60: In Mystery

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60: In Mystery

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu May 13, 2004 1:41 pm

The Lord did all things by means of a Mystery: baptism, chrism, wedding feast, ransom, and bridal chamber. (Gospel of St. Philip, saying 60)

These are the five sacred rites of Gnostic Christianity, which represent key initiations and key mysteries. We may certainly explain the outer rites, how they are conducted and what they represent, and we may speak of the inner experiences indicated by these holy rites; yet truly, it is all a Mystery that cannot be spoken or written - that can't be explained. Rather, it can only be communicated as a shared experience; hence initiation.

To the outsider of the experience we cannot explain it, to the insider of the experience no explaination is necessary. Why do we speak of these things then? For the sake of the celebration of the Mystery, the invocation of the experience, and for the extension of the Light - our speaking is theurgical, like a magical spell.

There are, indeed, external ceremonies that can convey these initiations, however, these initiations are not dependent upon any external ceremonies - they are actually various cycles of the Gnostic and Light-transmission, the foundation of which is the experience of the Risen Savior and the awakening of the Fiery Intelligence within oneself. Though ceremonies are performed celebrating these mysteries, if the inner realization is not present, these are but empty shells, from a Gnostic perspective. Though ceremonies may be performed to faciliate the corresponding inner and mystical experiences, often times disciples experience these initiates with their holy tzaddik apart from any formal ceremony; likewise, they can also occur apart from the physical presence of the tzaddik, or may occur by way of an inner plane contact with tzaddikim and maggidim. Truly, no boundaries can be set upon the Gnostic transmission and Light-transmission, for it is the Light-presence and Holy Spirit that imparts all cycles of the initiations into the Light-continuum. An apostle may serve as a vehicle of the Gnostic and Light-transmission, and may serve to facilitate the Light-transmission, acting as a midwife with the Mother Spirit; but it is the Holy Spirit that initiates.

This is the Mystery in which the Gospel of Truth transpires - the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that inspires faith, and it is this Holy Spirit that imparts gnosis. She rebirths us, invoking the remembrance of the Truth, and anoints us with Light. She imparts the Essence and Presence of the Christos, and shatters the husks of darkness, liberating the sparks of our soul of Light, and gathering up our soul she brings us into the bridal chamber - a conscious unification with Christ in God. In this we have indicated the true nature of the five sacred rites.

I thought this might invoke an interesting discussion...

Blessings & shalom!
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