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The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:40 am
by Yonah
Greetings and blessings in the name of Yeshua and Kallah Messiah!

I thought about posting this in the Lilith thread, but Sister Anna has some really interesting contemplations that I don't want to run over with this insight. I am contemplating her discussion and will post there once my thoughts gel.

In a mentoring session on Saturday a very interesting contemplation came up about the relationship of the three Partzufim of the Dark Mother and our interior stars.

There seems to be a strong correlation between the two when the Dark Mother is not redeemed and our interior stars are out of balance and not tied to our heart.

Lilith (Black Bride) seems to be the embodiment of the root star out of balance - fear, separation, ungrounded, and feeling like a lack of survival.
Na'amah (Mother of Demons) seems to be the embodiment of the 2nd interior star out of balance - creation and relationships that are not for the glory of God.
Igaret (Hag of Chaos) seems to be the embodiment of the star at the solar plexus - control, destruction, power.

It seems that we need to redeem all of these aspects within ourselves for the redemption of these Partzufim and for our redemption. It seems like these archetypes are representative of the human condition when we are unbalanced and seeking only for oneself. Joining them to the heart, just as Lilith joined to Magdalene, we can heal these parts of ourselves and find true redemption.

I found this fascinating because I always find it easier to look at something outside of myself without judgment and then to extrapolate into my own experience. I'm really interested to see if this makes sense to anyone else and what contemplations can come.

Shalom, Yonah

Seven Faces

Posted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:35 am
by Elder Gideon
Shalom +Yonah:

I appreciate your sharing this contemplation of the layers of Lilith-Sophian Nigrans-proliferating as Naamah, and Iggaret. Tau Malachi shares in St. Mary Magdalene that, Although the heart of Sophia Nigrans emanates as Naamah, the Queen of Demons, and her inmost dark essence emanates as Iggaret, the Hag of Chaos, nevetheless Sophia Nigrans is not among the dark and hostile forces nor is she counted among the archons. She seeks to redress the balance in the play of cosmic forces. So it is said that, when the Shekinah is in exile, she is the Divine Consort of the Most High, for she seeks to restore the union of the Father and Mother and to transcend male and female, as was her state in Adam Ha-Rishon at the outset. (19)

The lower three interior stars hold many stunning connections in scripture. We need only think of famous examples of the principal of three in the life and teaching of Yeshua to see what the root, navel, and solarplexus stars are, divorced from the heart. Satan's three temptations of Yeshua in the wilderness are a great beginning. Root Star: ‘If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become loaves of bread.’ Navel Star: ‘If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down; for it is written, “He will command his angels concerning you”, and “On their hands they will bear you up, so that you will not dash your foot against a stone.” ’ Solarplexus: Showing him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor the Temptor said to him, ‘All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.’

Another treatment of these three lower interior stars segregated from the heart may be found in the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13): Root Star: ‘Listen! A sower went out to sow. And as he sowed, some seeds fell on the path, and the birds came and ate them up.' Navel Star: Other seeds fell on rocky ground, where they did not have much soil, and they sprang up quickly, since they had no depth of soil. But when the sun rose, they were scorched; and since they had no root, they withered away. Solarplexus Star: Other seeds fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked them. The seed that fell on good soil, producing a good crop points of course to the heart star.

In this light, one could consider the significance of the three nails crucifying the Christ-bearer.

Perhaps most explicit of all is how Pistis Sophia calls Demiurgos the "Self-Willed Triple Power." In this Gnostic image of a lion-headed serpent, our lineage contemplates the three-fold bondage to ignorance and suffering that exhaustlessly perpetuates the karmic continuum of Self-Cherishing (Root), Desire (Navel), and Fear (Solarplexus). The only salvation from this impenetrable dominion is through the door of the heart.

Given these examples of the lower-three interior stars cut off from the heart, I would expand your contemplation of Lilith, Naamah, and Iggaret beyond these three stars to an even bigger context. Recall ever hearing of the Seven Faces of the Holy Bride? There's a discussion of this in Tau Malachi's St. Mary Magdalene as well, where on page 51 we're invited to consider these three dark faces as polarities (not opposites) to the three bright faces of one Sophia. Our Lady in Red is the unity and totality of these six: Lilith is to the Maiden of Light, what the Queen of Demons is to the Mother of Royal Blood, what the Hag of Chaos is to the Crone of Ancient Knowledge. Remembering that Malkut is what appears and manifests of all sefirotic energy, all seven of these faces are states of Malkut, internal and external, conscious and unconscious, personifying gradations of Strict Judgment or Abundant Mercy.

