The Great Minyan of Holy Women (Tzaddikim)

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The Great Minyan of Holy Women (Tzaddikim)

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The Great Minyan of Holy Women

During my spiritual retreat last week I was contemplating a teaching of a woman who was recognized as a holy tzaddik among some of the Jewish Hasidim of her time, Hannah Rochel, the “Maid of Ludmir,” and the Holy Spirit came upon me, and heaven expanded upon, and clarified, the teaching I was contemplating, giving a revelation with Habad.

It is not given that I can speak of the vision of revelation, but it is given that I may share teachings arising from it. When the experience of Aliyah Neshamah was complete, in the Holy Spirit I was inspired to share that a revelation of heaven was given to me with two of my companions, understanding that if either, or both, inquired of the revelation, it was given to me to begin to share these teachings now, but if neither inquired, sharing them would have to wait until another season. Elder Sarah inquired, and so it is given that I can share something of the new teachings now, and then, God willing, draw them out further at another time.

As we know, a minyan in Judaic Tradition is a gathering of ten men for prayer, and the daily prayers services require a minimum of ten men to be offered up; hence, there must be a minyan for prayers to be offered and received in heaven according to Judaic Tradition. The gathering of ten men, of course, corresponds with the ten Holy Sefirot or Divine Attributes, and the fullness of the Holy Shekinah, the Living Presence of God, with those who pray and worship God. In the Judaic Kabbalah only men are counted in the formation of a minyan, but in the Messianic Kabbalah women are also counted, and a minyan can be formed by ten women, or ten men, or ten women and men together, for in the Messiah women and men are coequal, and receiving their anointing with the Holy Light and Spirit of the Messiah they transcend female or male, womanhood or manhood, resembling the angels in heaven who are androgynous, though able to appear as female or male.

In Judaic Tradition there is also a teaching of “seven shepherds” – the spirits of great holy men, great tzaddikim, who visit and teach faithful and righteous souls. They are the patriarchs and prophets who correspond with the seven Sefirot of Construction, as is known; in this revelation of the great minyan of holy women, a teaching of seven shepherds of the sacred feminine is included and given. Thus, the teaching of the great minyan of holy women is also a teaching of seven great shepherds who were women at the time of their realization, the spirits of which continue to visit and teach those among the faithful and elect who invite and welcome them.

The teaching to be shared at the outset is as follows:

The great minyan of holy women gathers round the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, or in New Jerusalem, which is also the holy place of the well or spring of the Infinite and Eternal that becomes a great river, dividing into the four holy rivers, as is known. Gathered together, cleaving to the Messiah, the “Second Adam,” they are joined as one Holy Woman, the image and likeness Havvah of Atzilut (Supernal Eve); appearing in the upper heavens, the Supernal Abode, they are the Supernal Shekinah manifest in full glory and power as in the World-That-Is-Coming, the Eternal Shabbat.

These ten holy and enlightened ones are not alone, but countless holy women are gathered in oneness with them, and countless hosts of angels of the Holy Mother and Holy Bride surround them – the good company of Messiah Kallah.

St. John glimpsed something of this holy image and likeness of Havvah of Atzilut in his vision of the Woman of Light. Contemplate this well, and understand with God’s help!

As has been said, this image and likeness of Isha Gadol, Great Womanhood, is composed of ten holy women, the embodiment of the Holy Shekinah of the ten Sefirot.

There is Leah, corresponding with Tiferet.

There is Rachel, corresponding with Malkut.

There is Sarah, corresponding with Hesed.

There is Rebekah, corresponding with Gevurah.

There is the Prophet Miriam, corresponding with Yesod.

There is Zipporah, corresponding with Netzach.

There is the Judge Deborah, corresponding with Hod.

And there is the Crone Elizabeth, the Mother of the Baptist, corresponding with the fullness of Binah in the Messiah.

And there is Mother Miriam, corresponding with the fullness of Tiferet or the Six in the Messiah.

And there is Bride Miriam, the Magdalene, corresponding with the fullness of Malkut, the revealed Shekinah of the Messiah – Kallah Messiah.

This is the great minyan of holy women who pray and worship in the Interior Shekinah of the Supernal Abode without ceasing, and yet who run and return with the Queen of Shabbat, and in visitation of the faithful and elect who receive the anointing of the Light and Spirit of the Infinite.

Understand, Mother Miriam as the Shekinah of the Six also reaches into Hokmah, and corresponds with Hokmah, having intimate knowledge of Abba, the Living Father; and likewise, the Magdalene reaches into Keter, and corresponds with Keter, having intimate knowledge of Melekh Messiah, inseparable from the Lord of lords and King of kings – the Holy Queen of New Jerusalem, Kallah Messiah. The Crone Mother, Elizabeth, corresponds with Binah, secret knowledge of Imma Gadol (Great Mother) and the End-Of-Days, which is Binah. Thus, the entire Tree of Life is made manifest with the gathering of these great and holy women tzaddikim, the seven Sefirot of Construction and three Supernals, and as in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah, so in their prayers and worship is Tikkune Ha-Olam, the completion and perfection of the world.

Just as the entire Tree of Life is contained within the Supernals, so also in the Crone, Mother and Bride the entire glory and power of Havvah of Atzilut is contained, or realized and embodied – these three holy ones and Adonai Yeshua are the fullness of the Human Being of Light, the Kavod Gadol (Great Glory) of Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Human Being (Primordial Enlightenment).

You may inquire of the attribute of Zipporah, the spiritual consort of the Prophet Moses, and the judge, Deborah, to Netzach and Hod, respectively. There is a deep mystery revealed in this, for Deborah carried the sparks of the soul of Zipporah, who saved the life of the Prophet Moses when Yahweh sought to strike him down, thus guarding the exodus from Egypt and preserving the revelation at Sinai. Deborah preserved the life of the Community of Israel in a time of Strict Judgment in a similar fashion, but did so giving way to others so that they might be accounted as righteous and fulfill their mission, the sparks of Zipporah shining through her and being fully realized in her.

The Sefirah Yesod is called the Holy Tzaddik, and until the coming of the Messiah, and the Mother and Bride of the Messiah, the Prophet Miriam was the greatest embodiment of this – the Great Tzaddik among women; hence her attribute to Yesod.

The attributes of Sarah, Rebekah, Leah and Rachel are obvious and well known in the Holy Kabbalah; though, at times, until the Crone Mother, Elizabeth, Leah was also attributed to Binah.

This is the Tree of Life in womanhood – the sacred feminine; contemplate it well, and understand with God’s help!

There are mysteries upon mysteries revealed in this teaching of the great minyan of holy women – the Habad of Havvah of Atzilut, Supernal Eve; contemplating the stories of these holy women, and the tales told in between the lines of the Scriptures, and by implication, these secret mysteries may be drawn out, and deep insights and illuminations of mysteries of the Shekinah of Atzilut, Exterior and Interior, may come.

Joined with the contemplation of the stories of these holy women, of course, there is also the invocation of visitations by their spirits, or angels, in dream and vision, and if one is gifted by the Holy Spirit with a mystical ascent of the soul, perhaps an encounter with them in the heavens, or even the glory of the Supernal Abode and the Palace of Messiah.

This concludes the initial, and essential, teaching of the great minyan of holy women. If God wills it, and with God’s help, this teaching may be drawn out and expanded over time; but for now, we shall wait upon the Holy Spirit and abide in contemplation.

May many be blessed to gaze upon and know Havvah of Atzilut, and so receive the full Habad of the Messiah, the Human Being of Light! Amen.

Elohim Shalom!
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