Saying 24: Union with Angels

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Saying 24: Union with Angels

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu May 13, 2004 11:03 am

He said that day in the prayer of thankgiving, "O you who have joined the perfect Light with the Holy Spirit, join the angels with us, too, as images." (Gospel of St. Philip, saying 24)

The perfect Light is our soul of Light (Neshamah) which is able to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit that gives birth to supernal or Messianic consciousness. Likewise, it is the Light that comes from above and awakens the ascending force of the Serpent Power, the union of the two becoming the Supernal Light-presence in us. Truly, anyone who recognizes and receives their indweller of Light (indwelling Christ) will be ministered to by both disincarnate tzaddikim and maggidim - souls of holy ones and angels of God.

Indeed, wherever the Light-presence is embodied, righteous spirits and angels come and go from that place, that person, continually. Likewise, wherever study and contemplation of secret wisdom occurs, or sacred discourse, prayer or meditation, or sacred ceremony, a luminous assembly gathers in the subtle dimensions of that place. If one opens one's mind and heart to this luminous assembly, one will experience gnosis and communion with the holy ones and angels.

Cultivate eyes of holy awe and wonder, and open your mind and heart in faith, and you will see!

Thus, in our sacred events, whether our own personal continuum of spiritual practice, or the continuum manifest in our spiritual communities, we always pray that the luminous assembly of holy ones and angels gathers with us, too, so that the mystical body might be manifest in full and the Light of the Great Seth (Light of the Cross) might be extended in the world. Of couse, in praying this we are opening our own consciousness to what is already transpiring.

Though we certainly do not worship angels, it is a common part of our spiritual practices to invoke them, seeking to extend the influence of the Divine Powers and Light in the world. Just as there are holy souls which come from other world systems as Light-bearers whom we speak of as "elder races," so also are the angels among the elder races, though, indeed, not human races. We continually pray for laborers in the harvest of souls, for the continued incarnation of holy ones as Light-bearers, and we invoke the assistance of the angels of God as well - for such is their divine mission, the fulfillment of the Divine Will in creation; hence the Light-kingdom. This saying points to this practice.

Yet, it also points to something more esoteric, for in the divine theurgy of the tradition initiates learn how to assume the form of holy angels in their Light-Body, and in so doing are joined to the angels and bear the power of the angels. Essentially, archangels are the power of the Light-emanations (Sefirot) at the level of Beriyah, and angels from among the angelic orders are manifestations of the Light-emanations at the level of Yetzirah. Thus, assuming the form of an angel in our Light-Body we draw upon the Mochin (Light-Intelligence), Shefa (Everflow) and Ruhaniyut (Holy Breath) of the corresponding Light-emanation, whether at the level of Beriyah or Yetzirah.

In the tradition there is a greater practice of this in which the initiate assumes the form of Hua, first binding the soul and Light-Body to the Divine Names, and then invoking all of the archangels of the Light-emanations, joining the Light-Body to all ten great angels. Some times this is extended to the archengels of the twelve zodiacal signs, so that the Body of Light becomes composed of the images of twenty-two great angels, all within the Body of Hua, the Great Angel of the Messiah. This saying directly alludes to this spiritual practice of the Light-continuum. It is a common practice of the adepts and masters of the tradition when seeking to extend blessings and Light, and is among the practices that generate the fullness of the Body of Glory.

When you think of the angels, they also think of you. When you invite them and welcome them, they are swift to come and engage in their ministry. Their assistance and guardianship is essential to our coming into being, just as is the assistance and guardianship of our holy tzaddik. indeed, they are part of the matrix of Light in the enviroment of the holy ones - emanations of the One Light-presence. If you invoke them daily, you also will live in the company of angels, just as the Lord walked in the company of holy angels. Praise God!

Blessings & shalom! 8)
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