Fear of the Lord Leads to Wisdom; Pachad and Habad

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Fear of the Lord Leads to Wisdom; Pachad and Habad

#1 Postby Marion » Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:51 am

I have been contemplating Pachad and Habad, how these two words interact with each other, and what they mean to us on the path. It seems that one of the main points in scripture, where we might start this contemplation is the saying "Fear of Yahweh leads to Wisdom." When I first started to contemplate these two words I was fascinated by this saying. How exactly does this happen that fear of the Lord leads to Wisdom?

Fear-Pachad in Hebrew can also mean Awe or wonder. I also found out that it can mean "to be startled, terror, a testicle (as in the cause of shame, which is akin to fear, like with the story of Noah), a stone or alarm. Pachad is spelled Peh-Chet-Dalet, equaling 92: Peh-80, Chet-8 and Dalet-4. Dalet at the end of this word was interesting for me, because Dalet means door, which seemed to imply a door to a new state of consciousness.

Given this, let us look at Habad. Habad is spelled Het-Bet-Dalet equaling 14, when Het-8, Bet-2, Dalet-4. It has been said in the teachings that Habad is Divine Knowledge and that Supernal Habad is Supernal or Messianic consciousness.
The first thing that struck me was that both Pachad and Habad end with a Dalet. This seemed to imply that Habad is a refinement of Pachad. Which is also implied by: "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom." It says elsewhere on the forum that the three letters of Habad are associated with Hokmah, Binah, and Da'at. So I was wondering if the three letters of Pachad could be associated with Netzach, Hod and Yesod? Because Hokmah is the Netzach of another universe, if you look at the great tree.

In this contemplation, I was also looking into what is said to the novice: “Enflame yourself with prayer and invoke constantly!” does “enflame” point to Awe and wonder (Pachad) which leads to Wisdom (Habad)? That is why Pachad starts with Peh, the fiery tower, which is also a symbol for Lady Miriam in the sense that she is often called tower of the flock, and she is often associated with the ascending force of the serpent power which invokes wisdom when coupled with the descending force and leads to Supernal Habad when the two ascend to repose above the head.

The play between Habad and Pachad also reminded me of the revealed being (Pachad) and the concealed being (Habad). Because in the beginning, Pachad is revealed to us, while Habad is concealed, and then in the fruition, it is revealed. The Zohar says, ‘first look into the general, then into the specific’ the same is true here of awe of the Lord and wisdom of the Lord (Pachad and Habad). The keys to the specific lie in the general or, the keys to Habad lie in Pachad.

This may also be seen in a dialogue on the Four ways. For we have the four (way of devotion, way of power, way of knowledge, and way of works) which lead to the one (way of the weave). Regarding this way of the weave, I have heard it said “By the weave of the ways we seek to bring down the supernal light presence and light power, and to reintegrate the will, mind, vital and life to the light continuum. Hence, manifest the light kingdom on Earth.” This reminds me of the saying; First one must acknowledge God as Lord and as the Holy One. In this there is a separation between the individual and God. Then there is the seeking to unify oneself with that divine presence and power. Which in turn, leads to Habad-Wisdom.

Therefore it seems that a contemplation of Pachad and Habad is actually a contemplation of ourselves on the path. As it is written, “Fear of Yahweh leads to Wisdom.”

May the Holy One bless us with Wisdom! Amen.

Blessings and Shalom!

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Pachad and Habad

#2 Postby Susan » Sun Mar 30, 2008 10:18 pm

Greetings Marion,

Your post has certainly got me thinking, and contemplating the meanings that can be drawn from these sayings and words.

Pachad's spelling gives us 92, and when these two numbers are added together they equal 11; which, as you pointed out 11 is the number of Habad's spelling. So, if fear leads to wisdom, we could look at the numbers 9 and 2 corresponding to tet (9) and bet (2), and see that tet, the Serpent Power, the Fiery Intelligence, once sublimated and uplifted into bet, the House of God, the Matrix of the Divine, results in Divine Wisdom; pachad uplifted and redeemed leads to habad.

In a similar manner, considering each individual letter of Habad, het, bet and dalet, we can see how Holy Awareness (het) uplifted or housed in the Divine Matrix (bet) has the free will to choose (dalet), to Know (Da)! Da'at (secret knowledge), devvekut (cleaving) are other dalet words that are associated with knowledge and it's attainment.

