Beit and Tower of Babel


Beit and Tower of Babel

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Shalom Friends,

An interesting contemplation arises in looking at the letters of Babel - Beit-Beit-Lamed and Heart as Lamed-Beit-Beit (when spoken of as the double heart being good inclination and evil inclination).

In the story of the Tower of Babel we read where the whole world spoke the same language and they decided to build themselves a city and tower which would reach into the heavens so they would make a name for themselves and not be scattered.
It was not a heavenly or godly aspiration that was driving them towards heaven but rather one of arrogance, that is, making a name for themselves, seeking to be known. Their fear of being lost and scattered arose as the reverse of insecurity, that is, arrogance. Clearly though there was a great power the people were tapping into as Yahweh saw the danger of what was happening and indeed did scatter them, with many languages, all over the world (interesting self-fulfilling fear being realised here).

Many threads to be drawn out here. Firstly, it would be natural for an Alef to be incorporated in the name Babel (as it ends with El), however, clearly this could not be so as the people were not concerned with The Holy One but with themselves only, and hence having a divided heart (the undivided heart is Lamed-Beit).

There also seem to be inferences to the Second Coming and the necessity for the ripened fruit. These people were unripened fruit - not yet ready to employ the power of Yahweh for the good of all.
It is interesting to note Gen:10 (the preceding chapter to the Tower of Babel Gen:11), where it is described the peopling of the earth and how each of the descendants of Noah went to different places on the earth, "each with its own language, by clan and nation." But then we read in chapter 11 how the whole world spoke one language.
Am I reading this continual shift from Oneness to the Many and back to Oneness and so on, and yet the time is not yet for all to join as One and therefore they become scattered?

Perhaps a seed going even further back is when Cain is punished for the killing of Abel and is cursed to become a restless wanderer on earth.
A contemporary analogy would be the spiritual wanderers on our earth today, going from one teaching to another and in the process never really coming into the true presence of The Holy One. And yet it was The Holy One who did the initial scattering so it must have a part to play in our evolving creation.

Another Second Coming seed would be the Pentecost where Ruach-Ha-Kodesh rests upon the Bride and the Apostles (and as Sister Sarah has spoken therein lies a correspondence between the scattering of the people/languages in Babel and the tongues of the Spirit coming upon the Apostles).
Again we see the movement of the Oneness or Continuum coming through the one person of Yeshua, then spreading into the Many through the Bride and apostles...and through us today.
As Tau Malachi has spoken, it is not yet time for all traditions to become as One - we are still unripened fruit so to speak.

I also turn to Gimmel in this contemplation and quoting Lawrence Kushner, "And one day all the souls doing acts of loving kindness, Gilmulut Hasidim, will rise into a great yearning wave that will reach to the heavens and fill the world with Geulah. Redemption." Is this not the Second Coming and the undivided heart of the people?

Looking individually at the letters from above - Lamed stands above all the other letters, thus being able to reach into the heavens, and it also sees ahead and what is to come. Lamed is the beginning of the words for Heart and Flame. And Beit of course is House or Home of God. Therefore these seem directly related with the Second Coming in that we are able to see ahead, but only when our hearts are on fire with love for The Holy One can we reach into and become Heaven on Earth, and only when the time is ripe.

And this I know is merely a beginning contemplation.
I praise The Holy One for contemplations and mysteries and planting the seed of the End in the Beginning.

Tau Malachi
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Going Beyond, and Beyond, and Beyond...

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Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

I love the contemplation of the tower of Babel and the “divided heart,” since you mentioned it the other day I find myself returning to it again and again.

Lev equals thirty-two, and as we know the Tree of Life is composed of Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom (Lev Netivot ha-Hokmah); if Lev corresponds with the Tree of Life, the Levv corresponds with the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or the Tree of Death. As we know, a tree must mature before its fruit can be eaten according to the law, and likewise, as we know, the original sin was not sex, but rather taking and eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge prematurely; hence, it was eating the forbidden fruit.

If we look into the early stories of the Torah, again and again there is an access to knowledge and power in immaturity. The story of Cain and Abel, who are not the full image and likeness of the Human One (Adam), result from an immature, impure, union of Adam and Eve, only following the death of Abel and the exile of Cain is this healed with the conception and birth of Seth. Then there are the sons of God (Beni Elohim), the Fallen, who consort with the daughters of humankind generating the Nephilim, “giants” or “men of renown,” and who bring all manner of knowledge to humankind prematurely. The building of the tower of Babel corresponds with yet another influx of knowledge and power in immaturity, impurity, and implies another influence of klippotic forces, husks of darkness.

If we look into the revelation of the law at Mount Sinai, the wandering of the children of Israel, the chosen, in the wilderness, and all of the struggles of the children of Israel to generate the true, spiritual Community of Israel, again and again we witness a struggle for the integration of knowledge and power.

This again transpired with the First Coming of the Messiah, for because of a struggle for knowledge and power in dominion, and unwillingness to yield to God, the Messiah was rejected and killed; but as we know, through Divine Grace, God worked great wonders and brought salvation through this ignorance, raising Messiah Yeshua from the dead as the firstborn of a new humanity, the realization of the Great Seth (or Second Adam).

Once again, now in our own times, we witness this great struggle to integrate knowledge and power – greater knowledge and power than humankind has ever accessed before, and in this time of the Second Coming there is an increasing Supernal Influx, and an increasing acceleration of consciousness; it is the time of the Apocalypse, Revelation. There is a struggle to integrate great spiritual knowledge and power, great psychic knowledge and power, and great physical, material knowledge and power, and with the growing knowledge of power in humankind it is something of an evolutionary crisis, and whether a great regression will come or a greater progression remains to be seen. Very likely there will need to be a regression before the greater progression can come to pass.

This is the way of creative evolution, though, it moves in a wave-like motion (gilgulim) through progress and regress, and the regressions are integral to the next progress. This, exactly, is the movement of Elohim with the tower of Babel, the scattering of the peoples and confusion of tongues, languages. On one hand it is a severe regression, though not as severe as the flood, and yet it sets the stage for a great progression, for through this action there is a greater, stronger, development and evolution of the human one, and a greater revelation of God, or Enlightenment, multiple branches of the human tree of life, multiple revelations, all laboring to bring about a true humanity, the Supernal and Divine Human Being, the Risen Messiah.

There is a Divine, Fiery Intelligence – the Spirit of God (Ruach Elohim), laboring within and behind all of this, the regressions and progressions alike, ever seeking the development and evolution of life to greater consciousness and intelligence, the realization of a greater enlightenment. Once the threshold of the “greatest,” or “highest,” possible enlightenment is reached, naturally what is reached is a new horizon, filled with new possibility, and there is a greater enlightenment perceived and a need for another breakthrough, another evolution going beyond the previous realization.

The journey, the progression, in the Gospel between the First Coming and the Second Coming makes this very clear, for in immaturity many took Jesus, Yeshua, to be God, rather than the Spirit of Messiah, the Christ Spirit, and although they could receive him as the Savior, they could not receive him as the Gnostic Revealer; as we know, most became bound up on the cross of wood and could not receive the Cross of Light (enlightenment in Christ). This entire play of the ignorance, however, had to come about in order to facilitate the development and evolution of human consciousness for a greater revelation and realization of the Christ Spirit, and a worship of the Christ Spirit in truth, rather than the worship of the forms, the persons, through which the Christ Spirit is embodied and revealed. The Christian stream passed through a very long dark night, a very severe regression, but through this ignorance, nevertheless, it was preserved so that a greater revelation of the Christ Spirit could come into being.

Curiously enough, however, just as many good and pious Jews rejected the First Coming of the Messiah because it was different than their understanding, or their preconceptions, preconditions and expectations concerning the Messiah, so many good and pious Christians will reject the Second Coming of the Messiah, for it goes beyond their understanding, and does not correspond with their preconceptions, preconditions and expectations of Christ and God. Unfortunately, many believe in Jesus, but do not know and believe in Christ; but it is not Jesus who returns, it is the Spirit of Christ.

This reveals something about Levv, the “divided heart,” or rather, the uncircumcised heart, for it corresponds with karmic vision, a vision of ignorance, that obstructs and prevents a greater self realization or enlightenment; it is not necessarily outright evil, but is the admixture of truth and falsehood in immaturity, and it is the grasping at concepts, conditions and expectations generated in the past, which prevents living revelation in the present, and a greater enlightenment in the future. The tower of Babel teaches us this, for as much as a product of arrogance, it is the product of a very limited vision of the Divine, or Enlightenment; it reflects structures, constructs, that obstruct the greater revelation and realization of Divine Being, Enlightened Being. As such, in order to open the way for a greater revelation and realization those structures, those constructs, must be shattered and removed. This is expressed by the scattering of the people and confusion of tongues, for if not scattered, and if there was not a mixing up of language, how could they move beyond their concepts and conditioning that prevented a new and greater enlightenment?

Here we must say, though we may circumcise our heart, generating Lev, the principle of Levv, the uncircumcised heart, can return again and again if we grasp at our present knowledge, understanding and wisdom, or our present enlightenment, as though there is not a greater knowledge, understanding and wisdom, or a greater enlightenment. This is very important concerning the Gospel of the Second Appearance of Christ, for it is a Gospel of evolution, of continuous progression, an ongoing revelation of Christ and God, an ever-growing realization of Christ. There is constantly a new revelation and realization of Christ and this Holy Gospel among us, and we need to be open to new revelation, new illumination, rooted in the foundations of Habad that have been laid, but not grasping at them so as to become bound up in them and obstruct the flow of the Living Presence in Living Revelation (Apocalypse).

Here we may say that the one, or oneness, is broken up and there is a scattering, so that some might be able to go beyond to a greater enlightenment, receiving a greater revelation.

In this light, let us consider what has transpired with Christianity. There was, is, a tower of Babel, the Vatican, and there was one “language,” the Catholic or Orthodox dogmas and doctrines; in order for the Second Coming to transpire that tower, that dominion, had to be broken, and the people scattered and the language confused, allowing for new streams of development and evolution, a new revelations, laboring towards the reception of the Christ Spirit in the Second Coming. As in any matter of evolution, naturally this has generated many anomalies and abreactions, some very strange and ignorant; but also it is generating many very luminous and powerful currents of enlightenment in Christ, and it is opening the way for a far greater revelation and realization of the Cosmic Christ in the future.

Thank God for the shattering of the tower of Babel in modern times! Hallelu Yah! Hallelu Yeshua! Praise the Lord! The Lord delivers!

Now there are those who steal, or who borrow, the Name of Christ and Christian, and there are those who receive it as a Gift; the heart stealing, or borrowing, is Levv, while the heart that receives as a Gift is Lev. Instead of clinging to dogmatic creeds and doctrines, and dead rites and rituals, Christians need to inquire into the love of Christ and the enlightenment of the Christ Spirit. They need to study the True Gospel, not just the gospels written in books that are thousands of years out of date; hence, we need to study and contemplate the Gospel that has been placed into our hearts and that is being revealed in our hearts – a Living Gospel of the Living Christ and Living God.

