153 - Divine Femanine?


153 - Divine Femanine?

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I recently read in a book by Margaret Starbird that the #153 is a representation of the Divine Feminine. I believe she was referring to the Greek language as the basis for the gematria.

Is this acurate?

I am especially interested because I was reading the Gospel Of John and in chapter 21 after the resurection. Yeshua appears to the disciples and they catch 153 fish. That seems like a really odd number not to have some signifigance.


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Starbird's work

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Mar 01, 2005 11:14 am

Personally, I have not delved that far into the play of letters and numbers in Greek but remained mostly in Hebrew Gematria, but I cannot say that I have any significant disagreement with Margret Starbird's work - the association seems correct to me. Perhaps someone else can take this contemplation further.

The story of the fish certainly seems to allude to the redemption and uplifting of the Sacred Feminine, the sea itself having a correspondence to the Sacred Feminine and Christ to the fish drawn forth from the Divine Mother. The fullness of Christ is dependent upon the Divine Mother and Holy Bride; this story joined to the appearance of the Risen Christ first to the Holy Bride seems to reflect this truth.

Blessings & shalom! :)
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#3 Postby lleyr » Wed Mar 09, 2005 5:05 pm

Greetings Malachi!

Thank you for your response. The gematria I listed was briefly mentioned in her book, Goddess in the Gospels. I have since read another book of hers called Magdalene's Lost Legacy which focus' almost exclusively on the Gematria in the New Testament. It is quite a fascinating study. Many of her thoughts are in line with the Sophian teachings. This is really interesting because her theories are from her own independent research and study and not from any tradition.

I found Ms. Starbird's email address and sent her a message telling her I appreciate her works and I gave her the URL for this site. I thought she would be fascinated by the Sophian teachings.


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