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Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Sun May 04, 2014 5:13 am
by Martina
Greetings and Blessings in the Light of the Bride!

Mary said, “Many are concerned with unreal things, but as for you, pay attention to the real. What is real is in your heart, and therein you will know it. What is on the outside is unreal, but what is on the inside is real. When you join the inside and outside, above and below, then the whole is real.”

This play of real and unreal is very intriguing at the beginning of our journey. What seems so real to us then is unreal and what is not part of our experience yet is what is real. But this saying seems to speak about our whole journey in the spirit as an ongoing process that never ends as long as we are here.

In this it reminds of the teaching of the six essentials in our tradition, that are a wonderful way to “join the inside and the outside” continually.

In a recent post Tau Malachi also shared a new teaching on the three roots, which is closely connected to the six essentials:

“Remember your transcendence, set your mind on those things that are above, and remember that God is always with you, these three things.

Here I can share a couple of thoughts about remembering your transcendence and uplifting your mind. First, remembering your transcendence is remembering the I Am in you – your bornless being, transcendent of name and form, and personal history, and whatever is transpiring in this life; and it is remembering that you come, not from this world, but from heaven, or the Pleroma of Light. As for setting your mind on those things that are above, this is directing your thoughts to the Scriptures and Kabbalah, the Mysteries and God, but it is also looking to see the good in yourself and others, and focusing on that instead of negativity, and likewise, it is cultivating joy – abiding joy, even in times of trial and tribulation.”

What stands out to me here is to remember that above is also within. Transcendence is to truly understand that we are completely connected to God on the inner levels of our soul: neshamah, hayyah and yechida and to always seek to live from this inner soul, which is love and compassion. Setting our mind on those things that are above is focusing on the good in others and in us as much as the study of scriptures. And remembering that God is always with us is seeing God in everyone and everything.

What a wonderful way to join the inside and the outside!

May we always remember that above is within at the same time and may we let the light of our soul shine.

Shabbat Shalom,

Re: Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 11:29 am
by Yonah
Greetings Sister Martina!

I like how you have joined the idea of real and unreal with inside and outside.

It is so true that what we think is real before we begin our mystical journey is not what is truly real in the Continuum. I remember worrying about how things looked, social status, and a whole bunch of things that don’t mean anything once we walk away from the illusion of separation.

For me, the unreal has been social convention, appearances, and worrying about things that have no lasting impact. The real has become love, compassion, unity with God, and the importance of our community. The really beautiful thing about this is that as we embrace this reality of God, we actually become more of who we really are and the outside does become like the inside. Our true self begins to shine through.

Isn’t it beautiful that our journey never ends? I have to admit that when I was in the out church, the idea of an eternity in a gated community on a cloud was horrifying to me. Knowing that transformation and coming closer and closer to God for eternity seems like a whole lot better outcome. I know it gives me a desire to strive more and more.

“What a wonderful way to join the inside and the outside!” – couldn’t agree more!
Knowing God is always with us, that we are never alone, helps to make the real even more alive.

Thank you for your contemplation!

Shalom, Yonah

Re: Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Sat May 10, 2014 12:09 pm
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua and Kallah Messiah!

What is real is in your heart. Indeed, ruach, your spirit or intelligence, is centered in your heart, and likewise, the indwelling Messiah is seated in your heart – the Spiritual Sun of God. Through ruach your nefesh, vital soul, is united with your neshamah, your heavenly and supernal soul, who and what you are in yourself is united with who and what you are in God – your True Being, and through the indwelling Messiah your soul is united with the Risen and Ascended Messiah in Yahweh Elohim, the Infinite One.

This is the reality within your heart, and in that the true kingdom of heaven is the Messiah and Yahweh Elohim Shaddai, so the kingdom of heaven is in your heart, and when you recognize and realize this, so you will see the kingdom of heaven spread out upon the earth, all around you.

If we recognize and realize this, though in this world, we will not be of this world, but we will know that our origin, our “home,” is in the Messiah and El Elyon, or the kingdom of heaven, and we will know that we are travelers here; we will remember and know our transcendence. If we are aware of the kingdom of heaven all around us, so we will be aware of God in all and all in God, seeing the good in all, drawing out the good from all, and we will be aware that God is always with us, in everything, everywhere.