Apart from the Gospel of Truth (Love) that is in our heart, or the Christ Spirit illuminating our heart and mind, there is no reading and understanding any outward gospel, however inspired by the Word of God that gospel might be, for there is no direct experience and knowledge of the Word and Wisdom of God, the Christ (Logos and Sophia).

Thus, there is a need for Christians to return to seeking a direct experience of the Risen Christ, the Living Christ, and to seek the full reception of the Holy Spirit, and have the witness of the Holy Spirit – the witness of the power of God with them. It is fine that we celebrate a feast of bread and wine, but it is the direct experience of the Living Christ that is the true Holy Communion; apart from this, whether bread and wine, or any other outward rite, it is nothing more than an empty shell, klippot. If and when, however, there is direct experience of the Living Christ and Holy Spirit, then whatever is done outwardly is alive and vibrant, and it becomes a vehicle for the revelation or communication of the Christ Spirit – then it has purpose and meaning, true value.

There is a simple, Spirit-filled way, of this Holy Communion. It is attachment to the Risen Christ, the Eternal Christ, and it is attachment to the holy tzaddik and community, the Living Body of Christ, and it is in hitbodedut, secluded prayer and meditation, and in charismatic worship, Gifted worship; it is this, joined with good works, or acts of loving-kindness, full embodiment of the love and faith of Christ, or the Christ Spirit. This, of course, is all founded upon a circumcised heart, Lev, for only a circumcised heart can cleave and love in the fullness of faith and devotion.

There is much more that can be said concerning Levv and Babel, but perhaps what has been said progresses our contemplation a little, and for the moment is enough.

O Yahweh Asherah, let all false towers and idols be torn down and shattered, all klippot dispelled, that we might be free to worship You in Spirit and Truth, and so receive Your Word and Wisdom in full. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi
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Power and Spiritual Self-Worth/Spiritual Humility

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And many thanks for this wonderful reply exploring this great mystery that rays out through our world and spiritual evolution.

How true it is that in order not to feel spiritually at a loss, or scattered, we create all sorts of definitions and images of The Holy One, and then cling to them. Until they are shattered...

What arose from your contemplation was the partnering, if you like, of power and spiritual self-worth and spiritual humility.
Again I return to Cain where Abel brings his offering to Yahweh and Yahweh looked upon it favorably, but with Cain's offering Yahweh did not look with favor upon it. Cain becomes angry and downcast. And Yahweh tells him if you are doing right you can surely hold your head high, but if you are not doing right then sin is crouching at your door.
Perhaps we can speak here of Cain's motive coming from the generative order (that is, his lower nature). As a contemporary analogy, I am reading this passage in the way of spiritual self-worth. That is, in our generative nature we constantly seek approval, through father, mother, and siblings. We then take this need for approval out into the world of work, friends etc. Even when we move into spiritual community we can lay this same expectation upon community members and Tzaddik. Yet, Yahweh gives to Cain the very way of power, that is, in knowing one's actions, one's inner motives, as coming from the regenerative nature (the spiritual nature turned towards God), then we can hold our head high, not needing the approval of others. And in coming from the regenerative nature we also bow down in spiritual humility, thus not making our own personal Tower of Babel, but rather a Tower of Love for all to climb into the heavens.
Cain unfortunately was not able to look past his anger, and similarly, when we cannot we slay our brothers and sisters with our judgements, our words, and sometimes our actions (metaphorically).

Moses also brings us an example of not entering the power that God ordains for us. He was bound to the cultural belief of the time that one who displays a blemish of any kind cannot serve The Holy One. Here Yahweh was shattering that belief as Moses had a severe speech impediment, yet Moses could not rise to accept Yahweh's gift. His insecurity in himself shielded the power available to him. How often do we do we fall prey to our insecurities, halting God's revelatory power coming in and through us?

Magdalene we also we see as saying to Adonai Yeshua that she could not be his wife and consort because of her past. Yet here we have a distinct shift, as very swiftly she is healed of this falsity and steps into the power that reveals her true being. Hence she is a great prototype for us today in also stepping into such a place that has been prepared for us.
As Tau Malachi has spoken, the spiritual evolutionary power we are in now is far greater than our past history.

What I also find interesting is that Yeshua's temptations are all connected to power. First he was asked to prove his own power, then to prove the power of God, and finally trying to be seduced by worldly power.
It seems that these temptations were for us in order that we can come into right relationship with power and knowledge and The Holy One, once more hastening the ability for humanity to integrate and become this power and knowledge along with spiritual humility.

Another curious thing to me is that Second Coming in and of itself is not a term we find in the Scriptures, yet the Book of Revelation does speak of the second death. You speak in your post that the apocalypse and Second Coming is happening now. Are second death and the culmination of the Second Coming synonymous?

May all beings be liberated in and through the love of Adonai Yeshua Messiah

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Second Coming and second death, an other mysteries...

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Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

Yes, indeed, the term “Second Coming” is not used in the New Testament, but rather it is implied. In the Book of Acts there is a story about the ascension of Messiah Yeshua following the resurrection, and the cycle of appearance and teaching in the resurrection; he is taken up into heaven in clouds, and according to tradition they are “clouds of glory.” As the disciples are witnessing the ascension, gazing up into the sky, two angels appear beside them and inquire why they are still gazing into the sky, or heavens, and the angels proclaim that Yeshua, the Savior, will return in the same way they have seen him depart. In this a Second Coming is implied, another appearance of the Messiah following the First Coming, another revelation of Christ (Apocalypse). Although the name of Yeshua, or Jesus, is used, the name of Yeshua literally means “Yahweh delivers,” or “Savior,” and as such, according to our gospel it is not the person of “Jesus” that returns, but rather it is the Christ Spirit, the Spirit of the Savior, and the return is the Christ Spirit taking up the Body of Believers, the Body of Christ; hence, a greater embodiment of Christ in many, just as Christ was embodied in the person of Yeshua.

One of the greatest tricks of the adversary, Satan, or the anti-Christ Spirit, is the proclaiming of the man as Godhead and Deity in such a way that we cannot imitate him in action and character, or do not believe or realize that we are to embodied the Christ Spirit in the same way he did; in so doing, the adversary steals the Light Transmission from the Christian stream and obstructs true salvation, the actual enlightenment and liberation of souls in Christ. In effect, the confusion of the object of worship, the person of the man Jesus in place of the Christ, or Christ Spirit, is a new “tower of Babel,” and it prevents the greater ascension of souls into the true kingdom of heaven.

This deception of the adversary, this ignorance, captures much of Christianity, and many, many “Christian” preachers preach this gospel of the anti-Christ, this false gospel! In fact, it’s such a common belief that most good and faithful Christians can’t receive the Gospel of the Second Coming of Christ in Glory, or can’t receive the Christ Spirit in full, the fulfillment of their salvation! May God’s mercy deliver them from the deceiver, may Divine Grace enlightened them!

This is why in our “theology,” or rather our theosophy, we teach that Yeshua was not born the Messiah, but that he becomes the Messiah at the baptism when he receives the anointing of the Spirit of the Messiah, the Spirit of God. In this we understand that the anointing is not isolate to him, but that we are also to be anointed, reborn of the Mother Spirit, just as he was anointed, reborn of the Mother Spirit, and that it is for this reason that the Messiah has come, taking up the person of Yeshua so that we also might be anointed and taken up with him; and in this we understand the Second Coming, that it is the greater outpouring of this anointing, the Christ Spirit, or the Supernal Light and Truth.

It is true, the term Second Coming is not used in the New Testament, but rather the phrase the “day of the Lord” is used, and throughout the Epistles we are taught to be ready for the “coming of the Lord” as though the day of the Lord is this very day; and yet, in Second Thessalonians there is a teaching that the day of the Lord cannot come until the spirit of the anti-Christ takes control of the Christian Tradition – that prophecy, of course, came to pass with the rise of Catholic and Orthodox dominion, and with the assertion of an “infallible pope.” With this orthodoxy, a false gospel was set in place of the Gospel of Truth, and dogmatic creeds and doctrines, rites and rituals, were set in place of direct experience of the Living Christ and Holy Spirit; in effect, the adversary stolen the soul of the Body of Christ. Through the good grace of the Risen Christ, however, that “soul,” the reception of the Christ Spirit, or Light Transmission, has been restored, and more than restored, it has been progressed, for there is a greater outpouring of the Christ Spirit, a greater revelation of the Christ; hence, gnosis of the Cosmic and Primordial Christ.

Those who cling to the falsehood of things put in place of direct spiritual and mystical experience of Christ and the Holy Spirit, or who follow the “blind leading the blind,” are bound up in Levv, and unwittingly their heart is hardened to the Christ Spirit, the Living Word and Wisdom of God. If and when, though, the love of Christ deepens, and faith grows and matures, it may come to pass that some are “lead astray” by the Holy Spirit, opening to the true anointing of the Christ Spirit, and through Divine Grace Lev will be restored to them – the open heart that is the true Holy Grail.

The term “lead astray by the Holy Spirit” is a pun in the Gospel of St. Philip of the term orthodoxy used, and uses, for what has happened to those they would call “heretics,” but quite literally, as this gospel teaches, to receive the Christ Spirit in full souls must be lead out of bondage to the false gospel of orthodoxy, the deception of the adversary, and be restored to direct experience of the Living Christos, the Living Word (Logos) and Wisdom (Sophia) of God.

There is something to be said of Magdalene as the Holy Grail, for she is us, and we are her; because she also can embody the Spirit of Christ as Yeshua did, and labor as a co-preacher and co-redeemer with him, so also can we. As his inmost disciple and spiritual consort, she reveals the greater truth of the Divine Incarnation as an embodiment meant to occur in each and every one of us, each according to our capacity and God’s will.

In the Magdalene, of course, we have the same story as the fall and redemption of Pistis Sophia; the story of her exile in Babylon, and her return from exile and reception as the Holy Bride, implies a descent for the sake of a greater ascent, an evolution in the revelation of the Divine. If we look into it, it is much like the movement of the tower of Babel, an apparent regression leading to a greater progression; and it is a story of Levv becoming Lev through Divine Grace.

Her story is the story of the Body of Believers, the Living Body of Christ, for we all have descended into “Babylon,” the way of the world, and we all have ascended in the Risen Christ, the way of heaven, receiving our salvation through the reception of the Christ Spirit.

