God The Father and God The Mother.

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God The Father and God The Mother.

#1 Postby Heavymetalgamer » Thu May 02, 2013 6:56 am

I been really engrossed in the book the Living Gnosis, and there was something I read the other night that was kind of like a "wow, that makes so much sense" moment to me. There was a mention of a sort of I wanna say a Holy Family in heaven, an aspect of God which I never though of before.
I remember in my RCIA class at my local Catholic parish the Deacon that was teaching the class said that we were kind of icons of God, since we were created in His image and likeness and the families that we have on earth are sort of a representation of the Holy Trinity in heaven. I'm like "ok I'm following you here" but it still kinda made me shrug my shoulders and think "ok, I'll just go with that then." The Living Gnosis gave me an image built upont that method that really gave this moment where all the dots connected together. Families on earth are just like the Holy Family in heaven, God The Father, God The Mother, The Holy Son (or Sun as it's written) and the Spirit Daughter. I just can't seem to put this book down.


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Re: God The Father and God The Mother.

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun May 12, 2013 3:45 pm

Shalom Nathan:

It is fascinating to consider the gate through which we enter into this world, this life. God the Father and God the Mother is so parallel with our experience of being conceived, gestated, and birthed into this world.

Our father was unchanged conceiving us, compared with our mother, who changed in every way. In this simple analogy, mystical rabbis, mekubalim, describe the dimensionality of God transcendent and God immanent. What might contradict Catholic or Protestant Christian understanding of God's nature removed or involved is for Kabbalistic Christians like ourselves a given, a synthesizing illumination.

So this continues in our own human development. Male and female children aren't fully adult until their maturation allows them to generate life themselves. In this transformation, they fulfill each other in marriage: Son becomes a Bridegroom and daughter becomes a Bride. When they unite and conceive life, their respective Father and Mother is fulfilled.

When you look in the New Testament, the very terms of Bridegroom and Bride point to this mystery inside of us. Daughter is everyone of us, male or female, seeking the Son, representing awareness. When our life energy (Daughter) joins with awareness (Son), we feel integrated: The Bride and Bridegroom have met and united. Their union within us is the experience of Holy Knowledge, or Da'at, which enlightens and liberates us from all lack and aimless wandering.

I'm most grateful for these principles of personification clarified and refined by Kabbalah, as I found 'Father', 'Son', and (a male) 'Holy Spirit' very incomplete prior to meeting this lineage in my spiritual journey. I suppose what's changed me the most is the embrace of the Mother-Daughter aspects of God, for in these is the access to how find the mystery of Divine being and becoming without contradiction, right inside myself. This has also rewritten my Bible in a way which continually astonishes me, for the Mother-Daughter renovates all my former ambiguities of the Holy Spirit. To relate with the Holy Spirit as Mother-Daughter opens up an entirely new tradition of experience within me, which this lineage is pioneering.

May the Mother gather all who are hers as chicks under her wings.

Elder Gideon

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