Laughter of the Messiah

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Laughter of the Messiah

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Laughter of the Messiah

“The Lord said it perfectly, ‘Some entered into the kingdom of heaven laughing, and they have come out laughing.’ They do not remain there: one because he is not Christian, another because he laments his later acts.

“As soon as Christ went down into the water he came out laughing at everything in this world, not because he thought it a trifle, but out of contempt. Whoever wants to enter the kingdom of heaven will do so. Whoever despises everything of this world, scorns it as a trifle, will emerge laughing. So with the bread, wine and oil, for above is One superior to all of these.”

(Gospel of Phillip)

First, as has been taught by a holy apostle, ‘The wisdom of God is foolishness to the world,’ and so quite naturally, to those having the wisdom of God, the “wisdom” of the world is foolish, and more so it is sheer ignorance, or dull stupidity. Therefore, to many people of this world the Gospel, Christ, seems to them to be foolishness, and so they laugh and do not receive Christ, Messiah, the Anointing of God; but then, so too many “Christians” who though seemingly receiving Christ and proclaim themselves “Christian” have not received the anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit of Christ, make a mockery of the name, corrupting the name. These depart from the kingdom of heaven - Christ, never having entered, or been received in Christ so that Christ might indwell them.

Now understand, the ‘world’ at which Adonai Yeshua laughs is the human world and so-called “civilization” - the unenlightened society, and if indeed one receives the revelation of the Truth and Light that Christ, Messiah, is and knows the love of God Most High in the kingdom of heaven, in the Risen and Ascended Messiah, they also will laugh, knowing the vanity and futility of the unenlightened human world, and the folly of it’s so-called “conventional wisdom.” Indeed, in the love and compassion of Christ, Messiah, who cannot laugh in contempt at consumerism and gross materialism, and the ignorance of greed and lust that drives it, or laugh with contempt at the grievous social, economic, and environmental injustice it creates, and the complete falsehood of so-called “justice,” “righteousness,” in it? It is not only the leaders, rulers, wealthy, that create this, but in fact, the herd consciousness and most people being bound up in it, complicit in the perpetuation of ignorance and folly, or what may rightly be called ungodliness, or wickedness. This is the ‘world’ that Christ laughs at with contempt, and so also those who receive Christ, the Anointing from God.

Understand, it is not nature, and the beautiful and amazing creatures and world of God’s creation - this Good Earth, that Adonai Yeshua laughs at, for as we know in his teachings he drew upon the wisdom of God in nature and creation, and spoke of the glory of God in the natural world; but rather, he laughs at the rulers of the world - archons, and at their followers who support the perpetuation of the ignorance, the darkness, the death and destruction. And do understand, this is not about ‘them’ and ‘us,’ but rather all of us get bound up in this ignorance, and were it not for the grace and mercy of God Most High in Christ, Messiah, none of us would awaken and be set free, no not one!

Quite naturally, we must live according to the Truth and Light revealed to us - according to the wisdom, understanding and knowledge of Christ and God, and the love and compassion that is in Christ, and so reject the folly of the unenlightened society, cleaving instead to the enlightened society in Christ, the Body of Christ - Anointed Community.

This passage carries this contemplation much further than this, for listen and hear its conclusion:

“So with the bread and the cup and the oil, for there is One superior to all of these.”

The bread, the wine, the oil, or any outward rite and ritual, these are nothing unless the Holy Light and Fire are in them, the True Anointing - the Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of Enlightenment. Understand, the ignorance, foolishness, of this world is the illusion of separation, twoness, and all devotions, worship, in twoness, only serve to strengthen this bondage of ignorance - just look at what the socio-political power structures of mass religions do in this world and the complete corruption of revelations of enlightenment and God that are presented to the people! It is not going to “Mass” that saves or enlightens a soul, nor is it ascribing and professing manmade religious doctrines and dogmas, but rather it is entering into direct experience of God, the experience of an intimate nearness and oneness with God and in God, and so having true knowledge of God - Divine Gnosis; hence, the experience of self-realization or enlightenment in God, conscious union with God, the experience of Christ or God Consciousness. Truly, in this there is no need for bread, wine, oil and such, none at all! Yet, with those in whom Christ and the Holy Spirit dwells, this Light-presence and Light-power of God Most High, the Supreme, through such things there may be Light Transmission, the communication of the Holy Light and Spirit of God; apart from this, however, all such things are as empty husks or ‘shadows of the mystery.’

I will say to you in truth, the celebration of a feast of bread and wine, or of anointing with oil, these are all for the sake of remembrance of our innate oneness with God Most High in Christ, the remembrance of our True Being in God, the Absolute Light; hence, the realization of our Divine Self, the Divine I Am. In this is the Holy One superior to all these things - conscious union, Divine Gnosis, is superior to these things, and is their true purpose and intention.

In closing I will share, in the experience of Self-realization in Christ the kingdom of heaven is within you and surrounds you on all sides here and now - one does not have to wait for the afterlife to enter it; but then, if this is not ‘found’ in this life, there will be no entering into the kingdom of heaven in the hereafter. In this we may understand the true goodness of the Planet Earth and our incarnation here, for through it we may experience this Self-realization and so abide in the kingdom of heaven - Christ, Messiah.

What is the kingdom? Oneness with God!

May we be blessed to return to be One, and so having knowledge of the Truth be set free! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!
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