Saying 15, according to the Gnostic Bible

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Saying 15, according to the Gnostic Bible

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Some say the Holy Spirit inseminated Mary.
They are wrong and don’t know what they are saying.
When did a woman ever get a woman pregnant?
Mary is a virgin and no powers dirtied her.
She is a great repugnance to the Jews
who are apostolic, who are the messengers.
No powers dirtied the virgin.
They dirtied themselves.

(Saying 15, The Gospel of Philip, The Gnostic Bible)

Though the Holy Spirit is called “male” in English translations of the Scriptures, in the original Greek it is neither male nor female and in both Aramaic and Hebrew it is female; in other words, there has been a purposeful mistranslation of the gender of the Holy Spirit to support manmade creed a doctrine, all the while claiming the mistranslation as the “absolute word of God.” Of course, if there is an intentional deception in the translation of so basic a principle as the Holy Spirit, which ought rightly be called the Mother Spirit, what should we think regarding other issues of translation at the hands of men in power within religious establishments? The fact is that many different translation of Holy Scriptures could be given that would equally be true and certainly would be more accurate than what has commonly been given to us.
Now here we may say, quite clearly, God the Father is also God the Mother, and if we are to speak of God as “he” we must also speak of God as “she.” In truth God and Godhead are transcendent of gender, yet in to gain insight into various manifestations of Divine being we can speak in terms of gender so that we might contemplate God and Godhead in the context of our human experience. In the Judaic and Christian Kabbalah this is exactly the intention of speaking of the Partzufim – Divine personifications. It is not that they represent actual separate and distinct entities, but rather are simply a means of considering different qualities and attributes of God and Godhead in human terms so that we can contemplate and meditate upon them, and perhaps glean some spiritual insight. This is a point that must be understood by modern Gnostic movements, lest the true context and meaning of Gnostic Christian cosmologies and metaphysics that appear in the ancient Gnostic texts will be sorely misunderstood, which in turn will lead to strange and misleading spiritual teachings.
The Partzufim of God the Father and God the Mother may be understood in terms of the relationship between a father and mother giving birth to a child. Essentially, the father’s direct experience and involvement in the birthing of a child ends with the conception of the child in the mother’s womb. Though, indeed, the father may support the mother in her process of gestating and giving birth to the child, and when the child is born may interact with the child, truly it is only the mother who is directly involved throughout the whole process from conception to birth. Thus, the father’s role indicates transcendence and the mother’s role immanence – and that is exactly what is meant by God the Father and God the Mother, God transcendent and God immanent. In the matrix of creation, and this body and world, we are as though in the womb of God the Mother, as are all creatures great and small; the resurrection and ascension is our birth from the Mother’s womb into a direct relationship with both Mother and Father – God and Godhead, according to Sophian teachings.
As we indicated previously, God the Mother manifest as the Pleroma of Light and as the entirety, which is to say the whole matrix of creation, including the divine, admixed and demonic forces. Nevertheless, God the Mother in her essence and nature remains completely unchanged and pure – without taint or trace or stain of any kind. God remains God as God is, within and all around creatures and creation, yet ever beyond creatures and creation. Karmic continuums may be generated and experienced by beings, but this does not change God. It also does not change the essence and nature of consciousness in the beings themselves – in their inmost part, God and Godhead dwells, whether they have become aware of it or not. Generating karmic continuums the play of cause and effect ensues in the experience of beings, but God and Godhead remain unaffected; hence beings may “dirty” themselves, in effect, but the nature of consciousness and divine spark that is in them remains unchanged.
This, of course, alludes to the innate unity of creatures and creation with God and Godhead, and how it is possible to experience a conscious unification with God and Godhead, which is a great and supreme mystery. Generally speaking, in Judaic thought, it is conceived of as impossible for a human being to experience actual unification with God and Godhead, but God and Godhead are believed to be completely removed from creatures and creation. Thus, many Jewish peoples could not accept the Divine incarnation that transpired in the person of Yeshua Messiah – it was contrary to their religious creed and doctrine. Likewise, orthodox and fundamental forms of Christianity have taken a similar position, proposing that while we can be “Christ-like” we cannot become Christ, for once again religious creed and doctrine generated by unenlightened individuals proclaims God and Godhead as remote from creature and creation – hence “Jews who are apostolic,” maintaining a message more akin to ancient Judaic faith than the true Christian faith.
This, however, is not the teaching of Gnostic Christianity, but rather, according to Christian Gnosticism we are Christian until we become Christ, which is to say that we are destine to a conscious unification with God and Godhead, just as Lord Yeshua was united with God and Godhead. What Master Yeshua embodied was the truth of our inmost being – our true and divine being. If this message is blasphemy to orthodox and fundamental forms of Christianity, all we can say is that Yeshua was accused of the same blasphemy by Jewish authorities (clergy) of his time when he was teaching this Gospel of Truth! May the Holy Spirit empower us to see through the illusion of separation, amen.
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