The Reality of Hell

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The Reality of Hell

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The Reality of Hell

A messenger in a vision saw people locked up in a house of fire and bound with fiery chains, lying in a flaming ointment. He asked them, “Why can’t you be saved?” “We did not desire it,” they told the messenger, “but we got this place of punishment. It is the outer darkness, and we are in it.”

(Gospel of Phillip)

First it must be understood, there are heavens and hells, and all manner of realms in between, and they are relative realities that may arise in the experience of souls in the afterlife, and there is the heaven of heavens, ‘eighth heaven’ - the Supernal Abode beyond, into which souls may be uplifted or ascend. There are indeed hell realms and there are souls that do become bound up in them. May God have mercy upon them!

Contemplating this it needs to also be understood that the equivalent of any of these various realms, realities, in the afterlife can also be found in this world, in the various fates and fortunes of incarnate souls, auspicious and inauspicious. There are many who live in something like hungry ghost realms and hell realms here on earth, experiencing great sorrow and suffering.

Now what is significant about this passage is that when asked why they can’t be saved these souls respond, “We did not desire it.” It does not say that Christ or God judged them and found them to be wicked, but rather what is says is that the judgment was within themselves, in their own desires and fears. This expresses very well the truth of the various realities that arise in the experience of souls in the afterlife, much like what we experience in dreams, they are a radiant display of their souls, and the play of desire and fear in their hearts and minds - the energy, as it were, of their thoughts, words and deeds, those things to which they cling and so are self-identified with.

In this we may consider what Yeshua Messiah teaches in the third chapter of the Gospel of St. John. To paraphrase the Master’s teaching, essentially he says that the Messiah is not sent for the sake of judgment, but for the sake of mercy and compassion, for the healing and salvation of souls; but he goes on to cite what the judgment actually is, that there are souls who love the darkness and do not desire to enter the light, and so encounter the reality of their desires - sorrow and suffering, while there are souls who love the light and come into the light, so that it will be seen that what they have done has been done in God, and so encounter the reality of their desires - joy and peace. This is the reality of the judgment, and it is within us, within the play of our desires, and so our thoughts, words and deeds - it is not outside of us, but within us, and ultimately it is we who created the reality of our experience in the afterlife.

Now this play of judgment, as it were, and the array of the seven heavens and seven hells, and the various realms in between them, all of this occurs in the ignorance, the illusion of separation, and the self-grasping, desire and fear that arises in it. Hells correspond with radical experiences of separation from God, and the heavens with various degrees of nearness to God, though still remaining in the ignorance, the illusion of separation. Understand, the true kingdom of heaven - the Supernal Abode, is the experience of conscious union with God, realization of the Absolute Oneness of God Most High. Thus, in the realization of our oneness with the Messiah in God Most High the play of judgment ends, Supernal Grace, Supernal Mercy, comes into full effect - there is enlightenment and liberation.

Here I will share that gnostics, knowers of God, neither desire the heavens nor hells, but rather they desire God and God alone, desiring conscious union with the Messiah in God, the Absolute Light.

These were a few thoughts I was inclined to share.

May many be blessed to realize the true kingdom of heaven, conscious union with Messiah in God Most High! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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