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The Dwelling of Ten Curtains

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 10:24 am
by Elder Gideon
Shalom Tau Malachi and Blessings of Hesed this day!

The Zohar has moved into details of the Dwelling I never thought were possible. The very structure of the tabernacle is itself a revelation, which we understand in our Christian Kabbalah is a prophesy of the incarnation of the Messiah, "a temple not made with human hands" (Hebrew 9:24).

The Dwelling—Malkhut—is equally synonymous with the Shekinah: She is the sanctity of every movement in the Continuum and its context. Moses de León said something unbelievable about the Shekinah in the name of Rabbi Yehuda:
Come and see: The Dwelling you shall make of ten curtains (Exodus 26:1)—ten, for perfect arrayal of the Dwelling is by ten, to be fitting. Ten—why eser, ten and not asarah, ten? Well, eser, ten, always implies without Shekinah, who is not included in the number. For example, standing (shenei asar) upon twelve oxen (1 Kings 7:25)—Shekinah is not included in the number, since She stands above, as is written: with the sea set upon them above (ibid). In these places alluding to mystery above, where ה is missing, Shekinah lies beyond that number, for She is not included (Zohar 2:164b).

We were all very puzzled by what the Zohar is suggesting, about Shekinah—Malkhut—not being included in the number ten. The Sefer Yetzirah is fixed upon the number of sefirot: "Ten not nine, ten not eleven." What is Moses de León suggesting in "Shekinah lies beyond that number, for She is not included"?


Elder Gideon

True Tabernacle

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 2:13 pm
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen and Ascended Messiah!

First we must remember a teaching given earlier in the Zohar, and one that I’ve detailed elsewhere - the mystery of Olam Ha-Shekinah, ‘universe of the Divine Presence,’ which according to masters of the tradition is a ‘secret universe’ that is in between Atzilut and Beriyah. This, of course, is within and behind the ‘Continuum of Metatron,’ and is the interface of Atzilut and Beriyah, or the Realm of Yichud and Realm of Perud - the eternal realm and space-time. Here further teachings concerning this secret mystery may be drawn out.

There is, though, something more astonishing, another wonderful mystery, that is implied in this passage of the Zohar, something rather wild and crazy in esoteric wisdom. It speaks of the Holy Shekinah disappearing and the ten Sefirot appearing, or at least seems to imply this, and we may consider what that means, given that always the Sefirot ‘are ten, not nine, ten, not eleven.’ The solution comes from a lofty teaching of the Holy Kabbalah about the secret mystery of Keter-Da’at. According to the teaching, in reality, Keter never appears in any Olam-Universe, but rather Da’at appears, holding the place of Keter, corresponding to what is revealed of Keter, thus, though Keter does not appear there are ten Holy Sefirot in every Olam. Associated with this teaching there is another concerning the play of Supernal Influx, when there is direct Supernal Influx, when Keter or Arik Anpin ‘turns toward the Sefirot,’ Da’at disappears, but when Keter or Arik Anpin ‘turns towards Ain Sof,’ disappearing in Ain Sof, as it were, Da’at appears. Thus there is this flickering, in a manner of speaking, of the appearance of Da’at, which all in a great and supreme mystery corresponds with a ‘turning’ of Keter, a ‘veiling and unveiling of Keter,’ if such a thing may be said.

This passage in the Zohar hints that there is a similar interaction between Malkut-Shekinah and Da’at, indeed, for as another teaching of the Holy Kabbalah relates: “Keter is in Malkut and Malkut us in Keter.” Let us consider this, and may the Holy Spirit lead us into the Truth! Amen.

Now when the Holy Shekinah ‘disappears,’ this is when a Perfect Tzaddik, Perfect Human Being appears - the Messiah; merging as One that Holy Tzaddik vanishes in the Shekinah and the Shekinah vanishes in the Holy Tzaddik - Da’at along with Keter ‘appears’ holding the place of Malkut-Shekinah, so there are ‘ten’ and the Shekinah manifest as Adonai Messiah inseparable from them. This corresponds with the fullness of the knowledge of God, God knowing God embodied - Da’at of Atzilut, that Perfect Tzaddik reaching into the Universe of Shekinah, in full and conscious union with the Shekinah of Yahweh, and so there is full Supernal Influx received in the world, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near!”

