Twin Souls

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Twin Souls

#1 Postby RoseOMagdala » Mon Oct 03, 2016 2:49 pm

Greetings in the light of the Red Lady.

I have a question regarding the concept of twin souls and soul mates as defined in the Sophian tradition, particularly this extract from Tau Malachi's 'St. Mary Magdalene', when describing the great connection between Lady Magdalene and Lord Yeshua:

Hence it is said that they were soul mates. So it is with every supernal soul, for all human souls were in the supernal Human Being. Thus, when the Holy One divided the Human One into male and female counterparts, which are destined to meet and unite with one another...

Now I recently came out this year as a lesbian. So I'm curious as to how this applies to us in the LGBT community. Does it mean we are unable to find our soul mates as a female falling in love with another female and the same for gay men? Or does it mean some of us have souls that are more male despite being in a female body and vise versa? Is it possible for a gay person to find their soul mate with another of the same gender?

May the sweetness of Imma Barbelo be with us all.

Tau Malachi
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Re: Twin Souls

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Oct 05, 2016 9:30 am

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

First I wish to say good for you for coming out and having the strength and wisdom to be who you are in this life; to have knowledge of God we must have knowledge of ourselves, and to draw nearer to God we must be open and honest, and be who we are in God’s presence. May God bless and keep you! I pray you find the happiness that you seek.

The teachings on soulmates in the Christian Kabbalah run deep, and they are not so linear as they might seem on the surface, nor are they isolate to the idea of a romantic relationship, but may venture into other relationships, such as the very close and spiritually intimate relationship between Tzaddikim and their inmost disciples. As an example, at times in the oral tradition it is said that St. Lazarus (Eleazar) was also a “soulmate” of Adonai Yeshua, sharing something of the same neshamah; hence, the closeness that allowed Lazarus to have direct experience of the afterlife, and mysteries of the resurrection and the World-To-Come, that were gifted to no other disciple.

“Male” and “female” in the Holy Kabbalah take on a very layered meaning and are not indicating literal gender in the way we might be prone to think of it, but rather, as with all anthropomorphic terminology in the Scriptures and various mystical writings depicting the Divine, terms of gender are used to allow us to contemplate deep, esoteric mysteries in the context of our human experience. As an example, when we use the terms God the Mother (Imma) and God the Father (Abba), in the Kabbalah we are not talking about a god and goddess, far from it, but rather we are speaking of One God, the Infinite and Eternal - the Holy One of Being, and we are speaking of mysteries of different aspects, actions, manifestations and experiences of the Holy One which are like “Mother” and “Father”; likewise, we are speaking of the image and likeness, and potential embodiment of something of God in women and men equally. In our teachings Mother and Father are inseparable, and though there is the transcendence of the Mother inseparable from the Father, the Mother corresponds with the immanence of God, and all that we experience and know of God, while the Father corresponds with the complete transcendence of God, God concealed, unknowable, unspeakable. Thus, in the Kabbalah it is said that it is “through the Mother that we know our Father.”

In general, in the Holy Kabbalah, “male” indicates giving and “female” indicates receiving, and likewise they may indicate mercy or severity, expansion or restriction, formlessness or form, transcendence or immanence, and so on. In the Tree of Life the attribute of male and female to the Sefirot changes depending on the mysteries being revealed, or the context of the metaphysical teaching being given. The most classical example of this is with Hokmah-Wisdom, which throughout the Holy Scriptures is called “female,” but in the Kabbalah is also called “Father” and “male.” In relationship to Keter-Crown and the Infinite (Ain Sof) Hokmah is female, but in relationship to the rest of the Sefirot and creation Hokmah is male; hence, receiving and giving, receiving from Keter and Ain Sof, and giving to the entire array of Sefirot following.

There is a similar play with regards to souls, and the five aspects of souls, for ultimately souls are neither male nor female, and yet souls incarnate as male and female, men and women, and curiously enough as we see with sexual orientation and sexual identity, all in a grand mystery, there can be very different experiences of gender, pointing to the truth of the soul as male and female, and ultimately neither. In this regard we might recall a teaching of Adonai Yeshua when some religious authorities challenged him concerning the resurrection of the dead and World-To-Come. They cited the idea of a woman who was widowed several times and inquired whose wife she would be in the World-To-Come. Yeshua answered, saying that no one is given in marriage in heaven, but rather that souls in heaven will be like the angels - androgynous, transcendent of gender, and they will interrelate in very different ways.

