Saying 6 - Casting Down and Lifting Up

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Saying 6 - Casting Down and Lifting Up

#1 Postby Martina » Sat Aug 03, 2019 5:20 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Holy Bride!

Saying 6: "Mary said, "What is cast down shall be lifted up, and what is lifted up shall be thrown down; what is on high must be brought down upon the earth, and the earth must be lifted on high.""

Contemplating this saying, this leads me to look deeper at our inner nature. Our holy soul is in this material body and in the unenlightened state completely separate from God, "cast down". In this state we are guided by the ego. On the spiritual path this changes completely. Our work is to no longer be guided by the ego, but by our inner enlightened nature and so live in unity with God.

The earth is "lifted on high", when we are able to see the Kingdom of God here on earth within and behind what is happening. Living in this way in union with God the archons have no power over us anymore.

May we be blessed to live uplifted in union with the Holy One!


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Re: Saying 6 - Casting Down and Lifting Up

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:05 am

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah, the Bridegroom and Bride!

This is a very interesting saying from the gospel because according to one interpretation it turns a more conventional trend of ideas presented among the prophets in a curious way. Though such words are often a reference to humbling of the proud and arrogant - rulers, archons, and the uplifting of the ‘humble,’ the poor and oppressed, and such, in this saying of the Magdalene it is said to indicate the reception of influxes from ‘above,’ from heaven and the Pleroma of Light, and the transformation, completion, perfection, of the earth - creation - through them. In the way that it is put, bringing ‘heaven down upon earth’ and uplifting ‘earth into heaven,’ it connotes the unification of heaven and earth, and as such the union of who we are in ourselves with who we are in God, the True Light.

In reality, as those who have reached supernal realization bear witness, as well as initiates who glimpse, taste, something of that state in moments of light transmission, the Holy Light that is ‘above’ is everywhere here ‘below.’ That Holy and Supernal Light is the secret center of every particle of matter, it is the radiant essence of all things, all creatures. This Holy Light, however, must be ‘called out,’ or ‘awakened; this divine potential in us must be activated, actualized and realized, and so embodied. It is through influxes of the Holy Light and Spirit from ‘above,’ and through experience of light transmission, that this Holy Light is ‘called out’ or ‘awakened.’ Quite naturally there is a recognition and realization of the kingdom of heaven, the Pleroma of Light, within and all around us, and so the ‘unification’ of heaven and earth - the realization of the One Reality, the Holy One of Being.

There is also an esoteric implication in this saying, one that references the Apocalypse according to another interpretation. Perhaps you may recall the twelfth chapter of the Book of Apocalypse (Revelation) and the tale of a war breaking out in heaven and Satan and his angels being cast down upon the earth, while the entirety of the holy book itself depicts what is good and true from earth being uplifted and gathered into heaven. Here we may remember that with the generation of a new heaven and new earth - and a new humanity, the old heaven and earth are destined to pass away. This interpretation, of course, would not be a turn from how prophets before the Magdalene present these ideas. In this regard this verse could be understood as a prophecy of a radical transformation of heaven and earth, or a statement that the entirety of creation as it is in itself is destined to destruction. There is certainly truth in this, understanding the principle of the impermanence of all things that appear in creation.

With either interpretation, however, we may say this. It it incumbent upon us to labor for the completion and perfection of ourselves and our world - all creation, and to labor for a more perfect society, or an enlightened society, as well as on a spiritual and metaphysical level seeking to manifest the kingdom of heaven on earth - the play of the Holy Light and Spirit in us radiating into the world. Hence, we are called to a co-labor to uplift humanity and the world, while invoking and holding influxes of the Divine Attributes, the Holy Light and Spirit.

This is the spiritual action, work, of all who receive Messiah, the Anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit.

May the Holy One send forth many light-bearers in this generation and with Messiah may they overcome the present darkness that rules this world! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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