Sophia - Shekinah

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Sophia - Shekinah

#1 Postby Ysis Shaktyma » Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:05 am

Hello everybody,

I'm an humble neophyte in the sophian gnosticism and I have one simple question:

I have trouble making the diffrence between Shekinah and Sophia. Can you explain the diffrence?

Thank you in advance :)

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Shekinah: God's Presence and Power

#2 Postby sheryl » Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:36 am

Greetings Ysis!

Welcome to our online community.

I have enjoyed contemplating your question, for it has allowed me an opportunity to explore our usage of these two designations.

If we go strictly by the book - referring to Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ, we will find Shekinah, the Holy Shekinah, described as God's Presence and Power. It is a term that actually means dwelling in Hebrew, but is used in Kabballah to refer to God's Presence and Power with us, within us and all around us.

You will, though, find this term used is a variety of ways when speaking of God 's Presence and Power. A marvelous discussion is presently occurring in this same forum - Mysteries of the Divine Feminine under a thread titled: Union of the Holy Bride and Yeshua.

Here is a link that will take you directly there:

Sophia within our tradition will be used in a myriad of ways as well. Sophia is Greek for Wisdom, which, along with Logos or the Word, is the first emanation of the Holy Shekinah, or God's Presence and Power. You will find, though, that within the tradition we will use Sophia to refer to the feminine personification of the Shekinah in exile or the Holy Shekinah who has been separated from her Divine Consort - taken from the figure Pistis Sophia in the book by the same title.

This feminine personification is also known as the unfaithful Jerusalem of the Bible and was embodied in the person Lady Mirya or Mary Magdalene, which we in the Sophian tradition consider to be co-equal with Yeshua.

You can find more about this discussed in the thread mentioned above.

Thank you for this opportunity to explore our teachings.

Shalom, and may all know the blessings of intimacy with the Shekinah.


Ysis Shaktyma
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#3 Postby Ysis Shaktyma » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:21 am

Thank you very much for this wonderful answer!

I really understand more clearly those two great concepts and I absolutly love how you explain it.

I will see the other thread.


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