Aleph, Quoph and Heh

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Aleph, Quoph and Heh

#1 Postby Marion » Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:03 pm


Recently I was contemplating aleph, this is the most transcendent of all the letters, associated with Keter—Crown and begins of the name of Eheieh. Yet, it's meaning is "ox", a beast of the field. I'm wondering if this mystery has to do with how in the deepest depths of creation is the keys to life? That is, we have to really get in here to get out of here. I'm also wondering if this is saying that the whole conception of "in" and "out" is an illusion? What if they aren't separate?

This is related to a contemplation of Quoph and Heh. Quoph is 100 and Aleph is 1, therefore quoph has a special relationship with aleph and heh=5, 5+5=10. So in these letters there is the extension of aleph: 1, 10 and 100. Quoph and heh are the only two letters that are drawn with two separate parts. I'm wondering if this points to how at first the bestial nature is cut off from the divine nature—Ruach and Neshamah? Then with the addition of breath—aleph, all is made whole an complete? Because the aleph is drawn with an upper and lower Yod, which is joined by a vau, which joins them. I was also contemplating how heh is a window, which lets in breath-wind into the house.

We are told that heh is a letter of the Shekinah. Shekinah means presence; therefore, could we say that the power of quoph redeemed is the power of heh? That one who has redeemed their bestial nature is able walk with the Shekinah?


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