Now, concerning the second death and Second Coming, no I would not say that the second death is the fulfillment of the Second Coming; but the masters of the tradition do have much to say concerning the second death. In the Gospel of the First Coming there is a teaching of the resurrection of the dead in the end of days, the souls of the righteous and the wicked being raised up in the judgment, the righteous to eternal life in the kingdom of heaven and the wicked to destruction, and it is the destruction of the wicked, the destruction of evil, that is called the “second death.” There is a greater knowledge and understanding of the second death in the Gospel of the Second Coming, however, one that is not so black and white, or so linear and flat. Generally speaking, while it is possible for an entire world-system to enter into the Great Transformation, and all living souls to be taken up in the Great Ascension, in the majority of world-systems that is not what transpires – most of the time world-systems pass into destruction, or the end of days comes, before the Great Transformation can take place. Thus, generally speaking, from any given world-system some souls are able to enter into the Great Ascension, or are able to realize a full enlightenment in Christ, but there are many that do not mature in time, and so are not drawn up in the Great Ascension. Among those souls that cannot ascend, many are drawn into other world-systems and that are able to continue their development and evolution in this way, until they are able to receive the Christ Spirit in full, and experience their realization or enlightenment in Christ (Divine and Supernal Being). There are some souls, though, that are unable, or unwilling, to pass into other world-systems, and consequently with the passage of the world into destruction, clinging to that world they also pass into destruction; hence, experiencing the second death.

Basically speaking, world-systems are impermanent and they only exist for a limited duration of time, and therefore there is a limited period of time for souls to become realized through incarnations in that world. Thus, some living spirits and souls will become realized, and ascend, and some will not, and among those not realize by that time, some will go on to other world-systems, and some will not. This very principle of reflected throughout nature, for all life that emerges does not thrive and survive, or come to its fruition in life, but the life of many good creatures is cut short, and while it seems very harsh watching it, nevertheless that is Reality as It Is.

In just the same way that there is an end of days for all world-systems, this is also true for great cosmic cycles of creation, or the entire universe. At some point, eventually, the entire universe will pass into destruction, and likewise at that “time” living spirits and souls that have not become realized, or ascended, will pass into destruction; hence, experiencing the second death.

As harsh or severe as this might sound, it is, in truth, a great unconscious oblivion, or something like a great primordial sleep; it is not a tortuous “eternal damnation,” but, in fact, is merciful and liberating. The energy-intelligence, or light of souls, is not destroyed, but rather it is scattered into countless sparks, and these countless sparks will eventually arise as countless living spirits and souls in another great cosmic cycle, or another universe, the energy-intelligence, or light-power, continuing its journey until all of those sparks are uplifted and redeemed, realized in that which we call Christ and God, the True Light.

The natural conclusion of the Second Coming, or “Day of the Lord,” is the End-of-Days; for many it is the dawn of the Eternal Shabbat, the World-to-Come, and for many it is a passage to other world-systems, whether more evolved or more primitive worlds, and for many it is the experience of the second death – what it is, in a manner of speaking, depends on the karmic continuum of souls, or the development and evolution of souls at that point in space-time. In this sense it has rightly been called the Day of Judgment, but then every time a soul departs this world and this life it is, in effect, the “Day of Judgment,” for there are many, many possibilities for the soul in the afterlife, and passing through the gate we call “death” each time there are opportunities for full reintegration with the Light Continuum (Yahweh), and the experience of the Great Ascension. Thus, in the very first saying of the Gospel of St. Thomas, Adonai Yeshua says to us that if we understand the deeper meaning of his teachings we will not experience death when our soul passes from the body. Indeed, for though we shed the physical body as a worn out garment, we will put on a spiritual body, a body of light, having generated the body of light through embodying the Christ Spirit, and we will, through Divine Grace, the Mother Spirit, pass into the Pleroma of Light, the true kingdom of heaven.

There is something to be said of this self-realization in Christ, though, which is reflected in the vow the Magdalene speaks, for although souls enter into the Great Ascension, love and compassion, or the desire for the salvation of all, tends to draw them back into incarnations, and so ascending, they descend, sending forth emanations into heavens and worlds, laboring in love and compassion for the harvest of souls. Thus, of one receiving this holy anointing of the Christ Spirit it is said, “You are a priest forever,” which is to say a savior, redeemer!

Here we may speak an open secret of Christian Kabbalah, or the Holy Gospel we have received. Not only are we meant to embody the Christ Spirit here, in this world, just as Yeshua and Mirya did, but we are also meant to become the Christ to other world-systems, the first to embody and reveal Christ in other world-systems just as Yeshua and Mirya have done in this world. This is the very nature of the love and compassion that is in Christ – it is not about “personal salvation” but the salvation of all; and understanding the immeasurable sorrow and suffering of bondage to the gilgulim, and aware of the reality of the second death, who in unconditional love, boundless compassion, would desire that any single soul be left behind or not saved, realized? Who would not do anything and everything possible for the salvation of all, or the enlightenment and liberation of all?

In this we see another grand trick of the adversary, or Satan, that would divide us from one another, or inspire a prayer or desire for the destruction of the “infidels,” while seated confidently in our own salvation. This, like the idolatry of the person of Jesus, and the proclamation of a collection of books as “The Absolute Word of God,” is a great deception of the “father of lies!” Let us throw away this falsehood that prevents comprehension of the fullness of the love that is in Christ, and that prevents our full action in that Divine Love!

Now, there is something more to be said of the phrase, the “day of the Lord.” We may read “Lord” as Adonai, and as we know, Adonai is a Name of the Holy Shekinah, and it corresponds with the true Community of Israel, the Living Body of Christ; and Adonai corresponds with Malkut of Atzilut, the true Kingdom of God. In the First Coming, it was taught, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near,” and as we know it was embodied in Adonai Yeshua and the Magdalene, and in the Holy Apostles after them. In the Second Coming, the day of the Lord (Adonai), the entire Body of Believers, the Living Body of Christ, is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven, not only an a spiritual and psychic level, but a physical, material level. Thus, the Kingdom of God is not just a manifestation in the World-to-Come, but is manifest in this world, here and now, all through Divine Grace, all as God has ordained.

The Shekinah of the Messiah is called Adonai, but as we know the Shekinah of the Messiah is also called Asherah, and therefore we may also read the day of the Lord as the “day of Asherah,” Adonai-Asherah, Yahweh-Asherah!

The Second Coming is the revelation of God the Mother, and it is the full reception of the Holy Bride, and so it is the revelation of the fullness of the Human One of Light (Christ) as male and female, in men and in women, Adonai-Asherah, or Asher-Asherah. This is begun in the first Bridegroom and Bride, Yeshua and Mirya, the first appearance of the Second Adam and Second Eve of a new humanity – the order of regeneration; but it is to be made complete in us, the men and women who compose the Living Body of Christ, manifesting this Living Presence and Power in the world.

Here we may say, in the Second Coming male and female are joined in One Body of Light, One Light-presence (Christ) and One Light-power (Holy Spirit); and likewise, the Holy Mother and Holy Bride are joined as One, Asherah.

We may contemplate this unity of Father and Son, and Mother and Daughter, and male and female, as the greater truth of Lev, the Sacred Heart, or the “Undivided Heart,” which is the full revelation and realization of the Tree of Life, and the uplifting of all in the Great Resurrection and Ascension.

We know that Bet has a deep correspondence with the Mother and Bride, Upper and Lower Shekinah, and in some way Levv indicates a state of division or separation between the Mother and the Bride, but Lev indicates their union, the fulfillment of the Divine Intention in creative evolution.

The realization of the Divine and Sacred Feminine is integral to the full realization of the Divine and Sacred Masculine – there cannot be the full realization of one without the other; in this we might contemplate the phrase, the “day of the Lord” as the full realization of the Divine and Sacred Masculine through the realization of the Divine and Sacred Feminine.

This points to another great trick of the adversary, the dismissal of God as Mother and the rejection of the Holy Bride, which prevents the full realization of the Divine and the Human One of Light (Christ, or Enlightened Being). Nevertheless, however, through Divine Grace the revelation of God the Mother has come among us, and the full reception of the Holy Bride is coming to pass among us, and is here now, this very day! Hallelu Imma! Hallelu Kallah! Praise the Holy Mother-Bride, Shekinah of the Messiah, Asherah!

If we want to inquire into the true House or Temple of the Living God, our Mother-Father, it is not a tower, or an external temple, or sacred mountain, or an external “holy land,” or any such thing; the House, Temple, of the Living God is a Living Body, it is Christed Humanity. Praise God!

The Mother Spirit brings me into stillness and silence for the moment, so here I will pause and abide with her.

O Father-Mother, we pray that You perfect Your Image and Likeness in us, and we pray for Your ongoing revelation among us; so we pray for the enlightenment and liberation of all living spirits and souls in You (Atoh). Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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Mouth and Heart

#5 Postby Elder Sarah » Sun May 13, 2012 9:07 am

Shabbat Shalom!

Praise be the Holy Shekinah for this dance of such mysteries!

In this connection between the Tower of Babel and Lev, Heart, which by the way is an outrageous connection! a verse in Matthew (12:34) comes up,

“For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”

It is very intriguing that it is specifically “language” that gets scattered in the story of the Tower of Babel. This would be a scattering of the ability to communicate, the ability to join together. If the klippot surrounding the heart is where we are coming from, direct and pure communication is impossible, hence Light Transmission is impossible. Though, if the heart is “abundant”, communication can flow, the mouth can speak in purity.

I am very intrigued by the relationship between mouth and heart and how it is “heart” in Hebrew is Lev, which enumerates 32. Can we say if the heart is not pure, or is arising as Levv, somehow the 32 paths are arising in separation? By separation is meant there is no awareness of the interconnectivity of this vast array of energy intelligences. If we contemplate the Netivot as “Halls” of consciousness, it appears the “Halls” have walls and without awareness of the interconnectivity of these “Halls” of consciousness then there is a binding in each “Hall” and an inability to shift and dance freely in this vast array of the various modes of consciousness. These seems the trapping of many languages verses “one” language, the ignorance of the “Word”.

Somehow, this links to the idea of the Second Coming being that of the realization of the Christ Spirit in a Body of Believers. In the First Coming the message is repentance, which seems to be a message of turning to recognize the mode of consciousness one is moving with. In the Second Coming the message appears to be one of coming to a recognition of the freedom to shift modes, hence the whole Body united as One. We see this in the contemplation of the Bride becoming Mother. If we contemplate the Bride as the reality display joined with “awareness” which is the Son, then Mother would be something akin to an entire shift in the reality display. This goes back to the verse in Matthew, for as we know, “Mouth” corresponds to “Malkut”, and if Malkut flows out of the “abundance of the heart”, which would be the awareness of Bride and Bridegroom in union, it is Mother who arises.

There is another mystery and question standing out here. Tau beautifully speaks of the shift from First Coming to Second Coming as the shift from the Christ Spirit embodied in One, to the Christ Spirit being embodied in the Body of Believers. The question comes, can we say the Resurrection Body of Yeshua Messiah is something of this Body of Believers? And that though Magdalene witnesses this Body, it has taken time and space for the fullness of that Body to be received, and in a way, this has something to do with why she speaks the vow to return generation after generation. Somehow it takes generation after generation in order for the fullness of the Resurrection Body to be received, in order for that matrix to be established. Along this line of contemplation, it is interesting how in John 15:19 Yeshua speaks,

“In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me; because I live, you also will live.”

Curious the “world” will not see this “One” that appeared, though this “One” will be seen through many.