Understanding this, the teachings on soulmates begin to swirl, and there are some intriguing mysteries of incarnation and souls' interconnections and interactions in this world and beyond, going well beyond the idea of a romantic relationship, though not excluding the possibility of a romantic relationship. Could soulmates come together in a gay, lesbian, bisexual relationship and so on, yes it is certainly possible, and very likely has happened; truly, in this regard anything is possible, and if we can conceive of it, it has happened and is happening.

Remember, though, we are speaking of deep, layered esoteric mysteries in terms of our human experience, and there are always more subtle and sublime truths being hinted at and communicated.

As an example, when it is ordained in the Most High (Elyon) that a lineage of Light Transmission continue in a time of great darkness, or that a greater revelation happen in a time of great darkness, the soul of a holy and enlightened one, a great Tzaddik, may assume overlapping or simultaneous incarnations so that there are one or two disciples able to receive the fullness of the Light Transmission or revelation of the Divine to keep it manifest in this world; hence, the Tzaddik and one or two of their disciples might share the same neshamah and be soulmates. There may be three simultaneous incarnations of the soul of a Holy Tzaddik, Truth Body, Glory Body and Emanation Body, or neshamah, ruach and nefesh. This is hinted at in the teachings of Yeshua, Magdalene and Lazarus sharing the same holy neshamah and being “soulmates,” and I can bear witness that I know of a soul of a Tzaddik that incarnated into a series of three overlapping incarnations to manifest and preserve a lineage of Light Transmission in these dark times. There are movements of heaven like this in every generation, numerous intercessions of Tzaddikim, as well as maggidim, angels.

In this, truly we may understand that the meeting of soulmates is something more than finding one’s ideal lover, but rather it is encountering an embodiment of the Beloved - something of God, in this world, and as such when soulmates meet and unite in this world, and they are actually soulmates, something of the greater purpose and mission of the soul will be fulfilled and they will bring about a very significant development or movement in human consciousness and the world, a significant manifestation of a greater good for all their relations, all who are in the world. Yeshua, Magdalene and Lazarus are a perfect example of this, as are others that can be named.

Truly, in terms of the embodiment of the Spirit of God, or God Consciousness, our sexual orientation or identity does not matter; it's a question of whether or not we will seek enlightenment or God with full zeal and passion, willing to a total and complete surrender, a full self-offering, willing to do whatever it takes to realize and embody enlightened or divine being - supernal being.

Understand, the present human condition is a transitional state of being, and that ultimately we are destined to be and become more than human - we are destined to become a supernal and divine being, Messiah.

These are some thoughts I felt inclined to share with you.

May the blessings of Imma Elohim be upon one and all alike this day! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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Re: Twin Souls

#3 Postby KitKat » Mon Mar 12, 2018 6:23 am

Greetings in Love and Light!

Twin Souls is a very significant topic for me because of my experience in meeting the counterpart to my soul. Or at least that is my best understanding of the connection which goes way beyond a romantic soul connection. The term that first came to me was "divine counterpart" which led me to information about "twin flames" which helped me understand my experience. Some Gnostic teachings were also helpful but Tau Malachi's information has been the most clear and significant to my actual experience.

My hope is to have more clarity on why my experience has been so difficult or challenging to say the least. One reason is the seeming denial from my counterpart to acknowledge our connection yet my overwhelming intuition that it is Truth. Many reasons have filled my mind which has struggled to understand and now is just trying to let go. At this point my soul just longs for Divine Union and my mind wonders if this experience was just part of finding my True Self. Whether our souls where twins or not the amount of Love and longing that was experienced catapulted my heart more towards Union with God which eventually led me here. Because of the situation much of my experience was in my dreams, the last dream representing union between us. Which gives me some closure and ability to move on.


Kit Kat

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The Desire of Desires

#4 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:27 am

Shalom Kit Kat:

Behind all of our desires is the one desire for the Holy One. We are woven by desires, unable to escape desiring because this is the most essential attribute of the One manifest as the sefirah Keter: Ratzon: Will: Desire.

However, will and desire becomes easily confused in this world, even forgotten. All around us is a consensual reality that usually affirms the pursuit of objects of desire: professional recognition, wealth, beauty, or personal relationships: This is too simple. To question these pursuits makes little sense to most who are often unwilling to honestly look into their inevitable dissatisfaction. Religion steps in to say that all of these desires are 'wordly': This also is too simple. It is the mind's mentality that gauges satisfaction. If I'm looking out at what I desire, it will never be satisfied.

