The Evil Inclination

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The Evil Inclination

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In the Zohar we read "The world needs the Evil Inclination as much as it needs rain, because without the Evil Inclination there would not be the joy of study in the world."

If the evil inclination is the desire to receive for oneself alone, this seems to indicate that the 'desire to receive for oneself' is transformed into the 'desire to receive in order to share' by our study and contemplation. This also seems to indicate that through our devotion, we receive grace (combining the attribute of Mercy with Judgment) from above.

Is this what is indicated by procreation?

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Procreation & Cocreation

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Jun 22, 2004 10:23 am

Greetings Rebekah!

By "procreation" the Zohar indicates the motivation that sustains nature and the good earth - through procreation life continues in the world.

The word "evil" can be misleading in the Kabbalah some times. For example, the Sefer Yetzirah calls Keter the Depth of Good and Malkut the Depth of Evil, indicating the moral dimension, which is the fifth dimension according to the Kabbalah. The term deals with proximity or nearness on a spiritual level which is determined by similitude or likness - to the degree we resemble the Divine we are near unto the Divine. Of course, the opposite is equally true.

Good and evil also have the meaning of cause and effect, as well as the Desire to Share and Desire to Receive, respectively. Keter is the archetype of cause and Malkut is the archetype of effect, yet these two are completely interdependent - the cause is dependent on the effect in order to be the cause, just as the effect is dependent on the cause. On a certain level the effect becomes the cause of the cause, without which the cause does not come into being. The same is true of the Desire to Receive and Desire to Share.

Good and evil also have the meaning of least restricted and most restricted, a pure influx of Grace and Light versus a restricted flow of Grace and Light - for the Light-transmission to occur in the world the Light-power of Life-power must be restricted, as though a current of energy that must be transformed and staged down for us to receive it and make use of it. We observe this in the process of initiation, which typically begins with restricted or limited encounters with the Light-Presence and Light-continuum, and then proceeds into less restricted or limited experiences, from one "grade" to another.

All of these ideas play into the dialogue of the Good and Evil Inclinations, both of which have an integral role in the development and evolution of soul beings. We get some hint of this in the Book of Revelation where a tale is told about a great influx of Supernal Light that is increasingly unrestricted. While, on one hand, it leads to Divine Illumination for some, on the other hand, it leads to the shattering and destruction of many - for there are many not able to withstand the influx of the Supernal Light. In a manner of speaking, the Evil Inclination acts as a shield ("shell") until souls come to fruition, the complete removal of which prematurely would cause destruction or death.

We can also add one more idea to the mix for the sake of contemplation. In a life in which we recognize and realize the supernal or Messianic consciousness, and we actually embody something of the Light-presence, it is as though we race against death to bring our self-realization in the Messiah to fruition. Death seems like an adversary in this context. Yet, until we attain enlightement and liberation it is equally true that death is liberative, facilitating the transmigration of the soul into different personality and life-displays which allow the soul to grow and evolve. In other words, death does not allow our soul-stream to get stuck or bound to one form and actually serves our best interest; hence is necessary to us.

In modern Kabbalah rather than procreate we may read cocreate, for this is our role as human beings: We are cocreators with God, and on account of the Desire to Receive in us God and Godhead are fulfilled in the Desire to Share. In the world we are to be a cause, to God we are to be an effect - in this we are cocreators with God, active and conscious centers of the One Life-Power, though, indeed, we are restricted forms of that Creative Spirit.

Perhaps these ideas might inspire further contemplation and discussion...

Blessings & shalom! :)
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