Cycle 5 "A Broken Person"


Cycle 5 "A Broken Person"

#1 Postby Susan » Tue May 02, 2006 9:19 pm


Our Australian Circle has been discussing the meanings within the legend "A Broken Person", page 107 of the "St Mary Magdalene" text. This passage concludes with Lady Mary turning away a would-be disciple who, having been healed by one of her disciples, asks to "be set on the path" under Lady Mary's tutelage.

We would be interested in hearing of others' understandings of this legend, particularly in regards to its' relevancy to our own lives and personal interactions with others who express a heart-felt interest in wanting to know more about our Sophian ways and practices.

Our discourse has now flowed on to a contemplation upon this legend's relationship to the way of The Middle Pillar , the path of equilibrium. Obviously our Lady could see into the heart of this man, and beyond; but relevant to our level of spiritual development, perhaps by controlling the ego's rampant tendancy to dominance, ie. the Middle Path, we can prevent the excesses of extreme mercy or extreme severity clouding our [/i]readings[i] of other seekers/inquirers.

To act within the moment, from within the True Self of Light is our spiritual goal, vehayah! So, how do others in our community hear this legends song?

Shalom and blessings,


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#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu May 04, 2006 10:49 am

Greetings Sister Susan!

First it must be pointed out that the man Lady Mary declines to receive as a disciple was “possessed by a powerful demon,” which was exorcised by her disciples, according to the legend. Thus, rather than being healed this person was exorcised. This distinction is important, for it implies a severe psychological and spiritual disorder – a very fragile state of mind and emotions, and soul.

It may be that a person who is healed becomes a disciple, and often disciples experience the healing power of the Light-presence in tzaddikim or holy apostles – the healing power of the Holy Spirit. Yet, because we experience something of the wonderworking that often happens around a spiritual adept or master it does not necessarily constitute the deeper spiritual connection through which discipleship forms; likewise, entering into the sacred friendship based upon an extreme dualism of self and “other,” seeing the other as divine but not recognizing the divinity in oneself, could be detrimental to the purpose of discipleship – for the sole purpose of the spiritual teacher and guide is to reflect the inner teacher and guide, the Christ Self, within the disciple. Here, in this story, we are talking about actual and direct discipleship with a spiritual master of a very lofty grade – and it requires a certain development and evolution of the soul-being, and a strong heart connection. It is something more than entering most mystical circles or becoming a member of the congregation of an outer assembly or church – it is a full on dance of Wild Gnosis or Crazy Wisdom with a Perfect Tzaddik, our Lady. It’s quite an intense play in the Divine Presence and Power (Shekinah).

In the case of a person possessed by a “demon” or other dark and hostile entity, typically such a person will not be ready for direct discipleship or able to embark on the mystical journey – as it is, not everyone is destined for the actual Path to Enlightenment in this lifetime, but many of us come for other work that must be done along the way. If a person suffers from a severe psychological disorder, or an extreme karmic condition or spiritual imbalance, mystical and theurgical practices are most likely unwise for them – a devotional path through more conventional spirituality, such as the outer church, would serve the person much better. In tending to a life of faith, devotion and service such a soul could prepare itself and create the conditions to enter the mystical journey in a future life, if not the very next life. Thus, as a Perfect Tzaddik, Lady Mary’s advice is very wise, for she sees into the need of the soul-being and understands what is good and beneficial – in giving the advice she gives, she also blesses the man if he follows her advice. So, truly, he is not left lacking or without help.

The spiritual path has outer, inner and secret dimensions – all can participate in the outer dimensions of spirituality, and there are many different vehicles for this, but the inner and secret dimensions, relatively speaking, and for the few; hence they are “esoteric.” If one considers the advice Lady Mary gives for this man it is an outer and more general form of spirituality she advises, akin to saying, “Go to church and see how you can be of service to those in need.” So, this gentleman is not lacking for anything, but rather it is just not time for discipleship and the mystical journey. (If we were to turn a person away from a Gnostic circle it’s not like there aren’t many other places a person could go to cultivate their spirituality – there are so many other vehicles present in the world.)

In terms of “demonic possession” of the kind being spoken of in St. Mary Magdalene, there would be a karmic condition that allowed such a dark and powerful entity to enter and fully possess. As a consequence of such a possession, a person’s auric field or subtle energy field would be weakened and compromised. Likewise, their subtle body and its energy system would likely be damaged; also, their psyche would likely be wounded or fractured. This would preclude teaching a person mystical and theurgical practices common to Gnosticism which might open them to spiritual forces and make them too sensitive, as they would remain susceptible to the incursions of shades and shadows – the dark and hostile forces. A spirituality of pure devotion and service would be much more beneficial and would more likely lead to the person’s healing.

