The World of Error

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The World of Error

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The World of Error

“The world came into being through error. The agent who made it wanted it to be imperishable and immortal. He failed. He came up with less than his desire. The world was never incorruptible nor was its maker. Things are not imperishable, but children are. Whoever cannot receive surely will be unable to give.”

(Gospel of Phillip)

As we know many schools of ancient Gnosticism posed a dualistic view, suggesting the god of creation was not the True God, and therefore the god of the Old Testament was a different god from the Father of whom Yeshua Messiah spoke. This, of course, is not the view and faith of Sophian Gnostics, or the Gnostics of our lineage, but rather there is One God - the very same God, being revealed from the Old to New Testament, and which continues to be revealed among us, and the One God is the creator of heaven and earth, and is within all things and surrounds all things - containing all creation, and yet, as the Infinite and Eternal One, is primordial and supernal, ever beyond creation, and unchanged by creation. What changed between the revelations of the Old and New Testaments was the collective consciousness of humanity and the human understanding through which revelation of God might be given and received. Naturally, living in modern times, with the evolution of the collective human consciousness continuing, we would hope that even greater revelations of God transpire among us, and though we may draw wisdom from ancient Holy Scriptures we are not bound by their inherent limitations and ignorances.

Thus, given our gnostic experience - an experience of supernal realization and conscious union with God in it, when we contemplate the demiurge, the ‘half-maker’ or ‘false god,’ this is the personification of cosmic ignorance, the grand illusion of separation from God, along with the cosmic principle of the ego, ego-grasping, that arises from this ignorance. When we read of the demiurge creating the world, this corresponds with this ignorance and ego-grasping that dominates the experience of creatures in creation, and when we consider the demiurge ‘creating the world,’ it is the powerful play of this ignorance that largely shapes the human world, human “civilization” - the unenlightened human society. In this regard we would indeed say that the ‘world’ was created in ‘error,’ the unenlightened human society being founded upon ignorance and egotism, and its play of self-will, desire and fear, and this is indeed corrupt, and corrupting, as we see in the hearts and minds of unenlightened humankind, and the growing negative affects upon the environment and this Good Earth that the Eternal God created and gave in sacred trust to us.

If we wish to consider an ‘agent’ of creation wanting their creation to be imperishable and immortal, just consider the many human societies that have arisen throughout history believing their dominion would last forever, or consider the grand monuments that have been built with the intention of immortalizing the titanic egos of the wealthy and powerful. In this is the play, expression, of the demiurge and archons, the cosmic ignorance, and spiritual forces, influences, bound up in that ignorance. May God, the True Light, deliver us from that ignorance, that darkness! Amen.

Do understand, when the end of days comes, whenever and however that transpires, nothing in this world will endure, nothing at all! But then, in the creation of this world that was never the intention of God Most High, but rather that through this continuum of perpetual and endless change, that which does not change might be recognized and realized - God, the Eternal One, and so that the inseparability of all with that One might be realized, so that all spirits and souls, in a manner of speaking, might return to be One; hence, the realization of the Infinite and Eternal One, and of the eternal realm within that Holy One of Being.

Now there is an interesting saying towards the end of this passage, “Things are not imperishable, but children are. Nothing can endure that is not first a child.” We may ponder this. First, let us recall the teaching of Adonai Yeshua, “Unless you become as little children you cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Likewise, let us also recall that he taught us that to enter into the kingdom of heaven we must be reborn from above, from heaven - from the eternal realm, or Pleroma of Light. As understood among gnostics, those reborn of water and the Spirit are children of light, sons and daughters of God, the True Light. These are the ‘children’ who are imperishable, immortal, having spiritual bodies of light and eternal life, the realization of bornless being in the Infinite and Eternal One.

This, of course, corresponds with the reception of Light Transmission - a passing of the Holy Light and Spirit of God to a soul, and that Holy Light and Fire, the Holy Spirit, transforms souls and raising souls from death to life, establishing them among the ‘living ones,’ those who are able to see, hear and feel, smell, taste and touch with God, and in intimate nearness or union with God have knowledge of God - the experience of God Consciousness.

As we know, there are those who go down into the water and rise up receiving nothing, the Holy Spirit not coming upon them; there are those who come to a living lineage of Light Transmission who are unable, or unwilling, to receive Light Transmission, and so quite naturally they are not able to give Light Transmission to others. Unfortunately, among these are those who will claim they can give Light Transmission, and who would claim to be gnostics - knowers of God, though the Holy Light and Spirit is not in them and they have little, if any, knowledge of God through direct spiritual experience of God; these are the deceivers, ‘children of the demiurge,’ rather like demons attempting to appear as angels of light to deceive and lead astray.

The entire intention of God Most High in the First Coming of Messiah was to establish the Light Transmission in this world - the transmission of Supernal Light, the Spirit of Messiah. It is not through a mental or vital belief that Yeshua was the Messiah that souls are ‘saved,’ or enlightened and liberated, but it is through the reception of the Light Transmission, the communication of the Living Spirit of God. Throughout much of the ‘Christian’ world this Light Transmission has been lost, but through the grace and mercy of God, here and there, it remains in this world and there are small spiritual communities that hold this Light Transmission and so continue to impart it to those ready to receive it. Praise God!

Let us pray that many spirits and souls receive the transmission of the Supernal Light and Spirit of God - the radiance of the Supernal One, and so be reborn as a daughter or son of God, the True Light! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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