Now ruach is centered in the heart, but so also yetzer ahara and yetzer tov, the evil inclination and good inclination, and there is a need for the circumcision of the heart, the opening of the heart, and the transformation of the evil inclination, it’s submission to the good inclination; the desire to receive must be joined to the desire to give, serving the good, giving, loving. It is through ruach, our human and divine intelligence, that we are able to do this, and likewise, it is through ruach that we are able to cultivate true human qualities, the Divine Attributes (Sefirot), and so unify our soul with the Sefirot, and with the Messiah and Yahweh Elohim Shaddai.

Setting our mind on those things that are above is, indeed, seeing the good in ourselves and others, and laboring to draw out that good – that godliness, and as such, it is the cultivation of our humanity and divinity, the Divine Attributes, true will, wisdom, understanding and knowledge, mercy, justice and compassion, right dominion and submission, beauty and holiness, faith, hope and love, and all righteousness. Seeing the good, and cultivating the Divine Attributes, of course, is the enacting of what is good and true, and engaging in good works, active compassion, an actual self-offering.

This is the complete opposite of the unenlightened condition and the way of the world, the bestial nature.

The truth is, from the perspective of the afterlife and heaven, this world, this life, is no more real or substantial than a dream, and truly, in near-death experiences, and when we die, just as when we awaken from a dream all of the dream people and dream world vanish, so it is with the people here and this world, all passes away, all dissolves, all vanishes, and what remains is the soul, the mind or consciousness, in God. If we are able to recognize our innate unity with Christ and God, the True Light, so there is the experience of full return to God, full reintegration with the Light Continuum; if we are not able to, however, various other experiences may arise in the afterlife, and eventually we will enter into another incarnation in the ignorance, the illusion of separation.

The real is unification, and the unreal is separation.

Our capacity to recognize and realize our innate unity with Christ and God, the True Light, is dependent upon how we live, and upon the recognizing and realizing our unity with Christ and God in this life; the deeper our experience of unification and embodiment in this life, the greater our capacity for this realization in the afterlife, the enlightenment and liberation of our soul. This is the true purpose of our incarnations, and when we remember it, and we labor to bring about this realization in our soul, then our life, our journey in this world, has purpose and meaning, and there is “substance” to it – there is something real in it. If we understand this, then we will be aware of the precious opportunity we have in this life, and we will have zeal, passion, for the spiritual life and practice, and progress in the Gospel – a fiery passion, desire, for actual self-realization or enlightenment in Christ, the experience of God Consciousness, and we will not be easily distracted. The truth is, life is very brief, and already we have lived much of it, and there is no time to waste, none whatsoever – today we have this opportunity, and we are very wise to take it while we have it.

The judgment or life-review in the afterlife experience reflects this very well, for as it turns out, much that we occupy ourselves with and think is so important is not important at all in the judgment or live-review, our worldly achievements and recognition, our careers, our possessions, and such, in themselves mean nothing and have no value at all – in themselves they are unreal, empty, “vanity under the sun.” What has meaning, what has value, to our soul, and to God and the angels, is our relationships and how we treat others, and whether or not we love others and uplift others – how we serve others and engage in self-offering; and with this, the wisdom, understanding and knowledge we acquire – the soul’s realization, and how we have served to progress and evolve humanity, and life, and uplift the world in return to God. In the judgment, or life-review, this is what is real, and things in the world and our life are real to the extent they are used to love, acquire knowledge of God or Enlightenment, and serve to uplift others in return to God or Enlightenment – through this, all things become real, purposeful and meaningful, and are established in the kingdom of heaven, having served the kingdom, having served God or Enlightenment.

I can share with you that in near-death experience this becomes perfectly clear, just as in the experience of mystical ascension of the soul into the heavens, though perhaps even more pointedly in near-death experiences. I’ve experienced this myself, through God’s good grace, and the desire, the mission of the soul, to love, to acquire knowledge of God and to uplift others in return to God, is very clear; running and returning in this way, though, it is also clear that there is a very powerful psychic gravity in this world, and a powerful forgetfulness and darkness, and that it takes a great force of will, desire, passion to overcome it and to enact what is good and true, the righteousness of the inner aspects of the soul.

