The Love of the Father Made Known by the Mother

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The Love of the Father Made Known by the Mother

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Dec 23, 2012 11:15 am

Shabbat Shalom!

As it is the second day moving towards the Head of the Year, I was delighted to find the word Ab, Father, inside the word for Ahava, Love.


Like the Great Name YHVH, Ahava is flanked by two Heh's, Hebrew letters indicating Feminine attributes of God, transcendent above and immanent below. What the two Heh flanking Alef and Bet suggest is that the Ahava of the Father is made known by the Mother.


The Divine Name Yah is the attribute Hokmah, the emanation of God who is personified as Father, Ab. Just as Yah is Father-Mother, Ab is Father-Mother. Yod is to Yah what Alef is to Ab; Yod and Alef in this respect being masculine energies. Heh is to Yah what Bet is to Ab; Heh and Bet in this respect are feminine energies. What's wonderful, is that the essence of these final, feminine letters is revealing what is masculine of the initial, masculine letters.

It is equally wonderful to regard the first word in any Hebrew lexicon of the Old Testament: Ab. That this word starts a biblical dictionary is no coincidence in the revelation of God's word as all good creatures, while ever beyond this Creation.

We who have seen you, Risen Savior, rejoice in our Father.
May every wearying search for You end in You.

Elder Gideon+

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Ahava, Eheieh & Yahweh

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:11 pm

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of Adonai Messiah!

It is true, Ab-Father, is in the word Ahava, though in Ahava Bet stands alone between the two He, and this is parallel to the Vau in the Great Name of Yahweh, which is also flanked by two He, representing the Upper and Lower Shekinah, or Imma Shekinah and Kallah Shekinah (Mother and Bride).

If we wish to speak of gematria, the interconnection and interaction of words according to their numerical values, concerning Yahweh and Ahava what stands out is this: Yahweh equals 26, Ahava equals 13, as such we may say that Yahweh is double Ahava, twofold love, love in the Upper World, love in the Lower World, or love in heaven and love on earth – love pervading all creation.

In that Achad, unity, one, also equals 13, so we may also speak of a twofold unity in heaven and on earth in the very same way, Yahweh the Sacred Unity underlying all (Kol); hence an innate unity of heaven and earth in the Lord, Yahweh.

With Achad, contemplated with Yahweh, of course, there is also another great mystery of God, the Holy One of Being, as Two in One; God the Father and God the Mother above, One God, and God the Son and God the Daughter below, One God, and God above, beyond, and God below, within, all emanations of One God, the Holy One of Being.

The nature of this unity is understood in Ahava, love!

Look and see! With Ahava we may also contemplate Eheieh (Alef-He-Yod-He), Bet standing in the place of Yod; Eheieh is the Essential Name of God, and it is the Name corresponding with Keter, and with the full unification with God embodied in the Messiah, and this full unification is the fruition, fullness of Ahava, love. Here we may say that Ahava, love, is the light of Eheieh, the Holy Crown, the radiance of Ratzon Elyon, Will or Desire of the Most High; and as we know and understand this perfect love of God is the Crown of the Messiah, the Lamb of God.

Achad, 13, Ahava, 13, the Messiah and twelve Holy Apostles, the sun and twelve zodiacal signs; fullness of the Human One of Light, fullness of True Humanity – through the realization of Eheieh, the Divine I Am, this fullness (Pleroma of Light) becomes embodied.

There is another mystery to be spoken.

Look and see, and understand! Yahweh, Ahava, Yod (10) becomes Alef (1), and Vau (6) becomes Bet (2); ten becoming one, all being uplifted by the Love of God in the Messiah, and six become two, on one hand, Mother and Child, and on the other hand, Bridegroom and Bride – these “two loves” through which all is uplifted!

Yod becomes Alef, which is to say God is Pure Spirit, and Vau becomes Bet, a House of the Spirit of God (Ruach Elohim); Vau corresponds with the Son, the Messiah, who is the true Holy Temple, or House, of the Lord (Yahweh), and so also with True Humanity, which is the Living Temple, image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim.

Through Ahava, love, Yahweh and Elohim, Mercy and Judgment, are unified, Achad – One; this is the tikkune of The Name, Yahweh.

Here we may say that the perfection of this unification corresponds with Yah, realization of the End-Of-Days and World-To-Come that was “in the beginning.”

There is yet another esoteric mystery to be spoken.

“In the beginning…”, Bereshit, “Bet-Reshit,” Reshit is Hokmah-Abba, Bet is Binah-Imma, and in the beginning the Father conceives in the Mother, and all is contained in her, and she gives birth; when she gives birth, she gives birth to herself, what she births is herself, the very substance of her being, and the realization of her being.

Look and see! He-Bet-He, first He Imma Shekinah, second He Nukva Shekinah, with Bet in between, her Son being her substance, the emanation of herself, and so also the Daughter being her substance, her image and likeness; Alef, the Great and Invisible Spirit, Bornless Spirit, made visible, revealed, actualized and realized, and known – all in Ahava, all in Love.

Ahava is Achad, all in Sacred Unity – One God, the Holy One of Being.

He-Bet-He, interior Shekinah and exterior Shekinah, and Bet the unification of the apparent two as one in Adonai Messiah; Mother and Daughter joined in one House.

Ahava: a Name of God, or enlightenment.

First He, Ruach Yahweh, second He, Ruach Elohim, Bet in between, this twofold Spirit of the Messiah, fullness of the Holy Shekinah and Holy Spirit.

Now consider the Name of Ab (and Abba); Alef (1), Father, Great Spirit, and Bet (2), Mother and Daughter. And consider the Son (Ben) who unites Mother and Daughter, and who is the image and likeness of the Father (Ab, Abba).

In closing we may say, as Yahweh Shalom is a Name of God and great blessing, so also Yahweh Ahava, and also Eheieh Ahava.

Yahweh Shalom, Yahweh Ahava! Amen.
Tau Malachi
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