We see this mystery in how Yeshua says, “Before Abraham was, I am”. He basically says the Messiah is within and through all of space-time, though, the Messiah cannot be fully received until there is a matrix to receive. This is why Enoch was not received, and even Moses. There was no “Body” to receive the “Soul” of Messiah. This is a great mystery!

May All Members of this Great Body come to full remembrance of the Christ Spirit moving within and through!

Many thanks for such beautiful teachings!

Elder Sarah+

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Tower of the Flock, Body of Resurrection

#6 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue May 15, 2012 12:54 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

Beautiful contemplations and insights dear sister; they are quite lovely and run deep.

First, as we know Yeshua teaches us, “Blessed are the pure in heart (lev), for they will see God,” they will see God, the Good, in this world, and in the World-to-Come; but in levv there is the illusion of separation, and there is karmic vision, the vision of ignorance, and that becomes the reality of a person in the impure condition, the unenlightened condition. Then, God, the Good, is not seen and heard and known, but rather there is great sorrow and suffering in an aimless wandering.

It is a vision of sorrow to look and see how many are bound up in the illusion of separation and karmic vision, especially when we know and understand that it continues into the afterlife, souls most often continuing in sorrow and suffering, and in bondage to the gilgulim arising from impurities in consciousness, or an unconscious compulsion. This vision of sorrow, though, joined to the generation of the Sacred Heart, becomes our motivation, our passionate desire, to be of benefit to others, laboring for the deliverance of others from bondage and from suffering. Thus, seeing this we do not become discouraged, but rather we are set into motion by the Christ Spirit, Christ and the Holy Spirit manifesting as us for the uplifting and redemption of many others.

This play of karmic vision is not isolate to this world, or to ordinary consciousness, but it can also play out in dreams and visions, and in spiritual and mystical experiences, or altered states of consciousness. Thus, we hear of false prophets and false prophecies, and along with authentic wisdom traditions, there are many strange and false teachings, or strange “religions.” Every vision or inspiration, every point of view, is not necessarily true, but often there is a great admixture of falsehood, impurity, ignorance. This is the product of klippah nogah, that “glow,” or “false light,” that is an admixture of good and evil, distorting and corrupting the revelations of the True Divine; and likewise, with klippah nogah, the influence of the klippot, the husks of darkness, the impure emanations enter into play. On account of this we hear about the hazy and clear mirror of prophecy, so that even with true prophecy and true prophets dreams and visions of the Divine may be distorted or corrupted, more or less, by the karmic vision of the prophet. If we look to the prophets of the Old Testament, versus the teachings of Christ and the Gospel, this becomes very clear, for we know that such things as genocide and slavery are not of God, the True Light, and yet prophets of ancient Israel and primitive religions advocated such things in the Name of God. In fact, even the holy apostles of the primitive church following the First Coming clung to certain falsehoods, ignorance, such as slavery, inequality of men and women, and such, corruptions that in the Second Coming must be purified, or must be healed.

Now there is something of an open secret that must be spoken, for the Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge are one and the same Holy Tree, but that Holy Tree appears as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the vision of ignorance, or impure vision; hence, in dreams and visions, and in altered states of consciousness, the appearance of the Tree of Life becomes distorted and corrupted by the admixture of falsehood and the unreal. An excellent example of this, corresponding perfectly with the tower of Babel, is the “Qabalah” taught by many occultists; for the sake of occult knowledge and power, apart from any actual self-realization or enlightenment, all manner of strange and false teachings have been added to the Kabbalah, and what is taught as “Qabalah” is often founded upon misconceptions, or a lack of knowledge and understanding of the Holy Kabbalah. The very same Tree of Life, Sefirot, Netivot and Olamot are spoken about, but instead of the Tree of Life, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is perceived and taught; instead of the Spirit of the Messiah, or the Holy Spirit, other influences and spirits enter into aspirants, deceiving spirits of the klippot.

In this time of the Second Coming, of course, this is not isolate to the Holy Kabbalah, but it is transpiring with virtually all authentic mystical traditions, so that with virtually all streams of Light Transmission there are also manifestations of false lights, distortions and corruptions by those attempting to acquire spiritual knowledge and power for selfish, egoistic ambitions, or attempting to “take the gates of heaven by storm.” If and when there is a greater influx of Holy Light in this world, so also there is a greater manifestation of shades and shadows, the Darkness, and this is true on spiritual, psychic and material levels; but in some way, all in a mystery, there is a need for this play, this dance of Light and Darkness, or this appearance of True Light and false lights, for it is through this that souls are able to develop and evolve, and become realized in Christ and God, the True Light, or True Enlightenment (True Gnosis).

It must be said that with a greater outpouring of the Spirit of God, the Fiery Intelligence, there is naturally an acceleration of all consciousness, pure and impure alike, and so there is an amplification of good and evil, righteousness and wickedness; quite literally, the Spirit is being poured out on “all flesh,” just as prophets have foreseen. If we study and contemplate the Book of Revelation, or Apocalypse, we see this clearly; in the midst of a greater Supernal Influx some souls experience a Thunderbolt Illumination, but many souls fracture and shatter, unable to integrate and hold, embody, the Holy Light in full.

This is the Judgment, not that the Holy Light, or Christ and God, judges, but rather the judgment is in living spirits and souls, and whether or not they are willing and able to enter into the Holy Light, and to receive, integrate and embody the Holy Light; it is all a question of the karmic continuum of beings, or the development and evolution of souls.

In the Holy Scriptures whenever there is an appearance of Judgment (Gevurah), as with the tower of Babel, or at Mount Sinai, there is, in effect, an influx of Greater Light, Greater Intelligence and Power, and the shattering, or scattering, is the result of vessels, souls, unwilling or unable to receive and integrate the Greater Light.

Here we may speak another open secret. The mystery of the crucifixion is this: Yeshua, Jesus, took the shattering, or scattering, upon himself, so that through Divine Grace, when he is raised from death to life, and is gathered into God, the True Light, so also are we uplifted, healed, and empowered to receive the greater Supernal Influx. In the First Coming, in compassion, this Supernal Influx is measured, but having been received in measure, so there has been an evolution in consciousness, a movement towards a greater perfection and fullness, and that Supernal Influx is increasing and expanding, and there is an even greater Supernal Influx transpiring among us today in the Second Coming of Christ.

The truth is, on our own, apart from the “remission of sin,” and the Sanctuary of Grace manifest in Messiah Yeshua, our Elder Brother, we would not be able to receive the Supernal Influx and not be completely overwhelmed and shattered, but through the Divine Grace manifest as Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah, and the Magdalene, we are able to receive, integrate and embody the Supernal Light in full.

Look and see, and understand! She is called the Magdalene, “Tower of the Flock,” the Holy Tower that does not fracture or shatter, the Sacred Heart and Tongue that is undivided, and that does not scatter; she is at the cross, and she is at the empty tomb at the dawn of the third day, and she is the first to receive the full outpouring of the Supernal Light, the Spirit of the Messiah, from Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah. As Yeshua Messiah is our Elder Brother, the firstborn from the dead among us, so is Kallah Messiah, the Magdalene, our Elder Sister, the firstborn among the awakened ones, or enlightened souls in the Risen Christ; and because she was able to receive in full, so also are we able to receive in full – her reception is our reception! Hallelu Yah!

The Risen Messiah, the Eternal Christ, transcends space and time, and therefore emanates throughout all space and time, throughout the heavens and on earth, past, present and future; and the Magdalene, who is the Holy Bride, is not just Lady Mirya, anymore than the Eternal Christ is just Lord Yeshua, but rather, the Magdalene is the Living Body of Christ, the Body of Believers, or rather the Body of Knowers (Gnostics). The Eternal Christ is the Head, Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, and the Living Body of Christ is the ongoing reception and embodiment of that Fiery Intelligence, that Supernal Light. Thus, truly, we are the Emanation Body of the Risen Messiah, the Eternal Christ, and through us, and all who receive, integrate and embody this Holy Light, the revelation of Hayyah Yeshua is ongoing, and it is as though the Risen Messiah is expanding into all creation, drawing the entirety into the Pleroma of Light, Fullness of Light.

In just the same way that Magdalene is the co-preacher and co-redeemer with Messiah Yeshua, so also are we; receiving and imparting this Light Transmission of the Risen Messiah, so the Risen Messiah is manifest in the world as us, the Holy Light, Holy Spirit, moving with, in and through us in our generation, all through Divine Grace. As younger sisters and brothers, we are destined to grow and mature into the full embodiment of the Spirit of Messiah, just as did our Elder Sister and Brother – we are all siblings of the Holy Light, daughters and sons of God. Adonai Yeshua himself teaches us this, saying to us, “Do you not know you are all children of God,” and likewise, saying to us, “You will do greater things than you have seen me do.” He also spoke of the Messiah in him, saying, “I am the light of the world,” and he said to us, “You are the light of the world”; if we are the light of the world, then the Messiah, the Christ, is embodied in us as it was in Yeshua, and we are also saviors, redeemers, with him, emanations of the Eternal Christ.

This, exactly, is what is taught in the Gnostic gospel entitled “Pistis Sophia,” for in that Holy Scripture the Risen Christ teaches his disciples that the spiritual knowledge and power of the “twelve saviors” is embodied in them; hence, that they are also emanations of the Savior, Christ, the Human One of Light.

There is something of the mystery of levv versus lev, here, for before the First Appearance of the Risen Christ heaven and earth were, in effect, divided, as though separate from one another – hence levv, two “houses”; but with the First Appearance of the Risen Christ, and the Second Appearance of the Risen Christ in us, heaven and earth are joined, united – hence lev, one “house” or “dwelling.” The Living Body of Christ is the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God, on earth; and this Living Body is the Resurrection Body, the Body of a New Order, the Order of Regeneration (Resurrection).

With Yohanan the Baptist and Yeshua Messiah we will continue to proclaim, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near,” but we will also say, “Look and see, it is in your midst, and manifest among you, come and enter into the kingdom of heaven today!” When we say, “repent,” indeed, we are not speaking of looking into the past, but rather, turning away from the past, and letting go of the past, to abide in the present day, the present moment, looking into the future, for the Living Presence, the Holy Kingdom, is in the present, and what we behold in the Risen Christ is our present reality and our future; when we say “repent,” we are saying reintegrate with the Holy Light, receive and embody the Holy Light – abide now and always in this Living Presence of Christ and God, the True Light.

Levv is the plight of religion bound to the past, but lev is the delight of a pure spirituality of direct experience, living in the present where the Living Presence and Power of God is, and looking to the future, which is where the Living Spirit of God carries us. And here we may speak another open secret, for when we abide in the Living Presence, embodying the Spirit of the Eternal Christ, looking forward to progress and the future, the past is transformed, uplifted and redeemed. If we fixate upon the past, it will remain unredeemed, and as the saying goes, “History repeats itself,” and we remain bound up in sin, karma; but when we look to the future, abiding in the present, where we are and where God Is, then we are free from bondage to sin, karma, and we are established in the Great Resurrection and Ascension.

