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Power of Imagination: Reaching into the Spiritual (Genesis 2:7)

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 11:13 am
by Tau Malachi
Power of Imagination: Reaching into the Spiritual

“Elohim formed Adam from the dust of the earth [Adamah]” (Genesis 2:7).

Adamah means “earth,” and specifically “red earth,” or “blood earth,” but Adameh, the same basic letters with different vowels, means “I will imagine,” and likewise, Medameh, which shares the same root, means “imagination.” Thus, on an esoteric level, this verse may be read to say that Elohim fashioned Adam to imagine, and to dream and have visions, and likewise it may be understood to teach us that a person and their life is formed by the power of their imagination, and that the reality of our experience on every level, in this life, in dream and in the afterlife, is intimately connected with the power of our imagination.

There are three essential powers that set human beings apart from other creatures in the world: The power of human intelligence, speech and imagination. If you consider it our intelligence and imagination are deeply interconnected, though indeed they are distinct powers of our soul, our being and consciousness. In order to acquire our true intelligence, however, and Habad - wisdom, understanding and knowledge, we must rise above our imagination, for no one can ascend through the gates of holiness, or gates of light, until they have learned to subdue and overcome their illusions and delusions.

The imagination is an incredible power, and it may be said to provide much “fuel for thought” or “food for thought,” stirring the mind to consider and contemplate all manner of things, potentially very awesome and wonderful things. Quite literally the imagination stirs the mind to seek out the unknown, to venture into completely new ways of thinking, new ideas, new perceptions, new discoveries, new innovations and inventions. It makes it so that the intellect can go beyond its present limitations, and can facilitate an access to greater, divine intelligence, but it also can wander into forbidden things, and generate great wickedness and evil; hence, as with every faculty or power given to us, imagination is a power for great good or great evil, and it may lead us to seek God and return to God, or it may distract and prevent us from seeking God, and, in effect, distance us from God, heaven forfend!

Now the use of medameh in the Holy Scriptures reveals the ultimate purpose of the power of imagination that has been woven into us, for example, in Isaiah 14:14 it is written: “Edameh l’Elyon - I will resemble the Supernal,” or “I will make myself like the Most High”; hence, the power to cultivate, generate, an image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim in us - Godliness, and so to draw near to the Eternal One and unify our soul with the Eternal One. Essentially, imagination is the connection between the physical and the spiritual, and through the imagination, joined with our intelligence, we are able to reach into the spiritual, even into the radiance of the Supernals. Through the power of imagination, joined with our true intelligence, prophecy and the revelation of the Divine are possible, as well as cleaving to the Divine and unification with the Divine, the Holy One of Being, the Supreme (Elyon).

In order to experience luminous dreams and visions inspired by the Spirit of God (Ruach Elohim), however, or to enter into prophecy and revelation, or the play of mystical ascensions of the soul (aliyat neshamah), the imagination must be purified and our power of envisioning cultivated with concentration (kavvanah) and cleaving (devekut), and our imagination must be joined to the greater divine intelligence (ruach) in us, and must be lead by our intelligence. Our imagination, our heart and mind, must be purified of self-grasping, desire and fear, and we must seek our spiritual education, receiving good teachings and initiation, and we must cultivate our intelligence, along with our imagination, and with them cultivate true human attributes, the Divine Attributes (Sefirot). As is known, if the imagination is impure, if the mind is impure, and the imagination is not join with our intelligence, then we will become caught up in all manner of self-delusions and illusions - the four great klippot and the three veils, and the Way will be obstructed and we will be led astray into falsehood, deceived by false dreams and visions - false prophecy, and the strange and false ideas, teachings, they create. In these times, in which the matrix of faith has been shattered and a great darkness is arising in the world, this is the plight of many spiritual aspirants, many would-be mystics lacking a good spiritual education, and therefore not understanding the need for self-purification; many become caught up in the “veils” or great klippot, never reaching beyond Klippah Nogah - the “glowing husk.”