There are so many distractions here, so many things that seem important, though in reality they are not – much time is wasted in distraction, vanity, the unreal!

This is reflected by one of the greatest klippot in our generation, one that the Risen and Ascended Christ addressed in the Book of Apocalypse, and one very common with many spiritual seekers today: the klippah of lukewarmness, neither being “hot” or “cold,” but “lukewarm,” neither having passion for the attainment of heaven nor the world, so that life is lived in mediocrity and is wasted away, and little or no progress is made in the evolution and realization of the soul at all. At least with full passion, whether for heaven or the world, a soul might actually learn something, and some progress might be made, but without passion, nothing good or lasting is accomplished.

Real faith and devotion – a fiery passion, is everything; such passion as this comes from the heart and the depths of the soul – and this needs to be invoked, kindled, until it blazes forth from within us and utterly consumes us.

This corresponds with the cultivation of joy, for joy is something more than idle happiness that comes and goes – joy is passionate, and joy is enduring, just as the peace of our transcendence is enduring; regardless of external, outward conditions, whether happiness or sadness, wellness or illness, good times or bad, living or dying, it is possible to have this peace and joy, and the experience of God Consciousness.

I teach the Six Essential and Three Roots because, if enacted with faith and devotion – passion, it is a very swift way to the experience of God Consciousness, one accessible to anyone who desires to return to God, or who desires the experience of God Consciousness.

Here I can share something more that can be joined with this practice. Live each day as though it will be your last, as though there is no tomorrow, as though today is the day of the Lord and you are ready for the coming of the Lord – live as though when you lay down to sleep tonight you will not rise again in this world, but will arise in the afterlife, returning to God.

There is much to be said of living in this way, and the fact is, one day this will be exactly what happens, it will be our last in this world!

Taking up this view, this practice, you will find that it generates zeal, passion, as well as discernment of what’s real and unreal, or important and unimportant, and what’s worthy of your time and energy, and what is not; and you may find that you experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, and live each day with greater appreciation and gratitude, or praise and thanksgiving to God.

These are some thoughts I was inclined to share today.

May God bless you and may God keep you! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!

Re: Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 8:56 am
by Elder Sarah
Shabbat Shalom!

Abiding in much Praise and thanksgiving while exploring this topic!

I very much enjoy this saying and love that you brought it up Sister Martina. As I read this saying I am reminded of a certain insight that I watched arise a couple weeks ago in our Zohar study.

As we explored certain teachings, Tau Malachi began to draw out the meaning of living in our True Being and how in our True Being we exist, and this is the reason we have come, while when we are not in our True Being we don’t exist in the Supernal realm, and we are distracted from the reason we have come. As he spoke further, a certain vision arose to accompany the words. The image was an image of our True Being, and in this Being there is an opening both above and below. This image has height and depth and rays out in all directionality. We come into this image when we enact the truth of our Soul, when we enact the reason we have come here in this life. Then I began to see these sort of fractal like images that are shards of this True Image. These shards ray out side to side from the True Image, they seem to arise in contorted, illusory forms. These fractal “bubbles” so to say have no access above and below, they are trapped in the realm they arise in. This false image bubbles are endless and the further they get from the True Image, the more false they are.

As I read this saying, I found it to speak exactly what Tau Malachi was speaking that night. Our True Image, the reason why we have come, this is the real. What is unreal is the false, contorted shards that seem to trap energy. What is real is above and below, what is unreal has no access above and below.

Thank you Tau Malachi for drawing upon the importance and the passion with which we are called to pursue the Spiritual life. I hear now in a new way, if we are called, this is the reason for which we have come, and we must pursue this reason, enact this reason in order to come into the Truth of Being. As we can begin to see this I hear a greater discernment can begin to arise. As both Sister Martina, and Brother Yonah are drawing out, as we grow on the path, we can begin to more and more see the real and the unreal. I am very intrigued to ask of this realm of the real, and it being the reason we have come. Can we say, this path to realization, to God Consciousness is the path to why we have come, and that somehow, why we have come is already present, we are just working to remember the intention of the Soul? That anytime we enact why we have come, we are in the real, and we are joining above and below and all around?

