Kol Ishah: Entirety of Womanhood (Weaving Women)

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Kol Ishah: Entirety of Womanhood (Weaving Women)

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Nov 16, 2013 11:56 am

Kol Isha: The Entirety of Womanhood

“Each woman [kol ishah] who was wise of heart in her hands wove and brought her weaving…All the women whose hearts lifted them up in wisdom wove the goatskins.”

This is an interpretive translation from Hebrew of Exodus 35:25-26 among Jewish Hasidim, and the implications drawn from this passage in the Holy Kabbalah are quite lovely. What captures the attention of the mekubalim is that “in her hands” is written in the singular form, while “woven” is plural. Likewise, with this they inquire into why this is both the first verse, then the one that follows with few differences between them?

This passage, of course, deals with “skilled women” weaving the curtains in the Mishkan or Tabernacle; hence, weaving the veils of the holy of holies.

In the Zohar Kol Ishah, “all women,” or the “entirety of womanhood” is a cognomen of Binah, or the Upper Shekinah, and therefore in the Kabbalah it is taught that the Upper Shekinah includes all women. This corresponds with “each woman who was wise of heart.” As we know, “heart” is Lev and to be “wise of heart” implies the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom, and these are contained in, and their spiritual powers issue from, Binah, or the Upper Shekinah. There is also the Lower Shekinah, who is called “the lower wisdom,” and she is derived from, and illuminated by, the Thirty-Two Paths of Wisdom flowing into her. “In her hands” is connected with “She holds the distaff in her hands, and her palms grasp the spindle” (Proverbs 31:19). This corresponds with the Lower Shekinah receiving the influxes of the Upper Shekinah, and the “weaving” (creating, forming and making) and sustaining, of all worlds in this way.

If we contemplate this passage on an esoteric level, it implies that the Holy Shekinah weaves the curtain, though, indeed, women in this world do the work of weaving. If a woman’s heart is uplifted to the Upper Shekinah, and she cleaves to the Upper Shekinah, so she becomes unified with the Holy Shekinah, and the Shekinah becomes manifest as her, and what she weaves, or manifests, the Holy Shekinah weaves, of manifests, for she is the embodiment of Shekinah.

To acquire insight into this mystery, consider that all life in this world, and all worlds, is born of woman – the Feminine, when the Feminine below cleaves and unifies with the Divine Feminine above, so the Divine Feminine becomes embodied, the true Sacred Feminine becomes manifest. This, however, assumes a woman is “wise of heart,” or “skilled,” and understands how to uplift her heart to the Upper Shekinah, the Living Presence of the Infinite One.

As we know, if and when the Lower Shekinah is not joined with Zer Anpin, or the Son, and therefore is not joined with the Upper Shekinah, then the influxes of spiritual power feed the Other Side, the dominion of the klippot. Thus, lacking wisdom, or skill, to uplift the heart, so the opposite may happen, instead of unification with the Holy Shekinah there is unification with Lilith, the klippah of Shekinah or Malkut. In this, instead of weaving, or manifesting, the influences of the Sefirot, or the 32 Netivot, their klippot, or shadows, are made manifest, heaven forbid!

Listen and hear, and understand! The Holy Shekinah rested on the “mercy seat” or ark of covenant in the holy of holies, and because of this we can say that weaving the curtains, or veils, is weaving garments of the Shekinah of Yahweh, the Infinite One. This, exactly, is what Sacred Womanhood does, conceiving, gestating and giving birth to living spirits and souls in the world; she is weaving garments of the Shekinah of the Infinite One, and as we know, these spirits and souls are emanations of the 32 Netivot – all creation comes from these.

When women uplift their hearts in wisdom, luminous spirits and souls of lofty grades are drawn into incarnation, and likewise, there are influxes of the 32 Netivot invoked into the generation, and in Sacred Womanhood there is a special power of embodiment and manifestation.

Consider Mother Miriam, who uplifts her heart to the Infinite One, and who cleaves to the Holy Shekinah of the One, Yahweh; Ruach Yahweh comes upon her, and she communes with Gavriel, the “strength of God,” and through her wise heart-womb the Messiah enters into the world, Ruach Yahweh, Ruach Elohim.

Consider the Magdalene, who engages, overcomes, and redeems Lilith, and who cleaves and unifies herself with the Shekinah of the Messiah – the Anointing; Ruach Yahweh, Ruach Elohim, comes upon her, and she becomes the Mother of the Apostles, the twin of the Messiah, Kallah Messiah, co-preacher and co-redeemer with Adonai Yeshua.

This is the power of Sacred Womanhood joined with Sacred Manhood, the conception, gestation and birthing of salvation, the Messiah, the Anointing; embodiment of the true kingdom of heaven.