Through the assistance of a Tzaddik and Community, however, we can receive our spiritual education, receive teachings and initiation, and learn how to enact self-purification, and so learn how to access the greater power of our intelligence and imagination, and how to direct that incredible spiritual power in return to God; hence, for the sake of the enlightenment and liberation of the soul, and perchance the enlightenment and liberation of many living spirits and souls with us.

Do not underestimate the power of thought and imagination, but rather understand that where your thoughts are, where your imagination is, there you are and there you go. Thus, if you are wise, using your intelligence, you will pay attention to your thoughts, and your imaginings, and consider if that’s where you want to be, or where you want to go. If and when it isn’t, change your thinking and reimagine yourself and your life, and if you turn to the Lord as you do so, the Spirit of the Lord will help you! Praise the Lord!

May the Lord grant us wisdom to envision and embody salvation - divine and enlightened being! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!

Re: Power of Imagination: Reaching into the Spiritual (Genesis 2:7)

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:00 pm
by BrandonLw

This teaching of imagination and its power has been very empowering toward active embodiment and full use of God-given faculties.

I wish to inquire through an observation and interpretation: in Genesis 3:14 the serpent is cursed to eat dust “all the days of its life.” In the tradition, I have heard interpretation of the serpent related to serpent-power: desire energy (among other teachings and interpretations of this portion).

The word for “dust” and “earth” are different (ayin-peh-resh: apar, and adamah; respectively); yet it is fascinating based on the relationship between “red earth” and “imagination” to see an aspect of desire energy that feeds on the “dust” near to, or of, imagination. Also, since the serpent is set to bite the heel of Adam, the serpent is situated so close to the “earth” or “imagination,” crawling upon it and burrowing within it.

Through that imagery, I'm reminded of the strange confusion of potential for actualization, or the mind’s inability to separate fantasy from reality (so to speak). Purification of the imagination seems most crucial if we see that without it, desire is fed by dust, the dross, of the imagination: nothing “true.” “All the days of its life” further indicates an ending; as if to say that something of the earth-bound serpent is sustained by these imaginings, or so long as Adam walks with feet on the ground to produce dust. Either way, it is fascinating to understand "red earth" as imagination and then see the key role it plays in the curses of Genesis; particularly in a time such as ours when the potential for imagination among the people is so potent for healing or curse.

Re: Power of Imagination: Reaching into the Spiritual (Genesis 2:7)

Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:18 am
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah!

If you consider it, with regards to the serpent (nechash) dust is unspecified, it does not say “dust of the earth [Adamah],” but rather just “dust.” As is known, there are seven earths, and Adamah is one of them, “red earth”; thus, in that dust implies “earth” we are left to ponder, what earth, what dust? This may venture into some intriguing esoteric contemplations.

It must be said, though, that “dust” is also a cognomen of the klippot, husks ground down into “dust blowing in a fierce wind,” and so this may be interpreted as the serpent feeding on klippot, its own substance, and specifically as a prophecy of the end of the serpent, the eventual dispelling of all klippot; and if feeding upon itself, so it bespeaks a truth of evil, that by nature evil is self-destructive, and this is why evil is predestined to death and destruction, cessation, certainly so!

It is true, though, impurity enters into the imagination through the serpent and the eating of the Forbidden Fruit, and as we know, this is the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge (Da’at) - the husk of Da’at (Klippah Nogah). Thus, in the sin of Havvah and Adam there is the corruption of the imagination, and likewise the intellect, or intelligence (Mochin, Da’at). In this we may understand that the ultimate tikkune of souls and the world is in the purification of the imagination and tikkune of Da’at - the intellect, intelligence (Mochin); and with this naturally there is a purification and mending of speech so that human speech becomes the Word of the Lord, as originally intended.

St. James teaches that speech must be mastered, the “tongue” must be mastered; but truly, the imagination, and the intellect - desire and thought! Indeed, for speech flows from, and follows, this, thought and desire, imagination.