May all beings be blessed and empowered to remember why they have come and enact this true mission of the Soul!

Elder Sarah

Re: Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 11:38 pm
by Martina
Greetings and Blessings in the Light of the Bride, Dear Friends!

Thank you for taking up this contemplation! Much gratitude to Our Mother for illuminating it with her light through her children!

What has been shared brought up some thoughts about the real and the unreal which I hope do not distract. Tau Malachi often shared, that the Holy One loves every creature in the same way and that on the inner levels of our being it makes no difference if we are an ant or a human being. This love very much resonates with me. Does it mean that on the inner levels of our being there is the Holy One’s unconditional love for everything? Is this love what is represented by Adam Kadmon, the intention that every spark comes to its fruition, which is union with the Holy One? I am also hearing everything a creature is, light and klippot being taking up in the Holy One. This very much changes for me the way I see others and fills with light what Adonai Yeshua tells us “to love the Holy One and our neighbors as ourselves” . I hope this makes sense and am very grateful for any corrections.

In Gratitude,

Re: Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 6:23 am
by BrandonLw

What’s been spoken regarding True Being and love reminds me of something curious I once heard in something like a dream: “In the Garden of the King there are many sayings (teachings), and this is one of them: Love will open the way. Without love the channel only creates action.”

I wonder if this might add to our contemplation. I sense it speaks to the real in unification as has been spoken above, and relates to this love as drawn out by Sister Martina. Perhaps it speaks to, "the love we had at first" and the mission of a soul.

Peace and zeal!

Re: Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Tue May 13, 2014 10:30 am
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua and Kallah Messiah!

Our true being, and true image, this is supernal; hence, our neshamah, our heavenly and supernal soul, and our zelem, image, as we are in the kingdom of heaven and the Infinite One. Our true being, and true image, transcends our name and form, personal history, and ego, encompassing countless incarnations, past, simultaneous present, and future, and by nature it is bornless and deathless, infinite and eternal; such is the reality of our true being and image as we are in Christ and God, or the Light Continuum, and so it is with all creatures in their essence and nature.

Our name and form, and personal history, and ego, are a klippah – a husk or shell, but our true being is within and behind this, and it is this we wish to recognize and realize, and embody, and as we do so, more and more our person and life is taken up by our true being – our holy neshamah, or Christ and the Holy Spirit in us, and becomes a vehicle and manifestation of that Living Presence. If we live only in the surface consciousness, clinging to name and form, and personal history, and the ego, we live in the unreal, we cling to that which eventually will pass away or die, but if we go within and live within, and recognize and realize our true being as we are in Christ and God, and we cleave to Christ and God, then we live in the real, in that which has never been born and never dies, and that does not pass away, but is eternal. If we go within and live within in this way, and realize our true being, our holy soul inseparable from the indwelling Christ, then our person and life is also made real, for through it we have realized and embodied the Real – Christ and God, or God Consciousness.

Sarah, that vision you had was the vision I was speaking from that night at Zohar. I praise God you shared in that vision with me through the good grace of the Spirit of God, for, indeed, in it is discerning wisdom of the real and unreal, and the way of the Life Divine – living in the Real and for the Real, Christ and God!

If there is a mystical ascent of consciousness to see, hear and know such things, always it is through the Spirit of God, and gifted by the Spirit of God, for a person has cleaved in faith and love, and therefore their soul may be carried by the Spirit in ascent, receiving insight and illumination from the Spirit. Praise God!

Yes, indeed, Sister Martina, there is this love of God for all creatures, for all people, and there is this light and love within all, it is the natural expression of the true being of all as they are in Christ and God. There is much more, though, within our true being, or the I Am, for love is only one of the Divine Attributes (Sefirot), but all of the Divine Attributes are in our true being, or the Divine I Am, and when the I Am is awakened and realized, the spiritual knowledge and power of all the Divine Attributes becomes embodied in us, the fullness of the Indweller, the Holy Shekinah.

The I Am is primordial, supernal and universal, inseparable from the Primordial Christ and Cosmic Christ, reaching into Adam Kadmon and Atzilut, and the indwelling Christ is a unique and individual emanation of the I Am in this incarnation, corresponding to our true purpose and mission in this life, all as God will and ordains.