One sister in a recent discussion, Sister Penelope I believe, shared a contemplation of these seven faces as the cycle of a human life, either in ignorance or awareness. That has captured me, for to internalize these faces in our experience is quite insightful of what Malkut is. Anyone of us can relate with or watch others' processes of youth, adulthood, and aging; how anyone relates with themself, and therefore others, generates a resonant display personified by bright faces in kindness or dark faces in cruelty.

I also enjoy working with these three polarities of faces as scales of energy displays: individual, collective, and cosmic. Hear then the Maiden of Light-Dark Bride as an internal, individual experience of consciousness, Mother of Royal Blood-Queen of Demons as an external, collective consciousness, and Crone of Ancient Knowledge-Hag of Chaos as dimensions of cosmic continuity or oblivion.

May the light of the moon be like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun be sevenfold, like the light of seven days, on the day when YHVH binds up the injuries of his people, and heals the wounds inflicted by his blow (Isaiah 30.26).

Elder Gideon

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:21 am
by Yonah
Greetings Brother!

Thank you for your thoughts and teachings. I, of course, was not speaking of Lilith, Na’amah, and Igaret in terms of them as full Partzufim, but as aspects of their energy in our consciousness (much as we looked at Lilith’s redemption). These forces have great and amazing power within us when they are tied to the heart, but when they are not.. it can go bad places. I think of this akin to how Mercy and Severity are both good in God. In us, when we stray too far from the Middle Pillar, we can take these polarities bad places.

Much of what you said stood out for me, but this was particularly powerful:
Perhaps most explicit of all is how Pistis Sophia calls Demiurgos the "Self-Willed Triple Power." In this Gnostic image of a lion-headed serpent, our lineage contemplates the three-fold bondage to ignorance and suffering that exhaustlessly perpetuates the karmic continuum of Self-Cherishing (Root), Desire (Navel), and Fear (Solarplexus). The only salvation from this impenetrable dominion is through the door of the heart.

Beautiful exegesis of the phrasing in Pistis Sophia. I think it is interesting that this Triple Power is parallel to the Trinity but because it is Self Willed it is false creator and not truly God. As you intimate this is the same triple power in us that thinks that ego is creator and master instead of God.

I’ve found myself focusing a lot lately on the uplifting of the evil inclination. I believe that many (including myself) have wrongly tried to either push it down or ignore it and hope it goes away. First, I don’t think is possible to destroy it – not while in a body at least. But, also… there is power in the passion it brings. Uplifting it and integrating is far more powerful.

I have to say that your reference to the 3 nails in the crucifixion of the Savior was eye-opening to me. Coming from the outer church, I, of course, have seen those nails as something to do with the darkness within, but… to equate them to this triple power and the lower stars unredeemed via connection to the heart was just stunning.

Thank you for such a beautiful response!

Shalom, Yonah

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:53 am
by Tau Malachi
Grace and mercy to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

Lilith, Na’amah, Iggaret, these are dark faces of the Daughter (Nukva), and in that their root is in Imma, or Elohim, they are emanations of the great spiritual force that is in Imma, the Mother; but these are faces of the Daughter, and when reintegrated, redeemed, they are faces of the Bride (Kallah).

As we know, there are also three bright faces of the Daughter-Bride, parallel to the dark faces; hence, three faces of Judgment and three faces of Mercy, and their totality and unity corresponds with Compassion. Thus, these faces of the Daughter, or Bride, correspond with manifestations of Malkut, Shekinah, in Mercy, Judgment and Compassion, the full array of the Living Presence (Shekinah).

In this, perhaps, we may understand that all of the seven interior stars have a manifestation corresponding with these six faces of the Daughter, Bride, or the Exterior Shekinah; this corresponds with how we use the energy-intelligence, or life-power, that is in us, and our relationship with the source of our being (God) and how we live this life.

Look and see! Malkut has “no light of her own,” but she receives her light from the Holy Sefirot that are above – all of the upper Sefirot and Partzufim. In our tradition the interior stars have a correspondence with the seven Sefirot of Construction, the Six and Malkut, and in much the same way the root star receives its light and life from the interior stars above it – the array and manifestation of the six stars from crown to navel determines the manifestation of the root, and the presence and power that moves in this person and life.

That said, aspects of the faces of the Daughter or Bride, bright and dark, can be attributed to all seven interior stars, and in this we may glean mysteries of the corresponding spiritual powers that can be drawn out of the interior stars (or Sefirot), and acquire insight into these spiritual powers reintegrated and in harmony with the Holy One or manifest in the illusion of separation, remaining unredeemed. Thus, we may inquire what the corresponding manifestation of each interior star is with each of the six faces, bright and dark, and likewise we may contemplate their manifestation in full array and full force, encompassing all faces, corresponding with the Magdalene, the fullness of Compassion (Shekinah of Messiah).