Another great trick of the adversary, the “devil,” is to get us to fixate upon the past, upon our sins, our negative karma, and so bind our soul to the ignorance, the darkness, and prevent us from entering into the Holy Light. If we look and see the Church of Edom (Rome) under the dominion of the anti-Christ Spirit, this fixation upon sin and unworthiness, and upon suffering, is exactly what was, and is, taught, and this teaching is false, a deception of the father of lies! If we look into the teachings of Yeshua Messiah, in truth he does not go on and on about sin, or negative karma, but rather he teaches the ways of righteousness and truth, and he calls us to “be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect”; and as he preaches this, so he also teaches, “Your sins are forgiven you, go and sin no more.” This Holy Gospel of the Christ Spirit is very different from the gospel of the anti-Christ spirit; the Gospel of Christ is good news, very sweet, but the spirit of the anti-Christ sours and poisons, delivering bitter news. Let us pray that more and more faithful people stop drinking the poison, but rather, that they come to drink the Living Water, the Living Word and Wisdom of God!

The Living Christ, the Living Word (Logos) and Wisdom (Sophia) are crying out this very day, “I am here, come look and see, come listen and hear, and enter into the kingdom of heaven!”

In closing we can say, the Risen Christ is the Tree of Life.

Let us pray that many hear the Gospel of Truth and enter the kingdom of heaven, and that being received, many receive and give, letting their light shine to illuminate the whole world! O Holy One, may this come to pass! Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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#7 Postby Brother Brian » Tue May 15, 2012 3:18 pm

Thank you Holy Spirit, Ma, Maggidim, Tzaddikim, Luminious Assembly, Companions for these wonderful revelations of Second Coming. This indeed is so exciting to see these revelations unfold and also experiencing integration of these Holy Mysteries being revealed in our beingness as we recieve them and are them.

We are so Blessed! What a wonderful time to be in the awarness of the presence of God during this blessed age we are experiencing now! Thank you Holy One for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit! Praise Ma! :D

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From Every Tribe, Nation, and Language

#8 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat May 19, 2012 6:57 pm

When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability. (Acts 2:1-4)

Our oral tradition posits that this raying out of the Holy Spirit was centered in Our Lady Mary: As the axle of a fiery wheel, through whom all present in the room were linked, everyone present was joined as spokes by divided tongues of fire upon their crowns. The evidence of this Light Transmission was felt even by people outside below, hearing deeds of power of the Holy One in their own language. Who could walk on, hearing something so uplifting in what must have been so precisely spoken in their language so far from home? Those who did not dismiss the phenomena of drunkenness from new wine were irreversibly drawn what was happening. To what many of these Gentiles were drawn was the Second Coming, the “pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh.”

The momentum of preaching to non-Jewish people had already began near the end of Yeshua’s earthly ministry, but never before Pentecost had Gentile people been called to the wonders of God in their own language. St. Paul’s career was the outreach to the Gentiles. The ground of the disciples’ outreach to Gentiles established by the later part of Yeshua’s earthly ministry, forged at Pentecost, and extended by St. Paul, culminates in the Apocalypse, where in many verses, the gathering of all “tribes, peoples, and languages” in the Lamb is promised:

After this I looked, and there was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, robed in white, with palm branches in their hands. (Revelations 7:9)

The inclusion of non-Jewish people according to their native language is significant and more complex than Catholic and Protestant missionary work extorting indigenous people. Contemporary conscience cannot participate in any such forms of socio-political dominion in the name of Yeshua Messiah. The Second Coming is not ultimately Christian, but is more. Just as Messiah is more than Yeshua, so the Second Coming is more than Christian.

Metaphysically, what is more than Christian might be the fullest and most comprehensive view of the gathering of, “all tribes, peoples, and languages before the throne and before the Lamb.” What that ‘more’ can be is the fullest mystery of the Second Coming, a teaching with which I’d greatly appreciate some help, so as to not oversimply nor underestimate the prophecy still unfolding since Pentecost: How is the Holy Bride, the Tower of the Flock, the vehicle of the tikkune of the Tower of Babel?


Elder Gideon+

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The Illumination of Magdalene, the Tower of the Flock

#9 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu May 24, 2012 11:21 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

There is much to be said of the Tower of Babel and the healing that comes through the Tower of the Flock and Pentecost, a more so, through New Jerusalem.

St. John writes of New Jerusalem in Revelation, saying, “Then I saw a new heaven and new earth, for the first heaven and first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband” (21:1-2). He also writes, “Blessed are those who will wash their robes, so that they will have the right to the tree of life and may enter by the city gates” (22:14).

According to the prophet, the tree of life is for the “healing of the nations,” and tribute will be given to the Lamb and New Jerusalem by all nations, and the spiritual Community of Israel, the spiritual elect, will be gathered from among all nations; this, indeed, surpasses a Second Coming isolate to “Christians,” speaking of a greater spiritual realization or enlightenment, the gnosis of the Cosmic and Primordial Christ.

Listen and hear, and understand! The tower of Babel was built by human beings, in self-glorification and self-will, seeking to take the gates of heaven by force; it was founded upon the earth, and the ignorance here, gazing towards heaven in the illusion of separation, or delusion of lack – completely opposite New Jerusalem! New Jerusalem comes down from heaven, is founded upon heaven, and the knowledge of heaven, and it is given by God, Divine Grace, and it is the glorification of God and the fulfillment of the will of God – and we may say that there is one holy tongue in it, the language of God and the angels of God!

Here we may say, the tower was shattered, and the languages confused, and the people scattered, all for the sake of the coming into being of New Jerusalem, the Kingdom of the Messiah, the Kingdom of God; so also, the old temples and old Jerusalem made with human hands fell, and the children of Israel, the tribes, were scatters, ten, in effect, becoming lost among the peoples of other nations. These two actions are parallel, or are two stages of the same movement, the former generating many and diverse peoples, nations, and the latter is like the casting of seeds of light and life into the various nations, the generation of a true spiritual humanity in them that is able to receive and embody the Spirit of Messiah, or Supernal Consciousness.

We may add another stage, or cycle, to this movement, the loss of the Christ Spirit with the dawn of orthodoxy and the dominion of the spirit of the anti-Christ over Christendom, driving a migration of many into various places who were seeking a restoration of the Christ Spirit, or a restoration of direct experience of the Living Christ and Holy Spirit; this invoking the Second Coming of Christ in Glory in which we are living.

Listen and hear, and understand! This New Jerusalem is the Living Body of Christ, for as it is written, it is as a “bride” adorned for her husband, the Lamb of God, and the Holy Bride, as we know, is the Body of Christ. This Living Body, though, is Pure Emanation, coming “down out of heaven,” a Holy Body generated through a rebirth from above, as taught in the Gospel of St. John. Understanding this, every attribute cited of New Jerusalem is an attribute of the Living Body of Christ, the true Church of Christ, and there is one secret mystery regarding these Divine Attributes the Holy Spirit would have us speak here. Perhaps you may recall the twelve powers of the twelve saviors that the Risen Christ says he joined to the souls of his disciples when they were in their mother’s wombs, a teaching given in the Gnostic gospel, Pistis Sophia. The jeweled gates of New Jerusalem correspond to these Divine Powers of the Twelve Saviors, which manifest as twelve lineages of Light Transmission, or true Gnostic Apostolic Succession. As we know, including the fullness of the Holy Light embodied in Adonai Yeshua and the Magdalene, the weave of all twelve streams of Light Transmission, there are thirteen streams of Light Transmission, the inmost secret lineage of Gnostic Apostolic Succession being that of the Apostle of the Apostles, the Magdalene, the Tower of the Flock.

Now in Pentecost, in the First Coming, the influx of the Fiery Intelligence, or Supernal Light, was like the implanting of a Seed of Light, setting the Continuum of Light Transmission into motion; the fruition of this, however, is in the Second Coming, which is a greater influx of the Holy Light, the Christ Spirit, pouring itself out upon “all flesh.” As we see in Revelation, with the Woman of Light, the Mother, and New Jerusalem, the Holy Bride, this is the revelation of God the Mother and the full reception of the Holy Bride, the Tower of the Flock; and this revelation of Mother and reception of the Holy Bride has come to pass, and is coming to pass, it is transpiring among us! Hallelu Yah!

Here we may say, in the Second Coming there is a New Pentecost, the fulfillment of the Pentecost – Seeds of Light maturing into a Great Tree of Light, or Life, Asherah!

The reception of the Light Transmission, or Christ Spirit, is the awakening of the Power of the Savior in our soul, and so through progressive influxes of the Holy Light, the Christ Spirit, we are joined as members of the Living Body of Christ, and enter into greater intimacy, greater and greater love and knowledge of Christ, the Human One of Light; the fruition, or fullness of this love and knowledge of Christ is conscious union with Christ and God, the True Light – full embodiment of the Christ Spirit, or Supernal Consciousness.

The Power of the Savior, the power that delivers (Yeshua), is Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, and this salvation is the transformation of all levels of consciousness by the Supernal Light. This transformation of all levels of consciousness is the “washing of robes” through which souls are able to partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life and enter the Holy City by the Gates; hence, a transformation of mind and heart, and even the substance of matter composing the body – mental, vital and physical consciousness being taken up and transformed by the Spirit, the Light, of the Messiah.

In the Risen Messiah, the Living Christ, we have one mind, the Mind of Christ, and one heart, the Sacred Heart of Christ, and one body, the Body of Christ; we abide in Oneness, Sacred Unity, with Christ in God, the True Light. Yet, at the same time, this Holy Mind, Heart and Body of Christ is manifest in countless emanations, each and every one unique and individual, like no other, but in complete Oneness, Union, and Harmony with one another in the Christ Spirit, the Holy Light. Thus, naturally, this will assume appearances of Christ and Christian, a Christian stream of Light Transmission, but it will also assume other appearances, other names, beyond “Christ” and “Christian.”

Here we may say, on one level, the unification of tongues is the One Enlightenment, the Spirit of Truth, within and behind all streams of Light Transmission, all authentic wisdom traditions; knowing this, all authentic wisdom traditions do, indeed, speak the same language, Truth, though in many different ways, and wherever there is Truth, there is this Holy Light that we call “Christ,” this Anointing with the Spirit of Truth. This is knowledge and understanding of the Cosmic and Primordial Christ, the greater Truth of Christ and God (or Enlightenment).

It must be said, however, that although the Second Coming is transpiring and New Jerusalem has come down out of the heavens from God, still the unenlightened society and world goes on as it always has, and will, until the fruition of the End-Of-Days, and we must understand that we are living in the early period of the Second Coming, the outset, and that there is an ongoing revelation of God the Mother and there is a greater fruition yet to come. Thus, along with true tzaddikim or apostles, and true streams of Light Transmission, or authentic wisdom traditions, there are, and will be, many false prophets and false teachings; along with the manifestation of the True Light, there will be many false lights. Thus, concerning New Jerusalem St. John writes, “Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and fornicators and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood” (Revelation 22:15).