The Kabbalah speaks between and behind these two poles towards a third, transcendent point integrating the two. The Tree of Life sounds like another tree in the Garden of Eden, but the mekubalim teach that there is only one tree. Seen from oneness, it is the Tree of Life. Seen from twoness, it is the Tree of Knowledge. The first actual mention of desire arises in the Mother-of-All-Living— Eve—first becoming aware of the Tree of Knowledge. That it is outside of her says more already than her reaching out to take from its fruit, for anything outside of oneself cannot ever be received.

Here, the mentality seeing the Tree of Knowledge is looking at objects of desire. The mentality of seeing the Tree of Life is looking through. Looking at or looking through decides if the Tree is of Knowledge or Life.

To talk about the fulfillment of desire is to sense the biggest picture of the Jewish revelation: Hashem is calling people towards a greater, internalized nearness to the One. Each of the cycles, from wandering matriarchs and patriarchs, to the giving of the Law and tabernacle, and all throughout the prophets, the demand to draw nearer to the One becomes more and more radically explicit. But Jewish tradition stops at unification, a gap. This sounds obvious, but it's necessary for how we can hear the Gospel with new ears, for Yeshua's demanding the closure of this gap. Following in the Way, by the claim of his example, he taught that we all can unify with the One.

Again, if this sounds obvious, then why isn't it happening for more people? What's obstructing so many faithful people from entering into this Way, Truth, and Life? The Gospel is still entirely upstream to the what the world says will satisfy. What is the Gospel demanding? That we honestly question what dissatisfies, that we have the courage to not continually do the same things in the world expecting different results. This is liberation and what's good about the 'good news': We're already free in our inmost being where the One indwells all the while.

For myself, this has been a very personal and often painful process, accepting the dissatisfaction of anything that the world is certain will complete me. Nothing lasts, either by circumstances or what people choose. That too is the dissatisfaction. However, if I remember to look through everything into the One I actually desire, then my satisfaction is unconditioned by everything changing. This is how I hear Yeshua's superb metaphor concluding the Sermon on the Mount. The "Wise and Foolish Builder" is about anything one can desire in this world. If they understand their desire as a vehicle for greater nearness and unification with the One, they endure, founded on 'rock.' If they've forgotten that their desire comes from the One, they will end in dissatisfaction, even ruin.

My prayer for you, sister, is that you come to trust and rely in a new and empowering way on the One who is your rock.

Elder Gideon

Tau Malachi
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Re: Twin Souls

#5 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:30 pm

Grace and peace to you in Messiah Yeshua and the Holy Bride!

Whatever loves, whatever desires, arise in this world, in the flesh and in the mind, all hint at, and are a limited expression, of the greater love, the true desire, of the soul - the love of the Beloved, the Holy One of Being. The virtue of a love fulfilled or unfulfilled in this world is the potential sparking of the greater love, the true desire of the soul, the kindling of Divine Passion, Divine Love.

As in love-play of this world between to lovers there are three stages to Divine Passion, Divine Love. There is falling in love with the Beloved, being in love with the beloved, and then, in fruition there is being Divine Love - in oneness with the Divine, loving as the Divine. Though indeed we may speak of soul-mates, and the good that may come to pass when two come together in that way, that is as nothing compared to the wedding of a soul with the One Soul, the Messiah, and the Eternal One; it is a lesser love and is like a candle flame before the sun, a little nothing really! Truly so, for in itself it is not enlightenment and liberation.

In the Path of Love there is falling in love, with all of its delights, awe and wonder, but also the great pain, great agony, of burning hotter and hotter with passionate yearning for the True Beloved, the Supreme. If the mystical aspirant endures all that comes with this ‘falling in love’ and being set on fire until they blaze, until they are utterly consumed and burnt away, then they may delight in being in love, abiding in the constant presence of the Beloved, the Supernal One. If, indeed, this is brought to its perfection, its fullness, then that perfect woman or man will be Divine Love and the fullness of the Divine Presence, all Divine Attributes being embodied in this love of the Holy One.

So what if that one or this one does not notice us, or fall in love with us! Our fulfillment is in the Divine Beloved, and no other; I tell you lovers of God are not even fulfilled by the love of heaven, but only the love of God and God alone. So then, let us take the sparking of love, that tiny love, and kindle a greater passion, a greater love for the Beloved and for all our relations, and let us strive not to be loved, but to Be Love - boundless compassion, unconditional love.

What else shall we do? Any other love is imperfect, incomplete, and there is only one Perfect Lover - the Holy One.

In this is the healing of wounds of unfulfilled desire and love, and in this is freedom, liberation - true salvation.

Remember what Yeshua taught. In heaven we are not given to one another in marriage, for we resemble the angels in heaven.

This is our hope in love! Praise God!

Shalom Aleichem
Tau Malachi

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