Faith-Wisdom in the Book of Psalms

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Faith-Wisdom in the Book of Psalms

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Apr 12, 2004 10:25 am

As we study and contemplate Pistis Sophia again and again we find that the disciples interpret the Gnostic transmission imparted by the Risen Savior with Psalms. Though to many Gnostic schools the Old Testament is an anathema, to Coptic Gnostics the Old Testament it is the forerunner of the True Revelation, just as it is to Sophian Gnostics. Thus, while the Pistis Sophia has the disciples interpreting the teachings of the Gnostic transmission by way of Psalms, what this Gnostic Gospel actually does is give esoteric and mystical interpretations of the Book of Psalms, revealing how Psalms can be utilized in a practice of divine theurgy by gnostic initiates. It is as though the Risen Savior gives the true teachings behind a Psalm and the disciples then cite the corresponding Psalm, matching the teaching to the appropriate Psalms. In effect, coupled with the Pistis Sophia, as with Kabbalah, initiates are given and entirely new Book of Psalms. In other words, a secret hidden Book of Pslams is revealed.

Having received a Gospel of Love and Compassion, and having been taught a path of forgiveness, when one reads the Psalms as they appear in the Bible one cannot help but be disturbed and put off by the violent nature of many of them. Constantly there are prayers for the "destruction of enemies" and such, which on the surface certainly do appear to be an anathema to the Holy Gospel. Yet, according to the Pistis Sophia these Psalms are "spells" meant to bind archonic and demonic powers; hence the "enemies" against which they are spoken are spiritual beings-forces that move within and behind what transpires in the world.

The idea of spiritual forces moving within and behind what transpires in the world appears in the Letter to the Ephesians, in which the apostle writes: "For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers (archons), against authorities, against cosmic powers of this present darkness, against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. " (Ephesians 6:12) According to the Pistis Sophia the Psalms are effective against such spiritual forces, and thus are not prayers against people themselves, but rather are against the spiritual forces that compel the unenlightened.

We may ponder exactly how Psalms or verses of Scripture might serve as "spells" binding and banishing negative spiritual beings-forces. Essentially, what reading them with kavvanah (concentration & conscious intention) does is uplift the vibratory frequency of our consciousness and subtle body, thus dispelling any links to admixed and dark forces. This in turn empowers us to extend invisible assistance to others, allowing us to help others potentially liberate themselves from bondage to negativity.

The Pistis Sophia reveals the nature of spiritual forces that are bound and banished by specific Psalms, thus empowering the gnostic initiate to use them theurgically in his or her continuum of practice.

All Pslams, however, are not directed towards binding and banishing the demiurgos, archons and the klippotic forces associated with them. There are also Psalms that serve as "spells" linking the initiate to divine powers and the upper realms, such as the Aeons of Light. The Pistis Sophia also reveals divine powers that corresponds to these Psalms and their use both for mystical attainment and theurgic invocation.

In traditional Gnostic schools it is common that a body of secret knowledge is taught through which initiates are able to pass through various lower and upper realms in a process of ascension to the Abode of Repose. This secret knowledge is typically composed of names of guardians and gates and realms along the way, words of power and gestures and signs by which a soul is allowed to pass through, akin to what one sees in old Merkavah texts. Essentially, the Pistis sophia teaches the use of the Book of Psalms in this way - as a "spell-book" of sorts for the journey of the soul through realms and worlds of the inner dimensions. One could say that the Pistis Sophia is basically a Gnostic Christian version of a Merkavah text, and a spell-book of Gnostic Christian magic. Thus, truly, it is an esoteric and mystical Gospel that reveals secrets of the resurrection and ascension.

One cannot help but notice the parallel between the ancient Egyptian Book of Going Forth By Day ("Book of the Dead") and this Coptic Gnostic Gospel which evolves from the same basic cultural influences. The actual intention of Pistis Sophia is, in fact, much the same, and it transforms the Book of Psalms into a 'Book of Going Forth By Christos.'

Blessings and Shalom!
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#2 Postby Phillip » Mon Jun 13, 2005 10:38 am

Shalom Tau Malachi!

It is quite striking how these psalms, when read parallel to the cooresponding repentances, produce an effect in consciousness. There is the effect of the otherwordly (with the repentances) which then becomes revealed in every day life situations through reading the cooresponding psalm immediately afterward. I get the sense that this practice in particular would be very beneficial in developing an awareness of forces moving behind what appears.