We must remember that there are manifestations of bright and dark faces that are klippot – impure emanations, which are undivine or anti-divine (ungodly), and there are manifestations of them that are as the Sefirot – pure emanations, which are divine (godly). It is all a question of whether or not a spiritual power is manifest according to the Will of the Most High (Ratzon Elyon), and reintegrated with the Light of the Infinite (Or Ain Sof).

When we understand the correspondence of the seven interior stars to the seven Sefirot of Construction, we will understand that the “eighth interior star,” the secret star or transcendent star, corresponds with the Mother, Imma; and understanding the Sacred Unity of the Supernals, so it corresponds with Hokmah-Binah-Da’at, the revelation of Keter within creation.

Now, given that all of these faces of the Daughter or Bride correspond with manifestations of Malkut, Shekinah, they also may be understood to correspond with various manifestations of the root star; hence, the energy of the interior stars that is actualized and realized, and embodied. On one level we may say that there is this Great Force flowing through all creation, and through the righteous and the wicked alike, and these faces correspond with the various manifestations of that Great Force, both as good and evil, and everything admixed and in between. This is connected to what we have share above concerning each interior star having a manifestation corresponding with each of the six faces, for as we have said the manifestation of the root star is determined by the actualization and manifestation of the interior stars from navel to crown.

Understanding the Mother (Imma) as the interior Shekinah, and the Daughter (Nukva) as the exterior Shekinah, we may say that the Daughter is the face or countenance of the Mother. In that they are, in truth, inseparable from one another, so we may speak of the faces of the Mother within and behind those of the Daughter, but the faces of the Mother are universal and supernal, and therefore incomprehensible. Thus, it is through the Daughter that we behold the Mother, just as it is through the Son that we behold the Father.

Through the years since early teachings and writings there has been much insight and illumination through Ruach Elohim of the subtler distinctions and mysteries of the array of the Mother and Bride, and seeing this discussion I was inclined to share something of it here, perhaps redirecting the contemplation along a similar line of thought, but from a different angle of view and approach.

Aleichem Shalom!

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:30 pm
by Yonah
Greetings Tau Malachi!

Thank you for this clarification and for taking this contemplation deeper. It seemed natural to take the discussion of the unredeemed Lilith into the Interior Stars and that is what led me toward manifestations of Na’amah and Iggaret.

It was extremely enlightening to hear the following:
“In this, perhaps, we may understand that all of the seven interior stars have a manifestation corresponding with these six faces of the Daughter, Bride, or the Exterior Shekinah; this corresponds with how we use the energy-intelligence, or life-power, that is in us, and our relationship with the source of our being (God) and how we live this life.”

And it brought an “aha” moment in experience. I’ve seen (at least some of) these manifestations energetically in myself and others and know that Mercy, Severity, or Compassion are all possible in any of the seven stars. In my contemplations I’ve been focusing on Severity, which is, of course, not the full picture. The first time I read your post, I immediately went to Compassion as the only mode of balance. Upon rereading and contemplating this mystery I’m beginning to believe it’s not that simple! It seems that all our stars shift between all faces of the Daughter (or Bride) depending on our state of being and the energy we are moving. Am I right in the idea that part of the process is to uplift these in ourselves and bring them all and all aspects into the Will of God? It would seem that eventually, in full realization, the default state would be the balance or Compassion, but all Faces could manifest as needed – and this all good and right as long as it is in line with Ratzon Elyon?

“When we understand the correspondence of the seven interior stars to the seven Sefirot of Construction, we will understand that the “eighth interior star,” the secret star or transcendent star, corresponds with the Mother, Imma; and understanding the Sacred Unity of the Supernals, so it corresponds with Hokmah-Binah-Da’at, the revelation of Keter within creation.”

I’m hearing that when the seven interior stars are all uplifted and aligned to the Will of God, they then become the true image of the eighth star and this means that all seven and the eighth are then connected or unified? This makes me think of the Divine Name of Malkut moving from Adonai to Elohim in the Second Coming – I’m hearing something of the seven stars being the image of the Mother (in the eighth star) and thus the “Second Coming” is manifest in us?

Thank you so much for these teachings. These contemplations are becoming experiential and changing something fundamental in my being. I praise Ma for the amazing journey we are on.

Shalom Aleichem!

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:17 am
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Messiah Yeshua!

