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69: The Perfect Light

Posted: Thu May 13, 2004 3:59 pm
by Tau Malachi
The forces do not see those who put on the perfect Light and cannot seize them. One will put on the Light in a Mystery, through the act of joining. (Gospel of St. Philip, saying 69)

The perfect Light is the Light of Keter, the Light of the Body of Truth, which is Clear or Transparent Light, and therefore invisible. Reintegrated to the Clear Light when the soul departs the physical body and ascends through the lower and upper regions, it cannot be seen, and therefore cannot be bound by the archons and guardians of the gates.

Yet, again, this may also refer to the Body of Glory, the brilliance of which conceales the heavenly zelem (image) of the soul, just as in the initial appearance of the Risen Savior in the Pistis Sophia the disciples could not see the Savior until he withdrew his Light into himself. Likewise, as we have previously discussed, the Body of Glory can assume all manner of appearances, essentially concealing the true form of the soul of Light. In any case, whether in the Truth Body or Glory Body, the spiritual forces of the lower and upper regions cannot bind the soul to their realms.

Now all of this can only be obscure outside of the actual realization and experience of the Threefold Body of Melchizedek, which is the mystical body of the Risen Savior; yet, it must be spoken about to seed our consciousness with the divine possibility. For as it is written elsewhere in this gospel, "No one can encounter the king while naked," but one must first generate the Body of Light - the Solar Body of the Resurrection. This lies at the heart of all authentic Christian Gnosticism.

According to the tradition, with our every thought, desire, word and deed, we link with corresponding spiritual forces, whether divine, admixed or dark and hostile. These links generate the karmic conditioning of the soul, and they determine much of what transpires in this life, as well as what will transpire in the afterlife states and the next incarnation of the soul-stream. In effect, creating links with admixed and dark beings-forces, when the soul departs the body it becomes bound to their realms - the same is true with regard links formed with divine beings-forces. Thus, by the act of joining or linking the soul-stream is drawn into the corresponding realms in the afterlife states, and these determine the next incarnation of the soul.

Now all of this depends upon a fundamental dualism in consciousness - a state of fundamental ignorance in which we believe what appears to be separate from our own soul or consciousness. In truth, however, what appears is the radiant nature of the soul or consciousness. Thus, on a more subtle and sublime level that act of joining implies the recognition of whatever might appear, whether divine, admixed or dark and hostile as a radiant display (or magical display) of our own soul or consciousness. The natural result is such recognition is a state of Divine Illumination and liberation from the karmix matrix - it is, indeed, "putting on the perfect Light," the awareness of the One Light-presence which is Christ and God, and all living spirits and souls. In other words, it is the state of Radiant Awareness - the awareness of Sacred Unity.

The nature of this Radiant Awareness is non-dual, thus there is an experience of oneness and multiplicity at one and the same time, or formlessness and form without contradiction. In this state, as the second saying of the Gospel of St. Thomas promises, one "reigns over the entirety (all)," and as the very first saying promises, one "will not experience death."

The beginning of this enlightenment and liberation is learning how to go within and live within, and sublimating one's desire-energy so that it is turned inward and upward - Godward. In this way the Gnostic initiate is able to reintegrate his or her personality and life-display to the Light-presence, and in turn to reintegrate the Light-presence into the Light-continuum; hence "put on the Perfect Light."

Quite naturally great wonder-working power comes to those who engage in this Great Work, and becoming more than human (hence Christed), all spiritual forces are subject unto the indweller of Light in them. Though in the process of this self-realization in Christ an active practice of divine theurgy is typically used to complete the reintegration into the Light-presence, in fruition wonders transpire naturally and spontaneously without any effort at all by way of a Force of Silent Will. This we see clearly in the wonder-working ministry of Yeshua Messiah.

Of this Perfect Light my beloved Tzaddik said, "It is the Force of Pure Will and Love."

Blessings & shalom!

Re: 69: The Perfect Light

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:56 pm
by Mark
The beginning of this enlightenment and liberation is learning how to go within and live within, and sublimmating one's desire-energy so that it is turned inward and upward - Godward. In this way the Gnostic initiate is able to reintegrate his or her personality and life-display to the Light-presence, and in turn to reintegrate the Light-presence into the Light-continuum; hence "put on the Perfect Light."

"... go within and breath, and remember that you share breath with all living things, and commune with all living things - all creatures and creation. Then, as you breathe, and commune with life, remember the Holy One, the source of all light and life, and remember that your breath, and the breath of all living things, is the breath of the Holy One - the radiant holy breath; as you remember this, go deeper still and become aware of the radiant holy breath within your physical breath, and extend your communion, blessing all creatures with every exhalation of the radiant holy breath, smiling upon all your relations, and giving praise and thanks to the Holy One of Being in your heart. In this you may acquire understanding of this great mystery, and through the mercy and grace of God, perhaps you might experience an instant of God Consciousness." Breathing Communion:The Radiant Breath of God (Sat., Sept.26, 2015)