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#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Jun 16, 2005 6:00 am

Greetings Brother Phillip!

Well, in truth, the play of spiritual forces is otherworldly, only the other worlds are inseparable from this world and occupy the same space - they are realms and worlds of the inner dimensions. This practice, however, certainly does bring about an awareness of the play of forces, and it quite naturally serves as a self-purification. When we actually become awares of the play of cosmic and spiritual forces we are likely to be far more conscious regarding those beings-forces we connect ourselves with through thought, speech and deed.

May the Anointed and Mother Spirit lead us in the Path of the Great Exodus, amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Psalm 23

#4 Postby michellejune » Mon Jul 18, 2005 7:45 pm

"We may ponder exactly how Psalms or verses of Scripture might serve as "spells" binding and banishing negative spiritual beings-forces. Essentially, what reading them with kavvanah (concentration & conscious intention) does is uplift the vibratory frequency of our consciousness and subtle body, thus dispelling any links to admixed and dark forces. This in turn empowers us to extend invisible assistance to others, allowing us to help others potentially liberate themselves from bondage to negativity. "

Dear Tau Malachi,
I did not know the psalms had such power. How wonderful! I have sung at many funerals where the 23rd Psalm ("The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want...") was read aloud by the congregation.

I always felt a distinct change in the air after that. It has the magical effect of lifting sorrow and providing comfort. I have seen people stop heavily sobbing during this prayer of comfort.

I have heard of many people reciting the 23rd psalm at their deathbed. After reading this, I believe that it invokes the presence of the Holy Spirit and angels to ease the soul's transition.

My mother works as a nurse in a nursing home and she is present for many people as they pass over. She often prays with them or holds their hands near the end, and tells them not to be afraid. I will share with her of the beautiful message and power of this psalm so she can assist those transitioning souls. She will be happy to hear it. What wonderful news!

Michelle Abraham Lambert

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Psalms of Deliverance

#5 Postby Elder Gideon » Wed Jul 20, 2005 12:30 pm

Shalom Michelle!

I enjoyed your post and resonate very much with your experience of the magical warding power of the Psalms. To read them is one experience and to sing or chant them (in plainsong, as is my practice) is another experience altogether which moves more emotion.

Spiritual warfare is inevitable if we're to come into a greater spiritual place of being in this world. The enemies throughtout the Psalms can be historical, but contemplative Jews and Christians have always understood them as the Kingdom of Qlippot--internal thieves of our light power and poisoners of our good in God.

If you're familiar with the Gospel of Pistis Sophia, you'll find in the First Book (Chs 30-60) the story of Pistis Sophia's descent from the Thirteenth Aeon and the theft of Her light by qlippot. What's most intriguing, apart from the radically beautiful and mystifying imagery of this allegory of our own soul beginning its journey from great ignorance, are the Thirteen Repentances She speaks which elevate and restore her Light. The story of this descent and ascent of our own soul of light is transmitted by the Risen Savior, who asks the Disciples (many of whom are women!) for an interpretation of Pistis Sophia's repentances.

How each disciple interprets is by way of a Psalm (or an Ode of Solomon). Combined with Pistis Sophia's repentances, the dialogue between the disciples and the Risen Savior forms a litany, a Rite of Ransom for oneself or another. While feeling vulnerable in life transitions, I've chanted these Psalms in the order of their interpretation of Her repentances for myself or another and have found a great healing power dispelling negativity.

If you're inclined, study these thirteen Psalms in this order and feel the picture of protection and sanctuary they form while engaged in spiritual warfare for yourself or another:

1. Psalm 69
2. Psalm 71
3. Psalm 70
4. Psalm 102
5. Psalm 88
6. Psalm 130
7. Psalm 25
8. Psalm 31
9. Psalm 35
10. Psalm 120
11. Psalm 52
12. Psalm109
13. Psalm 51

Along with the intention of a Rite of Ransom for oneself or another, I also feel other dimensions to be explored in this litany, for womankind as well as the Good Earth; these also "cry out in the broad places".

May all souls turnabout and remember they are Children of the Light Treasury! Amen!