You are correct dear brother, the balance in our self-realization is not Compassion alone, and cannot be, for as we know Compassion is the union of Mercy and Judgment, and therefore the “balance” must be in all three as a capacity for a conscious response to what’s happening in skillful means. Let us remember, self-realization, enlightenment, is not a fixed or static state, and therefore a single Divine Attribute cannot be the balance. Likewise, the Divine Attributes are inseparable from one another, and exist in a Sacred Unity; in truth they cannot be isolated or divided from one another. In the midst of a constant continuum of change, the “balance” must be a changing, transforming manifestation of the Divine Presence and Power corresponding with, and matching, what’s appearing and what’s transpiring, all for the sake of the fulfillment of Ratzon Elyon, the Will of the Supreme; hence, the salvation, the liberation of all (Kol).

Go take a walk, and meditate upon the action of walking, and look and see, and contemplate, how it is that you keep your balance in motion as a bipedal creature – meditate upon balance in motion. As you do this, remember that reality, and Yahweh, are a perpetual motion, action, continuum of being-consciousness-force, and inseparable from this, so also are you – you are a verb, not a noun.

There is something more subtle and sublime to be shared, however, something hidden in plain sight on the Tree of Life glyph. Look and see, with and behind Mercy, Judgment and Compassion there are the Supernals, and this corresponds with the essence and nature of Mercy- Judgment and Compassion, and is their unity. Recognizing and realizing this primordial and supernal foundation, the Infinite, so one will understand that, in essence, there is no difference between Mercy, Judgment and Compassion, they are all the emanation of the Holy One, all facilitating the Will of the Supreme (Ratzon Elyon).

The nature of this Will of the Supreme is the salvation, or enlightenment and liberation, of all beings – the conscious unification of all creation with the Infinite One.

All Sefirot have a manifestation in Mercy, Judgment and Compassion – peace, wrath, bliss, necessarily so, and likewise, the interior stars have a manifestation in Mercy, Judgment and Compassion, as we see clearly when tzaddikim take up the dance of the Holy Shekinah and engage the Continuum. All the while, though, clearly, there is One Living Presence and Power manifest according to what’s happening, interwoven with what’s happening; hence, manifest in what’s happening, though beyond all that appears. Here my dear brother is the balance – the realization of the Living Presence, and the nature of all the Divine Attributes, Ain, Ain Sof, Or Ain Sof. Most essentially, though, the “balance” is the realization of Ain, No-Thingness, the emptiness of all that arises and appears; this, of course, corresponds with the realization of the dream-like nature of all reality, on earth and in heaven.

In a dream, in a radiant display of the mind, you tell me, what is the substantial difference between Mercy, Judgment and Compassion? How are they different in their essence and nature? Are they not all the radiant or magical display of the mind, consciousness or soul? Awakening we recognize this, and this truth (Amet, Ain) is the “balance.”

A bright dream, a dark dream, an admixed dream, in their essence and nature they are all the same – and so it is with the arising of all reality, in life and the afterlife; recognizing this is the key to our liberation, our freedom. With God’s help may we accomplish this self-realization, the realization of Ani-Ain (Self, No Self).

Now, given what we have said about the seven stars and the transcendent star, the “eighth star” corresponds with primordial being and the infinite divine potential of our divine spark or unique essence inseparable from Ain Sof, the Infinite One. The seven interior stars, then, are what becomes actualized and realized of that divine potential. When actualized and manifest, quite naturally this Presence and Power appears in Mercy, Judgment and Compassion – peaceful, wrathful and blissful.

Look and see! On one level, the root corresponds with the Daughter, the Bride, and the Six from navel to crown correspond with the Son, the Groom. Contemplating them in this way reveals certain mysteries. On another level however, all of the interior stars have a correspondence with the Son and Daughter, Groom and Bride, and contemplated in this way other mysteries are revealed. When contemplating the seven interior stars in this way, the “eighth star,” or secret star, corresponds with the Father-Mother, or Ain Sof, the Infinite.

There are, of course, dark and bright faces of the Holy Bride as maiden, mother and crone; hence, three faces in Mercy and Judgment. If you wish to consider these, contemplate the manifestation of the knowledge and power of the interior stars as it would appear in these three cycles of life, maiden, mother and crown, and so you may acquire insight. There is, naturally, a manifestation of the Holy Bride as maiden, mother and crone in Compassion, and you can contemplate this in a similar way. Contemplating this, you may consider how each manifestation of the Living Presence is needed in the labor of the harvest of souls.

These were a few more thoughts that arose this morning that I was inclined to share.

Shalom Aleichem!