There is a famous old Kabbalistic and Hermetic saying: “As above, so below; as below, so above.” In the material development and evolution we understand a principle of the “survival of the fittest” at play – the need for a certain level of adaptability, strength, intelligence and such; the same is true on a psychic and spiritual level in the development and evolution of the soul-being. There are many different cycles or gradations in the soul’s evolution; until a certain point in the soul’s evolution it is not time for the Path of the Great Liberation.

As popularized as mystical and esoteric teachings are becoming, still, few will be able or inclined to embark fully upon the mystical journey.

May all be blessed to find the way upon the spiritual path most beneficial and good for them – may all beings be happy; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Considered Reading

#3 Postby Susan » Sun May 07, 2006 1:46 am

Greetings Malachi,

Many thanks from our Circle for your clarification. There is a wealth of learning for us here, so we will be discussing these concepts further at our next meeting.

We are now more aware of the need for a careful and deliberate reading of such texts!

Blessings and shalom,


Leslie Kaneel

Second Thanks for Clarification

#4 Postby Leslie Kaneel » Tue May 16, 2006 7:58 pm

Hello again Susan,
I'm glad you brought this up. The clarification of the text is very illuminating.
In Peace, Leslie.


Spiritual Humility

#5 Postby Susan » Fri May 26, 2006 10:47 pm

Greetings Leslie!

Yes, the need to be on guard against my own spiritual elitism has been just one of the lessons to emerge from this discussion. As smitten as I am with the gift of Sophian Gnosticism, I do well to remember that this is not the path for everyone. As Malachi said, in turning away this broken man it is not as if there were no other [/i]paths for him to walk in his spiritual journey, now he was exorcised of his demons.

Reading saying 154 in Cycle 6 of the St Mary Magdalene text speaks illuminatingly on this thread of understanding also: -

"Mary said, 'If you believe in a multiplicity of gods, it is inferior; yet if you do not recognize the many powers, superior knowledge is impossible.' Hence, recognition and knowledge of those negative forces that were implicated, and indeed embodied in the person healed by one our Lady's disciples, is an important part of our Sophian studies.

Along similar lines, the legend listed in Cycle 5, "The Spirit Jar", has certainly sparked my questioning for meaning also.



Leslie Kaneel

Spiritual Humility

#6 Postby Leslie Kaneel » Sat May 27, 2006 10:04 am

Greetings Susan,
Yes, I very much agree. I came to understand this reality of people existing at differing levels of consciousness through intense direct experience over many years. Some are atheists, some consider themselves believers in God, and some go to church, but they don't have the drive to radically seek spiritual transformation of their persons. They probably never will in this lifetime. I found that the acceptance of this truth also alleviated much frustration and disappointment of where souls are at and where I thought they should be. I must admit this frustration and disappointment still arises but I now recognize it more as a form of spiritual arrogance, and try to remember the complete reality of spiritual forces beyond our human manifestation.Hence,the practice of Humility is very apt. A super-sized chunk of "humble pie" for all who have "ears to hear and eyes to see" is a great hope.
Good-bye for now,

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#7 Postby Marion » Tue Jun 06, 2006 11:20 am


It seems like this tendency of being dissapointed or frusturated(which I often stuggle with as well) with people who may be in a diffrent space is two fold. There is the peice, as you mention, of spiritual elitism, and arrogance, thinking that "My way is the best way for everyone" etc... underlying, there also seems to be an awareness of a very Gnostic veiw: "you better lean to transend here, because this world is a burning house, do not be attached to the world, but look to the spiritual realms." Therefore, if we can pray to the Mother to uplift those individuals whom we encounter in the world, it will banish the "they-me" mentality, and uplift the arrogance. Also, recognising that what we see outwardly in "unspiritual" people, we also have inside of us. We all have parts of ourselfs that do not like the light, those parts, who deside to go to bed instead of practice, or who don't want to change a bad mood. So, if we seek to see this in ourselfs, it removes the duality and any justification of arrogance etc...

Praise be to our Mother Father who is in the Pleroma of Light, who takes all upon their lap, that we might be in service to the divine will and divine kingdom! Praise be the Most High!

Blessings and Shalom!

Leslie Kaneel


#8 Postby Leslie Kaneel » Tue Jun 06, 2006 4:59 pm

Greetings Marion,
I agree with your entire post. It is a very delicate balance to deal with.
As soon as I decide that I'm going to pray for another, the tight-rope balancing act is on. Am I thinking I'm a more complete person? Or, am I praying from a place where I am actually walking in the other person's shoes? It's a very tricksy area.
Humility is the answer, but, one has to understand what healthy humility is. It's not self-flagellation, or putting oneself down in any way; it is understanding your true position in the universe. You are no less a Child of Light if you have humility.
In Peace,

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