In this we may understand the ongoing play of Lev and Levv, for those who are able to enter and abide in New Jerusalem have Lev, the Sacred Heart, and the knowledge and understanding of Lev Netivot ha-Hokmah, the “Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom” that compose the Tree of Life, or Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah; but those bound up in Levv, the illusion of separation, cannot enter New Jerusalem to partake of the Tree of Life, but remain under the dominion of the Tree of Death, the potentially endless rounds of the gilgulim, or transmigration. Thus, there is a great need for the circumcision of the heart, the “undivided heart”; hence, the generation of the Sacred Heart, the love and compassion of Christ.

Here we must say, it is through the love and compassion of Christ the true spiritual illumination, or enlightenment dawns, and through which all true knowledge, understanding and wisdom of creation and God is acquired; apart from love and compassion, there is no true Habad – whatever knowledge, understanding or wisdom there might be it remains in ignorance, impurity. Likewise we must say, this Holy Light is Holy Love, and as much as it may be said that it is the Holy Light that transforms the mind, heart and body, so it may be said that it is Holy Love that transforms every level of consciousness into the image and likeness of God, Christ.

If we have this Holy Light, then we will love, and it is through loving one another that this Holy Light is embodied and our consciousness is transformed.

In this we may know and understand that to “wash our robes” is to love, and we may understand that acts of loving-kindness, charity, is everything in Christ; in the love of Christ we serve Christ with, in and through one another, and in so doing we are realized in Christ and Christ is realized in us.

Love, ahava or agape, is a unified language; where there is love, regardless of our tongue, there is unity, true communion.

Even if we all shared one language, but did not have love, there would be no real unity, or true communion. This we see with the tower of Babel (Bet-Bet-Lamed), which is Levv (Lamed-Bet-Bet); the people were bound up in an illusion of separation, in self-grasping and self-will, lacking in love, as is the way of unenlightened society and this world, and therefore there was no real unity, or true communion among them.

In this regard we may reflect upon what has been called “Holy Communion” in the Roman and Orthodox Churches – if and when there is no Holy Love there is nothing holy about it, and in truth there is no communion! It is just the same as the tower of Babel! The true mystics, or gnostics, who have arising in the midst of the darkness, the ignorance of orthodoxy, have pointed this out again and again, and so also must we point it out as messengers of the Living Christ.

There is something more to be said about this, for also a true Holy Communion does not come through a focus upon sin and unworthiness, or on the Passion and Crucifixion, but it comes through a focus upon the Risen Christ, the Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost; it is a grand trick of the adversary to have souls focus on their division from Christ and God, the True Light, instead of upon their innate union and perfection in Christ and God.

In a similar fashion, it is not elaborate rites, rituals and fancy vestments we need for a Holy Communion, but rather, a pure heart and clear mind joined (lev), and the generation of a Body of Light (light-vestures); hence “washed robes.”

Here we must say, it is the power of the Spirit of Christ, Divine Grace, which manifests a true and “valid” Holy Communion; if it is not Gifted by God, and in the love of Christ, there is no True Communion, there cannot be!

The truth is, we do not even need bread and wine for Light Transmission, or Holy Communion, though it can be a delightful talisman of the Holy Light and Fire in this dimension when consecrated by the Christ Spirit, the Holy Spirit!

Here the Mother would have me pause, and abide.

O Adonai, Elohim, may Your Holy Kingdom come from the heavens this day, and shine from within us this day, Your Light and Love being made manifest with, in and through us, and as us. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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Second Coming, The Tower, and The Missing Letter

#10 Postby MeganDon » Tue May 29, 2012 10:32 am

Shalom Brothers and Sisters,

What a joyful and rich post that is ongoing here. Thank you.

It was spoken in the last post that The Second Coming is in its early days and there is much more to come to fruition. I was pondering recently the connection between The Tower of Babel, The Tower of the Flock, The Missing Letter, The Second Coming, and The-World-To-Come. These all seem intricately bound.

It is spoken that the four-prong Shin is a Mother Letter, and that when this letter is revealed then there will be a universe created of peace and harmony.
Can we say that the revealing of The Missing Letter has been continually happening, that is, through the women Tzaddikim and prophets such as Miriam, Devorah, Ruth, Naomi, Mother Miriam, Mirya, The Tower of the Flock, and now the re-emergence of Asherah.
The Tower of the Flock, The Missing Mother Letter, the Tower of Babel - they all seem to join together to bring forward the restructuring of the Tower.
Perhaps also a connection here with the purifying of the Sefirot of Construction, and the ultimate filling of the Vessel of Malkut.

The thousand years of peace that will reign, perhaps could be understood as a future part of the process of the revealing of The Missing Letter. And then ultimately The World-To-Come.

So I am feeling the revealing of The Missing Letter as an ongoing revelation - perhaps this is a very Christian Hasidim interpretation - but would be most interested to know of Lineage teachings around this and what of Midrashim that may be relevant to our Tradition.

In the Mystery of All That Was, Is, and Shall Be
Sister Meghan

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Women and Men as Apostles in Christ

#11 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue May 29, 2012 2:30 pm

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

Our Christian Kabbalah teaches that the “missing letter” corresponds with the Spirit of the Messiah, and teaches that it is missing until the coming of the Messiah; the four-pronged Shin, indeed, is said to be this letter, and when we spell the Name of the Great Seth, it would be with this Shin, and so also when we spell Asherah, the Name of the Shekinah of Messiah.

The Spirit of the Messiah was not received by women or by men who were under the old covenant, though women and men among the tzaddikim and navim under the old covenant did receive prophecies, dreams and visions, of the coming of the Messiah, the Anointed of God. It became manifest and embodied in Messiah Yeshua at the Sacred Jordan, and it was revealed in full and imparted in full in the resurrection, when the Risen Messiah appeared to the Magdalene; this embodiment and revelation in a man and a woman, of course, and the Light Transmission that flows from it, is the foundation of true Gnostic Apostolic Succession according to our tradition.

The four-pronged Shin represents the Spirit of the Messiah and Shekinah of the Messiah, or the power of the Great Seth; and the Great Seth, the Human One of Light, is male and female joined together in one Body of Light, inseparable from one another. The Shekinah of the Messiah is the Supernal Light Transmission that flows from the Great Seth, the four-pronged Shin corresponds with the Supernal Light Transmission, and with those holy apostles, male or female, who embody the Shekinah of the Messiah in full, or who have received and can impart the entire spectrum of Light Transmission – they are Shin-Tau (the “Cross of Light” embodied).

The Light Transmission under the old covenant was spiritual light, but in the new covenant, it is Supernal Light – the True Light; as we know and understand, though, the Light Transmission in the First Coming was measured, and in the Second Coming there is a progression of the Light Transmission, the greater glory and power of the Supernal Shekinah becoming realized. Already the greater glory and power of the Supernal Shekinah, Asherah, is being realized and embodied, and yet there is a greater revelation and embodiment to come, the present time being the opening of the way for greater influxes of the Supernal Light, the Christ Spirit.

In the First Coming, the Holy Bride could not be received in full, but in the Second Coming, she has and is, and will be, received in full; thus, the three-pronged Shin corresponds to the Holy Bride in the First Coming, and the four-pronged Shin corresponds with the Holy Bride in the Second Coming, the union of the Mother and Bride, and her full reception, Asherah!

Here we can say, only now is the “missing letter” being given to us in full, this Great Shin of Supernal Light Transmission.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this greater revelation and embodiment of the Supernal Light, or Christ Spirit, requires women and men forming the Living Body of Christ in coequality, women and men laboring together as co-preachers and co-redeemers in Christ, women and men receiving the full spectrum of Light Transmission and imparting the full spectrum of Light Transmission – the full anointing with Supernal Light, the Christ Spirit. Thus, this Great Shin corresponds with women and men who are living tzaddikim or apostles in Christ; and specifically, it corresponds with the living tzaddikim or apostles of the Second Coming of Christ in Glory, and to the entire Living Body (Community) receiving the Christ Spirit in the Second Coming.

As we know in our experience, when this full anointing with Supernal Light transpires there is a witness of the power of the Holy Spirit – it is recognizable, and in this we know when it transpires with sisters and brothers because we can see and hear that it has come to pass. This full anointing, however, is not an end, but is a new beginning, for there are ongoing influxes of the Holy Light. Thus, when we speak of a greater revelation and embodiment yet to come in the collective, the same is true in the experience of the individual – in every way, on every level, progression, evolution, is the way in the Second Coming.

Here I’m inclined to pause…

May we dance with the Shekinah of the Messiah with full passion, yearning always for greater progress. Amen.

Peace be with you!
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Great Shin & Great Seth (Shin-Tau)

#12 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed May 30, 2012 11:27 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

There is something more to be said about the Great Shin, and the tower of Babel and Levv, versus the Tower of the Flock, the Magdalene, and Lev, the Sacred Heart.

As we have said, the Great Shin is manifest as the Risen Christ and Magdalene joined in mystical union, and is the Supernal Light Transmission that flows from this manifestation of the Great Seth (Shin-Tau). The very Name of Yeshua contains this mystery, this knowledge and power, and as we know we are to “put on the Blessed Name.” If we were to spell the Name of Yeshua in the Second Coming, it would be with a Great Shin, understanding that it is not the return of the person of Yeshua, Jesus, but rather is a greater outpouring of the Spirit of the Messiah and a progression of the Light Transmission.

“Putting on the Name” is receiving and imparting Light Transmission.

The Name of Yeshua is spelt Yod-He-Shin-Vau-He, and if we understand the sequence of letters composing this Holy Name they reveal exactly our experience of the full reception of the Light Transmission. Yod corresponds to Eheieh, “I Am,” hidden, concealed, and Shin-Vau-He corresponds with Asher Eheieh, “Who I Am,” which is Eheieh revealed, realized and embodied; the first He is the vehicle, or way of this revelation, the moment of full Light Transmission, or full Supernal Influx.

If we wish to look into this we may consider the Transfiguration, when Who I Am (Asher Eheieh) was manifest and revealed to close disciples on the mountain. Calling his close disciples to come with him, and climbing the mountain, there was Yod, Eheieh, I Am, concealed, hidden; but arriving at the top of the mountain, or a place of power upon it, then Adonai Yeshua revealed the radiant glory and power (Shekinah) of the Messiah within him and around him, and great tzaddikim and maggidim appeared in bodies of glory, or pure emanation with him, and so there was a full Light Transmission to the close disciples that were with him. From our own experience, we know that those who were with him also became radiant with glory, light, and that there was a movement of great spiritual power with, in and through them, and we know that they became overwhelmed by this Light Transmission, which is often the case in an initial experience of an influx of the Supernal Light. Essentially, the reception of the full spectrum of Light Transmission requires a complete transparency, or complete self-negation; hence, the first He in the Blessed Name as the vehicle, or way of Light Transmission. The letter He literally means “window,” implying openness and sensitivity, or transparency. The Holy Tzaddik and Disciple become transparent, and to the degree of transparency, self-negation, in the disciple, there is a revelation of Who I Am, or Light Transmission; when this can transpire in full awareness, the disciple remaining completely present and lucid, then Who I Am in the Holy Tzaddik is revealed in full, and the Light Transmission is imparted in full, the revelation being allowed to go full cycle. This corresponds with the first He of the Blessed Name. At the time of the Transfiguration, of course, this could not transpire in full with the disciples who were with him, for there were klippot, karmic obstructions that had not been dispelled; they remained bound up in self-grasping, and a strong self-identification with name and form, and personal history. Thus, complete transparency, or complete self-negation, was not possible; but as we know, through the rite of ransom, through the crucifixion, this karma, this sin, was removed from them, and in the resurrection they were able to receive the full influx of Supernal Light (Pentecost), the fullness of that day.