The array of Divine Attributes are as follows: Will, Wisdom, Understanding, (Knowledge), Mercy, Judgment, Compassion, Victory, Glory, Righteousness and the Kingdom, or Shekinah; thus, there is the force of the will of God with the I Am, the power of the Supernal Crown (Keter) – this corresponds with our True Will, not the self-will of our ego, but the will, or desire, of our secret and undying soul, our True Being (Christ in us).

This is our true inmost heart’s desire, and enacting it is our true joy – our bliss!

If and when we act according to our True Will – the manifestation of the Supernal Crown in us, the full power of all the Divine Attributes moves with, in and through us, and the heaven and angels move with us, the Shekinah of the Messiah rests upon us in full.

Now, the centrality of spiritual, unconditional love, amidst the Divine Attributes is this: The nature of love, mercy, is to give, and the fullness of love corresponds to a complete self-negation, or self-offering; hence, becoming as God, resembling God, as the All-Giver.

This is taught in the single commandment given by Messiah Yeshua, and it is demonstrated by his complete self-offering on the cross: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:12-13).

It must be said, however, that this is not meant to be just a concept in the mind, nor remain nothing more than a vital sentiment, but rather, it is meant to be an action, our way of life, our way of being in the world, in all our relationships. The very nature of this love is a fiery, all consuming passion for Christ and God, and the uplifting of all in return to God – a desire for the happiness and fulfillment of all beings, all creatures.

This, of course, is the desire of God, that all beings return to God, so that God might give Godself to them in full. On a spiritual level, nearness comes through similitude or resemblance, therefore the more that this is also our desire, the nearer we are to Christ and God, and if and when this is our all consuming desire, our only desire, perhaps we might experience the delight of union with Christ in God.

The truth is, the inner aspects of our soul abide in an innate unity with Christ and God, and this is the desire of our true being as we are in Christ and God – this is “our first love,” so that rather than conjuring love, as though it is not in us, we need to remember the love that was our original intention, and that is the original blessing in which we are conceived by the Spirit of God and are reborn from above, from the kingdom of heaven.

These are some thoughts I was inclined to add to this contemplation.

May we be blessed to realize this love of Christ and to embody it. Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!

Re: Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 6:58 am
by Martina
Greetings and Blessings in the Name of the Holy Bride and the Messiah!

Much gratitude for the beautiful teachings that have been shared in this thread.

Tau Malachi wrote “Now, the centrality of spiritual, unconditional love, amidst the Divine Attributes is this: The nature of love, mercy, is to give, and the fullness of love corresponds to a complete self-negation, or self-offering; hence, becoming as God, resembling God, as the All-Giver.”

Could it be said that the essence of this teaching has also been shared in the teachings on the Twelfth Name of Gevurot, He-He-Ayn? I feel a strong resonance with it.


“We may speak about this Name of God as an invocation of unconditional love – the love with which the Messiah and God love us; but truly, that is nothing more than a concept in our minds, or it is a passing vital sentimental warmth that makes us feel good for a few minutes – it is not the true awareness or knowledge of such love.

Indeed! We must inquire how such love is possible, seeing that typically speaking it is so far removed from our human experience; but you see, Adonai Yeshua answers this question, for to love all beings we must see the innate good in all beings, the godliness in all beings – in them we must see and encounter God, and aware of God in ourselves and in them, God will love God, the unconditional love of God being embodied in us.”

Might it also be possible that we have a deeper resonance with this Holy Name at this time of year since it is a name of Taurus? Could it be said that all of the 72 names of Gevurot and Hasidim contain the essence of the real and guide us “to remember the love that was our original intention”?

Shabbat Shalom & Gratitude,

Re: Saying 189 - Joining the Inside and the Outside

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 8:51 am
by Tau Malachi
Grace and blessings to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

In Messianic Kabbalah we are taught that the Mystical Body of the Risen Christ is composed of the spiritual power of the Sefirot of Atzilut, or Names of God and Partzufim; hence, all of the Divine Attributes. The interior parts of the Mystical Body, then, correspond with the spiritual power of the Netivot, and if Sefirot and Netivot, so the spiritual power of the 144 Names is in this Mystical Body. Thus, in Messianic Kabbalah we are taught that the full power of the 144 Names is manifest in the Risen Messiah and is in the Light Transmission we receive from the Risen Messiah – these Names of God are a grand array of the power of the Holy Light and Spirit of the Messiah and Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai.