There is an aspect of the Divine and Sacred Feminine in all of us, all souls, so this is not isolate to physical womanhood; yet, in the incarnations of souls as women, there is a special manifesting power with the soul, clearly so in that through women, the entirety of womanhood, life is born in this world, garments are woven for living spirits and souls to incarnate and become realized.

Now there is something more that can be shared concerning all of this, for when a wise woman uplifts her heart in her wisdom she embodies her heavenly and supernal soul, neshamah, but she also embodies something more, she embodies Kol Ishah – all womanhood, the Holy Shekinah. When her heart is uplifted in wisdom, and she cleaves to the Upper Shekinah – Imma Shekinah, the Upper and Lower Shekinah are united in her, and she is the emanation of the Holy Mother-Bride in this world.

This is the Feminine compliment and counterpart to the Masculine, the Son who speaks the truth when he says, “You who have seen me have seen the Father.”

As it has been said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your Father in heaven is perfect,” so we may say, “Be perfect, therefore, as your Mother in heaven is perfect,” understanding “Father” and “Mother” as Two in One, the Masculine and Feminine aspects of the Infinite One (Yahweh Elohim).

This corresponds with “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and over cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth” (Genesis 1:26).

This image and likeness of Elohim corresponds with Sacred Womanhood and Sacred Manhood manifest together in co-equality, the Two in One, the complete image and likeness of the One, Yahweh Elohim, being manifest.

This is what Mother Miriam conceives in her heart-womb, and what Lady Mirya completes in her unification with the Messiah, the Anointing.

As the Living Body of the Messiah in the Second Coming, this is our sacred intention.

In the Second Coming, Christ appears on Glory – fullness of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine; hence, women and men embodying the Holy Shekinah and Yahweh, Yeshua, or Ruach Elohim, Ruach Yahweh – the Spirit of the Messiah.

Here we may say, Sacred Womanhood is the weaver of this Living Body in the world, this garment of Shekinah and Messiah, all as is conceived in faith and love, or with uplifted hearts, and all as ordained by El Elyon, the Supreme One.

In this light, one cannot help but think of Guadalupe as “Spider Woman,” or “Weaving Woman,” when one contemplates this passage, and one cannot help but think of the inner and outer robes of the Virgin of Light, corresponding with all that appears in heaven and on earth, respectively. Praise Ma!

This was a contemplation the captured my heart this morning, flowing from luminous and lucid dreams in the night following our discourse on mysteries of the Holy Bride yesterday evening.

May the revelation of God the Mother be complete, and may the Holy Bride be received in full; may the Second Coming of Christ in Glory be brought to fruition swiftly among us. Amen.

Yahweh Elohim Shalom!
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Three Marys

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:09 pm

Shabbat Eve Shalom, Tau Malachi:

Three holy women always walked with the Lord: Mary, the Holy Mother, Mary, the Old Wise Woman, and and St. Mary Magdalene, the Maiden of Light. Now their proper name in Hebrew is Miriam. They are the three faces of True Womanhood and the Divine Mother, so that, as well as the image of the Living Father, the image of the Divine Mother was always with him. (St. Mary Magdalene, 37)

Praise be She for these spectacular teachings of the womanhood weaving the context for revelation. The way the Jewish tradition personifies the Shekinah inspires me deeply, speechlessly: "For it was you who formed my inward parts;/you knit me together in my mother’s womb." (Psalm 139:13)

The Shekinah was clearly blessing us last night in our engagement of Legends of St. Mary Magdalene. I hear both in what you've shared above in this luminous post and this particular image of the three faces of True Womanhood walking with the Lord the Gospel of St. Phillip, which teaches that

There were three who always walked with the Lord: Mary, his mother, and her sister, and Magdalene, the one who was called his companion. His sister and his mother and his companion were each a Mary.

I've waited sometime to share this inspiration from the 72 Names of Gevurot. The Forty-First Name happens to be Heh-Heh-Heh. In addition to everything you've introduced of this Name (viewtopic.php?f=35&t=1409), I'm very eager to hear more of the Three Marys present here.

One insight which continues to stand out for me, is how the Essential Name--AHYH--and the Great Name--YHVH, overlap in YH, the very value (15) of this Forty-First Name of Gevurot. What's more, when these Names are combined, as is done in Yichudim with the Essential Name, a most sublime Name of six letters is permuted: AHYHVH. Here, three Hehs perfectly array.

May the weaving of True Womanhood flourish into a Body of Vision.

Elder Gideon

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Re: Kol Ishah: Entirety of Womanhood (Weaving Women)

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:37 am

Grace and peace to you in the Blessed Name!