The first to receive the Supernal Light Transmission in full was Lady Mirya, the Magdalene, and then, once she had received in full, all of the disciples or companions of Yeshua Messiah also were able to receive the Light Transmission, the Holy Spirit, in full – the revelation of Who I Am (Hayyah Yeshua, Risen Messiah).

Now Vau and He final indicate a great mystery; Yod-He-Shin is the reception of Light Transmission, and Vau-He is the imparting of the Light Transmission. The mystery of Vau-He is this, that full reception requires a full imparting, giving to another what has been received and embodied; only then is receiving complete, as we know in the teachings of the Kabbalah on “reaching and not-reaching until there is reaching.” The completion of the reception of the Light Transmission happens when the disciples of Adonai Yeshua, as Holy Apostles after him, reveal Who I Am to their disciples; hence, when they impart the Light Transmission, the Spirit of the Messiah, to others.

As we know, this Light Transmission is the gate through which souls enter into the Holy Flock, the Living Body of Christ; and the first to receive the Supernal Light Transmission is the Magdalene, the Tower of the Flock, for in love she is willing to complete self-negation, complete self-offering, complete transparency – she embodies Lev, an undivided heart, the Sacred Heart.

Levv, and the tower of Babel, represent an egoistic state, karmic conditioning, that prevents the full spectrum of Light Transmission – it is the play of self-grasping and self-will, and the play of desire and fear in ego-grasping; so long as our heart is divided, and we make division between one another, remaining bound up in the delusion of lack, the illusion of separation, we cannot experience the deep spiritual intimacy of the Light Transmission. Basically speaking, we are unwilling, or unable, to the full surrender, the full self-negation, through which the Light Transmission happens, or through which the Holy Spirit moves in full Divine Action.

Lev, and the Tower of the Flock, are the opposite of this – there is no divisiveness, no illusion of separation; instead, there is openness and sensitivity, spaciousness, transparency, and so the Magdalene experienced no difference between herself and the Risen Messiah, experiencing conscious union with the Spirit of the Messiah, the Holy Light! Hallelu Messiah Kallah! Praise the Anointed Bride!

In that moment, she is not a woman and he is not a man, but there is only the Human Being of Light, the Messiah; and then, there is a holy man and holy woman anointed with Supernal Light in full, the Messiah. Such is the experience of the revelation of Who I Am, or the Wisdom of the Great Seth (Shin-Tau).

When this Light-presence and Light-power is hidden in the Master, this is Asher, but when this Light-presence and Light-power is revealed, transmitted, this is Asherah; in that there is an evolution, progression, of the Continuum of Light Transmission in the Second Coming, so there is a greater manifestation of Asherah, the Shekinah of the Messiah (Supernal Shekinah). Hallelu Yah!

If we were to speak of this self-negation or transparency in another way, it is love and faith. We see this in the Magdalene, for she loves Adonai Yeshua unconditionally, and she has complete faith in him, or rather, complete faith in the Messiah; on account of this she is present to behold the Risen Messiah first, and she is completely open and sensitive to the Light-presence and Light-power, receiving the full spectrum of Light Transmission.

If we consider the people who built the tower of Babel, we do not get an impression of love or faith, but rather insecurity and doubt, which results in division, separation, and much sorrow and suffering; what we sense is pride and arrogance shielding a deep feeling of lack or unworthiness, a compensation for the great pain of separation from God. It is a vision of sorrow we see!

The very same play of Supernal Light Transmission that happens between Hayyah Yeshua and the Magdalene, and that happens with all of the disciples at Pentecost, is present again today with Gnostic Apostles, and, in fact, we may say that there is a New Pentecost underway, for all who desire to receive it. The very nature of the Second Coming is “Pentecostal,” using this term in the most broad and universal sense!

There is something to be said concerning this development and evolution of the New Pentecost, for it grows and evolves, and becomes a greater Divine Action in this world as more and more individuals are able and willing to receive the Light Transmission, the influx of the Christ Spirit; we who are living in the early stages of the Second Coming, acting as conscious agents, messengers, of this Light Transmission, are growing and expanding this Divine Action, and invoking, opening the way, for the evolution of the New Pentecost, an even greater revelation that can and will transpire as greater numbers of souls receive and embody the Supernal Light, the true Christ Spirit.

As Adonai Yeshua says in the Gospel of St. Thomas, “I have set the world on fire, and see I am tending it until it blazes,” and so also are we setting the world on fire, and tending it until it blazes! That’s exactly our call, living in the Second Coming of Christ in Glory.

As we take up this play of Light Transmission in the Risen Christ, and we engage in the Life Divine, praying, meditating and worshipping in spirit and truth, and contemplating the Word and Wisdom of God we receive, we are actively invoking influxes of the Supernal Sefirot, and actively engaging in the tikkunim of the World of the Sefirot, the world of archangels and neshamot, the world of angels and spirits, and this world; and as the Living Body of Christ in the Second Coming grows and evolves, so will greater and greater influxes of the Holy Sefirot be received and embodied – hence, the increasing revelation of the Divine, Asherah.

Here we may say: Asherah is the Name of the Divine revealed – Divine Revelation!

As you might surmise, we are talking about an ongoing revelation of Who I Am (Asher Eheieh), so that through living tzaddikim, both holy women and holy men, and the entire Living Body of Christ touched by the Spirit of Holiness, Who I Am continues to be revealed with, in and through us.

The Divine I Am (Eheieh), of course, is beyond gender, and beyond all duality and divisions, and yet there is Female and Male in the Divine I Am, for Who I Am (Asher Eheieh) is manifest as Female (Bride) and Male (Bridegroom), Christed women and Christed men – the anointed of God.

Understanding this, naturally there is a need for women and men in the ongoing revelation of Who I Am, and for a greater revelation of Who I Am there is a need for women and men to co-labor with the Mother Spirit for the full reception of the Supernal Light and full breakthrough to Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, and likewise in this spiritual labor, to seek to impart the Holy Light we have received, even if only to one other soul; though, indeed, whatever we have received and can share of this Holy Light it is our desire and hope to share it with many.

It must be said, however, that as we listen to these teachings, or read these teachings on the Second Coming and Light Transmission, we must not give way to the delusion of lack, or give way to a lack of self-worth and doubt, but rather, we need to listen and hear in love and faith, and in joy, confident that we can and will, and are, receiving Light Transmission, and that we can and will receive the fullness of the Light Transmission, all as El Elyon, God Most High, wills and ordains. We need to open our minds and our hearts to the greater possibilities in full of faith, and know that with God anything and everything is possible. God, the True Light, intends to give Godself to us, Light Transmission, Divine Revelation, and if we abide in faith, hope and love, what God has promised and intends will come to pass – we need only believe!

God believes in us, our tzaddik believes in us, and so we need to believe in God, our tzaddik and ourselves, having full faith; and as we are taught, living according to our faith, it is “accounted to is as righteousness” (Tzedek) – and so we shall receive, and be blessed and empowered to give.

It is true, though, that we need to enact a dynamic surrender, co-laboring with Divine Grace, the Mother Spirit, to remove any and every obstruction, and to co-create the necessary conditions for her full Divine Action; Divine Grace, the Mother Spirit, cannot give into shades and shadows in us, for that would defeat her purpose. Thus we receive, all in due season, when it is time, as more and more we take up her dance in surrender, submission, to the Divine Intention, the Divine Desire (Ratzon) in El Elyon, Eheieh.

O Holy One, we pray, reveal Yourself with, in and through us, let Your Holy Light shine from within us; may the fullness of Asher-Asherah be made manifest among us, the Spirit of the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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Voice and Echo

#13 Postby Elder Gideon » Fri Jun 01, 2012 2:20 pm

Asherah be praised for new teachings of the Four-pronged Shin!

In another post from nearly seven years ago, Tau Malachi shared something equally wild which contributes beautifully to our conversation of the dynamism of male and female and beyond:

The three pronged Shin may be said to correspond with Yod-He-Vau, the metaphysical matrix behind creation and the four pronged Shin may be said to correspond to Yod-He-Vau-He, the actual manifestation of creation. This is reflected in the attribute of the three pronged Shin to Hokmah and four pronged Shin to Binah, for the two represent Yahweh and Elohim, respectively – Elohim being the Name of God in the action of Creation, and Yahweh being the Force within and behind.

If one remembers a Kabbalistic meditation of the Four-pronged Shin holding in its negative, in-between space, an inverted Three-pronged Shin, Tau Malachi’s question of these two mysteries literally interlocking opens up another field of possibilities:

One cannot help but contemplate the Red Mother Seed and White Father Seed, and the Seven Interior Stars that lay in between! Do these two Shin also correspond to the ascending and descending force of the Serpent Power – the four pronged Shin corresponding to the ascending force and the three pronged Shin to the descending force?

In this I’m taken to what builds and edifies us all: Truth speaking. In all lands where light and compassion are guiding good people to the enduring awareness of the needs of others, truth is speaking, a sanctuary is rising, and New Jerusalem is descending:

Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord?
And who shall stand in his holy place?
Those who have clean hands and pure hearts,
who do not lift up their souls to what is false,
and do not swear deceitfully.
They will receive blessing from the Lord,
and vindication from the God of their salvation.
Such is the company of those who seek him,
who seek the face of the God of Jacob. Selah
(Psalm 24:3-6)

What is manifest of speech and speaking is creation itself. The Daughter is aligned in Kabbalah with bat kol: heavenly voice. In an upcoming portion of our study of the Zohar, I’m hearing for the first time that this heavenly voice as Daughter is actually an echo! Is the heavenly voice Mother Elohim? Is its echo Daughter Elohim?

While I’m careful not to confuse Mother Elohim’s voice with audible language, I’m certainly hearing as for the first time how Daughter Elohim’s echo is what becomes audible, actual, even tangible language. What I hear, what moves me to act, share, and transmit, is the echo, is Daughter Elohim. When Daughter’s echo is filled with the awareness represented by the Son, then Mother’s heavenly voice aligns with liberative hearing: Gospel.

