Faith: Holy and Intent On Unity

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Faith: Holy and Intent On Unity

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon May 17, 2004 9:50 am

For now their affairs are dispersed. But when unity makes the ways complete, it is in unity that all will gather themselves, and it is by acquaintance that all will purify themselves out of multiplicity into unity, consuming matter within themselves as fire, and darkness by light, and death by life. So since these things have happened to each of us, it is fitting for us to meditate upon the entirety, so that this house might be holy and quietly intent on unity. (Gospel of Truth, Chapter 4, section 3)

To speak of unity and dispersion is to speaking of the interior life versus living only in the surface consciousness, for unity is known by going within and living within, but living only on the surface consciousness is fragamented and desire-energy is dispersed. "It is in unity that they will gather themselves" speaks of the sactuary of the heart in which we become acquainted with the Pattern-That-Connects, which is Christ, and our interconnection with all creation and God.

On the Tree of Life this center of unity is Tiferet (Beauty), the perfection of unity being Keter (Crown). To bind the soul to Tiferet, aware of Keter, and mediate upon the sacred unity underlying the entirety (all creation) is to uplift the entirety Godward. This practice is reflected in the kavvanot (points of concentration) in the intonement of the Shema. With "Shema Israel" the kavvanah is of the body, world and all creation as Malkut (Kingdom). With "Adonai Elohenu" the kavvanah is Chirst, the Spiritual Sun within and behind the heart, and Tiferet. With "Adonai Achad" the kavvanah is the Nameless and Unknowable, the Invisible God, and Keter; hence all creation inseparable from the Holy One of Being. This is the basic meditation behind the Shema: Shema Israel, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Achad - Hear, O Israel, the Lord is your God, the Lord is One. This meditation appears to be in harmony with the spiritual practice this passage is proposing.

There is a process of awakening energy clearly indicated in this practice as well - the gathering of consciousness into the heart, the reception of the Light from above and awakening of Fire Snake which purifies, and the Divine Life which follows; hence a state of True Gnosis. We are told to meditate upon nature and creation, and the underlying unity upon which it is founded (God). Before we are able to awaken this energy it is a good and beneficial practice for us, but when the energy of the body and soul are fully awakened this practice changes - while meditating on nature and creation, and the underlying unity, one not only beholds the material dimension, but the astral, mental, higher vital, causal, spiritual and supernal dimensions, and one knows the Light-kingdom spread out upon the earth.

Now, apart from these ideas there is a clear statement on the simplicity of faith-wisdom: "meditate upon the entirety, so that this house might be holy and quietly intent on unity." Indeed, we meditate upon the Gospel, and upon nature and creation, and we abide in faith of our unity with Christ in God, and we live according to that Truth and Light. This is the Gnostic Christian path in simplicity - this itself can lead to a profound state of Divine Illumination or Enlightement.

What is faith? It is this house (this person, body and life) holy and quietly intent on unity (achad). Interestingly enough, this is the very essence of meditation as well. So we may say that faith meditates.

Perhaps these thoughts might open a contemplation of this passage for us...........the passage is quite beautiful.

Blessings & shalom! :)
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Gospel of Truth

#2 Postby THERESA » Tue Oct 18, 2005 7:03 am

...and it is by acquaintance that all will purify themselves out of multiplicity, into unity....

Before we enter upon the Path, our desire nature is only on the surface, as you have said, good sir. But, the turning point is the "acquaintance with unity". Seems to speak of a metanoia experience. Once a being comes into contact with Ultimate Truth, however this occurs, that life within begins to draw them within, and the interests they once pursued outside of themselves (multiplicity) are released more and more as the Unity grows. "Matter is consumed as by the Fire" of the burning borne in the soul as it continues to grow and previously hidden "darkness" are brought to Light so that they, too, may be consumed. Thus, turning death to life, once the former life is recognized to have really been death.

"So...since these things HAVE happened to each of us...." how beautiful a line is that! "it is fitting for us to meditate upon the entirety"
The entirety...our whole journey thus far. Gratitude, praise, joy, peace,
"that this house might be holy" "My house shall be a house of prayer", says the Master. Not the physical building of the Church, but the true house of God, the temple of our soul. Amen.

God's Peace,

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