Rebekah and the Great Minyan of Holy Women

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Rebekah and the Great Minyan of Holy Women

#1 Postby sheryl » Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:32 pm

Shabbat Eve Shalom, Brothers and Sisters!

Grace and Peace to you, in Kallah Messiah!

Two companions and I were engaging in a delightful discourse this morning, when something of Rebekah was revealed to us, prompting questions regarding the Great Minyan of Holy Women. Praise to Isha Gadol, who gifts us with insights, and with the hunger that compels us to seek them!

If it be pleasing to Imma Gadol, perhaps additional insights will arise with this sharing.

If you recall, Rebekah was the wife of Isaac and it is by her doing and faithfulness that the blessing of the first born went to Jacob instead of to his slightly elder brother, Esau. The story of her skillfulness can be found in Genesis 27.

The question that arose for us is whether or not Isaac was truly deceived, and we thought not, but that he saw clearly what was transpiring and realized and accepted this act not as deception, but as correction, adjustment. Our thoughts then swirled with the contemplation that this story is revealing something of consciousness and how consciousness might be adjusted and brought into alignment with the Divine. Isaac had produced two offspring, Jacob representing the good inclination and Esau, the evil inclination. And in this moment he saw what he had created and how a different choice was needed, other than what was flowing, so that Jacob, technically the second born, would receive the blessing and empowerment that was to be given to the first born. In this moment, perhaps Isaac consciously chose to bless the good inclination.

It came to mind that Rebekah represents this force of revealing and empowerment so that we too might choose the good. In the revelation by Tau Malachi of the Great Minyan of Holy Women (post can be found here), Rebekah is said to correspond with Gevurah in the Tree of Life. And her name, Rebekah, or Ribqah רִבְקָה, is said to mean ensnarer or 'rope with a noose' and so it comes to mind that Ribqah, the ensnarer, corresponds with the aspect of Divine Consciousness (Neshamah) than reins in a lower consciousness (Nefesh) that might be in error by favoring the way of the world, or the evil inclination - the desire to receive for self alone (represented by Issac's favor for Esau).

It is also noted that when Ribqah left her people, to be taken to be the wife of Isaac, the following blessing was given to her:

be thou the mother
of thousands of millions,
and let thy seed possess
the gate of those which hate them

This brings to mind what was said by YHVH to Cain, earlier in Genesis: If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.

It comes to mind that the gate of those which hate them corresponds with sin which lies at the door, its desire for you. And Rebekah, Ribqah, represents the awareness, the empowerment, in consciousness to overcome such obstacles at doors or gates.

If these thoughts are proper, perhaps we can in part view the Great Minyan of Holy Women similarly, with each representing an aspect of Divine Consciousness -- an aspect that serves as an empowerment or a greater awareness, an expansion in consciousness?

May all beings be empowered to overcome at the gates of Yahweh!

With gratitude,


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Re: Rebekah and the Great Minyan of Holy Women

#2 Postby Martina » Sun Nov 22, 2015 6:55 am

Greetings in the Light of Kallah Messiah, Dear Sister!

You shared “It came to mind that Rebekah represents this force of revealing and empowerment so that we too might choose the good."

This brings to mind Rebekah's departure from her family and her clear choice for the good:

“Her brother and her mother said, “Let the young woman remain with us a while, at least ten days; after that she may go.”But he said to them, “Do not delay me, since the Lord has prospered my way. Send me away that I may go to my master.” They said, “Let us call the young woman and ask her.” And they called Rebekah and said to her, “Will you go with this man?” She said, “I will go.” So they sent away Rebekah their sister and her nurse, and Abraham’s servant and his men.” (Genesis 25:55-59)

This story reveals her great determination to serve the Lord with all of her heart, soul and mind all of her life and her complete surrender. It seems this perfect surrender and great determination empowers her to choose the good in difficult circumstances all her life.

I pray for the empowerment of all to choose the good in difficult times!

Any corrections are received with gratitude.

Shabbat Shalom,

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