41: The Pearl Essence

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41: The Pearl Essence

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu May 13, 2004 12:43 pm

If a pearl is cast into the mud, it will not be less valuable. Also, if it is anointed with balsalm it will not become more valuable. Rather, it always has the same value for its owner. Just so, the children of God still have their value for their Father, whatever the circumstances in which they live. (Gospel of St. Philip, saying 41)

Saint and sinner are an appearance on the surface. In truth, the soul of Light in a person is completely unchanged by these appearances - it is ever pure and pristine, virgin. Its nature is like that of a mirror. A bright angel may stand before a mirror and be reflected in it, and the bright and beautiful image will appear in the mirror. But all the while the nature of the mirror remains unchanged, and when the angel goes away no taint or trace of the angel is left upon it. The same is true were a demon to stand before the mirror, though the image of a demon would appear in the mirror, yet the mirror would be substantially unchanged, and when the demon departed no stain or trace or taint or mark whatsoever would be left upon the mirror. Thus soul of Light, in its true nature, is just like this - though saint or sinner might appear, the soul of Light is Pure and Perfect Light, always!

When the teachings speak of the Divine Election, and of the sons and daughters of Darkness and sons and daughters of Light, it is speaking of completely relative conditions within the karmic matrix. In truth, all human beings are children of the Living Father, sons and daughters of the Light, only most human beings are, as yet, completely unaware of the Light that is in them - most are asleep and dreaming strange and fitful dreams. A person who is asleep and a person who is awake are the same Person of Light, whether conscious or unconscious. This we must recognize and understand, and act accordingly.

Now there is a more subtle suggestion here - that evil and sin are inherently illusory; for in reality, falsehood and darkness has never existed. There is only the Holy One of Being, the Truth and Light, and nothing exists apart from the Truth and Light; it is only dualism in consciousness that manifests as the shades and shadows and darkness. When consciousness is unified, and the Non-dual Gnostic Awareness dawns, there is no evil and no darkness, ultimately - there are purely relative and temporary manifestations of darkness on account of cosmic ignorance (the demiurge). Thus, one realizes that the sinner has never existed!

The message is this: The soul of Light is free of sin and bondage to the karmic matrix, recognizing and realizing this, you are free!

This certainly does not advocate the perpetuation of sin and wickedness, nor an attitude of "do whatever you like." That is gross ignorance! No, indeed, the nature of freedom is enacting Truth and Light, and the shift from the Desire to Receive to the Desire to Share, for it is in the Light and in Sharing (Loving) that we are free from the karmic matrix. It is not an issue of being a saint or sinner, but rather of being who and what we most truly are: a Person of Light who has come from the Light-continuum, and the reintegration of ourselves into the Light and Truth.

This freedom is a present truth - any instant we live it. When we excercise our God given free will to enact Light and Truth, and the Desire to Share (Love), we are no longer slaves in bondage to sin and the karmic matrix, but we are free men and woman, and our Pearl Essence shines from within us, illuminating us.

Now within this saying is a great secret, and the secret is this: If I surrender myself to the Anointed and Holy Spirit, to the indweller of Light in me, and it is the indweller of Light who acts with, in and through me, then I am not the doer, and I am free of all doing and of all bondage. Indeed! For this indweller of Light, the soul of Light in me, is completely free of sin and karma. Though within space-time, it is beyond space-time, dwelling in eternity - it is Bornless Spirit. Cleaving to the indweller of Light, and embodying the Light, now in the body, and in the afterlife, I enter into eternal life - repose in the Light.

Light hidden, or Light revealed, is still Light - but peace and joy come with the revelation of the Light, when we let the Light shine. It is a simple truth and the very essence of the Gospel.

Blessings & shalom! 8)
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