Shalom Tau Malachi,
If the radiant holy breath is experienced and practiced, would that be considered some level of "an act of joining" that would eventually lead to putting on the Perfect Light? Also, would there be less likelihood of being seized by forces like archons if the practice of the radiant holy breath links us to a holy vibration while we are here on earth?
May the Holy Breath and Holy Light guide us in all ways,

Re: 69: The Perfect Light

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:33 am
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

The Perfect Light is primordial (Or Kadmon), and the radiant glory of the Perfect Light is Supernal Light (Or Atzilut); the Perfect Light is Clear Light and corresponds with the bornless nature of the soul, and its radiant glory, Supernal Light, is fire consuming fire, a spiritual nuclear fire that makes all like unto itself. When there is recognition and realization of the Clear Light Nature and we receive the full influx of the Supernal Light, indeed, the angels of the archons and demons cannot enter us or bind us, but rather through the Light-presence (Messiah) and Light-power (Holy Spirit) in us all spiritual forces are subject to us, and when we enact the will of the Supreme (Elyon) spiritual forces move in harmony with us, for our will becomes the will of the Holy One of Being.

There is our initial anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit, our initial experience of Light Transmission, and this stirs and awakens the soul within us, and stirs and awakens the serpent power, and then as we integrate the various aspects of our being, our consciousness, our person and life, with the Holy Light and Spirit, and through the Spirit the serpent power is uplifted and redeemed, there is the generation of the body of light and a greater generation of radiant holy breath, and this invokes greater influxes of the Holy Light and Spirit, and may lead to the recognition and realization of the Perfect Light, the Clear Light Nature, and the influx of Supernal Light that comes from the conscious unification of the soul with the Clear Light, the soul’s inmost essence and nature.

At the outset the radiant breath is spiritual light, not supernal, and likewise the generation of the body of light is spiritual, not supernal; but as we labor for the generation of the body of light and a greater manifestation of the radiant breath an influx of Supernal Light may enter and transform the subtle body and subtle breath, taking them up, as it were, and in this we are joined to the Perfect Light and merge with the Spirit of God (Ruach Elohim). When we receive the Holy Light and Spirit the serpent power of stirred and awakened, and through the Spirit it is uplifted, and with the radiant holy breath, once conscious of it, we can kindle the fire snake, or feed and grow the serpent power, generating a greater force for enlightenment and for spiritual works of invisible assistance such as healing, wonderworking and so on. As perhaps you might surmise, as we receive greater influxes of the Holy Light and Spirit, so there is a greater manifestation of the Shekinah of the Messiah with us, a greater manifestation of the Living Presence and Power of the Almighty (Shaddai).

As much as the generation of light-power, or energy, there must also be a progressive mastery of thought and desire, and an alignment of our words and actions with the inner aspects of our soul, the indwelling Messiah and will of the Holy One; we must live according to the Truth and Light revealed to us, and do what is good and true, resembling the Messiah - the Anointing. The more we are willing to this, the more we abide in faith and love, and cleave to the Messiah, and engage in an active and dynamic surrender to the Spirit, the more we immune to the influences of the Other Side, the archonic and demonic spiritual forces.

There are many different ways through which we may realize a conscious unification with the Perfect Light and the Infinite, through knowledge, power, devotion, works or transformation - the Five Ways; and a focus on the radiant holy breath, and such, corresponds with the Way of Power, so that meditating on the radiant holy breath - following the breath, and realizing its inmost nature primordial and supernal, we may indeed experience a conscious unification with the Perfect Light and Spirit, and with the Messiah in Elyon, the Supreme.

The key to the greater generation of the radiant Holy Breath, of course, is our anointing, our reception of the Light Transmission; this initiation is the ignition of the fire and light within us, and the various gradations of Light Transmission, or influxes of the Holy Light and Spirit, kindle the fire and light within us until it blazes and shines - hence, the generation of the “Solar Body of the Resurrection.”

Truly in the Messiah, through the Holy Spirit, souls become like great lights, great stars in heaven, and no darkness, no evil, can corrupt or overcome them, for they have merged with the Messiah - the anointing with the Perfect Light and Spirit, and that Holy Light within them is a fire consuming fire that will transform anything it touches.

If and when the Supernal Light and Spirit is embodied, so there is a radiance of Holy Light in the world as it is in heaven; hence, something of the kingdom of heaven is made manifest upon the earth, and wherever that holy and enlightened one goes, wherever they dwell, it is the Holy Land, truly so!

Receiving the Holy Light and Spirit may we let our light shine, and may many awaken to receive the Spiritual Sun, the Messiah, and be saved! Amen

Shabbat Shalom!

Re: 69: The Perfect Light

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 10:48 am
by Elder Sarah
Shabbat Shalom!

Praise to the Holy Mother who reveals and illuminates!

Thank you Tau Malachi for elucidation on this saying in Phillip and thank you Brother Mark for circling into this saying, I appreciate your question! and it circles around a recent exploration.

