Mysticism of Vav

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Mysticism of Vav

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Apr 09, 2011 10:11 am

Greetings and Shalom!

Vav: Nail, Hook, Macrocosm, the Preposition 'and' as well as the number 6.

Aware that this particular forum concerns gemmatria and Hebrew Letters, to share how vast a particular number like six actually reaches requires some detail about its personification in a particular, macrocosmic partzuf: the Son. The movement in the holy letters of Hebrew from He to Vav may be most readily explored as the movement from the microcosm to the macrocosm; as ה is 5 and ו is 6, so also is the individual embedded in, and the expression of, the universal: Elohim.

Then Elohim said, ‘Let us make the Human One [Adam] in our image, according to our likeness...

So Elohim created the Human One in the [supernal] image,
in the image of Elohim s-he created them;
male and female s-he created them. [...]

Elohim saw everything that s-he had made, and indeed, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. (Genesis 1:26,27,31)

All individual people have their being, their image, and likeness, in this androgynous Human One, this Spirit-in-the-Blood, this Adam, who is actually an angelic personification in Jewish mysticism of all humanity. When this same mysticism posits that every created being, even a blade of grass, has an 'angel', this mysticism is teaching of every created being reflecting the overarching, exhaustless archetype of which the being is an unique and unrepeatable reflection: the Angel. In other words, every living human person is a phenomenal expression of the angelic Human One. In this Human One we are all rooted and related.

How wild the beauty and majesty of this contemplation swells when we regard Mekubalim, received initiates of the Kabbalah, teaching of the Little Face, Zer Anpin, who is an expression of the image and likeness of Aima-Abba, Mother-Father Elohim. In the Great Name יהוה the third letter, the ו, represents this Little Face of the Father י and Mother ה. Father here, means that of reality that is changeless and Mother here means that of reality that changes. Changeless is beyond both space and time, referenceless and immeasurable; change is referenced and measured by space and time, involved and becoming in this cosmic womb cycle personified by the Mother. Her Son, this Little Face, is not 'little' at all, for its numerical expression as Vav, 6, teaches of the six depths, or eternities, or infinities of the mother's womb of space-time: Aboveness, Belowness, Beforeness, Behindness, Rightness, and Leftness.

In the Tree of Life at Atzilut, we see these same directionalities in the six sefirot which are Zer Anpin:

Aboveness is Netzach,
Belowness is Hod,
Eastness is Tifaret,
Westness is Yesod,
Southness is Hesed, and
Northness is Gevurah,

Tifaret proper, the sixth sefirah in the Tree of Life, is this source, intersection, harmony, and the dynamic expression of these other sefirot. The hub of all of these dimensions is the Little Face above, reflected below by the incarnate, human individual; from one's individual reference point, consciousness rays up, down, east, west, south, or north, wherever she or he turns their gaze. Perhaps this sounds very obvious. It is! Into what are we gazing in any direction is not as obvious, but is secret and wonderful: The Son surrounding us from every direction, feeling Himself in our bodies, gazing at Himself through our eyes, tasting Himself in our mouths, smelling Himself in our nostrils, hearing Himself through our ears.

When this macrocosmic embrace is known, understood, and integrated in an awakening microcosmic individual, the separation of the macrocosmic outside and the microcosmic inside will dissolve, fuse, join. This is the macrocosmic context of Messiah, drawn in, held, and anchored for the first time in the microcosmic individual by Yeshua, in Yeshua, and as Yeshua. To know the Light of which He speaks is to experience something of this Messiah for oneself. This same Messiah, Indwelling and Cosmic, is expressed by Vav.

Gospel of Philip: You who have joined the perfect light with the Holy Spirit, join the angels with us as a single image.

May we find you, Little Face, in our own face.


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Vav, Connecting the dots

#2 Postby malochim » Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:37 pm

Vav, Connecting the dots

According to the Zohar The Holy One emanates in existence like a Divine Mind or brain with numerous layers or membranes upon membranes. Each membrane act as a brain for the following membrane. In the inner most parts of the Mind of God a Will or desire springs forth (Ratzon El Elyon). This desire surge out like a ripple of Divine potential and energy through out the Being of Becoming creating a wave-like motion, resonating, vibrating, giving birth to an infinite interference pattern; the Matrix of Light.

In fact our brains work in a very similar way. Our brain is a large neural network, consisting of nearly 100 billion neurons. Thoughts or desires are on the physical layer transported through the brain as electric and chemical impulses.

When building artificial neural network the complexity of the brain is reduced vastly. Instead only a limited number of artificial neurons are used as well as layers of neurons. Typically the artificial neural network has an input layer, with sensory nodes/neurons. These are the nodes/neurons that will interact with what ever environment the artificial neural network is applied to. These neurons can have a value between 0 and 1, depending on the amount of stimuli applied. Each input neuron is connected to a neuron in an adjacent layer which in turn is connected to each neuron of the layer following it and so forth. The last layer is called the output layer. Most artificial neural networks are trained through supervised learning, which means that for instance if the network's purpose is to identify edible and poisonous mushrooms then out of for instance a set of 8000 known mushrooms, 4000 of them are “shown” to the network. Each characteristic of the mushroom is applied to a input node/neuron. If the stimuli reaches a certain threshold value the input neuron will fire an impulse to the neurons it is connected with. Each neuron will receive a number of impulse signals from its adjacent neurons, if the accumulated impulse strength reaches the threshold value of that specific neuron it will fire as well and so forth. In the end of the firing cycle the impulses will reach the output neurons which will each have a certain value. This represents the answer of the artificial neural network and the supervisor will give a feedback depending on how close to the right value the network was. This feedback will propagate backwards through the whole matrix of neurons and each threshold value will be slightly adjusted depending on the size of the error. In this way the whole network is tuned and taught to approximate the function of the problem at hand. It can for instance learn with 97% accuracy what mushrooms are edible and which are not. How ever if you train the network for too long it will be “overfitted”/over-trained, which means that it will be very good at answering what mushrooms are edible or not from the training set but will fail completely when introduced to new “unknown” mushrooms. The reason for this is because the function approximating the problem has become too specific and “narrow” to approximate anything outside of the narrow box of the training set.

