Mount Sinai corresponds with Binah, and some souls were able to make that ascent of soul with Moses, more or less, but many were not able and fell unconscious; nevertheless, all in a mystery, all received something of the revelation and all were blessed, for what was revealed, in truth, was already in them, in their hearts and inmost aspects of their souls, and even if overwhelmed and falling unconscious there was a stirring towards awakening and return, the Great Exodus.

May many souls be stirred to seek God and return to God today, and may God bless them and keep them, receiving them! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!