Royal Messengers

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Royal Messengers

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:07 pm

Shabbat Eve Shalom, Tau Malachi:

As I've been exploring your word to our assembly in a recent empowerment that we are messengers with a message to preach, I looked into this at the linguistic level and praised The One for what I discovered.

A messenger, mal'akh מַלְאָךְ is inseparable from their message, mal'akhut מַלְאָכוּת.

Watch how related these words become with all associations of royalty.

The Kingdom—Sovereignty—is malkhut מַלְכוּת. The only difference between 'Sovereignty' and 'message' mal'akhut מַלְאָכוּת is an Alef!

When the word for a king or queen malakh מָלַךְ is compared with the word for a messenger mal'akh מַלְאָךְ, the only difference again is an Alef. This difference dissolves in the more specific word for a queen, malkhah מַלְכָּא, which holds all of the same letters as a messenger mal'akh מַלְאָךְ. This is a lofty contemplation of Our Lady Mirya, the Queen of Shabbat! Praise be She!

What this implies to me one as one in the Way is tremendous. If we choose, there is a royal connotation parallel with being a messenger with a message. What makes us each unique and live and move and have being in the One is truly royal, greater than the most powerful family on earth.

The One is the sovereign sending me, like the child in the Gnostic "Hymn of the Pearl." Forgetting myself in Egypt is to forget from where I'm from. Coming to myself is home in Land of Dawn with my royal father, the King of Kings and my mother, the Queen of the East. I am their message and their messenger, running and returning between the Pleroma and This World.

As we approach the Feast of the Apostolic Succession, I'm holding in heart for my companions that the fullness of our origin comes through our call.

We are noble-born of royal soul.

Elder Gideon

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Re: Royal Messengers

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:00 am

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

The words in Hebrew for messenger and message do, indeed, bear out this teaching, “You are a messenger and you are the message.” The close connection of the words for ‘king’ and ‘kingdom’ serve to clarify the deeper meaning of this teach, for you as you are in yourself are neither a messenger nor message of heaven, but you as you are in the Holy One you are a messenger and message of heaven; hence, one sent by the Holy King from the kingdom of heaven, one who is anointed in a royal and sacred priesthood - the Order of Melchizedek.

“You are a messenger and you are the message,” this is a teaching of the Straight Path and the reaching, realization of oneness through Adonai, Yahweh and Eheieh; in oneness with the Holy One you are the messenger, vehicle of the Living Word, and you are the utterance of the Living Word, and this is an utterance, speaking, of the Holy One, from the Holy One, to the Holy One, for the Holy One - all in the One.

This, of course, assumes that a soul has received the Messiah, the Anointing with the Perfect Light and Spirit, and so been ‘born from above,’ from heaven; and assumes the cleansing and changing of yourself, the embodiment of inner aspects of your soul, the cultivation of the qualities, attributes, of the Messiah and Holy One, and unification of your soul, and your person and life, with the Holy Spirit. As you have noted, the words for messenger and message have an alef in them, and as is known this corresponds with the Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha-Kodesh, through which prophecy and divine utterance transpire; hence, messengers of heaven are filled with the Holy Spirit, on fire with the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit speaks the Living Word with, in and through them, placing the word of the Lord in their heart and mouth.

There are those initiates who bear a special anointing as prophets or apostles, special gifts of the Holy Spirit for the sake of guiding in the Way, but in the Messiah, in this anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit, all initiates are messengers of the Gospel, and living the Gospel they are the message, and all are ordained in a royal and sacred priesthood - all are chosen by the Spirit of God, Ruach Elohim.

Here we might recall that prophets and apostles ‘wear the body of vision’ they receive, and that along with the word or vision they bear the corresponding divine authority and power of the heaven and the Holy One, and so are able to direct that spiritual power to people, things and places in this world. Thus, there is something more than a word or vision that they bear, there is spiritual power, the witness of the Holy Spirit; hence, the blessings and empowerments they may bring. Something similar is true in the ‘preaching of the Gospel’ while living the Gospel, ‘wearing the body of vision,’ there is spiritual power, the communication of something of the Holy Light and Spirit embodied, an ‘energetic preaching,’ if you will.

Now, contemplating this parallel of messenger and king, and message and kingdom, remember that Tiferet is called ‘Holy King’ and Malkut is the ‘Kingdom,’ the Holy One and Shekinah. This is Yahweh and Adonai, respectively, and implies the reaching, realization, of nearness, oneness, with Adonai and with Yahweh, and points to the greater unification of the soul with the Holy One that corresponds with Eheieh; hence, the messenger of heaven who is the messiah indicates the embodiment of the Divine Presence and Power of the Middle Pillar, which is the Messiah, the Anointing.

There is this play of gradations of nearness and oneness, and the greater the reaching and realization of nearness and oneness the greater the manifestation of the Divine Presence with that faithful and spiritual person, and in the full reaching and realization of oneness, as is known, the Divine Presence may become manifest as that holy person, the fullness of the Holy Spirit being embodied in them. Praise God!

These are a few thoughts I can share with you in this moment.

May the face of Yahweh shine upon you this day and may Adonai be with you in all that you do! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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