Last week in our chat room discourse we explored another verse for the Gospel of Phillip that seems to share a similar meaning as this one, it reads,

"No one would hide something valuable and precious in a valuable container, but countless sums are commonly kept in a container worth only a cent. So it is with the Soul, It is something precious, and it has come to be in a worthless body"

Where I am seeing a similarity regards the quality of concealing that both of these sayings point to. In one, it is the Perfect Light that conceals in the other it is the "common container" or as the author puts it "a worthless body". It must be said, the wording of a "worthless body" must be put in context of this verse and not taken literally! That being said, this contrast raises questions regarding what exactly is this concealment it. In one case, it is the Perfect Light that hides one from becoming visible in the eyes of admixed and dark forces. While in the other case, it is literally the commonality of incarnation in which the Light hides. We hear something of this elsewhere in this Gospel where it is said, "Yeshua took them all by stealth, for he did not appear as he was, but in the manner in which they would be able to see him."

A question arises, How does this Perfect Light hide from forces of admixture and darkness, while at the same time the very body we are incarnate in acts to conceal the Soul? Can we say the birth of the awareness of soul hidden within and behind body is a similar birth to an awareness of the Perfect Light? This becomes very curious, because somehow in this dance is a mystery of how it so that the exact cause of ignorance and forgetfulness, the taking up of incarnation, is also the point of redemption?

Holy One, may this day bring a remembrance of why we have come!

Elder Sarah

Re: 69: The Perfect Light

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:47 pm
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

Malkut of Malkut of Asiyah, or this world, corresponds with the greatest restriction of light and, therefore, the greatest generation of impurity and darkness, and although the Supernal Light is the secret center of every particle of matter, the density and darkness of matter is profound, and in the flesh ignorance, forgetfulness, is a very powerful force. Here in this world, while God is within everything, God is concealed as though by a “thick darkness,” and because of the ignorance, forgetfulness, most individuals are not aware that God is within everything, and therefore do not seek God in all things. So, in effect, there is a double concealment, as it were, the first being God hidden within all things, and the second the ignorance, the forgetfulness, of God hidden within and behind all things.

As for the Perfect Light - Clear Light, this is the inmost essence and nature of all things, but it is most subtle and sublime, and very few are able to recognize and realize the Clear Light Nature, nor perceive its glory in things, the Supernal Light. In dream and vision, typically, what is beheld are impure lights, astral light and spiritual light, not the Supernal Light, let alone the Clear Light. In this, perhaps, you may understand that the Perfect Light, the Clear Light and Supernal Light, is hidden within and behind impure or false lights, or lesser glories, and finally is concealed within material light and the darkness of matter.

In order to recognize and realize the Clear Light Nature, and experience an influx of the Supernal Light, there must be a regeneration of nefesh (vital soul), nefesh behamit (bestial soul) becoming transformed into nefesh elokit (godly soul), and nefesh must be joined with ruach (intelligence, spirit), and nefesh and ruach must express and embody the influence of neshamah (heavenly soul, divine nature). In the process of the regeneration of nefesh and the realization of ruach there is a progressive generation of light-power and the body of light, at first of impure light, astral and then spiritual, and then with the formation of a worthy vessel, the soul and body of light, the influx of the Perfect Light - Supernal Light, may be received, and the vessel will be transformed into the substance, as it were, of the Holy Light and Spirit that has been received.

As perhaps you might imagine, the radiant holy breath and body of light become a much greater force in Supernal Realization, something far more than at the outset when we first caught hold of the radiant breath within and behind our physical breath; here we may say that when the Supernal Light, or Consciousness-Force, is received and integrated the radiant holy breath, joined with the serpent power uplifted, becomes the power of the Living Word in us, so that whatever is held in mind with conscious intention and spoken will come to pass as it is spoken, all as ordained by the Most High (Elyon), all as the Almighty (Shaddai) wills it.

Receiving and integrating the Perfect Light, so we may engage in conscious Light Transmission, and we are empowered to draw the Holy Light from within things, and we can stir and awaken the serpent power in things, all as the Holy Spirit inspires; this Holy Light is a distinct presence and power - Shekinah of Messiah, and as with one who has the Holy Spirit there is a witness of knowledge and power with one who embodies this Holy Light, for it is a great force, inseparable from the Spirit of God.

Now, indeed, it is true, there is the darkness of matter, and the flesh is corruptible, the body is worthless; ultimately the flesh, the body, will perish becoming a putrid corpse - nothing will endure of it. Save for the redemption and realization of the soul through the body - the enlightenment and liberation of the soul, what good is the body? How is it worth anything? As the preacher has written, “everything under the sun is vanity,” futility, and so it is with the flesh, the body, save that this life serves to bring about the realization of the kingdom of heaven and the reintegration of the soul with the Light of the Infinite; if this body does not serve to bring this about, or if it does not progress the soul’s evolution, then it is, in fact, completely worthless.

That said, this body, this life, is a precious opportunity, especially for those who come into contact with a lineage of Light Transmission and are able to receive Light Transmission, for then this body, this life, becomes a vehicle for the awakening and realization of the soul, and its liberation from bondage. Then this very body, this very life, becomes as the holy womb of the Virgin Mother giving birth to our soul to the Infinite and Eternal. Praise God!

These were a few thoughts that arose today as I read your contemplation.

Shalom Aleichem!