Da’at corresponds with knowledge of God, the interiors of Da’at corresponding with conscious union with God, the appearance of the God-man, God-woman. Until the coming of the Messiah no one reached conscious union with the Eternal One (Yahweh), complete reintegration with the Light of the Infinite (Or Ain Sof), and remained in this world, appearing in this world. As we know, Enoch ‘walked with God and was no more, for God took him,’ and likewise, ‘Moses was taken by a kiss of the Lord,’ and after him, ‘Elijah was taken up in a whirlwind,’ or in a ‘fiery chariot,’ and was seen no more. There were many among the prophets who realized various grades of nearness, even intimate nearness touching into oneness, but none among them realized and embodied the Oneness of the Eternal God (Yahweh Elohim), or Da’at of Atzilut, the Supernal Knowledge of God - Supernal Consciousness, Messianic Consciousness.

Understand, this is the secret mystery of the true Holy Tabernacle composed of ‘ten curtains,’ the Ten and Shekinah, fullness of the Holy Shekinah - the ‘Word made flesh,’ the Son Incarnate,’ the Mystical Body of the Messiah composed of all Divine Attributes, all Names of God; hence the teaching of Yeshua Messiah, ‘tear this temple down and in three days I will rebuilt it,’ the temple of his body broken on the cross and his appearance in the resurrection, fullness of Supernal Habad (Hokmah-Binah-Da’at) revealed in the world, fullness of the Supernal Light Transmission established in the ‘generations of Adam - humanity. Praise God!

From that time when the Risen and Ascended Messiah appeared and was revealed, and the Light Transmission - fullness of the Word and Holy Spirit - was imparted, true Holy Apostles, Anointed Tzaddikim, appear, having been uplifted into supernal realization, Messianic Consciousness, through the grace and mercy of God Most High. So again the Holy Shekinah disappears and Da’at of Atzilut appears, or Habad of Atzilut, the Divine I Am being realized and embodied, the ‘Supernal Crown’ being ‘set into their head.’ As we know, each time this transpires, wherever it occurs the fullness of the Shekinah of Messiah is in that place, the Light-presence and Light-power of all of the holy and enlightened ones of the past, present and future, and the radiance of the Supernal Crown - full Supernal Influx, rays out into the entire world from that place. Indeed it rays out into the entirety of the universe, creation, and all creatures, realms and worlds are blessed and uplifted in that moment, unified with the heaven of heavens, or the Pleroma of Light.

There are many deep secrets that may be shared regarding this, but this seems enough at the outset. I’m inclined to say no more and be silent in this moment, waiting upon the Word and Spirit of God to speak.

May the radiance of the Supernal Crown shine in the world this day, and may many be blessed and uplifted! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!


Posted: Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:22 am
by Elder Gideon
Shabbat Shalom, Tau Malachi!

Blessings of Malkhut this Shabbat Day since our Winter Solstice!

So again the Holy Shekinah disappears and Da’at of Atzilut appears, or Habad of Atzilut, the Divine I Am being realized and embodied, the ‘Supernal Crown’ being ‘set into their head.’ As we know, each time this transpires, wherever it occurs the fullness of the Shekinah of Messiah is in that place, the Light-presence and Light-power of all of the holy and enlightened ones of the past, present and future, and the radiance of the Supernal Crown - full Supernal Influx, rays out into the entire world from that place.

Many thanks to the One for such an immense mystery and elegant integration of many teachings! Your equating the disappearance of Shekinah with Her tzaddikim in rapture allows me to ask of something of a glimpse of this mystery in Light Transmission: oneself and the environment thaw and evaporate in light and fire, revealing only the One within and all around all the while. Every reference point dissolves in this pure space, leaving only the Presence of Awareness. When the Shekinah disappears, this is how I'm hearing the fullness of Da'at.

I'm taken to other examples in scripture of gradations of nearness to oneness in this same event. The Transfiguration holds a wonderful contemplation of the disappearance of the Shekinah: Moses and Elijah with whom the Shekinah disappeared, appear speaking with Adonai Yeshua. This also holds something of the timelessness of the One in Da'at that seems inseparable with the disappearance of the Shekinah. Another teaching in gospels regards the rapture, how Yeshua describes the coming of the Son of Man. Then two will be in the field; one will be taken and one will be left. Two women will be grinding meal together; one will be taken and one will be left (Matthew 24:39-41). The Second Coming sounds altogether different in light of this dynamism between the Shekinah and Da'at.

What more might you share regarding this mystery of the Shekinah disappearing in our experience of Light Transmission?


Elder Gideon

Re: The Dwelling of Ten Curtains

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:00 pm
by Tau Malachi
Blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah, the light of all prophets and apostles!