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#6 Postby THERESA » Mon Sep 26, 2005 2:05 pm

Good Sir, Tau Malachi, or whomever wishes to reply. Must one be a Gnostic Initiate Officially in order to pray the Psalms that bind these forces of evil? Having been given some understanding by Our Lord over the 20 years I have prayed them, might I now elevate my practice through the reading of this Pistis Sophia you speak of, consciously united with prayer and intent to do only the good Our Master wishes done? The Church of which I am currently a member never spoke of such things to us. And, as you can tell, I am new to your teachings. Perhaps I speak too often for a newcomer. If this is so, please advise me. Thank you.

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Being Gnostic

#7 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Sep 27, 2005 11:52 am


First we are Christian, and then we become Gnostic; we are not born Christian, but we become Christian through the dawn of faith in the Risen Messiah – and so we seek baptism, receive the chrism, and partake of the Wedding Feast (Holy Eucharist), being reborn of the Mother Spirit. When we receive the Light from above, and the Fiery Intelligence is awakened in us, and our faith bears the fruit of gnosis – Gnosis of the Risen Messiah, we become Gnostics. It is not that we belong to a Gnostic Circle or Gnostic Church that makes us Gnostics, but that our faith has born the fruit of gnosis; hence, through the Gnostic experience of Christ.

Quite naturally, as the deeper mystical inclination emerges, and we begin to explore the inner and mystical tradition of Christianity (Christian Gnosticism), we are becoming Gnostics – not by way of anything imposed from the outside, but by way of the recognition of the Light-presence (Anointed) and Light-power (Holy Spirit) within us. Indeed, there very fact we are exploring the mystical dimension suggests that we are Gnostics – mystical Christians. Quite naturally, we will likely be inclined to take up the spiritual life and practice of the Gnostic Christian – and it is this that makes us Gnostics, to the extent that it facilitates something of the Gnostic experience of Christ.

We might very well become a member of a Gnostic Circle or Gnostic Church, but then we might also participate in a more mainstream Church, all the while being a Mystical or Gnostic Christian. Thus, apart from any actual involvement in a Gnostic Circle or Gnostic Church we can certainly take up the spiritual life and practice of a Gnostic – it is really all about the spiritual life and practice, and the development of our interior life.

So yes, with an awareness of the Light-power in the psalms and the intention is dispelling shades and shadows, you certainly can take up the practice of praying the psalms as given in the Pistis Sophia – all according to your own inspiration and understanding. The same may be said of any Gnostic Christian practice – it does not have to be “instead of,” but can be an “addition to” your other practices.

Elsewhere in our forums – I believe in the forum on mysteries of the Scriptures, there is a discussion of “wrathful psalms” and their theurgical use in Christian Gnosticism. You might enjoy that discussion, coupled with this one.

I hope you enjoy the Gnostic Gospel entitled Pistis Sophia – it is quite something, especially the first four books of the Gospel.

May the Mother Spirit empower us to draw Light-power from the Holy Scriptures and gather in Wisdom, amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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pistis sophia

#8 Postby THERESA » Tue Sep 27, 2005 11:55 pm

Good sir, Your replies are most inspired and inspiring. May I offer apology for my improper terminologies whenever they present themselves. I am not as fluent as my heart would have me be, but I pray my sincerity is truly present in my efforts to express my desires to learn and serve by discussing topics that in the past have evaded my vocabulary altogether. You have answered me well and in a clear and most kind manner. I am encouraged and grateful to have been led to this place, where one with such wisdom resides. My thanks, as always.

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Re: Faith-Wisdom in the Book of Psalms

#9 Postby Bevan » Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:12 pm

Shalom to All!

The dream I have most often is being trapped. It comes to me like a memory when I awake, half-asleep still, trapped in a foreign place; often in an unknown person’s space or a cavernous industrial area. I will physically struggle around the dark room to find a passage out but often sit motionless unable to see in fear thinking I will be captured and judged. Eventually, I see a crack of light under the bedroom door and become fully awake. Saved! Reading Pistis Sophia I am reminded of this experience.