Just as we labor for the embodiment of all Divine Attributes, so in the Messiah, the Anointing, the spiritual power of these Names of God is in us, and therefore, invoking these Names we draw out this power of God from within us and become a channel, vehicle, of that manifestation of the Spirit of God, Ruach Elohim.

It has been taught that the Twelfth Name of the Gevurot is invoked to see the good, or see God, in all things and us. This is not just an invocation to see a vision of God in dream or in the heavens, but corresponds with an invocation of Job, “From my flesh I will see God”; hence, to behold God embodied in all things. There is something more, however, within this Name of God, for He-He-Ayn indicates seeing the Shekinah of the Messiah, the union of Imma Shekinah (Mother) and Kallah Shekinah (Bride), a union founded upon the unification of the Groom and Bride, or Zer Anpin and Nukva. As perhaps you might imagine, this is an invocation of an influx and revelation of the Shekinah of Messiah in full glory and power, a full in flux of Light-presence and Light-power, corresponding with the saying, “Let your eye be single and your whole body will be filled with light.”

A “single eye” implies the brow star, the center in the head, which is the seat of neshamah in us, and the nature of the serpent power uplifted to the brow corresponds with a single thought and desire for God, and God Alone. Here we may speak the open secret of how this singularity of thought and desire becomes manifest. If and when you see God in everything and everything in God, and in all things there is only God, then in all that you see and desire, you have the thought and desire for the One God; all desire is transformed into one Holy Desire in this way.

Seeing God, desiring God, loving God, you will love all creatures, knowing God within them!

This Name corresponds with “seeing” in God Consciousness.

The Names of God can be invoked full force at any time. In the Messiah, in truth, we are no longer bound to times and seasons, not in the least. Yet it is also true that there is a natural flow of the 144 Names through the year and its seasons based upon their zodiacal correspondence, and therefore as the sun passes through these star gates or signs there is a natural influx of these powers of God that we can draw upon. Generally, though, rather that focusing on times and seasons for the invocation of the Names of God, we are focused on movements of the Spirit of God and Continuum, what’s transpiring in the world and the lives of those around us, and the various spiritual works that need to be taken up with God’s power, and in this we find an affinity or attraction to various names at various times, as though the Spirit of God and indwelling Messiah leads us to invoke the perfect Name, or Names, for a given need.

There is a place for the use of the knowledge of celestial attributes and the 144 Names of God, but we do not want to become too focused upon the celestial attributes because the greater reality and power of these Holy Names transcends them, reaching into Atzilut. Thus, joined with their invocations in Simple Mercy we invoke them in Abundant Mercy, or Supernal Grace; hence, unified with the Risen Messiah they become vehicles of Supernal Influx, or Light Transmission.

Here we may share that, aside from the spiritual works we are called to take up for the sake of others and the world, the Holy Spirit may also generate an affinity in us and lead us to a Name of God to reveal something of the tikkune of our soul, a need for rectification and refinement. Thus, at times when our attention is attracted to a Name, or Names, it can very well reflect a need for the mending our own soul as we return to God.

In a similar way it could also reflect spiritual gifts or spiritual powers given to us by the Spirit of God to accomplish our soul’s purpose and mission.

To discern the nature of such affinities or attractions requires prayer and a growing communion with the Spirit of God, Ruach Elohim.

As an example a cause of tikkune, suppose an initiate felt they had a call to teach and initiate, but they struggled with a karmic vision and thoughts that no one around them desired the Holy Light, or desired to return to God. This Name of God would be a perfect remedy for the tikkune of the soul, revealing God within all and so empowering them to lead others in return to God; hence, giving insight into how to speak with others and guide others in the Path of Return.

You see, joined with what we have already said of this Holy Name, this is a Name that dispels karmic vision, the vision of ignorance, which prevents souls from fulfilling their mission and returning to God. You might say that this is a “Name of Seeing the Way!”

So there may be many different reasons why we might be attracted to a Name of God at a certain time, quite apart from its celestial attribute.

Shalom Aleichem!