Archons & Mother Spirit

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Archons & Mother Spirit

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Archons & Mother Spirit

“The archons thought they had done everything alone, but in secret the Holy Spirit on her own accomplished it all.”

(Gospel of Phillip)

Creation, of course, is ongoing. It has never ended. Therefore this divine action of the Holy Spirit, Mother Spirit, accomplishing everything on her own remains true; in secret the Holy Spirit is moving with, in and through all spiritual forces, whether angel, archon or demon, and through all creatures, animals and humans, as well as plants and minerals - all forces spiritual and material are the manifestation of the Spirit of God.

So it is with you. You believe that you are doing this or that, when in fact the Holy Spirit is laboring in secret, accomplishing it all - your thoughts, speech and actions, are all manifestations of the power of the Spirit, for understand, all aspects of your soul, your unique essence, your life force, your divine nature, your intelligence and your vital soul, all emanate from the Spirit of God and are manifestations of the Spirit of God. Your very being, existence, is a manifestation of the Spirit of God, therefore all that you do, the Spirit does, and there is nothing that transpires or is accomplished apart from the Spirit.

So it is when a soul awakens it is the Spirit, but then when souls sleep it is the Spirit too. When a souls awakens, though, it is as though the Spirit of God awakens to herself, knowing herself, as the soul become conscious of the Spirit and her movements, and becomes aware through the Spirit of their innate oneness in the Spirit with God Most High.

It is true that there is a time and place when the Holy Spirit comes upon us as it did upon the Holy Mother and Yeshua - there is that action of the Spirit, of Divine Grace; but do understand that our ‘reception’ of the Spirit is the awakening of the Spirit in us - she awakens herself, and she brings the soul into remembrance of itself in her, remembrance of God within and surrounding the soul, and God ever beyond.

Those who receive and embody the Holy Spirit in full, they are the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit manifests as them, and so they are united with the entirety of creation, the heavens and earth, with the One Soul and with God Most High - in the Spirit, as the Spirit, they know the Absolute Oneness of God Most High, just as the Messiah and the Magdalene did.

Now, as we know, all creation comes into being through the Spirit of God; she gives birth to it all, and so she is called the Mother. She gives birth from within herself, the Wisdom of God, from her heart-womb, and through her God Most High is revealed and made known, and it is right to say that everything revealed and known of God is the Mother - the ‘Father’ is that which is hidden of God, the transcendent, God as God is in Godself.

In this light contemplate the Holy Spirit coming upon Mother Miriam and upon Yeshua, the Messiah, and so through them upon us; the coming of the Messiah being the awakening of the Spirit in us, the Spirit becoming conscious of herself in us and we becoming conscious of ourselves in her - all in the Mother, the mother in all, She the All-In-All.

Such is the Spirit of Truth (Amet).

Praise God!

Having knowledge of the Truth may we enjoy our freedom, this ‘play in the lap of the Mother’! Amen.

Imma Shalom!
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