It must be this echo which Adonai Yeshua constantly exhorts “anyone with ears to hear.” Hearing is Gospel, not what is written or bound to a book, but spoken mouth to ear in a living, moving moment. When I remember that Gospel, hearing, gathers the listeners as the Tower of Flock gathered the disciples, and us, into the Upper Room to meet the Risen Savior, then is fulfilled an esoteric meaning of the Logos, which is ‘Gathering’:

“In the beginning was the Gathering, and the Gathering was with God and the Gathering was God.”
(John 1:1 modified)

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’
And let everyone who hears say, ‘Come.’
And let everyone who is thirsty come.
Let anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift.”
(Revelation 22:17)

I’d certainly appreciate to know more about how Voice, Echo, and Hearing, gather us into the Tower of the Flock, New Jerusalem.


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The Voice of the Mother

#14 Postby sheryl » Fri Jun 01, 2012 3:25 pm

Shalom Everyone!

What a delightful play, Elder Gideon, in contemplating the Voice of Daughter Elohim as the Echo of the Voice of Mother Elohim. Asherah be praised!

When one considers energetic plays such as reading Holy Writings and experiencing the energy behind the words being read, this thought of echo resonates very much.

I am wondering if we can say that a tzaddik's writings are the Voice of Daughter Elohim, and thus are the Echo of the Voice of Mother Elohim?

And if we carry this further into face to face meetings with tzaddik, can we say that the words spoken are the Echo? But if let go of the words and experience a joining of mind and heart with tzaddik, this joining is the experience of the Voice of Mother Elohim?

May all dance in the Echo of our Mother!



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Bat Kol, Daughter of All

#15 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:24 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

Bat Kol, heavenly voice, “Daughter of All,” literally; the Voice, indeed, is Binah, Elohim, and the Echo is Malkut, Adonai. When, however, Malkut is exalted, enthroned upon Binah in unification, Malkut is called Elohim and she is the Voice, not the Echo, Bat Kol, truly Daughter of All.

Kol, “All,” is a cognomen of Yesod, and so Bat Kol, “Daughter of All,” is a cognomen of Malkut; this corresponds with Yesod and Malkut of Atzilut, and in Atzilut, the Realm of Yichud, Mother and Daughter, Binah and Malkut, are inseparable from one another, and so, in truth, the Daughter is Voice, Bat Kol. Yesod is called Kol, All- because Yesod receives, holds and transmits the influxes of the upper Sefirot, receiving all and imparting all, and Malkut is called Bat Kol, Daughter of All, for she is dependent upon these influxes, and receiving them she imparts them to all realms, worlds and universes below, outside. At the level of Atzilut, Malkut is Elohim, and is Voice, but as the influxes are transmitted to the Realm of Perud (separation), or Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, the Voice becomes Echo, and Elohim (God) manifests as Adonai (Lord).

As we know, it is at the level of Beriyah that cosmic ignorance, the illusion of separation, comes into being, and with it the dominion of the Other Side, the dominion of the klippot, husks of darkness; and through Yetzirah and Asiyah this dominion grows and gains strengthen, so that at the level of Asiyah the klippot hold great power, and darkness, ignorance, rules the physical or material worlds. Thus, there is a growing play of light and darkness, and admixture, and it is this admixture that corresponds with “Echo.” In this regard, Echo is klippot, husks or darkness, impure emanations; hence, the Voice heard in the hollow shells, in the illusion of separation, which becomes distorted, Echoing, more or less, and therefore an admixture of light and darkness, truth and falsehood.

In this, of course, we need to remember that the Sefirot of a lower, outer Olam-Universe are like husks, shells, to those of an upper, inner Olam; the outer are like shells, the inner are like kernels. The true kernel, naturally, is Ain Sof, for to the Infinite and Eternal, all Sefirot are shells, or garments, as it were. Thus, husks upon husks, shells upon shells, the outer, the greatest admixture of darkness, the inner, the least admixture, until at the level of Atzilut there is no darkness, no separation, no admixture, though there is measure and distinction among the Holy Sefirot, or the various gradations of Divine Emanation. In this we understand that by klippot, husks or shells, we are not just speaking of evil, or of archonic or demonic spiritual forces, but we are speaking of the entire array of all spiritual forces, divine, archonic and demonic, measured, or restricted, and appearing in an illusion of separation, more or less.

As we know and understand, there are various gradations of nearness to God, the Divine, and there are various gradations of conscious union. The reception of revelation and the Holy Light in nearness, at whatever grade, is Echo, and the reception of revelation in conscious union is Voice. Throughout the old covenant, the patriarchal-matriarchal succession, and the prophetic succession after it, all revelation was through various gradations of nearness to God, and therefore all revelation was Echo, having some admixture of darkness, or ignorance and falsehood. There was no one able to enter into complete conscious union with God and Godhead, the Divine, and so be the Voice, and there was no matrix of souls able to receive such a Holy and Anointed One (Messiah) who could listen and hear the Voice without Echo, or receive the Gospel, the Supernal Light Transmission, in full. At the Sacred Jordan, though, when Adonai Yeshua received the Spirit of the Messiah, the Anointing, and so was able to speak as the Divine I Am (Eheieh), he was Voice, and the Voice was heard without Echo in the resurrection, when Magdalene embraced the Risen Messiah, receiving the full Supernal Light Transmission, opening the way to Pentecost, the manifestation of the Community of the Elect as the Voice.

There are many different gradation of revelation. There are revelations by deceiving spirits, angels of archons and demons, as we see in certain forms of occultism. Then, there are various gradations of the revelation of God, as for example, from angels and archangels, as experienced by Mohamed, or direct revelation from the Holy Shekinah but remaining in the illusion of separation, as experienced by Moses, or direct revelation in conscious union and the embodiment of the Holy Shekinah, as experienced by Yeshua Messiah. The latter alone, of course, is pure revelation, pure emanation, while all the others are various gradations of impure revelation, impure emanation, more or less.

In this, perhaps, we may gain insight into the need for the Divine Incarnation for the sake of true salvation, true enlightenment and liberation, for only when conscious union is realized and embodied is the Heavenly Voice speaking and heard in humanity without distortion, or without Echo; only then is the full and complete revelation of God, the Divine, possible. Yet, as we know, even when the Heavenly Voice is realized and embodied, still there may be gradations of Echo, for to listen and hear in full implies an experience of conscious union of the one who is speaking and the one who is hearing in Christ and God, the True Light; hence, the mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart transmission, the inmost grade of Supernal Light Transmission.

Here we may say, the outer gradations of Light Transmission in nearness, or separation, are the Voice and hearing with Echo, and the inner gradations of Light Transmission in union are Voice and hearing without Echo. If we look into orthodox and mainstream Christianity there is much Echo; but wherever there is a play of true Light Transmission, the communication of the Christ Spirit, there is Voice, and there is the possibility of hearing without Echo.

If the Living Word of God is understood as only to be derived from Sacred Writings written thousands of years ago, this is a great Echo and there is much ignorance; but, if the Living Word is known to be embodied and is spoken, and is heard, and not only from without, but from within, then there is a great Heavenly Voice and there is enlightenment, much knowledge, understanding and wisdom (Habad).

As we receive the Gospel, the Light Transmission, with living tzaddikim or apostles, there is, indeed, this play of Voice and Echo, more or less, all based upon gradations of devekut, cleaving, or nearness and unification. A moment of mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart transmission in union is Voice without Echo, but from there are various gradation of hearing in subtle, or not so subtle, separation, nearness, of hearing Voice with Echo – hence subjective interpretations of things seen and heard based upon karmic vision, the vision of ignorance.

As we know, approaching a living tzaddik or apostle we begin in a vision of ignorance even if somewhat awakened by the Spirit, and it is through the lens of this karmic vision that we interpret teachings and our experience with our tzaddik, more or less. Thus, naturally, at the outset there is much Echo, our preconceptions, preconditions and expectations tainting all that we receive; what we think we know, who we think we are, and who or what we think God and Reality to be, becomes mixed with what’s revealed. There is a need to learn to listen and hear, and look and see, without this great admixture, a need for self-purification so that we can hear and see in love and faith, greater nearness, and eventually in union.

The inmost gradations of Light Transmission, mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart in person, is Voice without Echo; then there are the same gradations that may occur through the inner dimensions, though there is a greater likelihood of some Echo in these. After this, there is hearing teachings and receiving energetic transmissions in person, in various gradations of nearness, sacred friendship; then, there is hearing teachings and receiving energetic transmissions in vision and dream in various gradations of nearness. Receiving, hearing, by phone is another gradation, and so also audio recordings and writings; these are followed by listening and hearing from someone who has heard in person, then from someone who has listened by phone, and then someone who has heard an audio or read a writing. Naturally, each of these is further removed from the holy tzaddik or apostle, and as such with Voice there is an increasing Echo, or distortion.

It must be said, though, that love and faith can overcome barriers, and that if and when there is full faith in oneself, in one’s tzaddik and in God, and full attachment or love, whatever distance might appear to exist in the physical can be overcome; very powerful movements of Light Transmission, or the communication of the Christ Spirit, are possible at a distance. Generally, though, when these happen and they are true, we will be guided to consummate nearness or union in person, and we will be blessed with a shift in life, or the play of fate and fortune, to meet and encounter our tzaddik in this world and hear the “Voice” in person. Naturally so, for while ours is a labor for the Great Ascension, the Great Liberation, the vehicle of this is embodiment in this world; the embodiment of the Christ Spirit, and Light and Love, is why we come into this world and these bodies – hence, to realize the Body of Pure Emanation (Voice).

If we wish to understand Voice, it is the manifestation of the Threefold Body of Melchizedek, the Solar Body of the Resurrection; and we may say that Perfect Hearing, “Liberation Through Hearing,” is the recognition and realization of the Body of Truth (Amet).

This journey through gradations of nearness into union, of course, is the progressive evolution of Levv into Lev, the heart that is undivided, spacious, loving without reservation or condition.

Perhaps here we may recall the very first Divine Action of Messiah Yeshua with the Magdalene; he exorcised “seven demons” from here, opening the way to her baptism, anointing and union, and the eventual full reception of the Supernal Light Transmission. This is the purification of mind, heart and body, or the seven interior stars, which are the manifestation of the Seven Sefirot of Construction in us. When the Holy Light from above is received and brought down, embodied, and the Holy Fire from below is uplifted and brought into cessation in the crown star, the fullness of the Supernal Influx transpires, the Tower of the Flock appears in that place, Shekinah of the Messiah embodied! Hallelu Yah!

This very same movement in self-generation through the Holy Spirit will occur with all of us; it is the promise of God, the True Light, in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah! Hallelu Yah!

There is, of course, a co-labor we must take up, an active and dynamic surrender to Divine Grace, the Mother Spirit; there is a self-offering we need to make, giving ourselves to the dance of the Shekinah of Messiah, the Holy Mother-Bride. Thus, whatever the revelation of the Truth and Light in our experience, we labor and strive to live according to it, and in this way it becomes actualized and realized, embodied in us, and we progress in the Gospel, evolving in the Christ Spirit.

We have carried this contemplation a ways, perhaps here it is good to pause and reflect.

O Adonai Elohim, may we be blessed to hear the Heavenly Voice in union, and so hearing, may we be empowered to speak in union. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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