Torah: 611

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Torah: 611

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Sep 23, 2017 1:21 pm

Torah: 611

The word ‘Torah’ equals 611 and this is interesting, for as we know there are 613 commandments, but the Torah is 611. This provokes the question, why 611 and not 613?

There is an answer to be found in the Holy Torah:

“Moses commanded us the Torah” (Deuteronomy 33:4).

This may be read, ‘Moses commanded us the 611’; hence through Moses all of the commandments were spoken to Israel except for two - 611 commandments, but two were spoken to Israel by the Holy One, and so there are 613 commandments. That the Holy One spoke two of the commandments directly to the Community of Israel is indicated in the Book of Psalms:

“One thing Elohim has spoken, two things I have heard”

Naturally the question arises, which two commandments were spoken by the Holy One? According to the masters of the tradition the First Commandment and Second Commandment were spoken to Israel by the Holy One, being ‘heard’ by all directly from the ‘mouth’ of the Holy One, and all that followed was spoken through the prophet Moses. “I am Yahweh Elohenu….You shall have no other elohim before me,” and with this the commandment against the fashioning of idols and worship of idols. These two are spoken by the Holy One, not the prophet, for they are the proclamation of the Sacred Unity of the Holy One, revelation of the One God and the truth of oneness; if spoken by Moses then there would be the implication of two, twoness, not oneness, and it would not be understood that all souls of spiritual humanity, the ‘Community of Israel,’ are called to return to be One, that all are called to seek conscious union, or the embodiment of God Consciousness.

From the perspective of the Christian Kabbalah, though, there is something more in this, for the Holy One speaking these two commandments is a prophecy of the coming of the Messiah, the Anointed who speaks as the Supernal One (Eheieh), engaging utterances of the Divine I Am, which transcends prophecy and the prophets, for in a manner of speaking, the Holy One ‘comes down’ and speaks as the Messiah, the God becoming a human being so that human beings might become God - Elohim. This corresponds with the Fiftieth Gate of Understanding (Binah) that Moses was not able to open, but that is opened by the Messiah; in that Moses could not open all of the Gates of Understanding he could not enter into the interior of Binah, though he did attain intimate cleaving to that Holy Vessel, the exterior of Binah.

Now all in a great and holy mystery it is delightful, for the essence of all commandments is spoke by the Holy One embodied in the Messiah, One Holy Commandment that encompasses and fulfills them all in perfection: “Love one another as I have loved you,” and with this an understanding of love as complete self-offering, self-negation, in the Holy One, becoming One. There is, however, this truth, of one commandment becoming two, the love of the Holy One and the love of ones neighbor, understanding the Holy One in all and all in the Holy One; thus, truly, “one thing Elohim has spoken, two things I have heard.”

This twofold love, which in fact is One Love, corresponds with the First and Second Commandments; contemplate this, and understand!

In closing there is another mystery we can share. There is another significant word in the Holy Torah that equals 611, Edom (Alef-Dalet-Vau-Mem). In this we may understand that the giving of the Holy Torah is the spiritual empowerment for the overcoming of the Kings of Edom - klippot, the Other Side; and as we know through unconditional love and complete self-offering this victory is attained in Messiah Yeshua. Hallelu Yah! Praise the Lord!

May the Holy One illuminate you concerning the secret mysteries hinted at, and those who acquire understanding, may they be blessed with wisdom too - the enlightenment of the Messiah, the Anointed! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!
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