Understand, the Shekinah disappearing corresponds to the realization of the inmost grade of Light Transmission, and likewise, the inmost grade of the station of ‘passing away’ and reaching into those stations beyond in supernal realization. This is not something that we can truly speak about and explain, but with God’s help perhaps we can hint at it, and perhaps catch some glimpse in reflection of this secret mystery with the eyes the heart and mind, if God so wills.

First, in passing away, there is the merging of the soul and the Holy Shekinah, the soul like a ‘drop of water poured into that sea,’ and that sea then ‘pouring through that drop’; but then, in this union, as the Soul-Shekinah, ascend, the Soul-Shekinah, merging completely with Yahweh, the Eternal One, a total reintegration with Or Ain Sof, the Light of the Infinite, so then there is the ‘disappearance’ of the Holy Shekinah. This corresponds with the revelation of the Risen and Ascended Messiah.

There are, as you know in your own experience, many grades of Light Transmission, and in these various gradations there are glimpses, tastes, of some ‘flickering’ of the Holy Shekinah ‘appearing’ and ‘disappearing,’ but it is in a full mystical ascension of the soul in union with the Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, passing away in Yahweh, the Holy One, that the Holy Shekinah ‘disappears.’ Understand, though, that in such ‘disappearing’ the soul unified with the Supernal Shekinah becomes manifest as a pure emanation of Yahweh (or Eheieh); hence, the realization of Yahweh Achad. This state of pure emanation - full and direct influx of the Supernal Crown (Keter), corresponds with “ten and Shekinah.” In that this is a full and conscious union of the soul with Yahweh Elohim, so the fullness of Da’at is manifest, Da’at or Habad of Atzilut.

As you have noted, though, in moments of Light Transmission at various grades there is some hint of this, some tastes, some glimpses, as oneself and the physical environment seem to dissolve into pure light and fire, and yet more so in those inner grades of Light Transmission when an awareness of the Absolute Light - Clear Light Nature, dawns. The various grades of Light Transmission correspond directly with various grades of nearness and oneness with the Messiah in Yahweh, and as such various grades of ‘passing away,’ or ‘disappearing,’ in the Holy Shekinah and Yahweh.

The story of the transfiguration, as you are aware, gives us direct insight into moments of Light Transmission, and no doubt this story has been told to share something of the reality of an actual Light Transmission among Anointed Tzaddikim or Apostles so that the faithful might open their minds and hearts to the possibility and perhaps be blessed to experience this True Anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit. In that story there was a revelation of something of the Master’s body of glory, and there was Light Transmission with those present, but in some grade of nearness, not oneness. For as we know Peter inquired if it was good for them to be there, even offering to build three tabernacles, as though to shield the disciples from the beauty and holiness of the radiant glory, and ultimately, those close disciples who came up the mountain with Adonai Yeshua fell unconscious - so a grade of Light Transmission in nearness, not intimate nearness, let alone oneness. There is no doubt that for the Master there was a ‘disappearance’ of the Holy Shekinah in his realization, for he was, is, the fullness of the Shekinah of Yahweh, the kingdom of heaven come near; but for the disciples in that moment the Shekinah continued to ‘appear’ - they remained in the illusion of separation, twoness.

This, of course, was not the case in the upper room at Pentecost following the full revelation of the Risen and Ascended Messiah - then oneness was realized in the Holy Apostles, and as they disappeared in the Holy Shekinah she disappeared in them. Praise the Lord!

Now there is an open secret that it is given for us to share, one that’s been hinted at. The initial union of a soul and Shekinah is a unification with the One Soul, and so awareness of the Divine Presence within oneself, within all people, within all creatures - God within all things, and in this it is an experience of union with all creatures, the whole of creation - union with the whole in the Holy Shekinah, being the whole. This is the inmost realization of mental being and consciousness - spiritual realization. Within this awareness, realization, quite naturally as one’s inwardness deepens and this self-realization progresses there is an awareness of the Holy One ever beyond, El Elyon, or Ain Sof - the Infinite, and there is the desire for complete reintegration with the Infinite Light, the Being and Essence of the Eternal One, and this leads to an experience beyond mental consciousness, a passing into supramental consciousness - supernal realization; this is the realization of the non-dual Oneness of God Most High, and corresponds with the ‘disappearance of the Shekinah.’

I can say no more regarding this in the moment.

May many be blessed to realize the Great Natural Perfection in the Messiah, and so witness the disappearance of the Shekinah to behold the Great Vision! Amen.

Yeshua Shalom!