The Serpent & Eve

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The Serpent & Eve

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Jun 04, 2004 3:07 pm

We often speak of the Divine Incarnation of the Logos for the sake of the redemption of Sophia, which is the foundation of the story told in Pistis Sophia. Yet, there is something more subtle and sublime in this story, another side of the story, as it were, for by way of her Fall Sophia brings the Logos into Incarnation, thus opening the way for the enlightement and liberation of living spirits and souls.

Sophia in the "Fallen state," in fact, corresponds to Sophia Nigrans - Kali Imma and Kali Kallah, the Dark Mother and Bride. Indeed! In order to give birth the young mother looses herself and dies to herself in order to give her Light and Life to her child. In the process of conception, gestation, birthing and nurturing her infant - she "Falls" from her former state, yet in so doing the Maiden/Bride becomes enthroned as the Mother. According to the Pistis Sophia, when the Bride Sophia is redeemed she is restored to her place above - the place of the Mother Sophia, and it is implied that she is unified with the Virgin of Light, which is her true presence and power. In her redemption, the enlightement and liberation of all spirits and souls is conceived, and ultimately will be brought to fruition. Indeed! If she did not Fall, descending below, then neither would the Logos have descended below - and it is Sophia who gives birth to the Logos, as much as it is the Logos that awakens Sophia - hence two sides of the story.

This is reflected in some of the teachings in the tradition concerning the Serpent and Eve, which according to certain inner teachings correspond to the Dark and Bright Sophia. While eating of the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Gnosis of Good and Evil is called a "sin," in fact it is the initiation of an involution or descent for the sake of a conscious evolution and ascent; hence it opens the way for the greater glory in the divine revelation of through the Incarnation. In other words, it is the invocation of the Christ revelation, initiated by Sophia! The Bright Bride gives way to the Dark Bride, for the sake of the completion of creation - for unless there is a process of mystical death and rebirth, the Perfect Human One, or Christed Human One, cannot come into being. It is, as it were, a sacrificial act, just as is the desire to conceive and give birth to a child by any woman - a sacrifice of herself and in her body. Through Eve, Adam also partakes of this, so that he too might grow wise with True Gnosis. It is not an issue of "original sin," but the original blessing!

While we may speak of the Logos enacting the salvation of Sophia, so we may speak of Sophia setting in motion the revelation of the Logos - the Word of God. After all, these two are Divine Twins and Consorts, and are inseparable, being two aspects of the Christos (One Light-presence). In this context we may contemplate the story of Mary Magdalene as it appears is our oral tradition - in it, She completes Yeshua, just as he fulfills and completes her, and, in effect, she opens the way for the greater Gnostic and Light-transmission.

It is only by entertaining both sides of this story that the greater gnosis contained in it is acquired and understood...

What thoughts and feelings does this side of the story invoke?

Blessings & shalom! :)
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#2 Postby Rebekah » Tue Jun 15, 2004 4:50 am


This brings up many thoughts! The thought that comes up most strongly is the interconnectedness of everything, and how often we fail to notice this in our own self-centeredness. How often do we look at a tree, for instance, without considering the weave of its interaction and symbiotic relationship with the soil, the air, with creatures and with life itself?

I also think of free will; Eve eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is indeed a great blessing, for although it seems to have produced duality in our consciousness, it also provides us with the opportunity to exercise our freedom to choose between darkness and the Light.

I also think of this as a mother; we hope to guide our children, to give them the tools they need in life, and to help them learn to make choices that will keep them healthy and whole as they traverse life's many challenges. A mother's love is extremely fierce - we protect and defend our children, and we are severe with them when necessary! Isn't this what our Earthly Mother does for us?

The stories of Mary Magdalene and Pistis Sophia are inspiring because we all make mistakes, we all fall from grace and into darkness from time to time, and their stories of redemption are a source of hope for us. (This reminds of the sinner becoming a more powerful tzaddik than a saint.) The interconnectedness and inseparability, of the fall and the invocation and incarnation of the Christos, is even more beautiful and powerful! Thank you!

Many blessings!
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Eve & the Savior

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Jun 15, 2004 6:51 am

Greetings Rebekah!

The contemplation of Eve and the Serpent - the Mother of Life who brings
us the fruit of the Tree of Gnosis of Good and Evil, naturally brings to
mind Eve and the Savior - the Mother of Life who brings of the fruit of
the Tree of Life, the perfection of All-Gnosis in Christ consciousness.
Thus, the image of Eve and the Serpent invokes the image of Mary
Magdalene at the empty tomb, the first to behold the Risen Savior. As the
Holy Grail into which the Savior pours himself out and the First Apostle
of the True and Holy Church she becomes the Mother of the Divine Life;
hence the Mother of Sangreal (the Royal Blood).

Eve and the Serpent foreshadow our Lady and the Savior, and one may say
that these two images, the Serpent and Eve, and the Savior and our Lady,
are one and the same. Interestingly enough, in Hebrew, the word for
Serpent and word for Christ both equal 358 - thus they represent the same
Energy-Intelligence or Force.

We often speak of the Gift of the Fiery Intelligence which generates
humanity and of the awakening of Serpent Power in us. These, in and of
themselves, are neither good or evil, but they become what we make of
them, they become what we become. Sophia brings forth the Savior, Christ,
so that we might know our divine potential and consciously evolve towards
it - through her we receive the Gnostic and Light-transmission that
reveals the true nature and purpose of the Life-power in us.

The Fall or involution into the material plane, or darkness, chaos and
hyle (matter), is necessary in the individuation and awakening process -
it is the entrance into the Matrix through which evolution and
actualization occurs; hence the womb of our birth into supernal or
Messianic consciousness. In effect, Eve-Sophia actualizes the divine
potential of creation, and brings forth the Logos into it as the ordering
principle, and thus the Divine Order comes into being, initiated by

Eve does, indeed, also relate to our Earthly Mother - the Mother of Life
in the World. Until such time as a soul-being has come full term in the
womb of the Earthly Mother, transcending the need for physical
incarnation, it is only when physically incarnate that the soul-being can
progress in its development and evolution. In this we see the necessity
of the exchange of the Serpent and Eve, as surely as the exchange of the
Savior and our Lady.

The true salvific story is a dynamic interplay of the Divine Feminine and
Divine Masculine, Sophia and Logos, at least from the Sophian point of
view. Thus Sophia and Logos joined are Christ the Savior.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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