So how does this all relate to Vav?

As a prefix to a noun, vav means "and". It is a letter of connection, joining or “hooking” different letters, words, sentences together. If we look at the process of emanation from the Olam of Adam Kadmon with the primordial energy intelligences represented by the Alephbet joined together in the Olam of nearness forming Divine names which in turn emanate as cosmic forces, arch angelic beings, that in turn emanate as choirs of angels. In the Zohar it is said that every blade of grass has a corresponding angel. This interconnection, the pattern-that-connects implies Vav.

We know how the neural networks in the brain are connected but we have no idea how it produces consciousness, somehow what emerges is greater than the sum of the parts. Every neuron is unique and essential for the emergent pattern or greater mind that it forms.

Our current life display is one emanation in a stream of consciousness stretching beyond time, yet all incarnations past converge towards where you are today and the future guides us in the ever eternal now.

When Vav is a prefix to a verb it changes the tense of the verb from past to future. It is through the Law, the karmic continuum and gilgulim that we go through metanoia and are realign, to be in tune with all that is. And who is our teacher? It is our future self, our Inner Tzaddik and our Outer Tzaddik which is an emanation of our Inner Tzaddik. If we follow the guiding light of our Tzaddik we turn the past into the future, perfect success. Our victory in the Risen Christ is already won, we must remember it and embody it.

When we get in contact with a wisdom tradition, holding within it something of the light transmission our souls get impregnated with sparks of the Tzaddik(s) and other souls within the tradition, forming karmic links with them etc. This process of forming karmic links as well as ivurim might also be connected with Vav, as hook and the conjunction and.

“There is something of a pun in Nun and Tzaddik, for the letter Tzaddi, which begins Tzaddik, as a word means “hook,” as in a fishhook!

In the process of teaching and initiating individuals, of course, the tzaddik seeks to “fish out” the neshamah – they seek to help the person draw out their supernal soul, their greater energetic being. “ - Tau Malachi

Regarding over-fitting our neural networks, this would correspond to getting “hooked” on something, grasping at name and form. It is also true of certain behavioural patterns we develop. If we give that behaviour energy and exercise it, it will grow in strength, our brains forming a stronger and stronger neural pattern around that behaviour, over-fitting our neural network so that we will be inclined to only react or behave in that certain way. We are told to be like little children, and to be open and empty of ourselves so that we can be spirit filled. This is true with our minds and brains as well,
“whatever is flexible and flowing will tend to grow, whatever is rigid and blocked will wither and die. - Tao Te Ching

We are taught how to reprogram our neural patterns by Yeshua Messiah, we do so by polar opposites. By applying love we become less hateful. By giving alms we become less greedy. By turning the other cheek we become less violent.

”Only love has meaning, it raises the smallest action into infinity.” , Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

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As Above, so Below

#3 Postby simplicity » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:30 pm

Thank you, brothers, for your illuminating thoughts into the vav, along with its "connections" with the Human One and much more.

Lately, I have found myself contemplating the vav through the Star of David, and this has led to a series of contemplations. The two triangles of the Star “joined” through vav represent to me the meeting of the Upper with the Lower: As Above, so Below. I've imagined the center of the Star to be hosted by Tiferet. I then began to consider the six days of Creation as also pointing to six as a “joining” of heaven and earth. All of this led to a consideration of the five, leading to the six, and the seven emerging out of it.

If the five, hei, is represented by the pyramid, sitting on earth in four corners and completing its apex at the top, which is like an eye looking up to the heavens, it seems that five could represent a glimpse of heaven: a glimpse of the Upper from the Lower. This seemed fitting, given that hei is the letter given both to Abram and Sarai, the first Patriarchs to see the heavens. This can be symbolized when Abraham is encouraged to look into the heavens and attempt to count the stars. At hei, he would be given a glimpse of the stars, but the glimpse would be too hazy for him to count them. Further, as a “window,” hei suggests itself as a representation of a glimpse from the Lower into the Upper.

Returning to the vav, it seemed to me that once one has glimpsed the Upper from the Lower through hei, the next step would be to meet the Upper and the Lower at vav. In this way, we could see that while the hei was given to Abraham, Jacob may have received the vav, when he witnessed the ladder “joining” the Upper and the Lower. He then experienced that meeting when he wrestled with God. At vav, however, this meeting is just that: a meeting, but not yet a union. We see the meeting at the center of the Star, but we also see from the Star that the complete overlap of union has yet to come into fruition.

Given that, my contemplations led me to wonder whether the next stage after the vav would bring a union of heaven and earth at zain? At this point, were it possible, one could count the stars that Abraham could only see. So I was prompted to wonder whether the “revelation” of “seven” is partly about this movement from a glimpse (hei) to a meeting (vav) to a union (zain)? I considered the Bride coming forth to her Union as the holy city and “coming down out of heaven from God” (Rev 21:10). This suggested to me the Upper fully uniting with the Lower at the number of the Revelation, zain.

Whether or not any of these musings may be akin to any of the teachings of the Tradition I am not sure, so any perceptions or insights would be gladly welcomed.

Shalom to all,
"Miracles happen every day and at every moment. He who sees them not is deprived of one of the fairest gifts of life" (St. Issa, the Lost Years of Jesus)

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