"Da lifney mi ata omed." "Know before whom you stand." I believe these words are written above the door of the holy ark in which the scrolls of the Torah are kept (please correct me if I am wrong in this).

So as you observed Marion, dalet, the door of choices, is indeed a key letter to contemplate in both these words - and I love the way both words end with dalet and are therefore "open-ended" so to speak. Perhaps this is saying both words (or aspects of consciousness) involve our free will aligning itself with the Divine Will before further evolution happens, even at the gradation of Hokmah, Wisdom! For as the sayings state, fear only leads to or is the beginning of Wisdom.

Also fascinating is the consideration of the number 11 in terms of the 11th Path of Wisdom, which runs between Keter and Hokmah. Here perhaps we can appreciate more the dalet ending to the word Habad - as Hokmah, Wisdom has a further Sefirot beyond it, ie. Keter, which is the emanation of Ain Sof, that is Ain!

And I love the name of this Path, it is called "Glaring Wisdom!" As the Sefer Yetzirah states, "It is called this because it is the essence of the Veil which is ordered in the arrangement of the system. It indicates the relationship of the Paths whereby one can stand before the Cause of Causes."

So perhaps Holy Pachad (Gevurah) is the essence of the Veil between the Supernal and Moral triads. Yes, it leads to Wisdom and beyond to Keter, but needs to be purified through Hesed, Da'at and Binah before this, and before one can stand before the Cause of Causes. In fact this does suggest that Holy Pachad does not disappear or end with Holy Wisdom! For to stand before the Cause of Causes one would surely always treasure Holy Pachad within their heart when before the Source of All Being! That is indeed "glaringly" obvious!

Further to this consideration, if we look at the number 11 again, we can consider correspondences to the Hebrew letter Kaph, the Clasped Hand. With this image we can sense the concept of potential, the potential to develop Holy Wisdom from Holy Fear or Awe. As Malachi+ wrote, "Kaph is the Hand of God that contains all, God as the Giver of All. Kaph is the shattering of all klippot that obstruct the flow of Life Abundant!" So Kaph, or Pachad and Habad, contain the power to create the absolute from the potential?

Now I have started writing, I'm sure there are so many more associations that can be drawn into this thread, so will be very interested to read more shared understandings.

Shalom and thanks,

Susan [/i]

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#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Mar 31, 2008 7:25 am


Actually Habah is Het-Bet-Dalet; 8 + 2 + 4 = 14.

I thought I should mention this.

Blessings & shalom!
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#4 Postby Susan » Mon Mar 31, 2008 7:14 pm


Always a dangerous exercise this Gematria if you don't have a Hebrew/English dictionary - sort of like flying by the seat of your pants!

Will reconsider with the correct spelling and try again.

Thanks Malachi+,



Pachad and Habad Revisited

#5 Postby Susan » Wed May 14, 2008 4:12 am

Greetings again!

In reconsidering these two, Pachad and Habad, in terms of their respective values ie. 92 and 14, I have been most taken by their correspondences to the 32 Paths of Wisdom.

As discussed in a previous post, Pachad as 9+2 equals 11. Now we see that the 11th Path is Glaring Consciousness and corresponds to the letter Aleph!

Habad's value is 14 and the 14th Path is Illuminating Consciousness and corresponds to, of all the coincidences(?) Dalet! And Marion, this takes us back to your original observations of the relationship between these two words, in terms of the final "d" common to both.

Now I see that both words act as a mirror for the other. In approaching God Most High with Holy Pachad, that is fear or awe, the door to Holy Wisdom may be open to us. And reciprocally, with Holy Wisdom we can appreciate that Holy Awe is the door (Dalet) through which we must pass in approaching or seeking union with the Holy One of Being (Aleph).

And don't you love the contrast between the two Path descriptors lluminating Consciousness for Habad and Glaring Consciousness for Pachad?

Some final points on further correspondences to the 32 Paths; if Pachad as the 11th Path is Keter and Chokmah, and Habad as the 14th Path is Chokmah and Binah, then between these two words all three Sefirot of the Supernal Triad are represented.

Further, if we take Habad's gematria value as 5, that is 1+4=5, rather than the whole number 14, then we find the 5th Path corresponds to Gevurah, which is a title for Pachad!

This thread is so interesting, many thanks Marion for starting it.



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