Mother Star

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2014 8:48 am
by Elder Gideon
Shalom Tau Malachi:

When we understand the correspondence of the seven interior stars to the seven Sefirot of Construction, we will understand that the “eighth interior star,” the secret star or transcendent star, corresponds with the Mother, Imma; and understanding the Sacred Unity of the Supernals, so it corresponds with Hokmah-Binah-Da’at, the revelation of Keter within creation.

Praise be She for revealing these mysteries hidden all this time! In researching an exceptional teaching you gave about a year ago on the transcendent star, I've never imagined such an alignment as this which you've just clarified. Thank you so much!

This Transcendental Star describes the Way to Life Everlasting, meaning the continuity of consciousness beyond the body, which is how our lineage contemplates and cleaves to the World-to-Come. If one's consciousness simply cannot or will not acknowledge a reality greater than the limited self, there is in effect no link with the Transcendental Star, meaning consciousness lapses with the body; when this earth can no longer support material life, this is how our lineage contemplates End-of-Days.

My contemplations of the Mother as Understanding have two poles in time, ending either in destruction or a new creation. Destruction here means End-of-Days; a new creation means World-to-Come. The Apocalypse of St. John narrates both of these simultaneous trajectories for souls. Hearing as I am for the first time the maternity of the Transcendental Star, the Woman of Light and the Whore of Babylon relate very directly with this conversation of the Divine Feminine manifest through one's interior stars: The Woman of Light personifies live birth of souls in a new creation while the Whore of Babylon personifies still birth of souls in oblivion.

As both of these realities are the Supernal Mother, I wished to know how they may (or may not) interact with this new teaching of the maternity of the Transcendent Star. Is the awareness of the Supernal its presence? Is the ignorance of the Supernal its absence?


Elder Gideon

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 9:59 am
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Yeshua Messiah!

Our experience of the Divine, and our knowledge and understanding of the Divine, corresponds with the state of our subtle body, interior stars and serpent power; hence, the state of our energetic being. Likewise, it is a matter of how we live, our thoughts, words and actions, and whether they are manifest in a positive or negative way, or in admixture; aside from the awakening of our energetic being, how we live makes a great difference in the reality of our experience, especially in the afterlife experience.

If we understand that the Women of Light and Whore of Babylon share one and the same “root” or essence in the Infinite (Ain Sof), then we may understand that our experience of the Divine Feminine, Mother-Bride, depends upon our state of consciousness. In a similar fashion, in the Apocalypse, in Revelation, whether souls behold the movement as the End-of-Days or revelation of the World-To-Come depends upon their state of consciousness.

The reality of our experience has much to do with our state of mind, consciousness or soul, and our interpretation or view of it.

Now, the transcendent star, or secret star, corresponds with the Supernals, and with the exhaustless potential of the Infinite One; as such, the root, or essence – the potential, of all aspects of the Divine and attributes of the Divine correspond with the transcendent star, or our “true star” as Gnostic Scriptures call it. Thus, any aspect of the Divine, the Infinite, you can name, along with those you cannot name, have a correspondence with this “interior” star. Our experience of any aspect of the Divine, however, and the knowledge and power of that aspect we might acquire through nearness and unification, corresponds with the crown star – the center of the I Am, for that is the “beginning and end” of actualization and realization. We may also say, that the crown and brow stars together are the place of differentiation and distinction, so that the various aspects of the Supreme (Elyon), and the Father and Mother, become actualized and manifest through them. On the Tree of Life, of course, this corresponds with Mercy (Hesed) and Judgment (Din, Gevurah). Contemplate this well, and understand!

As perhaps you might imagine, based upon the manifestation of influxes of spiritual forces at the level of the crown and brow, and our perception and relationship with them through the brow, their manifestation at the level of the interior stars below, outside, the brow is determined; similarly, and equally, the state of the various layers of consciousness corresponding with the interior stars from root to throat determine how we “see” through the brow star, whether haze or clear, impure or pure.

As we know, to behold things as they are in the Holy One, and in the primordial and supernal universe (Adam Kadmon and Atzilut) requires the awakening and sublimation of the serpent power (desire-energy), and the uplifting of the serpent to the brow and crown, and its cessation there; in this we are able to “see true,” and acquire the Habad of true Christ Consciousness, or God Consciousness.

The level of the brow, this corresponds with the realization of God Consciousness in the peak of mental consciousness, cosmic consciousness, while the level of the crown corresponds with the experience of God Consciousness in the dawn of Supernal Consciousness – the peak of the enlightenment experience in humankind on earth.