The maiden, mother and grandmother, or old wise woman, are entirety of womanhood, Kol Ishah; all are contained within Binah, or the Upper Shekinah – all womanhood. The manifestation of the maid, the mother and the grandmother, or “the three who walked with the Lord” (Adonai), corresponds with Malkut, or the Lower Shekinah.

Concerning these three faces of the Divine and Sacred Feminine first we can say this, these are three manifestations of the Holy Shekinah in potential, actual and realization, fullness of womanhood, and in the journey of a soul in life as a wise woman, so these three aspects of the Shekinah are invoked and embodied as she travels through these cycles of life. There is the literal physical, material, manifestation of these, but so also the psychic and spiritual, so that in the journey of a soul as a wise women, living tzaddik, there is a greater and greater glory and power of the Holy Shekinah that can be invoked and embodied, and a greater and greater wisdom, understanding and knowledge of the Infinite One.

These three aspects of the Holy Shekinah may be contemplated as a woman’s Path of Return to God.

The spiritual power of Kol Ishah, “all womanhood,” is in this Name of God, clearly so: He-He-He, threefold Holy Shekinah. As you have pointed out dear brother, this Name corresponds with the Shekinah of AHYHVH, the unification of Eheieh and Yahweh.

Vau-He, this is the Daughter-Bride (Maiden), who when joined with the Son-Groom becomes the Mother.

Yod-He, this is the Mother, who when joined with the Father, pours out influxes of spiritual power, filling the Daughter-Bride below, exalting her so that she becomes as the Mother.

Alef-He, this is the Mother, who when the Daughter-Bride becomes the Mother, she is exalted and becomes the Grandmother, or Ancient Wise Woman.

Contemplate this well, and understand!

We have said that as a wise woman sojourns through the cycles of life, if indeed she is wise and knows how to uplift her heart to the Upper Shekinah, she can invoke and embody a greater and greater glory and power of the Holy Shekinah, and greater and greater Habad of the Infinite One. In her youth, through Divine Grace, she may hold the spiritual power and Habad of Vau-He, but in her maturation she may hold the power of Yod-He, and as one who grows old and wise, in her fruition she may hold the power of Alef-He when she returns to the Infinite One.

There is something to be said of this, and how incarnation, and the cycles of life, is the vehicle of the soul’s actualization and realization. The ability to invoke and embody the fullness of the Holy Shekinah is a growing and evolving capacity that is founded upon experiential knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and the maturation of faith and love. Regardless of how lofty a grade a soul might be, or what realization occurred in previous incarnations, in youth there is the seeking of wisdom, in maturation wisdom is acquired, and when that wisdom is lived, and is embodied, only then is a soul called “old woman,” or “old man,” and wise. This comes into being through a journey, through keeping the good company of the Holy Shekinah throughout one’s life, living the Life Divine, dancing with the Holy Shekinah until the soul returns and is reintegrated with the Infinite One.

You may notice that we speak of the Daughter-Bride and Mother often, but we do not speak of Grandmother Shekinah, or the Ancient Wise Woman often. This is because the spiritual power of Alef-He corresponds with the Habad and Holy Shekinah of the World to Come, and with full return and reintegration with the Infinite One, the Great Spirit. In this, perhaps, you may understand that if a true wise one ever appears in this world it is for a brief instant, at the moment of death when the transference of consciousness is accomplished and the illumination of full reintegration flashes forth in this world for a moment.

This wisdom is in womanhood, as every good mother and grandmother knows, bringing forth life and light comes through involvement, and a journey, embracing the whole experience, the dance of the Holy Shekinah in Mercy and Severity, joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, wellness and illness, light and darkness, living and dying, until there is the realization of transcendence and full integration, wholeness of being. If the realization of the soul, the being, is to be whole and complete, then this realization of Being Ever-Becoming must transpire, “wisdom of womanhood,” the Divine and Sacred Feminine; this realization corresponds with the unification of Eheieh and Yahweh, and it is realized through the unification of Yahweh and Adonai – the journey of the Path of Return.

First there is embodiment, and then there is the realization of transcendence,“wisdom of womanhood.”

In this light, consider the Second Coming, and consider the revelation of God the Mother in it, and the full reception of the Holy Bride, “wisdom of womanhood” – Hokmah Ha-Ishah. (The two He in Ha-Ishah correspond with the Mother and Bride.)

This great wisdom is in the Name of the Holy One composed of three He.

If we look into the unification of Eheieh and Yahweh we will understand that the fruition of all of this comes through the unification of Being and Becoming, or the Masculine and Feminine; recognition and realization of the Two in One, or Two as One.

May we all be blessed with Hokmah Ha-Ishah, the Wisdom of the Holy Mother-Bride, Asherah. Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
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