Look and see! Eating of the Forbidden Fruit the desire of Havvah and Adam turned from the Supernal (Elyon) to the spiritual, astral, and ultimately the material, physical; desire, and thought and imagination, turned from the Eternal One to the impermanent, or from the Infinite Light to false, impure lights, and so the “serpent power” in them was turned downward and outward to the world and things of the world, to the darkness of matter. In this state of ignorance, the unenlightened condition, they conceived and visualized the “Other” (Acher), and their dreams, imaginings, were no longer of God, the True Light, and the Supernal Abode, but rather of the world and things of the world, “vanity under the sun.”

This corresponds with the corruption of desire and imagination, desire and imagination becoming bound up in Klippah Nogah and the three other great klippah that arise from it; hence, false or impure lights, or all manner of illusions.

Understand, on one level, this is the “serpent eating dust,” certainly so!

There is something more to this however, very much so! Understand, “Elohim formed Adam of the dust of the earth [Adamah],” but it is not until the sin of eating of the Forbidden Fruit that “coats of skin” were made for Adam and Havvah; hence, until their sin the being, existence, of Adam and Havvah was not physical, but was spiritual, and rather than physical, material bodies, they had spiritual bodies of light. Thus, on one level, the “dust” the serpent seeks to eat may be understood as the light power, life force, or soul power of humankind, and so it is that the Adversary (Satan) and his angels - demons, seek to consume the light and life of humankind and lead humankind to destruction, God help us!

The principle vehicle of the Adversary acquiring dominion over humankind is through the corruption of desire and imagination, all manner of deceptions, illusions, that lead people astray and remove them from the presence of the Holy One.

Along with this, also understand that unclean spirits and evil spirits seek to posses bodies, to have greater influence and power in the matrix of creation and the world spiritual forces require a physical host, a physical vehicle or channel. The serpent eating dust all of its days corresponds with this perpetual seeks of witting or unwitting hosts, and by way of various deceptions, illusions, spiritual forces of the klippot find entrance.

Thus, truly, there is a need for a mastery of thought and desire, and purification of the imagination. This requires the generation of the presence of awareness and cultivation of our human and divine intelligence, rectification of Da’at, seeking the realization of Da’at - the knowledge of God, the True Light.

In closing we can speak an open secret among Christian Mekubalim. As is known, nechash (serpent) and messiah (anointed) enumerate 358, and this implies that the serpent and the Messiah are one and the same spiritual force, though in opposite manifestations, one ungodly and the other godly. If you consider the Holy Gospel and the revelation of the Risen and Ascended Messiah, we are given a vision of our ultimate destiny so that we might envision it, imagine it, and direct the full force of our will and desire towards it, and so coming into being as the Messiah - the Anointing. This, of course, corresponds with the uplifting of the serpent power, and its repose, or cessation, in the heart, brow and crown, redirected inward and upward, Godward; hence, the opening of the way for our return to God, the True Light.

What do we most love, what shall we imagine ourselves to be? That we will be and become!

In this we cannot help but recall the realization of spiritual adepts as they “cross the abyss,” or encounter and overcome the klippah of Da’at: that things manifest as they expect them to manifest, things manifest as we expect them to - as we imagine they will, whether conscious or unconsciousness.

May we be purified and consecrated by the Spirit of God, and may the Holy Spirit take up her full divine action in us, accomplishing the Work of Salvation in us! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!

Re: Power of Imagination: Reaching into the Spiritual (Genesis 2:7)

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:30 am
by Martina
Greetings in the Light of the Holy One!

I am intrigued by this contemplation and praise Our Mother for inspiring it.
Creative imagination is attributed to the brow star. The Sefirah Geburah is also attributed to the brow star.

This implies a process of restriction of the energies of the upper sefirot and a restriction of our imagination to purify this inner star. It also seems to imply a restriction of the energies from the five lower sefirot, especially the heart star as the center connecting the lower and upper stars.