On one hand the appearance of the End-Of-Days indicates Judgment, but that is not always the case, for with the awareness of transcendence and the development of consciousness beyond the body, the End-Of-Days is experienced as Great Mercy, the Great Liberation, and the revelation, realization, of the World-To-Come. There is a hint of this in the experience of the sixth heaven, Makom, and what the masters of the tradition have said about it. According to great tzaddikim who have the capacity of soul ascents into the heavens, the experience of souls in Makom manifests as the vision of the End-Of-Days of all creation; hence, the entire universe passing into the great destruction. If a soul cleaves to God and God alone, and their desire is to return to God in full, this vision is a cause of great joy, great bliss; if, however, there is any attachment or aversion, and a soul cleaves to anything in the world or universe, then this same vision brings great agitation, and is a cause of great sorrow and suffering, and corresponds with Strict Judgment.

Now, concerning the Holy Mother-Bride as the Virgin of Light or Whore of Babylon, on one level this corresponds with our view and relationship with the world and this life, which in turn determines our perception and experience of the Divine. How we behold the Holy Mother-Bride, and “who she is to us,” depends upon our view of ourselves, others and the world; hence, our view and experience of reality.

There is, of course, something more to the Virgin and Whore, for these personifications speak to very different and distinct manifestations of spiritual forces, and therefore correspond with a very different presence. The Virgin of Light corresponds with an array of divine spiritual forces, while the Whore of Babylon corresponds with an array of archonic and demonic spiritual forces; thus, they correspond with the pure and impure manifestation of the Holy Mother-Bride, or Interior and Exterior Shekinah (Binah-Malkut).

In this regard, in this world, in this life, the Virgin and Whore are what they are, and basically speaking the righteous are “children of the Virgin,” and cleave to her, and the wicked are “children of the Whore,” and cleave to hear; hence, the sons and daughters of light, and the sons and daughters of darkness.

It must be said, though, that the essence and nature of all transcends this play of light and darkness, good and evil; hence, the Clear Light Essence, or the Bornless Nature – the True Light. This is the inmost part of the soul, and truth, within the righteous and wicked alike, and all who wander in between, in admixture.

The inmost essence of all is the True Light, the Radiance of the Infinite, regardless of outward appearances at this or that point in space-time; hence, the "transcendent star."

These are a few thoughts I’d share today.

Shalom Aleichem!

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:23 pm
by sheryl
Shalom Dear Tau and Dear Friends,

Praise be She whose delights bring illumination and healing!

These recent posts have brought a swirl of contemplation which makes the traditional 3 pillared Tree of Life non-sensical. One teaching being remade is that ascension of the soul cannot occur up the Pillar of Judgment or the Pillar of Mercy, but only up the Middle Pillar, the middle way - the Pillar of Compassion.

With the teachings above declaring that each Sefirot contain all three - Judgment, Mercy and Compassion, it is being heard, if hearing is correct, that the 'middle' is the place of balance within all Sefirot, the "realization of Ain, No-Thingness, the emptiness of all that arises and appears". This place of balance within each Sefirot is the place of ascension.

And so perhaps we can say that the middle way is the place of seeing God in all things, drawing out the good, and remembering our transcendence?

It also comes to mind in your recent sharing, dear Tau, that the middle way is the weave of Potential, the beginning and the end of actualization and realization, put into simple words - praise and gratitude to God: becoming the potential that is remembered, known/seen, drawn out? Being and Becoming United.

Any corrections or clarifications to these thoughts will be most appreciated.

With gratitude,


Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 8:10 am
by Elder Sarah
Shabbat Shalom!

Praise to the Mother Bride for all of her revelations!

Thank you Bishop Yonah for initiating this dialog! I appreciate the insights that have grown out of it. Where this leads me is to a question I have had for years and have never thought to ask. The question appears to relate to this discussion, where in hopefully it is not taking off topic.

In the Order of St. Michael forum there is a practice titled, 'Holy Mother of Templars; Union with the Black Maddona'. Written in the instructions for this practice is the following;

Envision your Body of Light as formed of most subtle translucent light, completely hollow inside, and from Root to Crown envision the image of the Milky Way inside that vast inner space – and in the midst of that Comity of Stars, behold the Seven Great Stars shining brightly, with three Great Luminous Channel-Ways passing through the center of this image, one straight from Root to Crown like an arrow, and the two others crisscrossing at each Interior Star.

I have heard of the these three Great Channel Ways as being the Solar, Lunar and Central Cannel-ways. In the teachings presented here, these are Channel-Ways of Mercy, Judgement and Compassion. What becomes interesting then is the movement of the three as described, one straight from Root to Crown, and the two other crisscrossing at each interior star.