I can see my bondage in these personal and gnostic myths. Am I hiding emotionally for fear of being found out? I can see this emotion stealing my energy, distracting me in my divine purpose. Pistis Sophia beautfully states the loss we experience:
My power hath begun to wane whiles I am in these afflictions, and the number of my time whiles I am in the chaos. My light is diminished, for they have taken away my power from me, and all the powers in me are tossed about. (from Chapter 48)
I am learning to integrate and push deeper into fear, for it powers the Other Side. When fear leaves, it is easy to ignore and go my way until the next time. This is the trap. Unless there is awareness and repentance, giving and receiving, the nightmare repeats. Tau Malachi puts it well:
true confession and repentance is the recognition of the empty, non-substantial nature of what appears, sin and righteousness alike, and with regards to sin, the recognition that it is false and unreal, never having had any independent or substantial existence. When this is the case, in that very instant, sin, or negative karma, is dispelled, forgiven (or forgotten!).
Above Elder Gideon says, "If you're inclined, study these thirteen Psalms in this order and feel the picture of protection and sanctuary they form while engaged in spiritual warfare for yourself or another".

I understand this to mean that Pistis Sophia can become a living experience when contemplated. I would appreciate more information about working through klippot through this text. Should I picture myself as the disciples listening to Yeshua and quoting the Psalms? Or as Pistis Sophia saying her repentances moving from bondage into sanctuary? 13 sittings? Or 1? I also like the idea of doing this for someone else.

I am grateful for reading about the keys to unlock the knowledge of Pistis Sophia.

May the Bride move us to the Sun Light!


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Rite of Repentances

#10 Postby Elder Gideon » Fri Apr 29, 2016 10:40 am

Shalom Bevan:

Your question is perfectly timed to our Feast Day of the Holy Bride this night. May She move in powerful, transformative ways to uplift sparks trapped in the people and land: Herself.

This text is an apocalypse, meaning a revelation of what is secret. While prophetic principles are present in historical time, the essential context of Pistis Sophia—the Light Treasury—is outside of time, qualifying it as an apocalypse. The antagonistic Self-Willed Triple Power is also outside of time, like Edom, yet one can clearly see the historical force of Edom as the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Colonial-Industrial Empire, and (for me) the American Empire. In its wake lie all of the sparks of Sophia in continual and apparently irretrievable shattering. How else shall She reconstitute Herself apart from us?

I'm immersed in Pistis Sophia and have held a continuum of these Repentances for years. As I share elsewhere, the protagonist Pistis Sophia is herself many simultaneous phenomena. Certainly, she is Sophia from before the Creation who becomes bound in the process of emanating herself into Creation: She is the World Soul. One may also engage her voice as one's own soul having fallen, crying out for the place of union with which the soul feels separate. Her gender allows one to also speak her prayers for womanhood and the global oppression of the feminine. Being the feminine opens up another most literal layer; she is indigenous communities of this good earth, biospheres, and all good creatures poisoned, displaced, and endangered to oblivion.

As a man of my time, I know no other way to move the rage I feel for what is happening to species of this planet than to speak her Repentances. When I am feeling overpowered or even oppressed by a more specific circumstance I can't seem to shift for myself or another, I engage these Repentances in a single sitting. It's its own practice of theurgy to read them with intention for oneself or another. How this is done is as simple or as elaborate as one's inclined. A candle, incense, the text, and the intention to speak through Pistis Sophia's prayers moves great light power. The same effect is engaged by speaking just the Psalms interpreting her Repentances. One will find that these particular Psalms are among the most severe in subjugating (and even destroying) qlippot.

While there are many, many more possibilities of detail, perhaps these give you more keys in your being called to take these up; to engage these for yourself is to engage these for all living beings. This is Sophia.

May the indomitable will of the Holy Bride awaken souls in and from the dream of the Self-Willed Triple Power.

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Re: Faith-Wisdom in the Book of Psalms

#11 Postby Anna » Tue Sep 10, 2019 6:31 pm

Peace and blessings to all in the True Light!
These posts caught my eye tonight. So many of my dreams have involved a communal struggle with powers that we must come together to resist. In the dream time I recognize a continuous theme that we have to come together to survive the dark powers that oppress us. This must be the Self-Willed Triple Power! I shall take up these repentances to co-labor in a shift of the energies at this time that seems a tipping point in the life of our Earth Mother and all her peoples, for we are experiencing a great crisis in the conflict of greed vs. the continuation of life as we know it on this planet! Thank you all for the wonderful contemplations in this thread!

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