"This, of course, corresponds with the uplifting of the serpent power, and its repose, or cessation, in the heart, brow and crown, redirected inward and upward, Godward; hence, the opening of the way for our return to God, the True Light."

Shabbat Shalom,

Re: Power of Imagination: Reaching into the Spiritual (Genesis 2:7)

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:55 am
by Tau Malachi
Blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah, the Anointed of God!

Yes, the power to envision, the imagination, corresponds with the brow star, and the brow star corresponds with Gevurah - Severity or Judgment. If you consider it, to envision, to imagine, is necessarily to restrict, and to reveal through concealing; as forms, images, are generated, created, there is a play of restriction, shifting from general, potential, to specific, actual, and in this something of that greater potential is revealed and actualized, and made manifest. Whatever may be envisioned, imagined, though, there is an infinite capacity for further envisioning, imagining, reflecting an ever greater potential beyond what has been envisioned, imagined; hence, the play of restriction in the act of envisioning, imagining.

We may consider this in the envisioning of Partzufim, personifications of the Divine. There is the principle of the Holy Partzuf, personification of Divine or Enlightened Being, and as we know there are many Partzufim, many different faces, images, personifications, of divinity or enlightenment. In truth, there are countless potential emanations, appearances, manifestations, of the Holy Partzuf. If and when we take up the practice of union with Partzuf, however, and we envision a specific Partzuf, this is a restriction upon the general and potential principle of the Holy Partzuf, and focusing upon one specific Partzuf excludes others, imposing a limit, a boundary.

Now as is known, Gevurah also corresponds with purification, and as has been said our imagination must be purified, our illusions, delusions, need to be overcome. Indeed, with our intelligence we need to envision what is good and true, and what is in harmony with the inner aspects of our soul, our being, and the Holy One - divinity or enlightenment; and in so doing we need to withhold ourselves from “forbidden,” negative and idle thoughts and imaginations, taking up the power of imagination consciously and with intelligence. This corresponds with Gevurah-Severity. Thus, to exercise the full force of our imagination we need the power of Gevurah, wisdom of Gevurah, certainly so!

The place of imagination in the interior stars is very interesting, the brow star, and attributed there its associated with the greater intelligence of our being, the full power of our imagination requiring the realization of our greater intelligence, and the realization of our greater, divine intelligence requiring the purification of our imagination, overcoming our illusions; in this is the realization of the truth and light of the crown star, the Divine I Am - through the power of imagination unified with our intelligence, the I Am is realized and embodied. Envisioning in this way, unified with the Holy Light and Spirit of the Supernal (Elyon), we fully come into being as the Human One of Light (Adam).

There is, though, an association of imagination with Yesod, and the navel star corresponds with Yesod - the center of desire, and as we know imagination and desire are intimately interconnected; through the purified imagination and our intelligence we are able muster and consciously direct the full force of our will and desire, and with it manifest the will of the Supernal One (Ratzon Elyon). Indeed, for when our will and desire are the will and desire of the Supernal One, so the force of the will and desire of the Supernal One becomes our own, as we witness with our Elder Brother, Messiah Yeshua, and the great power of the Almighty (Shaddai) that was manifest in him.

Here there is something of an open secret that we may share. The mirror of prophecy is our consciousness, and specifically our imagination, and in the experience of luminous dream, and prophecy and revelation, the Spirit of God takes up our imagination, stirs our imagination, and inspires our imagination, and so there are luminous dreams and visions that arise. The greater the purification of the imagination, the more our desires resonate with the kingdom of heaven, the clearer the dream, prophecy or revelation; if and when there is the manifestation of pure imagination, then what is seen and heard, and uttered, is the direct Word and Wisdom of the Eternal One, the utterance of Divine Being, the I Am. This, of course, is beyond prophecy and revelation; it’s the full realization and embodiment of the Supernal - resembling the Supernal.

On this Day of Rest may many find True Rest! Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!