What may be said of the "straight" line of the center? Which is the Pillar of Compassion. At the same time, what may be said of the Pillars of Judgement and Mercy that crisscross through each interior star? This mystery appears to express a teaching given here, where the movement through the interior stars has to do with the ability to shift through peaceful, blissful and wrathful according to what is transpiring. Though, I am intrigued the middle pillar maintains a straight line while the other two crisscross, almost hinting at them shifting, while the center stays the same.

Abiding in Awe of your Holy Mysteries oh Kali Imma

Elder Sarah

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:41 am
by Tau Malachi
Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

Ah, but Sister Sheryl, remember that each Sefirah contains all ten Sefirot, and likewise the three pillars, Mercy, Judgment and Compassion in their entirety; likewise, all Sefirot have a klippah, an impure emanation or husk, and this invokes the manifestation of judgment and the need for compassion. Then, of course, there is the reality of the Sefirot manifest through four Olamot, with their root in Adam Kadmon, and the shifting attribute of Mercy, Judgment and Compassion from one Olam to another as they relate and interact with one another. Every single Sefirah as it is in the Infinite One (Ain Sof) contains this entire array; and to it is with the interior stars as they are in the transcendent star, the star of the soul’s infinity and bornless nature.

If we consider the Great Tree of Life, and understand what it actually depicts, we are gazing upon a non-linear, meta-dimensional display of reality, the great matrix of creation; hence, a radiant or magical display of the Infinite One, or the immeasurable glory of the One.

If the interior stars are the manifestation of the spiritual power of the Sefirot of Construction in us, then the influence of all ten Sefirot must be in each interior star, and likewise, the influence of the corresponding Sefirah in the four Olamot, Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, must be in each star. We gain some sense of this in moments of light transmission, and the revelation of the body of glory and body of emanation with tzaddikim. As we gaze into the Living Presence, and their apparent person in such moments, is can be as though countless spiritual and divine beings are in them, and around them, and likewise, as though the entire universe, or great matrix of creation, is within them. This hints at the greater reality of the divine power that is in us, a power waiting to be awakened, recognized and realized, and embodied. It is a power, force, far beyond what we might imagine at the outset of our journey, but the wonderworking that our Elder Brother, Messiah Yeshua performed, points to the greatness of this power of God; and understanding that this is in all of us, he says to us all, “You will do greater things then you have seen me do.”

Listen and hear, and understand! The interior stars, serpent power and body of light, this corresponds with the spiritual and supernal power of our soul within and behind our material appearance; hence, the spiritual power through which the threefold body can be generated. In that souls are the emanations of the Infinite One, and in essence and nature, each are divine, the force of the Infinite One flows through every soul, and each is an individual and unique manifestation of the One, rather like a facet on a great, immeasurable, jeweled being – ‘Diamond Being’; of course, considering this metaphor, all facets, emanations, are interconnected and interdependent, and they abide in Sacred Unity, and each bears the full force of the entirety of Divine or Enlightened Being, the Holy One.

In closing we may point to the three pillars manifest in the subtle body, the solar, lunar and stellar channels. At the outset, drawing the serpent power up the stellar channel into rest, cessation, in the brow and crown, this invokes the greater supernal influx; when the full supernal influx transpires, there is a greater manifestation of the serpent power, and then it may be uplifted through all three channel ways, and in this Supernal or Messianic Consciousness becomes realized and embodied. The greater manifestation of the serpent power comes from the unification of the individual and universal, so that the awakened individual becomes a channel, vehicle, of the force of the universal, or the One Life-Power flowing through all. On the occasions that we hear of the resurrection of the dead in the Holy Scriptures it points to the realization of this union, and perhaps the experience of the greater unification with the Infinite One, the source and foundation of the individual and universal.

Considering all of this, perhaps we may gain deeper insight into mysteries of the I Am in us, and the truth of the I Am in all; what we mean by the I Am (Anoki, Eheieh) is not as flat and linear as we might think at the outset, but rather the I Am is a vast, meta-dimensional being, inseparable from the universal and the Infinite One.

I'm laughing Sarah. I see that while I was contemplating and writing about this you were too...must be something "in the air" this morning. I'll have to read what you wrote and draw it into my contemplation of these mysteries.

Praise God for the revelation that enlightens and liberates, and that brings the realization of bornless being, eternal life! Hallelu Yah! Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:47 am
by Tau Malachi

Well now, I was just writing about the channel ways, and to what has been written I may add this:

The stellar, or central channel, goes from root to crown, but the solar and lunar channels go from root to brow - the brow star is the end of Mercy and Judgment, the crown star representing Abundant Mercy, Supernal Grace, and the realization of the transcendental.

