The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Feb 10, 2005 2:58 pm

Father and Son are single names.
Holy Spirit is a double name and everywhere:
above and below, hidden and revealed.
The Holy Spirit lives in the revealed.
It is concealed below. It is above

(Gospel of St. Philip, The Gnostic Bible)

The Holy Spirit is the Divine Mother who conceives and gives birth to the Son, the image and likeness of the Father. She is above as the Father and she is below as the Son. Indeed, the Father becomes the Mother to birth the Son, Christ the Logos, and she becomes the Son, and therfore is Father and Son, and is the union of the Father and Son - the transcendent and immanent presence of God.

The Father is completely transcendental, nameless and unknowable, but the Son is immanent and is known, having come to live and move among us, and indwelling us. The Son is in us and beyond us, the Son is in us and in the Father - this mystery is called the Holy Spirit.

The nature of the Father is repose, and the nature of the Son is movement - thus in the Holy Spirit repose and movement are united. This is reflected in the Gospel of St. Thomas when Master Yeshua says that the sign of the Living Father in us is "movement and repose"; hence the sign of the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean that the Holy Spirit "lives in the revealed"? That which is revealed to us is the Risen Savior. In the person of Lord Yeshua the Holy Spirit was concealed, but in the image of the Risen Savior - the Light-presence, the Holy Spirit is revealed. And so it is with any Christed person, in the incarnate person the Holy Spirit is concealed, but in the body of glory she is revealed; hence the Light-power is seen and known in the subtle inner dimensions but is hidden in the material dimension.

What is the sign of the Holy Spirit in a person? It is the Light-presence and Light-power that shines from within them; it is the luminousity of their mind, heart and life - specifically, faith, hope and love, and knowledge, understanding and wisdom (this Six-rayed Star of Divine Grace).

What shall we say of the Holy Spirit, our Divine Mother? It is she who gives birth to the Indweller of Light (Christ) in us, and it is she who moves with, in and through us as the Light-power; it is she who grants all spiritual gifts and she who accomplishes everything in the Great Work. She is the All-in-All.

May the Mother Spirit conceal herself in us, so that she might reveal herself with, in and through us, and lead us into the All-Good, amen.

Perhaps these thoughts might spark some contemplations...

Blessings & shalom! :D
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