Shabbat Shalom!

Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Sun Sep 14, 2014 7:58 pm
by sheryl
Shabbat Shalom, Dear Friends!

Praise be the Queen of Shabbat who gifts us with sweet delights!

Thank you, dear Tau, for the clarification on the Interior Stars. And thank you, Elder Sarah, for the sweet insights that you provided.

These sharings have brought to mind that true simplicity is found in the connection arising from a multitude of details!

While contemplating the clarifications, an expanded view of the teaching embodiment is ascension arose.

Can we say that behind and within the klippah and the root arising, or true arising from Adam Kadmon, of each Sefirah is an array of spiritual beings and forces? The energetic body arising within and around us, comprised of the spiritual beings and forces, in all gradations of astral, spiritual, and Supernal bodies?

And so as embodiment of the Divine Attributes unfolds, this array shifts, from dark or admixture to increasing luminous spiritual beings and forces, ultimately to Supernal? And then ascension occurs as awareness expands along with the luminous shifts of the energetic body? The energetic body is not separate from what is being gazed upon, in fact, they are one and the same?

This is a shift from the understanding of embodiment as what is manifesting in us and through us, to we becoming the energy or light that is moving in us and through us. We are the energy that is presently moving with us. We are energy bodies, in motion. A verb, as you have shared often. Making embodiment and ascension verbs as well.

Praise to the Holy Ones who give us such delightful contemplations and awarenesses!

With gratitude,


Re: The Dark Mother and Interior Stars

Posted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:54 am
by Tau Malachi
Greeting and blessings in the Holy Light of Messiah Yeshua!

Indeed, the very substance of matter is energy, light, and the material world and dimension are inseparable from the energetic dimension, and are the expression of the energetic dimension. Thus, the emanation body is the physical, material, appearance of a realized individual, and yet it is something much more than that, reaching into inner dimensions. As there is this reaching, extending, into inner dimensions, of course, there is a shift from the body of emanation to the body of glory, and the body of glory encompasses the appearance of a realized being in the astral, spiritual and supernal dimensions, or universes. Where the body of emanation ends and the body of glory begins in the experience of ascension is hard to say, but then in the realization of Supernal Consciousness and the Non-Dual Gnostic Awareness that arises, the ascension is understood as no ascension, and in this there is the experience of ascension – the awareness of the fullness of the kingdom of heaven and Holy Shekinah here and now.

At the outset we think of the ascension as a journey upward or elsewhere, but there is really nowhere to go. All of these various manifestations of reality, all of these dimensions, universes, worlds and realms, and all of the living beings in them, are all present in the same space at the same time, all present right here, right now, always. It is just a question of the generation of the presence of awareness, the expansion of consciousness and increased intelligence to be able to perceive and experience this greater reality in the moment, in this very space.

Perhaps you may recall that Makom, “Place,” is a Name of God in the Kabbalah, and that as a Name of God it corresponds with Malkut, Shekinah; the awareness of the greater reality of which we are speaking is an esoteric understanding of Makom, the awareness of which is ‘abiding in Makom,’ the Place.

If we look into it, this corresponds with the secret sanctuary, truth body, glory body and emanation body.

Understand, the body and the world, universe, within which it appears are inseparable from one another. This is true on all levels, material, astral, spiritual and supernal, and it is true of the body of emanation and body of glory; they encompass the entire matrix of the material, astral, spiritual and supernal dimensions, universes, while appearing in them.

If we consider it, as our experience of light transmission unfolds, and the revelation of the body of emanation shifts to the revelation of the body of glory, this reality of the matrix of creation (entirety) and the kingdom of heaven (pleroma) within us, as well as all around us, is revealed and becomes known. Gazing into the countenance and eyes of the tzaddik, we behold this reality within them – as though all creation is in them, and so may understand that this reflects the very same reality in us – heaven and earth, the pleroma and the entirety joined in us.

Within and behind the material dimension, and its surface appearance, there is this greater, meta-dimensional reality, and it is, indeed, inseparable from that greater reality and energetic dimension. The experience of the opening of the interior stars, awakening and uplifting the serpent power, and generation of the body of light and its sphere of radiant glory (aura) bring this awareness, for then we are able to see, hear, feel and know the kingdom of heaven within and all around us, as well and all of creation within us, and us within it .

There is naturally, though, an evolution of this realization, for as we abide in unification with the universal we become aware of God within us, and all things, and aware of all within God. Thus, there is the realization of the innate unity of the individual and universal, and the realization of our innate unity with God, the experience of Christ Consciousness, or God Consciousness.

May the peace of Hayyah Yeshua be upon you!